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    Wow...it's been literally years since I last posted a concept...probably the New York Jets about 7 years ago. Anyway, as the San Diego version of the Chargers are now gone, I have at long last adopted my home team support. Their current look really bothers me...I love the logo but hate the uniforms. I didn't start out to redesign the logo, but as I was working on this concept, it just sorta happened. Anyway...
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    My vote for best looking game of the week.
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    It's amazing how going with brand-recognizable looks instead of looking, ahem, "lit" makes everything better.
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    I prefer the best of both worlds... [/shameless plug]
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    And I'll repeat what I said when the publicity shots of these beauties first appeared... anybody who bleated on and on for the past ten years about how "true UCLA-style stripes just aren't possible on today's super, high-tech, 2.3456% faster, Undernikeadidas space age creations" can shut the hell up. Shoulder stripes have looked like crap for years now for one reason and one reason only. The manufacturers were lazy, and the teams didn't care. Period. (Although, technically, I guess that's two reasons.)
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    UCLA's new home unis look absolutely beautiful on the field. Still wish they had the Clarendon numbers, but this is the best their home uniforms have looked in years IMO.
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    Yeah, I had the same thoughts while looking at it. Maybe it was for the best that the Nats didn't try to match their cap logo to their wordmark. It doesn't excuse matching up the "curly W" with the bevels. Thanks! I added those alternates in an edit. Things like this happen when I try to batch upload on Imgur. I think you will like Houston! I've been working on a lot of the ideas for it for some time. It was only in the past few months that I got it to the point where I thought I "nailed" it. Thanks! The Brewers is a tweak of an old concept I did, correcting a few errors and straightening out some sundry details. I'm sure you'll like the Rockies once you see the finished product (again, a mini-overhaul of an older piece). Well, it's Cubbie time! CHICAGO CUBS, PT. I - The road to better road uniforms. When the Cubs won the World Series last year, many of us complained that they clinched them wearing their blue jerseys. I didn't mind at all (although I'm not a fan of Dumpster Bear). It meant that these abominable uniforms didn't get immortalized: Look at them. The stretched wordmark font, the crummy contrasting numbers and scripts, and the insistence on using white outlines post-HD are all nasty. Then again, the Cubs have only had one excellent gray uniform, the 1958-68 set: Blue outlined in red, with a wordmark that matches the home lettering and a little touch of stripes is the way to go. All of my previous Cubs concepts use that wordmark, and I saw no reason to stop now. With the logo sheet, the colors and primary logo are unchanged from what the team wears now. The secondary is a red-outlined version of the 1994-96 bear, the best bear logo (which sadly left with José Martí's favorite Cubs uniforms). It doesn't look like an illustration, a Disney character, a deer in headlights, an alien bear, or a cub prowling through the cooler in your buddy's Subaru Outback. The backing shape is gone so that I can reinforce the whole "royal outlined in red" look. The tertiary is the cap logo, in this new colorway. The uniforms are where I made some more drastic changes. The home uniform is unchanged, save for the deletion of the sleeve patch. When I was putting the set together, I realized that @the admiral was right about how it "imbalanced" the uniform's composition. Wrigley would still show off the secondary logo, so it's not like it'd be missing. The road uniform uses the 1958-68 set as a base, albeit without the collar stripe. It was a little too much. I added the cub patch and sock stripes. The Cubs have a strong history with hosiery trim, and I wanted to add some that matched the colorway of the cap logo. Think of it as the same trick I pulled with my Tigers concept, with the differentiation of uniform striping. While some may not like it, I think it adds a bit of "color" to the look (which I like). The NOB's on both uniforms are the Montréal Canadiens' NOB font, which goes a lot more with the Cubs' lettering. Here is a comparison. The alternates are pretty simple. The blue jersey now uses the primary logo on the chest, uses the road jersey's striping, and has a day limit ("How does it feel, when you treat me like you do?"). It brings the blue jersey back in line with its 1982-89 predecessor and highlights the best Players' Weekend look. The Retro Day alternate is a throwback to the 1945 home uniforms, with correct sock stripes (unlike the 2015 throwback). With its striping, one could see it as "bringing the road look home." While the Cubs have a fantastic identity, these alterations make their primaries a little more "classy" and improve their alternates. They also look less like the white-heavy/light shaded Expos, which is good. Also, for those who want to see how the bear patch would look on the home and road alternates, here you go: C+C is appreciated, as always! For my alternate take, let's go back to the 1930's!
