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    I'll explain this respectfully. 1. Joe knew, whether when McQuery told him or before (almost undoubtedly before), that Sandusky was doing this. FACT 2. Joe told his superiors. OK, that's protocol. FACT 3. Nothing happened. FACT. Maybe Joe influenced this, possibly it was the higher-ups protecting the image of the program. OPINION (I think) Doesn't necessarily matter. 4. Joe knew that Sandusky was free, assaulting children. FACT. He shrugged his shoulders and moved on with his life. He was either OK with it right away, or accepted that the higher-ups didn't want to take action. He did not notify the authorities, he did not pursue it any further. He was OK and content with the knowledge that Sandusky was doing this. FACT 5. Joe is the most powerful and influential figure in State College. More powerful and influential than the higher-ups. FACT. He had the power to trigger an investigation, and if the police chose not to, he could have gone to the media or some other channel. 6. In this case, the "chain of command" is flawed, because the coach is higher up on the influence chain than his bosses. At major college programs, the coach is the most important person, not the president or AD. OPINION, but hard to argue. 7. Joe's inaction directly lead to the continued abuse of children by Sandusky. FACT. The accountability lies with all of them - Spainer, the other guy, Joe, McQuery, everyone. However, in any business, the boss bears the ultimate responsibility. It's entirely possible (hell - it happened!) that nobody would listen to McQuery. It's entirely possible (hell, it happened!) that the president had a conflict of interest and would choose to ignore it. It would not have been the case that anyone in any law enforcement position would ignore Paterno had he chosen to pursue it. Joe is responsible for every abuse that occurred after the first time he knew. So is everyone involved, but he was in the best position to stop it. Respectfully, I don't see any reasonable argument against this. Sandusky bears the full responsibility for all of his actions, but Joe shares it from the point he knew and on. It's the same with any crime, however there aren't many (if any) crimes worse than this.
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    The Gophers need to wear these two unis and call it a day.
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    Once again, it comes down to the old saying: A man can build 1000 bridges and one goat. He won't be known as a bridge-builder; he'll be known as a goat er. A coach can win 1000 football games and enable one pedophile. He won't be known as a winning coach; he'll be known as a pedophile enabler. Vicariously, idiot fans who keep wanting to shift focus on the accomplishments a guy had on a goddamn football program as more important than turning a blind eye to children being raped and abused should be remembered for being pedophile excuse makers. No sympathy or understanding. You're cool with children being raped so long as football program is good. That's about where it ends.
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    Thanks, guys! It's time for an alternate take! DENVER ZEPHYRS, PT. II - Blue and Green by way of Burlington A couple of months ago, I listened to the Q&A episodes of Basically a Sports Show. In the third episode (about 48-50 mins in), @infrared41 mentioned that Denver's AAA team rebranded as the Zephyrs to gain a "major league" identity. Doing a little research, it turns out that this was true. While I understand the attachment to the traditional Denver Bears name, the Cubs (who had penetrated the market somewhat, due to WGN) would have put the kibosh on it. The 1984-92 Zephyrs identity and Kelly Green/Royal Blue colorway (which lasted until about 2004 in New Orleans) was excellent, and it could have stood on the same footing as the major-league designs of the period. The name was also a strong one, as it was snappy (starts with "Z," has the "Zephs" abbreviation, and isn't too long) and fit with the city. The name came from the Denver Zephyr (run by the Burlington Northern Railroad), a train that ran from Chicago to Denver overnight from the 1930's-70's. While I don't mind "Rockies," "Zephyrs" sounds so much better to me. So, I decided to give it a proper modernization. The colors are Kelly and Royal, with the addition of silver-gray. Since the Denver Zephyr trains were silver-gray, it fit. Besides, those two colors make for classy identities. With the primary logo, I adapted my Rockies primary to fit with the train theme. Using this picture as a source, I drew a Denver Zephyr train to occupy the lower part of the logo (with some simplification). The font is a modified version of Insignia, which gave off an Art Deco vibe while still featuring a few serifs. The font underlines are contrast-colored, to get all three colors in the wordmarks. The cap insignia (with its silver streak in the middle) is the secondary, and the train on its own is the tertiary. The uniforms also modernize the Zeph's identity. Their colorway is Kelly Green-dominant, a unique look in the NL. The scripts feature contrast-colored underlines, and the NOB's (Rawlings Block, like the Orioles) use an inversion of the underline distribution. Uniform striping comes from my Rangers concept, as it worked well with the colors in the set. I modified the Tampa Bay Lightning's number font for this concept, as a modern block font worked better than my attempts to match the number font to the lettering. The alternates included both green and blue jerseys. The green top features the tertiary, and the blue alternate has blue accessories. The second set of alternates includes a few "interesting" looks. The first is a blue accessories version of the home uniform. The other one is my attempt to Zephyr-ize the 1952 Denver Bears "strike zone" uniform. I know that the "Z" doesn't look cursive (it's from Beaverton Script, while the rest of the font is modified Fenway Park JF), but cursive Z's aren't all that pretty. While the Rockies are cool and all, Zephyrs would have been amazing. Not only would it have been a nice blow against state names, but it fits with the region and allows for a cool color scheme (in more ways that one). C+C is appreciated! Up next, the Houston Astros!
