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    Got the 2k18 today so i'm checking the new stuff. Some screenshots i made: Btw this is how the Little Caesars Arena looks like...Really dissapointed. It looks like that 70's arena 2K uses. And on photos looked really nice. Tell me if you have a request.
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    And it's so easy to go outside Native American imagery while using the nickname Warriors. It boggles the mind to see how Marquette University couldn't figure out this easy fix. Warriors is a generic term, which can easily apply elsewhere. The futuristic warrior used by Golden State was well-executed.
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    Scared me--for a second I thought it was a sleeved jersey!
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    While I'm not a huge fan of the mono-orange (and yes that helmet logo is invisible on TV) but really like how the orange pops off the blue turf.
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    The latest 2K trailer has a lot of good looks at many of the "Statement" uniforms in action:
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    I think the blue pinstripes on the black Orlando jersey is what makes it successful -- mixing those colors is obviously risky but it makes the pinstripes look really subtle and the jersey less busy overall. Also, referring to women as "females" is creepy as hell. Same! I had this exact thought. One example where the "creativity" of the current era is really successful. Given their history OKC is a team that should always look very modern to me, and this is perhaps their first successful example of that.
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    Eventually they will have a gold alternate and it will soon become their primary home uniform.
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    Hallelujah. They never should've gone away from that as the primary road look.
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    Good to see they can put a design on the scapula shaped seam. Now why couldn't they make full armhole trim? is it just so that the new Nike innovation would be more noticeable and something they will 'fix' in 5 years time while adding another extraneous template detail that modifies the design? Seems impossible, I know
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    Ucla going Gold/White/Gold this weekend @ Memphis. Glad to see they are going to mix up pants on road again
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    Not directed at you personally...just at Nike: So now the NBA has a lot of bad players with absolutely no excuse, right? I'm sure Jordan and Kareem complained incessantly about not having a full range of motion at the scapula back in the day. Hell at one point in the early 2000s thick/wide shoulder cuts were the trend in college and the NBA.
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    @Conrad. Posted this on twitter yesterday but I haven't seen it in this thread yet so... If this was their primary it'd be a top 5 uni in the association.
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    I don't know, in the 2k screenshots it still looks like it has the three lines to me. I guess we'll see, though. Edit- It definitely has the lines for the limbs, albeit four instead of three:
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    Not sure if it has been mentioned or not, but it seems like the white gloves for Vegas might be for road only and it'll be black at home. As unique as the white gloves might be, I hope Vegas abandons them rather quickly.
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    Pretty sure it's a new color. Bauer has had a line where you can make a custom helmet for a while and grey hasn't ever been an option.
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    good look at engelland in grey helmet and jersey. I've never seen a dark grey helmet before in hockey.
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    I'd buy merch for the Stratford 'Speares with a skating Bard using his stick to poke someone in the nuts. Even if Brandiose had the job. The rest of you guys would too. Don't lie.
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    Red used only as a subtle accent is the way to go. The gold does pop. The black and the grey are used just right as well. I don't know how successful they're going to be, but those uniforms are absolutely beautiful.
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    Yikes. Love the effort to bring that back, but the execution has some big flaws. Just looks like parts of the upper jersey are tucked in with safety pins.
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    Wow...the back of that Charlotte jersey is hideous
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    I, too, find impossible to believe in our day and age that a person repeatedly accused of abusing others in a sexual manner would be able to hold a prominent elected office.
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