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    That rule would be an excellent start. I would add to that, with primary home and road uniforms, there should be a contrast of color between every part of the uniform that touches (jersey with pants, pants with socks) excepting when white jerseys and pants are worn together. This would effectively kill not just the leotard legs, but also the primary home monochrome, and kick start my plan for total world domination.
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    Would have been even better if Cal had gone with gold pants.
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    1986 Offseason Television Deal Renewed The AFA's broadcasting deal with ABC expired after the 1986 All-Star Bowl, which put great pressure on the league to sign a new contract. Rumors had swirled that the league was dissatisfied with the network over the previous few years, and that there was some interest in switching to NBC. However, with time being a critical issue, a two-year extension with ABC was announced in March. This means that the network will be the sole vehicle of professional football in the United States through at least the 1987-88 season. Coaching Changes With 10 of the league’s 28 head coaches completing their first season on the job, it was unsurprising that the 1986 offseason brought very few changes on the sidelines. Only Seattle’s Bob Montgomery was sacked (and technically speaking, that isn’t even true – the Grizzlies simply didn’t renew his expiring contract). In addition, Atlanta’s Leo Tintori announced his retirement at the age of 68, even as the team’s fanclub took out a full-page ad in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution begging him to come back for one more run at a title. “I appreciate the gesture,” he commented, “but ’85 was always going to be my last year. I’m an old man, and all I want to do now is spend time with my grandkids and work on my golf game.” The regime in Atlanta will not be disrupted. Fiery defensive coordinator Walt Coham, Tintori’s longtime heir-apparent, was immediately promoted to the top spot, and will change virtually no part of his mentor’s system. The Grizzlies, on the other hand, brought in Eddie White, a former offensive lineman who spent 10 years in the AFA with the Whales and Centennials. He won a title with the Cents in 1965, and after his retirement a year later, immediately became an assistant with the team. In 1976, he returned to the Bay Area, where he served as head coach of the newly-reinstated Whales for 5 seasons. He managed only a 28-42 record, but helped to build the foundation of the team that has been to the semifinals in each of the last two years. He is best known for identifying and developing player talent, and his selection suggests that the Grizzlies are prepared to enter a rebuilding phase. Stadium News Nine teams will see their leases expire by 1990, which means that discussions over new stadiums are taking place all across the country. The most urgent situations, however, were in Baltimore (1986), Philadelphia (1987) and Miami (1987). The Miami Suns were the first to strike a deal, and will open a new stadium in Hollywood, FL, for the 1988 season. Shortly thereafter, the Royals extended their lease through 1988, and announced that they were close to an agreement with state and local officials for a new domed stadium in downtown Baltimore. The Railers, on the other hand, face a more uncertain future. Tired of the city’s unwillingness to contribute funds to a new stadium, owner James Simon has sent representatives to Buffalo, Indianapolis, and San Jose to discuss the possibility of relocation. Roster Changes The AFA lost an unusual number of fan favorites to retirement over the 1986 offseason. Perhaps the biggest example was Detroit LB Bruce Abrahamson. From his rookie season in 1973, he served as the leader of the defense on a Gladiators team that was generally not great. He is a player who would have had a shot at being enshrined in Richmond if he had been on a better team, but instead, his legacy will live on through the team’s young rising stars that he helped to mentor. Two first-ballot Hall of Famers did walk away from the game over the offseason. Arizona’s Randall Targart was the team’s first-ever draft pick, and was far and away the league’s top wideout in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He never won a Victory Bowl, though he did get the chance to play in the game in his third season. DT Rickey Charles, on the other hand, was able to win two rings with the Minnesota Angels. He helped set the tone of the Dirty Angels defense from his rookie season in 1973 and made the All-Star Bowl in 9 of his first 10 years. He remained a solid contributor until a knee injury ended his 1984 season, and left him largely ineffective throughout 1985. The team hardest-hit by