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    Personally, I'm still a huge fan of this;
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    Says the Toronto Maple Leafs fan under the age of sixty.
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    I've never cared for Michigan wearing alternates, but there was something about the all-maize that just sat right with me...
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    Going to be posting NHL jersey concepts I've done so far throughout the year. Completely random if it's a Home & Away or an alternate. Would love to hear feedback on all of these. Some a bit wild, some conservative! Might not go back to some of these but still would love to discuss! Just going to be dumping these here.
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    Yep, the game is using "primary" logos now and not the "global" logos.
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    Sweden & white nerver works, good job on the others tho
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    2C and then 1C are definitely my two favorites. I've wanted to see what the two logos would look like combined and you did a great job. Looking forward to the uniforms.
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    @b0ss pls Here's part 1. Next up is the Minnesota Wild. For them, I was inspired by their inaugural jerseys. except with cream replacing white. The home jersey features two stripes on the sleeves, hem, yoke, and socks. The away uses the same pattern, except with a lot more green. The M from the Minnesota script is used as a shoulder logo. Cream Version: C&C and requests welcome.
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    By taking credit for championships won by a different team 90 years ago .
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    That is definitely a Bulls jersey. Nobody wears teal Pistons stuff on the game. The people in the crowd on the 2K games only wear the home, away and alternates and generic shirts/hoodies sometimes bearing the 2K logo or something. On the subject of 2K, the Thunder have the new Chesapeake Energy logo on their court.
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    That rule would be an excellent start. I would add to that, with primary home and road uniforms, there should be a contrast of color between every part of the uniform that touches (jersey with pants, pants with socks) excepting when white jerseys and pants are worn together. This would effectively kill not just the leotard legs, but also the primary home monochrome, and kick start my plan for total world domination.
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    Trust me I completely agree. I think the NFL should just say sorry to the players, you have to wear real socks. It's just a lack of awareness or degree of caring. But I completely agree. If it was up to me the top half of NFL socks should not be allowed to be the same color as the pants, just as the bottom half has to be white. I'd also make high socks mandatory in baseball, so.
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    Itll look like they're playing the quickest home-and-home ever next week when Oklahoma comes to Columbus
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    You guys ever heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well I disagree. Words are pointless in this thread. POST PICTURES.
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    I agree wholeheartedly. Fielding your position should also be a prerequisite for being in the batting order.
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    "Informed consent" will be a suitable justification once the NFL, along with other football leagues and organisations, stop fighting the truth about the impact their sport has on the mental health of their players. If a player knows the risks and plays anyway? Hey, he made his informed choice. Right now though? The NFL is leading the charge to ensure players know as little as possible.
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    Whoa. TV timeouts are worse than widespread brain damage? That's a hot take there. In actual science news. the Hamilton Spectator and McMaster University have been conducting a two-year study on the effects of football head trauma in living football players, and their article is very interesting. This isn't CTE, which can't be observed except post-mortem, this is MRI and EEG testing on a group of retired football players and a control group of healthy men of similar ages. One of the interesting findings they found was a significant thinning of the cerebral cortex, the exterior part of the brain (and, as the article points out, the part of the brain that strikes the skull every time the players smack together). Couple more pull quotes: Obviously, this is only one more piece of the puzzle, but it's a really interesting approach. I hope we can continue this research on living players, even active players. There's so much more to learn.
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    Just change the pants stripe to match the helmet stripe and you're done.
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    We reach the end with the San Francisco Giants! I love the elegance of the '70s Giants script, something that was wiped away by the overly generic '80s design. Here I've adapted an away script from the same style and opted for the late '70s "SF." For the waistband, I took the sock stripes and translated them which makes it look like a doubled up version of the classic three-stripe soutache. In figuring out the collar, I took the traditional piping but added a notch, reminiscent of some recent AS Roma designs. The look I was going for was a traditional collar, with the top button rakishly undone. I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I've enjoyed designing it. Let me know you comments on the series on the whole and any further thoughts. Enjoy!
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    Arizona Diamondbacks today: This was tough. I wanted to do something geometric so I figured out a diamond pattern based on equilateral triangles in a pattern that created a successive diamond pattern like the back of a Western diamondback rattlesnake. For colors I've opted for a blending of classic purple with modern turquoise with a hint of gold/sand. For the road uniform I've opted for sand with a turquoise alternate. I've also thrown in a purple softball jersey with sand lettering. I've gone with collars the same color as the jersey like the old Atlanta Braves since the wide diamond pattern offers plenty of detail. C&C as always! Enjoy!
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    My last reincarnation is a jets concept based on a recycled bombers logo I made in my last concept. Jets
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    I went through several versions of the Angels. There's a lot of terrific takes on the Angels whether red and yellow from @SFGiants58 or blue and gold from @MJD7 or blue and red from @Victormrey. Those and others have done amazing work so it's a challenge not to just copy their terrific work. I really like the lower case "a" logo for the Halos (something also reflected in my Braves concept) but I decided against just going straight for the classic 70's style uniform. So instead, I opted for something that combines the current red-centric Angels with the 1972 White Sox. It's focused primarily on white and red at home with a powder blue road. I opted with metallic gold (a nod to UCLA) for the alternate jersey trim.
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    Moving onto the Swingin' A's: A lot of what I've done here is bring a lot of the touches of the Reggie Jackson era A's and put them in a more consistent box. I've opted for the gold "A's" with the white jersey and the white "A's" for the all gold road. The trim is based on two sets of three stripes on the waistband and the sleeve and one on the collar. The sanitaries switch from gold to white on the road so there isn't an overload of gold. The alternate, worn with white pants is essentially a green version of the home jersey.
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