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    Do they plan to die? Because that's what a hyphenated pair of years looks like to me.
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    Gotta hand it to the Rockies for putting out logo's that still look like they were made in 1993.
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    There's certainly no reason to invoke "PC". They went from a terrible logo to a great one.
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    It already seems like they have sort of become America's Team. ..partly because a lot of people (most outside this board as far as I can tell) felt like getting everyone out was good enough and the school has been persecuted and partly because Big Bad Ohio State made the playoff. It seems like people want PSU to be a top-flight program again because that's what matters. There are two issues...Paterno and the program. I don't think too many outside of the Valley are too into defending Paterno. It is just the hard-core doing that. However, nationally, folks just want to forget the story and move on and I think winning helps people think that is happening. For me it was never really about Paterno...he was one of several people who enabled Sandusky. I don't think the school should honor him, but when I wanted an actual impactful punishment, it was about the culture, of which Paterno was only a part... and can continue through a lot of personnel turnover. That culture valued football wins over basic decency and I'm not convinced getting rid of some people removes that culture. And that culture seems reflected in their role as a national favorite. I feel like it was a missed opportunity to make sure the risk outweighs the reward in covering up sexual assaults. And that's much bigger than Paterno.
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    i had to look up what Rakuten even was. I suppose its money well spent as I now know they exist when I didn't before. So THEYRE the ones responsible for all those crappy ebates ads i get at the end of online purchases.
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    Anything that moves away from Justin Bieber is a great move.
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    The Rockies have been painfully overdue for a rebrand for at least 15 years now. Their brand is dated in the worst way possible. And seriousy, whose bright idea was it to use Times New Roman (or some derivative thereof)? It's a baseball jersey, not a newspaper.
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    With the murky home/road situation for this year's Winter Classic, I decided it would be a perfect time to try a colour vs. colour matchup, the Buffalo Sabres in gold and the New York Rangers in the shade of navy used in the logos they released yesterday. I used Reebok's vintage wool collar on the Adidas template. For the Sabres, I modelled the design after their original sock striping. I inverted the colours and added white accents, and used a white version of the new Buffalo logo. To uncluster the design, I removed a stripe set from the hem and moved the numbers to the shoulders. Like the 2016 Bruins, I only used the NY logo on the helmet. For the Rangers, I decided to use their classic three-stripe pattern from the 80s and 90s. I used straight, simple lettering on the back, and the white version of the new NY logo. I simplified the pant striping while keeping it red, and put the Winter Classic logo on the chest to match the Sabres jersey. C&C Appreciated!
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    wait until New Era buys a winery and starts making their own sparkling wine.
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    I can see your point. Personally, I just want stuff to look good; the year the idea was created notwithstanding. The two specific ones I called out were these, though: One is straight-up modern, the other one has more old-school elements (i.e. shoulder loops and gray facemask). For me, though, the color balance is off. Arizona has multiple shades of red. An aforementioned "amazing" Boise state look has an okay jersey/pants with a unbalanced helmet that I really don't like. But then you have other uniforms that are modern and look really good. Again, it's about balance, not modern vs old
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    This is obviously an oversimplification, but it's still definitely a sentiment that dominates this and many other threads. I'm not saying people have to change their sensibilities, but it would be nice if opinions that went against the norm for CCSLC weren't immediately belittled by more tenured posters. I mean, we're surely better than this right? Both of these posts make VikingsNotMinnesota's point for him.
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    I generally forego thinking when I design logos. Glad you like them! The designers are well aware of hockey’s visual history. I understand the sentiment, but you're assuming a new design team just comes in and says, “WTF!? Why don't the socks match the jersey!?” The teams have input on these changes and the requests can even come straight from them. Definitely disagree with this. The black trim badly muddied up the typography on the home uniform. The nameplate letters filled in at a distance and the number trim made them look fuzzy at the edges. The new ones are much cleaner and crisper, the readability is much better, and the new lettering matches their logo and brand quite nicely now. The numbers also match the shoulder yoke, so they integrate the uniform elements better as well.
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    Sorry, I can't agree. The Bruins wore socks from 1931 to 2017. The Bruins' gold sock look was older than the Detroit Red WIngs' name and logo for crying out loud. It's older than the lace-up collar. "More clean and consistent" does not mean "good." Plenty of classic uniforms, across all sports, have had inconsistencies here or there. That adds to the charm and uniqueness these looks have. Hell, what are the two most commonly cited "best uniforms in hockey"? The Blackhawks and Canadiens. Both of which have mismatching home and road sets. So yeah, the Bruins look more consistent with black socks, but it doesn't mean they look "better." To me? They look too dark and too drab. The whole look just seems "off." Sure, it's a great look for a team. Just not the Boston Bruins.