retirements, however, was the Colorado Centennials, as they lost three major contributors. The most popular of the three was WR Danny St. Mark, who at 6’9” is the tallest player in AFA history. He was a phenomenal possession receiver, and played a huge role in the team’s 1981 title run. Unfortunately, a series of back injuries made him less effective over the years, and forces his retirement after only 6 seasons in the league. They will also lose FB Steven O’Conner, who was effective as both a runner and a lead blocker for Tom Blitz, and MLB Brian Specker, who has served as field general for the defense throughout the team’s recent run of success. The team still has a number of star players, most notably Blitz and the incredible OLB tandem of Bob Jonas and Paulie May, but this could signal the beginning of the end (or just the end) of Colorado’s championship window. 1986 AFA Draft In reality, this draft class was somewhat dull. There were not any Rob Connery/Donny Minor once-in-a-generation players available. There wasn’t a Scott D’Angelico or an Adrian Doom type of guy who was supremely talented, but haunted by off-field troubles. Adding to the dull nature of the draft, the top of the first round was pretty predictable. The draft’s top two picks were all but set in stone months in advance, basically from the day the regular season ended. With the number one pick, the Arizona Firebirds took Bruce Rankins (QB – Georgia Tech) and the Los Angeles Comets followed them by selecting Andy Stough (QB – Iowa). Both have a similar skillset, preferring quick reads and short routes, but Rankins is widely considered to be the better of the two, thanks to his superior football IQ. Though the pair of quarterbacks were the draft’s most highly-sought after players, Rickie Solorzano (WR-USC) and Andre Quillen (SS-Arizona) were probably the most talented prospects. Unsurprisingly, they were taken third and fourth by St. Louis and Philadelphia, respectively. The California Whales, looking to solidify their secondary, traded up to select the aggressive Richie White (SS-Arizona) just four spots later. This is the first time that a pair of safeties from the same college were taken in the top 10. One interesting pick was Sikai Afamasaga (RB – BYU), who the New York Imperials traded up to select at number 15 overall. Afamasaga became the first person born in American Samoa to be drafted in the first round, and with his electrifying, shifty style, is expected to relieve a lot of pressure on Ron Adams. The Imperials have clearly fallen short of expectations in recent years, and hope that this pick will provide the spark that propels them back to the Victory Bowl. Sale of the Portland Dragons Following the death of team founder Zachary Devin in 1985, his son, Thomas, immediately began looking to sell the Dragons. In January of 1986, ESPN reported that Utah businessman W. Porter Rockwell had agreed to purchase the team for $80 million with the intention of relocating to Salt Lake City. The second place bid of $76 million belonged to a group of 8 investors led by billionaire Jacob Reece, and would have kept the team in Portland. However, AFA President Warren Breyer intervened, convinced that a market as small as Salt Lake City would be unable to support a team. The league helped to facilitate a deal between Devin, the Reece Group, and the City of Portland. The city will contribute $2 million in cash and $4 million in tax breaks and other incentives to Devin’s other business interests. In exchange, they will become the third largest partner in the Reese Group. Finally, they also agreed to move the end date of the team’s lease at the Oregon Dome from 1998 to 1990. If a new stadium is built, president Breyer committed the league to block any relocation attempt from the Dragons until at least 2020 (provided that certain attendance requirements were met). Rockwell was furious, and filed a lawsuit against Devin and the AFA, but the case was dismissed on June 13. Three weeks later, he announced that he and two-time AFA Expansion Council finalist Hal Jacobson would be forming a spring football league called the United States Football Association, which will begin play in 1988 with 12 teams. In laying out their vision for the new league, Rockwell and Jacobson described a flashier game that would draw top-tier talent in two ways: To start with, they will only require players to be 18 years old and have a high school diploma, whereas the AFA requires players to be at least 21 years old and three years removed from high school. Second, they will allow a far more powerful players’ union and a more player-friendly CBA, which will include unrestricted free agency for players with sufficient time spent in the league. Jacobson claimed that, while superstars in the AFA will likely have larger contracts, most players will be better off, and certainly better treated, in the USFA.
