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    Also, regarding Oregon's combo for tomorrow, it should make for a really nice matchup with Wyoming's home uniforms: Definitely an early sleeper pick for one of the matchups of the week.
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    Now this is just beautiful: The new white jerseys are even better than I predicted in my mockups. It's nice to see the numbers outlined in yellow, and even better seeing the regularly colored duck logos on the shoulders. It's a bit annoying now that the green jerseys and pants have the monochromatic duck logo rather than the regularly colored version like on these new white jerseys, but I still really love this despite the mismatch. This is one of their better road combos in recent memory, IMO.
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    A. Karma isn't real. If it was the Patriots would have 0 titles. B. Shut up.
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    What? Oregon hasn't looked this good consistently in a decade.
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    Can Arizona just go back to these full time? They just look so good, and they won the WS in them. When I think of the D-backs I think of these jerseys.
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    Thanks, guys! It's time for the first alternate take. HOUSTON ASTROS, PT. II - From guts to a gradient It's no secret that the Astros' 1994-99 is a controversial one. Some people have a feverish love for it, while others loathe it. I think it's a dull mess of a set, plagued by bad 90's-isms: The over-emphasis of navy, the gold replacing orange (a color they had worn for the past 30 years up to that point), and the Eurostile numbers made for a soulless set, devoid of any of the "character" that the Astros had cultivated since their days as the Colt .45's. Playing under the Astrodome lights didn't help much with the set's dullness. Still, it is easy to see why the team went this route, given their previous uniforms: While it may have been a fun look (it would look better with orange outlines on the lettering, and a font that isn't Kabel Bold), it had long since passed its expiration date. It made sense for the Astros to subdue their uniforms further and replace the "garish" rainbow guts and orange with tiny splotches of metallic gold obscured by oversized double outlines. There was another way, one that @the admiral pointed out: I thought this was worth an exploration. Given the Padres and Giants' redesigns in the 1990's (as well as the Phoenix Suns' 1992 overhaul), it's not like orange was a non-starter. However, just adding some orange outlines wouldn't be befitting of the progressive-looking Astros. I turned to a trend that cropped up in the late-'80s and continued throughout the '90s. That's right; it's gradient time! While there may have been technical obstacles to adopting the gradient (as @ColorWerxhas described regarding the Miami Heat's primary logo), I'm sure the Astros would have used the bespoke woven glacier twill/machine embroidery that the Rays adopted in 1998. Heck, I've long thought that the inaugural Devil Rays set was the perfect blueprint for a 1990's take on the classic Astros. The logos come from the 1994 rollout, albeit with modifications to fit with the new gradient look (i.e., single outlines in navy). I opted for a three-color gradient, with white being the star color in the wordmarks. I created an updated H-star to fit with the set, as one of my biggest complaints about the 1994-99 Astros was the lack of an "H" on their cap insignia. The solo star is the tertiary. The uniforms feature more inspiration from the period (you must remember New Historicism and its emphasis on historical context when discussing alternate visual histories). The layout of the uniforms is similar to the ones in our universe, with only a thin piece of pants trim. The block numbers are italicized (like the contemporary Phoenix Suns and the modern Florida Gators - who use MLB Block Standard ) and do not have a gradient pattern due to cost (akin to the Devil Rays). It's simple, but it sets the team apart and is doable with early-1990's editions of Adobe Illustrator. The alternates are two navy jerseys, mimicking the two worn by the team in those years. The first features the home script, while the other has the H-star. The H-star uniform uses the solitary star on an orange-billed cap. Instead of throwing out bright colors, the Astros could have adapted them to work within '90s conventions. This concept is my interpretation of how they could have gone about it. C+C is appreciated! Up next, choo-choo!
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    Got the 2k18 today so i'm checking the new stuff. Some screenshots i made: Btw this is how the Little Caesars Arena looks like...Really dissapointed. It looks like that 70's arena 2K uses. And on photos looked really nice. Tell me if you have a request.
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    And it's so easy to go outside Native American imagery while using the nickname Warriors. It boggles the mind to see how Marquette University couldn't figure out this easy fix. Warriors is a generic term, which can easily apply elsewhere. The futuristic warrior used by Golden State was well-executed.