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    WILDCARD ROUND Bad luck and sloppy play for Boston started early. Less than 5 minutes into the game, QB Jon Cliff took a shot downfield to WR Elliot Hayes. The throw never had much of a chance, but that dropped to zero when Hayes’s legs got tangled with those of CB Doug Fonda, and both fell to the turf. FS Dan Nelson made an easy pick, but fortunately for the Captains, he stepped out of bounds on the return, and the defense prevented Baltimore from putting any points on the board. Nevertheless, the play set a bad tone. Baltimore took the lead in the final minute of the first when RB Jim Ingles powered his way into the end zone from a yard out. The Captains tied things up early in the second on a 6-yard TD reception by Don Jeffries, but the Royals retook the lead shortly before the two-minute warning on a 31-yard Steve MacQueen field goal. The Royals opened the second half with a holding penalty on the kick return, forcing them to start from their own 5 yard line. However, this would make no difference whatsoever. On the first play from scrimmage, Jim Ingles blew past the defense to go untouched for a 95-yard TD. Just a minute later, Jon Cliffe threw his second pick of the day, and the Royals took advantage of the good field position by picking up a field goal, extending their lead to 20-7. Nearly 17 minutes would run off the clock before either team scored again. Boston managed to cut the lead back down to 10 on an impressive 55-yard field goal by Ralph Steffan, but they didn’t manage to cross into Baltimore territory in the game’s final 10 minutes. The Ghosts came out of the locker room strong, looking like the team that has been 6-1 over the past two postseasons. CB Dave Erwin picked off Tim Kewley 45 seconds into the game, which ultimately set up a 31-yard field goal by Arthur Kerr. Just 8 minutes later, they made it a two score game when Jose Ortuno punched the ball into the end zone from one yard out. The game came to a standstill for most of the second, with neither team managing to get into scoring position until there was less than 5 minutes to play in the half. The Angels broke the deadlock with a 39 yard field goal, and then, on the next possession, 38-year old DE Lee Thomas caught Cleveland QB Therron Nikoloudis from behind as he tried to escape the pocket. The ball was knocked loose, and Thomas fell on it at the Cleveland 14. It took just 3 plays for the Angles to find the end zone, with the TD coming on a 5 yard run by RB Tommy Howard. The second half opened with the score tied at 10, but Kewley and the Minnesota offense came out of the locker room in the zone, gouging the Cleveland defense for 28 points over the next 15:28. Kewley went 14/14 for 2 touchdowns while Howard added a pair of touchdown runs. By the time Cleveland gained possession for the first time in the fourth quarter, they were down 31-10. The Ghosts, who were not built to play from behind, feebly attempted the comeback. With Jose Ortuno all but removed from the gameplan, Nikoloudis was forced to put the team on his shoulders, and he was unable to bear the burden. Cleveland managed to push as far as the Minnesota 40 only once, and that drive ended with a Scott D’Angelico pick. The Angels calmly ran out the clock, securing their first postseason win since the 37th Victory Bowl four years ago. AFA Magazine Divisional Previews Guardians of Cincinnati vs Minnesota Angels The Guardians are the obvious favorites here. They hold the number one seed, they’re defending champions, and there were a perfect 10-0 against out of division foes during the regular season. They have been the favorite to win the Victory Bowl all year, and that is still the case. However, after Minnesota’s big win over Cleveland in the wildcard round, the odds on this game opened far closer than might otherwise have been expected. For Minnesota to pull off the upset, DE Lee Thomas will need to be all over Reggie Hart from the opening snap, and Tim Kewley will need to replicate his wildcard performance. That’s not impossible, but this Guardians team is one of the best in AFA history, and we can’t pick against them. Cincinnati wins, 27-14. Colorado Centennials vs Portland Dragons This is an odd matchup, in that the teams have wildly different strengths. Colorado has a strong power running game, but QB Tom Baker doesn’t exactly keep defensive coordinators up at night, and his receiving options are mediocre. Portland has a phenomenal secondary, but their defensive line is weak and easily pushed around. It is almost inconceivable that the Dragons will be able to keep Blitz contained, which means that it is vital that they score early and force the ball into Baker’s hands. The good news is that the offense is built to score fast - Curtis Tyre and Ralph McLaurin are arguably the best tandem of widouts in the history of the game. However, Colorado has a very good secondary and an even better pass rush, whereas the Dragons offensive line is a definite weakness. Portland will need to play basically a perfect game to come out on top, which is just too much to ask. Colorado wins 24-21. Miami Suns vs Baltimore Royals These divisional rivals split the series this season, with each team winning at home. That trend will continue. Both teams have stars on defense, and the Royals are certainly more experienced, but the difference will be Miami QB Bob Obradovic. He will outperform Derrill Punch, and give the Suns a narrow victory. Miami, 21-20. Pittsburgh Miners vs Houston Hurricanes The last time these two teams met in the postseason, Pittsburgh stomped Houston 50-0 in the 31st Victory Bowl. That was 10 years ago, and while no current Hurricanes were on that team, they will still be out for revenge. That will be a tall order, though. Houston’s supporting cast is improving, but they are still too dependent on QB Tom Hudson to carry the team. Meanwhile, the Miners are hot, and riding an emotional wave to get a ring for Rob Connery and one more for Willie Krause. Pittsburgh has been too hot in December to lose to an upstart franchise. Pittsburgh wins, 23-14.