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    Itll look like they're playing the quickest home-and-home ever next week when Oklahoma comes to Columbus
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    So, now we are analyzing a screen shot from a video game like it is the Zapruder film? Just when I think we can't be any more nerdy.
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    The Lions just need silver socks with the blue pants like they had in 1998.
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    It all fits together when you add in chips and your own teams personal lounge chair and projector screen. Chips Lounge Chair Projector Screen
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    At least SKI-U-MAH is a unique university motto that has and will outlast a coach. I absolutely loved the use of SKI-U-MAH but detest the ROW THE BOAT. As always, I hope Minnesota's boat sinks under the crushing blows of Wisconsin's axe, but this time I hope it takes their new motto with.
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    The updates all look great. I think the Flamingos and the Reds specifically are huge improvements. The green Flamingos set looks really nice, but it's probably best you went with black. I'm looking forward to the NL West, Colorado and San Francisco look very interesting in particular. Edit: Oh wow, the Cubs look nice! I really like the road uniform, and how all the striping matches up well with the cap.
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    Thanks! Do you mind if I use the term Rainbowhawks if I post them in other places? I think it's a perfect way do describe them. Next up we have the Tampa Bay Lightning. Even though their current jerseys are IMO their best look, they're still incredibly bland, So I tried to spice it up by adding black back to the pallette, and changing the logo to the roundel in their current shoulder patch. The main attraction in this set is the sleeve-length yoke, which features a lightning stripe which stretches down to the cuffs. The hem stripes are also stylized in a lightning-like fashion. C&C and requests welcome.
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    Trust me I completely agree. I think the NFL should just say sorry to the players, you have to wear real socks. It's just a lack of awareness or degree of caring. But I completely agree. If it was up to me the top half of NFL socks should not be allowed to be the same color as the pants, just as the bottom half has to be white. I'd also make high socks mandatory in baseball, so.
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    The jerseys look nice, but they really needed blue pants to go with them.
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    I actually really like it. Didn't get to see the game but the all-maize is actually really clean
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    I would find immense joy in Baylor's defeat, but Liberty sucks just as much, so I wish that both schools could've fallen into a black hole.
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    I'm fine with the O being the center ice logo but something like this should really be their new primary.
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    For a one-off, I think these look great. Sue me.
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    I liked the T cap for that set and actually bought one for myself. Also, not that this defends the poor design choices of that uniform set but anytime anyone trashes the color scheme of that uniform I like to bring up how much black and gray an actual Blue Jay has. Look it up. There definitely should have been more blue but I think there was a logical reason for choosing to add black and gray. This makes me think there were better ways for them to add black and gray, market to kids, and provide a mid-2000s-esque "update" to the Jays. Granted nothing was gonna be better than just sticking to the blue white and some red classic scheme but maybe there were better options for what they were going for.
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    GOCIL BAURU BASKET Starting off this series with a big one: Bauru. Current champions of the NBB, they also recently won both the Liga de las Americas (Latin America's Euroleague) and Liga Sudamericana, the two FIBA South/Latin America tournments. Also losing to Real Madrid in the Intercontinental Cup by point difference in 2015, after a win on the first game and a loss at the second. Here is the colors I went with as theirs, adding black after some special kits they wore on game 4 of last year finals and bringing back blue, their old main color, on this dark shade they used when they won the Liga de las Americas in 2014: Home Association Uniform: Pretty basic stuff, used green as the main secondary color as it should be, but tried to mix some orange as well. Dragon scales on the side panels. Road Icon Uniform: Still simple stuff, almost reverse colors of the previous one, but using more orange. Alternate Athletes Mindset Uniform: Based on some special uniforms they used on the finals last year, I went with an all black look and got the dragon scales on the whole body instead of just the side panels. Community Uniform: For this one I went with a cleaner take on the uniforms they used when they won the 2014 Liga de las Americas. I just love that color combination. Here is what they wore on that competition as a reference: For the throwback I used this two colors: And this are the uniforms, based on the 2002 uniforms (they was still named Tilibra/Copimax) in wich they won their only brazilian championship untill this year: 2002 uniforms as a reference: And last but not least the training uniforms:
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    Right. I think it could've been approved had Florida worn white socks. Would've helped with the balance issue in Florida's uniform.