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    Holy , man. I really wish this was a parody. Because taken at face value, it's actually very sad.
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    I'd have to give my nod for matchup of the week to Penn State/Pitt. Pitt's new road versions of their throwbacks looked tremendous against the Nittany Lions' classic home uniforms. Just an absolutely beautiful matchup all around.
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    Here's a quick concept I put together for the Sabres. Based off of the Buffalo Bisons of the IHL (circa 1932). C&C appreciated!
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    Oh I remember! It's really too bad because Virginia Tech should have one of the most solid football looks on the planet week in week out.
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    Nope. Some of us gray haireds like the classic looks, mainly because college football was invented way before 2005.
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    Uuuuuuuum you do know that's two schools with orange as a main color right? I mean, we could spend time talking about how awful Arizona looked. Or Iowa State. But they're modern and trendy so automatically better than the old stuff. I feel enlightened.
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    Just the road. The color hierarchy of the team is Burgundy > Silver > Blue. I don't like how the roads just outline the burgundy with silver and only feature blue on the collar and logos. It looks unfinished and the silver barely contrasts with the white. Give the road this treatment and the set is perfect.
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    They've been Mizzou for decades. It's not a recent innovation. My extended family is a from Missouri and I got used to watching Nebraska play them annually in the Big 8 and then Big XII. They're all about the Zou.
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    Minnesota channeling Penn State.... where's the gold?
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    I'd like to go ahead and nominate Notre Dame - Georgia for game of the week, aesthetically. Their traditional looks and colors just mesh well together.
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    Nope. That's not how this works. You do the concepts.
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    Nobody can take away the wins, the donations, or all the other positive things he did, however, celebrating those sends the message that you can do horrible things and still be celebrated as long as you're winning football games or whatever else. The message needs to be sent that the victims of crimes deserve more than to see their assailant (or in this case their assailant's enabler) honored, and future generations of people need to know that you can't get away with everything just because you're famous. Celebrating the man only extends the "well, I shouldn't do this, but whatever - I'm famous enough that it'll blow over" mentality, which as we've seen in countless other cases, seems to be prevalent in pro sports (and elsewhere.) Whether you think the punishment was fair or not (I think it should have been a lot worse), I'm not sure how there's any new information that could possibly come out that should change it now. Really - what could possibly come out that's shocking? Any reasonable person could assume that he knew prior to McQuery - this isn't new. Right or wrong, the perpetrators have been punished, and the team's following is probably just as big as it was before - and that's a shame - I think the punishments were intended to drop the program down a few tiers and make it less important and provide less incentive to lie and cover up scandals - but obviously they were either too lenient or James Franklin is too good (I think the former is far more likely than the latter.) Remove the statue, remove the name from any place of honor it appears, remove freaking Jay Paterno from any position he holds (he may be innocent (or... maybe not?) but that name just needs to go away for a long time), set up a fund and donate some meaningful percentage of gameday profits to organizations that aid abused children, and move on. It'll take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time - but eventually the Paterno worship will fade away. It was only 2012 (right?) - kids there now were in high-school and still lived most of their lives with him as a hero. Give it 10 years. The town itself might never understand right from wrong, but hopefully the students will.
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    This one my second take on the Sabres Winter Classic jersey. Really started to fall for this logo. Really hope its the main crest logo (even though It probably won't be). Went with a simplistic, traditional feel for this one.