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    No, you need the swan for Stratford! I'd sooner lose the knight and keep the swan. Yeah, it's a good logo. Warriors is a good sports nickname, if you can keep it while getting rid of any ~problematic~ Native imagery, great.
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    I just called it belittling in that VikingsNotMinnesota's original post that started this whole discourse in the first place pointed out that aside from both teams sporting traditionally-styled uniforms, there was really nothing very visually exciting or even pleasing about that match up due to the near monochromatic color scheme. I think it's a more than valid point, but his post was met with people reducing what he said to strawmen almost immediately. Obviously nobody is perfect in this situation. I wasn't trying to split posters into two factions, I'd hope that people consider their tastes to be more complex than "all traditional" or "all modern". Taking it case by case is the only right way to do it IMO, and I am in total agreement with your last point.
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    Yeah, the CapiLals are still exceptionally bad. I can't think of anyone else looking worse than them at the present. Maybe Calgary or Ottawa. Maybe.
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    The only thing I didn't like was that a bunch of players wore gold socks, which looked kind of ridiculous with the gold pants
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    I think I'd like it more without the swan.
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    Some would say this is the Gold Standard for NC State (See what i did there 😂)
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    See, now you're just trying to make sense. This is the NHL, they want no part in that.
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    No, I meant the 123 "big four" teams. Thunder probably comes in at #123, you're right. The Clippers' only saving grace is that the name "Los Angeles Clippers" isn't completely terrible.
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    That'd be even worse. Pick one logo and go with it.
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    The helmets make a difference too. I'm so sick of asymmetric helmets. One of worst belongs to Virginia because either the logos or the numbers would be good on their own but are horrible in tandem.
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    When you have something you wanna improve on, you have something you wanna improve on. In this case, the split scripts I'd used for a Blue Jays set in the Rivalry Series. I've thought about making a contemporary uniform with those scripts for a while, and now is as good a time as any. The two scripts are based on older uniforms worn by the Jays' predecessors, the baseball Maple Leafs, with the addition of the Blue Jays' trademark split. The jay head is on the sleeve of the whites instead of the front because frankly, with this script, the front would just be too cluttered that way. For the hell of it, I included an alternate T cap. The alt blue is, like its RL counterpart, a negative of the homes, though I almost went with a royal-to-navy faux gradient and navy pants. The road alt recolors the grays into powder blue, with a powder-front cap to go with it. And since this one wouldn't leave me alone, fauxback pullovers, 80s style with the current scripts. Posting is a virtue.
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    There's no way Sergio Dipp is a real name.
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    In the era of XXX-treeeeeeme Sports Graft, good on Seattle for making private funding the vast, vast majority of this project. Even kicks in $40 million to address transportation, and $20 million for community resources which, if it comes through, puts the new ownership up $20 million on Jeremy Jacobs. Cross-post to the OITGDNHL thread: The new arena opens in 2020, which is right when the NHL's collective bargaining agreement runs out if the opt-out gets deployed. We're going to see an expansion team lose its first season to a lockout.
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    My other issue with the new Bruins' socks is how similar they are to the Penguins' (which in my perfect world would not look like that to begin with, they'd better match the jersey striping, but they did have them first). There's two teams in the league who wear yellow and black and they have nearly identical socks. Same for the numbers on the back. Why invite those comparisons if you can avoid it?
