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    Wow...it's been literally years since I last posted a concept...probably the New York Jets about 7 years ago. Anyway, as the San Diego version of the Chargers are now gone, I have at long last adopted my home team support. Their current look really bothers me...I love the logo but hate the uniforms. I didn't start out to redesign the logo, but as I was working on this concept, it just sorta happened. Anyway...
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    I would find immense joy in Baylor's defeat, but Liberty sucks just as much, so I wish that both schools could've fallen into a black hole.
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    I'm fine with the O being the center ice logo but something like this should really be their new primary.
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    For a one-off, I think these look great. Sue me.
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    I liked the T cap for that set and actually bought one for myself. Also, not that this defends the poor design choices of that uniform set but anytime anyone trashes the color scheme of that uniform I like to bring up how much black and gray an actual Blue Jay has. Look it up. There definitely should have been more blue but I think there was a logical reason for choosing to add black and gray. This makes me think there were better ways for them to add black and gray, market to kids, and provide a mid-2000s-esque "update" to the Jays. Granted nothing was gonna be better than just sticking to the blue white and some red classic scheme but maybe there were better options for what they were going for.
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    FSU was really even with Alabama until they decided to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot. Potentially losing Francois isn't going to help either.
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    Well they look fantastic. Use them more. The silver wings look dumb.
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    Has anyone talked about how good Tulane's uniform looks?
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    Not necessarily. Coach Taggart has already said they won't wear a different combo for every game, so they very well might repeat it later in the season. I'm hoping to see it again in the Civil War, at least.
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    Michigan looks just fine. It's not like they're wearing some funky design that looks drastically different from their other uniforms. They still look like Michigan.
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    Yeah. MN needs zero white on their uniforms.
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    You guys ever heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well I disagree. Words are pointless in this thread. POST PICTURES.
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    They also don't need their logo on three parts (helmet, shoulder, pants) of their uniform. That's six logos in total, SIX!
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    I hope it's a one off, the matte helmets look nice. As a Gophers fan, I hate how little they have worn the gold pants in recent years. Maroon over gold and white over gold should be the standard look for them imo
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    I'd like just white socks to be honest, but the NFL does this weird half sock thing that's white. I'd like them to get rid of that as a whole. Would probably solve a lot of sock based uniform issues.
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    and we're back. The Los Angeles Clippers. @Lights Out did a great job using orange and light blue for the Clippers in his series and I swear I had this concept in the works before I saw his posted. I just think those colors are perfect for a southern Californian, coastal team, especially when the colors they do wear currently are overused in pro sports. The San Diego Clippers used them well before deciding to bore things up. Okay. The goal here was to capture the look and feeling of something you'd see on an LA beach in the late 60's. I love that era of the city, I love the signage around Dodger Stadium, I love that faded muted blue and orange which are reminiscent of an LA sky and sunset. I went back to a script font, went back to using the full Los Angeles vs the "elle ayy" that they've taken on as their official name. Dropped the MS paint LAC logo and went with the captain's wheel to embrace the nautical theme of their nickname. The 4th unis are intended to look like something you'd see on the beach today. Board shorts with a matching tank. It's a bit ridiculous, but I think if any team could make it work it'd be this one in this locale.
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    That would be interesting, considering several teams never even got a chance to wear theirs last year.
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    Very strange, and so unlike the NFL. Who would've ever expected the NFL to screw up an off the field investigation and garner themselves such negative press? I mean, they've just done such a bang up job with other domestic violence cases, the perception that their owners aren't racist at all, that they care about the health and safety of their players and former players, and that they want nothing more than to give back to the communities they're in by funding their own stadiums and not using a dime of public money. This is an odd case and it must be an anomaly. WEIRD!
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    This looks like a cool site. I'll have to check out more of it.
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    Tell me more about this video-oriented Web site by the name of "YouTube."
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    I'm usually the guy who's excited for every football season. But not this year. My interest for this season is it an all-time low. It's basically gonna be 4.5 months of false hope before Brady/Belichick win another joyless SB trophy. Seriously, after hearing all NBA season about how THE WARRIORS ARE RUINING BASKETBALL, you don't hear anyone say the Patriots are ruining football. I mean, the AFC is basically 'Why bother?' Brady and Belichick have singlehandedly sucked the fun out of football for me more than anyone thinks Durant ruined basketball. The NFL is so watered down that its top player is a freaking 40 year old geezer. Might as well stand for National Foxboro League. It's New England and 31 others at this point. Wake me up when the parade is over.
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    Now that's nice. It's not like it's impossible to make use without college lanes lol
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    Beautiful. Just beautiful. All things aside from the number outline problem, these things look great in the sun.
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