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    Um, yeah, that's how uniforms work. Sorry, but this all just sounds insane. I said this earlier in this thread, and I'll repeat it. Now that every two-bit program in CFB does what Oregon used to do, the Ducks would be smart to get off the clown-suit-of-the-week train. They did it first, for a while they arguably did it the best, but now it's over. It's played out. And after a few playoff appearances, including making it to a championship, they should be above it. Now that everybody is finally taking you seriously (last year notwithstanding), you need to raise your self-esteem and put your boobs away. Uniform-wise, Oregon is there. Ignoring a few quibbles over minor details, it's over. They're done. This uniform... ...is quite nearly perfect for them. It's modern, it's clean, it's instantly recognizable, and it still looks like no other team on any level of football. And that color scheme... I am not a good enough writer to express how much I like those two colors together. And that green! In isolation, just that color alone, that is currently my favorite color in sports. Repeat... IN SPORTS. Having said all that, do I expect Oregon to eventually jump back on the goofball express? Yup, unfortunately.
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    Mississippi State is wearing Maroon/Maroon/Gray tomorrow. Should be one of the top uni matchups of the week against LSU’s Gold/White/Gold.
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    ^Holy hell, how many times have those been posted on here now? I see you're new here, so it's certainly not your fault @Brummie. But damn I'm sick of seeing those awful things lol.
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    Scared me--for a second I thought it was a sleeved jersey!
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    While I'm not a huge fan of the mono-orange (and yes that helmet logo is invisible on TV) but really like how the orange pops off the blue turf.
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    Here's some advice: don't punch down. There's no reason for a pats fan to take shots at a team that's had 1/50th the success and the only possible outcome or scenario is you looking like a dickhead. It's unbecoming. which takes us back to karma. There's no effing way Boston fans who go out of their way to use immature pejorative team names such as "bungles" have better karma than me, an all-around great guy. The only conclusions are that there's no such thing as justice and none of us have any impact on what happens to our favorite teams. Also dont say "thug". It's problematic and a dog whistle and that's not what Burfict is anyways. Aaron Hernandez murdered a guy while playing for your team.
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    The latest 2K trailer has a lot of good looks at many of the "Statement" uniforms in action:
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    I think the blue pinstripes on the black Orlando jersey is what makes it successful -- mixing those colors is obviously risky but it makes the pinstripes look really subtle and the jersey less busy overall. Also, referring to women as "females" is creepy as hell. Same! I had this exact thought. One example where the "creativity" of the current era is really successful. Given their history OKC is a team that should always look very modern to me, and this is perhaps their first successful example of that.
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    Eventually they will have a gold alternate and it will soon become their primary home uniform.
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    Hallelujah. They never should've gone away from that as the primary road look.
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    Good to see they can put a design on the scapula shaped seam. Now why couldn't they make full armhole trim? is it just so that the new Nike innovation would be more noticeable and something they will 'fix' in 5 years time while adding another extraneous template detail that modifies the design? Seems impossible, I know
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    Ucla going Gold/White/Gold this weekend @ Memphis. Glad to see they are going to mix up pants on road again
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    Not directed at you personally...just at Nike: So now the NBA has a lot of bad players with absolutely no excuse, right? I'm sure Jordan and Kareem complained incessantly about not having a full range of motion at the scapula back in the day. Hell at one point in the early 2000s thick/wide shoulder cuts were the trend in college and the NBA.
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    What prompted her tweets would likely get this thread locked, so since it's now a national story, her thoughts are pretty easy to find. To place it around sports, the weekend of the US Women's Open, "something else occurred" nationally. You live in ACC country, think "WaHooWa". She is employed by ESPN and is on the 6pm SportsCenter, that's always had relevance. Now, I agree with Yahoo's Pat Force as the Trump Administration (because the Press Secretary speaks for the President) has now made Jemele Hill, not infamous, but famous. https://mobile.twitter.com/YahooForde/status/908057704069033989
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    "Identical" and "remotely like" are very different things.. A two-stripe pattern on one uniform could easily be mistaken for another without the context of logos and colors, even if they're not "identical".. Sure, Wisconsin's ridiculous angled lines within their stripe are uniquely "wisconsin", but from the right angle, they're similar.. To insinuate that each 2-stripe pattern is unique and immediately recognizable for each team is as silly as assuming they're all identical..