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    Another example is how proper coloring makes all the difference: Same uniform but coloring make a lot of difference.
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    Navy facemask just looks so much cleaner. The perfect balance of Navy & White.
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    Maybe a Sixers "The Process" jersey 🤞
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    Never seen a school start any uniform reveal with the alternate.
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    In all fairness, the new numbers (when they were the old numbers) worked much better with the old logo. Honestly, I wish they’d ditch the extra outline on the B and go back to the unique home and road color variations of the logo.
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    That is not even remotely what I'm saying, what? I personally prefer traditional looks myself, but not every traditional look is good, and not every modern look is bad. There is a literal dichotomy where all modern aesthetics are bad, and all traditional aesthetics are good. You can't seriously say, as a form of any kind of art (and yes, like it or not, football uniform design is a form of art), that it's that simple. At that point you're basically that one 15 year old on reddit who says all modern music is trash and that queen and the who are the greatest bands ever. I mean seriously That is your entire idea of what modern style uniforms are. Never mind that Boise just rocked an amazing storm trooper look last weekend (which if you disagree with that, I'll be happy to discuss why), all modern uniforms are anthracite chrome swag nike garbage. That is the problem right there. When a board has decided to dichotomize it's opinions, that is how destructive circlejerks start, which we basically have, and have had for a while. There we go, that's something. Honestly clemson has one of my favorite uniforms, if not my all time favorite uniforms in college football. That said, their pants need a purple outline stripe. It just looks really weird when their helmet has purple outlines, and their jerseys have purple outlines, but their pants have none. Also I think this game going Orange, Purple, Orange would've been better, just so they contrast with Auburn's aways better. Which, speaking of, holy hell where do I begin. Triple stripe big logon on the helmet, Triple shoulder stripe AND tv numbers, giant mismatching pants stripe, just jesus christ there is WAY too much going on. Their homes work because the dark blue soaks up a lot of that action, but their aways are a mess. I think just have the AU logo on the hip and get rid of the pants stripe, would enormously improve their whole set. It doesn't math their other stripes anyway, and is just an eyesore overall, not needed. Though really, their colors are just too similar for it to be a great matchup, not much to save honestly.
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    Ah a good ol' Viking fight! (no I am not saying oldschoolvikings and VikingsNotMinnesota are "fighting" and I ain't getting in this fight. Just being pun-ny)
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    Seems like the motto should be "20th Anniversary: We Can't Believe It, Either"
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    What I don't get is choosing to die on this hill if you're a Joe Paterno fan. I have sports heroes too. If any of them did what Joe Paterno did they wouldn't be my sports heroes anymore and I wouldn't go out of my way to defend them. If you stake yourself to that side there's no way to come off in a good light. The best possible outcome for you is your football coach was a dumbass who heard from an assistant coach that his former assistant was raping a boy in the shower and then didn't do anything about it. That's...not great and that's best case scenario. Why go to bat for the guy in even that scenario? Consider, then, the more likely scenarios based on testimonies, anecdotes, timelines of when Sandusky left the program and ask yourself, be honest with yourself, was that really the first time Paterno, the man lauded for being the controlling, omnipotent presence leading the PSU football program, heard something like that? The probability of that is low, which means Paterno allowed a known pedophile to bring kids to his facility for years. At best your guy was an idiot, at worst he was complicit in the molestation. In any case he prioritized football over the safety of those kids and in any case you're on the wrong team. The best way to play it if you're interested in being viewed as a compassionate person capable of separating your sports interests from that of your humanity, Penn Staters, is go "yeah no way around it that Paterno :censored:ed up and we as a community need to reevaluate our priorities because our over-emphasis on amateur football and our deification of the head coach directly contributed to a culture that allowed for years of unchecked molestation of dozens of kids." That's all you have to say.
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    My DIY magnetic standings board is ready for the season. My wife said I had to keep it at my office and not on our refrigerator.
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    Well now we're just trying to say the wackiest thing possible. Arizona has great uniforms! There, I did it. I said the silliest thing.
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    No one has ever said that here. Ever. Seems to me, this is an obvious case of you hearing what you want to hear. Just to be clear, you're saying that without fail, your well thought out, intelligent defenses of your opinions are universally met with neanderthal grunts of "old is good, new is bad." Oh, OK.
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    Nope. Some of us gray haireds like the classic looks, mainly because college football was invented way before 2005.
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    I like the look of this jersey. I just don't like it as a Celtics uniform since it feels like a big downgrade from their traditional uniform.
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