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    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place, but I just figured I'd show off a project I worked on for about a month. It has retro helmets of 31 of the 32 NFL teams. I used Blender to map textures and render the helmets, and GIMP 2.0 to make the actual helmet textures along with the poster itself. I printed a version that is 18x24 inches (the original picture is much larger than the one above). Some other notes: - Some of the teams use their retro wordmarks - The AFC, NFC, and NFL logos are also in their old styles - There are a few helmets that are very similar to their current versions: - The border around the retro Chiefs arrowhead is slightly thinner - The Colts helmet uses a brighter shade of blue. - The "C" on the Bears helmet is the style of how it was in 1985. - The Browns helmet has a brighter facemask - The "G" on the Packers helmet is shaped like a football, as it was on the helmets in the 1960s. - I chose the current version of the Bengals helmet because in my opinion, it's more iconic to the franchise and looks better in general on the poster, especially because it's located right above the Browns helmet and the original bengals helmet with the black text looks fairly similar to that. - There are 2 "prototype" helmets on the poster, which were never actually worn in a season, these 2 helmets being the Jaguars and Texans helmets. - The wordmarks for the Titans and Jaguars were made by me, with the Titans one a custom wordmark in the style of that of the Oilers. If any of you guys want a copy of it, just let me know and I'll send you the original version, but if you want to print it you'll probably have to do it yourself because I don't really wanna pay to print another one lol
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    :censored:ing garbage. What a stupid patch. Unnecessary clutter and a silly design.
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    Nah. They aren't full out chrome, but more metallic, it looks. For teams like Stanford, Auburn, and others, that don't play around with different uniforms a lot, it's a nice way to make the helmets pop even more. I recently made an Auburn helmet and purchased the metallic decals. They really look good in person, especially compared to the simple, older style. The sheen off the stripes is amazing.
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    You can't just give every classic match-up an automatic thumbs up, you have to do it case by case. There's an awful trend on this board where any classic matchup is automatically praised, and every modern match-up is automatically bad. That's not using your brain at all, that's deciding whether or not you like something before you have even attempted to analyze it, and that's really toxic to a community that wants to discuss uniforms. It's very frustrating trying to have debate/conversation as to why I or someone else thinks a uniform is good/bad, and I get met with non responses and statements like "no it's a traditional uniform, it's good, shut up". It would be really nice if I could say "I don't like this matchup and here's why", and get "i disagree and here's why."
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    Great work! To do all of the FBS teams is a true accomplishment. To have all of them look fantastic is even better. Great work!
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    Should have built the new stadium at Candlestick Point and played elsewhere in the meantime.
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    Cleveland shouldn't return to their old look? Players not all wearing the same color shoes? Please just don't say "throwemback".
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    I'm not saying the look is bad; Lord knows it's better that what they wore for the past decade. I'm saying that the new look is juuuuuust different enough from their classic one to create a sort of uncanny valley effect for me.
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    The Lions look amazing in their home blues.
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    Yep, this is easily one of my new favorite concepts in this series. I love train iconography, so I knew this was going to be a good one. It's just a gorgeous color scheme and the wordmarks and logos are all very sharp. I agree with @CanucksFan that the "D" logo would look great on one of the alternates (preferably the blue one) as opposed to using the same "Zephyrs" wordmark on both. Maybe add placket piping and front numbers to make a Zephyr-ized version of your purple Rockies alt? Really can't wait to see Houston. Maybe my most anticipated team in this series!
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    Houston sported new state flag themed chrome helmet decals.
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    I feel like rather than having the two main alternates be clones of each other, you should put the secondary logo on the jersey for either one. It would freshen up the set a bit better.
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    AlI black Troy uniform is awesome! Great series. What you have done in paint is incredible. If you do the FCS that would be awesome, but if this is the end, thanks for putting in the time to make these cool unis for us. Incredible work!
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    We aren't far from his "both sides" argument. "Those kids weren't perfect anyway, did you know that one of them failed 3rd grade math?"
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    The Zephyr itself could use a few more details, as of right now it looks like a simple illustration of a Train made in MS Paint using whatever images you could find. The car itself needs that depth, otherwise it just blends in & doesn't work as a tertiary logo. But besides that, this look is a Grand Slam. @MJD7 basically said it all for me. I can't wait to see what you're doing with the Stros myself, and knowing you it's gonna come out fantastic.
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    Alright... You've done it. This is my favorite series ever. But this set is fantastic! You probably know that I love the color scheme, and all the uses of the font & railway imagery fit perfectly. I particularly love the look of the Monday home, though I understand the set should probably normally stay primarily green. As for the numbers, I think a modified (or even straight-up) use of the local Broncos' font could work perfectly, as that's what I instantly thought of, and it would look a little thinner than your attempt to match. Looking forward to Houston, should be an interesting one!