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    1997 Off-Season 1996 Entry Draft Though not as strong as the 1996 entry draft, the 1997 draft certainly had no shortage of talent. With the first pick, the Milwaukee Choppers selected big Swedish center Peter Lundholm, then traded for the number five pick, using it to take hard-nosed defenseman Todd Brownlow. Dallas took USA National team star Kyle Clark with the second pick, while the New Orleans Sound rounded out the top three when they selected offensive defenseman Sheldon Harrison. Other interesting picks included Boston’s Isaac Hart, the son of pro football legend Billy Hart, LA selected goaltender Ryan Blank, the league’s first California native who grew up a fan of the Wizards, and finally New York selected the first German player in PHL history, Tobias Krause, who played fairly well as a 17-year-old at the 1996 World Hockey Challenge. 1. MIL – Peter Lundhom, F, SWE 2. DAL – Kyle Clark, F, USA 3. NOS – Sheldon Harrison, D, CAN 4. LI – Patrick Murphy, F, CAN 5. MIL (From DEN) – Todd Brownlow, D, CAN 6. DET – Eric Woods, F, CAN 7. SEA – Olli Heikkinen, F, FIN 8. PHI – Sergei Dyatlov, F, RUS 9. STL – Ben Wagner, D, USA 10. MIA – Derek Snyder, F, CAN 11. QUE – Mikeal Johansson, D, SWE 12. CGY – Dominik Musil, F, CZE 13. BOS – Isaac Hart, F, USA 14. CLE – Dylon White, F, CAN 15. VAN – Andrei Yegorov, F, RUS 16. PIT – Vladimir Rezek, F, SVK 17. WPG – Trent McCulloch, D, CAN 18. EDM – Igor Zhabin, F, RUS 19. CAR – Corey Powell, D, CAN 20. CAL – Jared King, D, USA 21. MTL – Zdeno Kadlec, F, CZE 22. WSH – Brant Brown, F, CAN 23. KC – Jamie Reid, D, USA 24. CHI – Chris Butler, F, CAN 25. LA – Ryan Blank, G, USA 26. TOR – Toivu Niskala, F, FIN 27. MIN – Murray Bennett, D, CAN 28. NYC – Tobias Krause, F, GER Notable Retirements: Travis Curry, F, DAL/MIL, 1981-1997 One of the last great players to have played for the Metros/Choppers franchise in both locations, Curry served as Bruce Gratton’s best sidekick throughout the 1980s. The duo led Milwaukee to back-to-back Lewis Cup championships in 1988 and 1989 with Curry scoring the Cup-winning goal both years. In 1992, Curry once again played a key role in leading the Choppers to their third appearance in the finals, where they would lose to Vincent Ducharme and the Montreal Royale. Curry would play five more years with the Choppers until his contract expired in 1997. With Milwaukee opting not to resign him, Curry retired rather than hit the free agent market. Alexander Orlov, F, CHI, 1991-1997 One of the greatest players in the history of the Soviet national team, Alexander Orlov became a national hero in 1976 at the inaugural World Hockey Challenge when he scored the tournament winning goal against the heavily favoured Canadians. It would be 15 years before Orlov was finally allowed to leave the Soviet Union to play in the PHL for the Chicago Shamrocks. Teaming up with countryman Valdimir Gaganov, Orlov helped the Shamrocks to two straight Lewis Cup finals appearances in the mid-90s, where they would win it all in 1994. Clark Pratt, F, NYC, 1978-1997 Though he was never considered a true superstar, Clark Pratt was one of the most popular players ever to wear a Civics uniform thanks to his toughness and work ethic. A broken leg endangered Pratt’s career in 1981, but the tough winger returned the following season. Pratt played 19 years in New York and his longevity was finally rewarded in 1997 when the Civics won the Lewis Cup, the first in Pratt’s career. Brent MacDonald, G, NS/NOS, LA, 1982-1997 A native of Pictou, Nova Scotia, MacDonald grew up a huge fan of the Nova Scotia Claymores and finally realized his lifelong dream of playing for them in 1982. Throughout the 1980s, MacDonald backstopped the Claymores to an incredible seven straight Division titles, as well as an appearance in the Lewis Cup Finals in 1987. Unfortunatly, the Claymores were forced out of Halifax in 1995 and the team relocated to New Orleans that summer. MacDonald played one year in New Orleans before being traded to Los Angeles, where he split the goaltending duties with Jim Cochran before retiring. Magnus Skoglund, F, DET, 1978-1997 Skoglund served as Detroit’s top player during a relatively dark time in the franchise’s history. The Mustangs missed the playoffs during the last five years of Skoglund’s career and made it past the first round only twice during the 19 season Skoglund wore the Blue and Gold. Nevertheless, Skoglund still went on to become one of the greatest players ever to wear a Mustang’s uniform, retiring as the team’s second-leading scorer of all time. Brett Townsend, F, VAN, 1981-1997 Townsend’s accomplishments were largely overlooked as he played for one