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    A name @DG_Now didn't bring up that was also a 2nd round pick is Norman Powell, who has also looked really good. The 2nd round is becoming a sleeper round, taking chances on older players or more relative unknowns, which is only making the NBA stronger.... not to mention that player development is also getting stronger thanks to the league actually giving a about the G-League & working on making it a proper minor-league system, which is why Two-Way contracts are being added to the NBA. The league is only getting better, people are getting smarter & we'll probably see more 2nd round gems in the league in the next few years.
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    FSU was really even with Alabama until they decided to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot. Potentially losing Francois isn't going to help either.
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    Well they look fantastic. Use them more. The silver wings look dumb.
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    Has anyone talked about how good Tulane's uniform looks?
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    Not necessarily. Coach Taggart has already said they won't wear a different combo for every game, so they very well might repeat it later in the season. I'm hoping to see it again in the Civil War, at least.
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    Michigan looks just fine. It's not like they're wearing some funky design that looks drastically different from their other uniforms. They still look like Michigan.
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    Yeah. MN needs zero white on their uniforms.
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    You guys ever heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well I disagree. Words are pointless in this thread. POST PICTURES.
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    They also don't need their logo on three parts (helmet, shoulder, pants) of their uniform. That's six logos in total, SIX!
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    I hope it's a one off, the matte helmets look nice. As a Gophers fan, I hate how little they have worn the gold pants in recent years. Maroon over gold and white over gold should be the standard look for them imo
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    I'd like just white socks to be honest, but the NFL does this weird half sock thing that's white. I'd like them to get rid of that as a whole. Would probably solve a lot of sock based uniform issues.
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    and we're back. The Los Angeles Clippers. @Lights Out did a great job using orange and light blue for the Clippers in his series and I swear I had this concept in the works before I saw his posted. I just think those colors are perfect for a southern Californian, coastal team, especially when the colors they do wear currently are overused in pro sports. The San Diego Clippers used them well before deciding to bore things up. Okay. The goal here was to capture the look and feeling of something you'd see on an LA beach in the late 60's. I love that era of the city, I love the signage around Dodger Stadium, I love that faded muted blue and orange which are reminiscent of an LA sky and sunset. I went back to a script font, went back to using the full Los Angeles vs the "elle ayy" that they've taken on as their official name. Dropped the MS paint LAC logo and went with the captain's wheel to embrace the nautical theme of their nickname. The 4th unis are intended to look like something you'd see on the beach today. Board shorts with a matching tank. It's a bit ridiculous, but I think if any team could make it work it'd be this one in this locale.
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    That would be interesting, considering several teams never even got a chance to wear theirs last year.
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    Very strange, and so unlike the NFL. Who would've ever expected the NFL to screw up an off the field investigation and garner themselves such negative press? I mean, they've just done such a bang up job with other domestic violence cases, the perception that their owners aren't racist at all, that they care about the health and safety of their players and former players, and that they want nothing more than to give back to the communities they're in by funding their own stadiums and not using a dime of public money. This is an odd case and it must be an anomaly. WEIRD!
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    This looks like a cool site. I'll have to check out more of it.
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    Tell me more about this video-oriented Web site by the name of "YouTube."
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    I'm usually the guy who's excited for every football season. But not this year. My interest for this season is it an all-time low. It's basically gonna be 4.5 months of false hope before Brady/Belichick win another joyless SB trophy. Seriously, after hearing all NBA season about how THE WARRIORS ARE RUINING BASKETBALL, you don't hear anyone say the Patriots are ruining football. I mean, the AFC is basically 'Why bother?' Brady and Belichick have singlehandedly sucked the fun out of football for me more than anyone thinks Durant ruined basketball. The NFL is so watered down that its top player is a freaking 40 year old geezer. Might as well stand for National Foxboro League. It's New England and 31 others at this point. Wake me up when the parade is over.
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    Now that's nice. It's not like it's impossible to make use without college lanes lol
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    Beautiful. Just beautiful. All things aside from the number outline problem, these things look great in the sun.
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