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    TROY At long last, we've arrived at the final FBS team uniform set that I conceptualized. I went back to the era when swords are integral into the uniform design, and I'm not talking about logos alone. I incorporated the swords on all jersey and pant colorways. And with that, I officially end my FBS concept topic, so have a look at yourselves. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2:
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    Pretty neat ! BUT I think the old style facemask would be better
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    I can definitely say that the loss puts a downer on the overall #BannerNight that was being promoted, in the end that's what it was. I do find it interesting on THIS side of the fight that the sentiment has gone from the Patriots being perennial losers with slight shimmers of greatness here and there (85, 96) but there was that expectation that they would never rise above the Niners or the Cowboys or the Steelers. I remember as a kid people all about Montana as the superstar to talk about and ignore the local team because they just...sucked. There are always cocky entitled douchewads that will be the loudest and most annoying of winning franchises. They, as in any fandom, are always the brashest, and feel they represent the entirety of a fandom. It's annoying to deal with, and even more annoying to have to defend the rest of the fandom because of a select few. Doesn't this happen with soccer ultras and such too? The dejected faces? yes a somewhat overreaction to how the game was going. Unfortunately the aura of Gillette has become......elitist i suppose. I went to a game years ago and heard stories about people in the crowd telling others to sit down and that they were being too loud and such. It's ridiculous. Just like with Fenway, it's about showing that you're there rather than enjoying being there for a game. Also keep in mind the broadcast isn't going to show the diehards screaming at the team and trying to keep faith and hope for the 1-point rally. The ones screaming and trying to incite the section to get loud and yell and show support. That's not good television. It's better to show the few people with pouty faces because the team was down with 7 minutes left. It's stupid but a small snippet of the crowd is supposed to represent how the entire crowd there is. Can almost guarantee that most fans were thinking along the lines of "yeah, this sucks. oh well. Onto next week." That's my feeling about it. Oh well, we lost. Next game. Yes there are loud, obnoxious Boston fans. We in Boston have to deal with them too. We just ignore them. Just like you ignore the loud, obnoxious (insert market with successful team at some point) fans are too. The obvious fill-in is New York and yes that's a default but remember too that New York has always seemed to have consistent success compared to this run in Boston of the past 16 years. It's still insane to consider. As of now? keep going with the "yay the badguys lost" mentality. We did it too. Enjoy it. At some point the black mark may pass to your team and it'd be nice if it does as everyone should feel this type of successful sportsteams. Been a hell of a run and I don't want it to end anytime soon. Enjoy Opening Weekend everyone!
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    Coincidentally, this will be Marshawn Lynch's first game back in Buffalo since he was traded seven years ago. I just wish the Bills were going with the home 1965 throwbacks like they wore against the Raiders in 2008:
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    In the helmet decal industry, that's "chrome"... "Metallic" means glitter flake
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    I think you need to update your account to enable 3rd party hosting
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    I seem to remember a fan of a certain Los Angeles hockey team ready to jump off a bridge after a loss, even though the Kings were fresh off a Stanley Cup victory (or two). I wonder who that could have been. Again, these Patriots fans were at the game. They spent their money and their time to go see a game. Why shouldn't they have a look of concern or disappointment if the game isn't going as they hoped? I've never gone to a game and thought about another game from 7+ months ago and let it determine if I can cheer or be disappointed in the current game's goings-on. Some of you are pretty unrealistic. You're asking fans to take personality and emotion out of their fandom. And, the Chargers have the 18th-best record of all-time, a grand total of 5 games under .500. That's hardly "awful football".
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    I'm tired of the stormtrooper look. TCU would have looked better with purple pants and/or helmets.
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    It was the same way with me for the Giants after 2010. I was content after that, and the other two were bonuses. I didn't have that same level of investment I had the first time around. I know that it makes me seem like I'm a bad fan or something, but just seeing the team I root for win one title would have satiated me for a long time. It was the same way with the Warriors, especially given how they netted their championship this year. Having the championship monkey off of your back allows you to relax, and not take sports with the same amount of gravity that you did before.
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    Ha, better quality pics on the Avs' twitter
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    love it, except wish it had the Marino era yellow facemask
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    Here are a few better pictures. Didn't even know they had a road version. Both look great. You can tell the writing is on the wall for a change very soon.
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    What did Joe Paterno do to you to earn such undying loyalty? .... Wait, don't answer that.
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    Kill the program. Kill the entire freaking program. Just drive a stake into it and turn Happy Valley into cow pasture. (Seriously, it's a travesty that the program didn't receive a year-long death penalty to begin with. Never has a program been more deserving of it.)
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    Sleeves will always be the worst thing ever.
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    G-d, the Cavs' identity is such a train wreck.
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