of the PHL’s weakest franchises for his entire career. Townsend nearly tied the PHL’s “Iron man” record, never missing a game from 1988 until his retirement in 1997. Townsend also retires as Vancouver’s all-time scoring leader and only 1000 point scorer in franchise history. Chris Blythe, F, EDM, 1981-1997 One of the more popular players to wear a Northern Lights sweater, Chris Blythe won fans over with his natural scoring ability. Blythe helped Edmonton to their only Lewis Cup Finals appearance in 1993, where they lost to the Boston Bulldogs. Notable Trades Edmonton trades D Dwayne Ingram to Washington in exchange for D Jordan O’Reilly. Nearing the end of his career, Ingram gets an opportunity to pursue a title with the Generals, the Northern Lights begin their rebuild with the addition of O’Reilly, a similar player to Ingram but at only 20 years old. Milwaukee trades D Jed McKenzie to Denver in exchange for 5th overall draft pick. The Bulls acquire a solid young defenseman, while the Choppers continue their rebuild with two picks in the top five. Key Free Agents Aaron Duplacy signs new 5-year deal with New York worth $9 Million/year. The Civics lock up their franchise player and captain for five years. Randy McAllen signs new 10-year deal with Seattle worth $11 Million/year. Seattle is forced to match a massive offer sheet from Detroit, making the 21-year-old the second-highest paid player currently in the league. Sergei Krayev (CGY) signs 6-year deal with Chicago worth $12 Million/year. After a career-threatening eye injury, Krayev will return to the league as one of its richest players. Chicago gains a replacement for Orlov, while Calgary’s status as a playoff team is now in jeopardy. Craig Bush (BOS) signs 3-year deal with Seattle worth $3.5 Million/year. After 17 years in Boston, Bush leaves the Bulldogs to chase another championship and provide leadership to an up-and-coming Grey Wolves squad. News The summer of 1997 was an ominous one for the PHL. The collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players’ association was set to expire September 1, and little to no progress had been made in negotiations. Darryl Byrd refused to budge on a salary cap, while Brian Hunt and the players vowed they would never allow it. Since retiring from a long playing career with Denver in 1990, Hunt had earned his law degree in order to better serve the PHPA, and now was prepared to take them to war. “If Darryl wants to shut the game down that’s his decision, we will not accept a cap” said Hunt. As fans and players braced for the worst, the summer proved to be quite interesting. Immediately after the draft, the Detroit Mustangs presented budding Seattle superstar Randy McAllen with the largest offer sheet ever seen in the PHL, $11 Million for ten seasons. The problem for the Grey Wolves was that the franchise was in the process of being sold. Original owner John Dyson had found a local buyer, software developer Kevin Emms, but was still processing the transaction when the offer was given. Grey Wolves GM Bobby Vail had been told to wait for the official sale of the franchise before making any big moves, but he only had 48 hours to match the offer. The sale of the franchise was finally completed on June 30 just hours before the deadline and Emms gave Vail his blessing to match the Mustang’s offer. McAllen would be in Seattle for at least a decade. In Chicago, the new Garfield Center was set to open when the season kicked off. In July, the arena was named the host of the 2000 World Hockey Challenge. “We’re very pleased to be able to bring this tournament here to Chicago” said Shamrocks owner Fredrick Garfield Jr. The Shamrocks would play all their pre-season games at Lincoln Sports Arena and make their last exhibition game a final farewell to the old building. Two teams announced new arenas in 1997. The city of Detroit approved a new arena for the Mustangs. A 20,000-seat facility would be built on the outskirts of downtown Detroit as part of a new big league sports development that would also include a new Ballpark and a new outdoor stadium. The arena would open for Mustangs hockey in time for the 2000-01 season. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Lumberjacks announced their plans for a 22,000-seat arena, which will be located just southeast of downtown Minneapolis on the Mississippi river. The arena would open in the fall of 1999. The summer came and went with no collective agreement in place. On the morning of September 1, Darryl Byrd announced the PHL would initiate a labor lockout until an agreement could be reached. “This is a regrettable day to say the least” said Byrd. “I had hoped the players would be willing to work with us on something, especially given that they knew the consequences of no agreement, but it appears that they value their own wealth above the overall health of the game, which is unfortunate.” “The fact that he would try to blame this on the players, when they decided to lock us out, that’s disappointing” said Brian Hunt. Despite their distaste for each other, the two sides did resume talks throughout September in a desperate attempt to salvage the start of the season. Unfortunately, the season start date of October 10 arrived with no deal. Darryl Byrd cancelled all games for the month of October, the first time since 1985 that a work stoppage actually cancelled PHL games. Byrd was asked if he would ever be willing to lose an entire season. “That’s up to the players” he responded. When talks through October also went nowhere, all games in November were also cancelled, leaving fans to wonder if 1997-98 would even take place at all.
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    Careful Tawwwmy, your youth is showing.
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    Yup, can't think of anything bad the Patriots did aside from constantly flout or ignore league rules to an extent that the league actually had to cover stuff up for them.
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    Possibly using an Germanic style Font for the Kings to add some Character for their MK?
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    For those not in the know, ESPN's Jamele Hill went off on twitter, accurately calling our fatass slimeball blowhard president a Fatass Slimeball Blowhard President. FSBP naturally reacted immediately, demanding she kiss the tip of his gold-plated and likely toenail-growing metaphorical penis. ESPN then rushed to find a POC to fill her gap during the next SportsCenter. They all refused. She was then put out there anyway. There's a lot of weird quasi-apologies and mixed-truths floating around now, but ultimately it appears nothing came of it except for more arguments over the "Stick To Sports" movement that has birthed from mostly Twitter scum wanting to get their local sports beat writers to not make them feel guilty for being bigots/racists/general useless white fartknockers.
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    The black Clippers uniform looks pretty sharp from behind -- they're a solid wordmark away from being actually good, even. Can anyone explain to me what's going on in the side panels of the black Rockets uniform?
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    @Conrad. Posted this on twitter yesterday but I haven't seen it in this thread yet so... If this was their primary it'd be a top 5 uni in the association.
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    I don't know, in the 2k screenshots it still looks like it has the three lines to me. I guess we'll see, though. Edit- It definitely has the lines for the limbs, albeit four instead of three:
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    Not sure if it has been mentioned or not, but it seems like the white gloves for Vegas might be for road only and it'll be black at home. As unique as the white gloves might be, I hope Vegas abandons them rather quickly.
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    Pretty sure it's a new color. Bauer has had a line where you can make a custom helmet for a while and grey hasn't ever been an option.
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    good look at engelland in grey helmet and jersey. I've never seen a dark grey helmet before in hockey.
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    I'd buy merch for the Stratford 'Speares with a skating Bard using his stick to poke someone in the nuts. Even if Brandiose had the job. The rest of you guys would too. Don't lie.
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    Red used only as a subtle accent is the way to go. The gold does pop. The black and the grey are used just right as well. I don't know how successful they're going to be, but those uniforms are absolutely beautiful.
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    Yikes. Love the effort to bring that back, but the execution has some big flaws. Just looks like parts of the upper jersey are tucked in with safety pins.
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    Wow...the back of that Charlotte jersey is hideous
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    I, too, find impossible to believe in our day and age that a person repeatedly accused of abusing others in a sexual manner would be able to hold a prominent elected office.
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