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    The NHL really dropped the ball by not having the Canadiens follow the Avalanche and Devils and honor the Colorado Rockies. After all, the Canadiens did play the Rockies a few times and should probably honor their existence because of that.
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    Thanks, and it is my mistake for not looking at Urban Dictionary before deciding on the name. In my defense, "railers" (fellatio with way too much teeth action) is obscure. Still, both you and @MJD7 are right. "Railmen" has a clearer definition than "railers." The other options are also an issue. "Buffs," while the long-held name of Houston's minor league teams, is obscure when compared to the storied Pacific Coast League, American Association, and International League teams (look at the minuscule amount of Buffs merchandise sold on Ebbets Field Flannels). It doesn't help that buffalo imagery isn't all that unique in the Big Four and that Buffalo, New York has a monopoly on it. "Diesels," while a decent train name (and one that ties into former owner Drayton McLane's shipping company), isn't as marketable as steam train imagery. While "Railmen" is the best name change option (even though I can find no news articles suggesting the team considered it), all of the new identities are crummy compared to "Astros" and its brand equity. I too have never thought of Houston as South Texas. I spent my preteen/tween years in the heyday of the "Dirty South," so I associate that city more with the American South than I do with South Texas. Texas can be just as much of a regional hodgepodge as Florida. Thank you! I think I'll put a bit of a subtle angle on the scripts in an update. I'm sure you'll be pleased with my Dodgers alternate take. Thanks! I can see why you'd like the actual fonts more, but I believe that they were too modern for the railway identity. It needed a late-1990's vision of late-nineteenth-century railway aesthetics, and I think my fonts delivered it better than the wispy script the Astros employed. You are right about the road brick jersey being hard to read, which I'll fix in an update with a "Railmen" rename. I'm not all that keen on the color flip, but I wanted to make a "marketable" set for late-1990's standards. I assume that the Railers/Railmen would have eventually adopted brick caps and accessories on their road uniforms after the BFBS fad lost steam (npi). The Railmen should be a fun set to update after I finish up the division. That can be arranged, along with the other stars! I like the 1994-99 one the most in this arrangement, due to motion lines. It also illustrates my problem with the "static" nature of the classic and modern H-star insignias. With that out of the way: LOS ANGELES DODGERS, PT. I - De-cluttering with a sense of history The Dodgers have some of the best uniforms in baseball. The simple cursive scripts, the red front numbers, and interlocking "LA" logo are all classics. However, that is not to say that there isn't some gunk in their identity. The primary logo uses a wispy wordmark that looks out of place compared to the uniform lettering. The road uniform situation is iffy, as a team name on a gray jersey is a no-no, and the striping on the "Los Angeles" jersey looks out of place without pants trim. Also, the redundant sleeve patch is silly, and there is the inconsistency of the three "LA" logos. These were all issues that needed some attention. The primary mark now uses the uniform script. The secondary is a new interlocking "LA," based on the current cap embroidery logo and the 1958-71 version of the insignia. Here is a visual comparison. The tertiary is my attempt to modernize several 1910's-20's Brooklyn Dodgers logos. The uniforms do not undergo much change. There are no sleeve patches or striping on any of the uniforms (akin to the state of their jerseys and pants in the 1960s). I also brought back the bold Block Standard numbers, as I liked their extra heft. The NOB letters are a thinner varsity block, like the old Goodman & Sons font the Dodgers used in the 1970s/'80s. It's nothing to write home about, but it brings some much-needed consistency to the identity. The two road alternates (which would appear on rare occasions) have their fun touches. The first is a hodgepodge of different Brooklyn Dodgers looks (for occasional wear against the Mets, Giants, and Yankees). The cap is a gray take on the 1938 hat and the uniform script (the Dodgers should always use cursive wordmarks, not insignias, on uniforms) and numbers use the powder of the 1929-31 (and 1944) squads. I added the Brooklyn-style (and briefly in LA) stripes to the placket and sleeve. The socks are straight off of that 1931 gray outfit, to give it an extra red punch. The other road throwback, which recreates the 1971 road uniform, would also have few appearances. It features the tertiary logo, to give the jersey some small city identifier. This alternate not only revives one of my favorite one-year uniforms, but it also caters to the fans of the white outline period while doing something unique with the team's traditional look. The Dodgers don't need to fix much, but these minor tweaks do much to improve the set. C+C is appreciated. For the alternate take, we're getting something a little angelic.
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    I have a weird obsession with this topic. Heres a good shot of some action on the Candlestick dirt. Something about football on the diamond just looks so cool and hardcore to me. I miss when you could expect Sundays in September to be scattered with these games and they just played and nobody complained
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    I like the new number font. I like the new sock stripes. Fight me.
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    He lives in Boston... is it any wonder that he thinks football is all land of milk and honey?
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    This is some minor league amateur hour bull . Fire, no -- kill everyone associated with this sacrilege. It's top down among the worst looks in all of sports. The Charlotte Bobcats had better uniforms. Dead people moldering in coffins from the 1800s wearing half-eaten rotten tatters are dressed better than the devils. This ... this is an outrage. ------- Vegas actually looks pretty kickass. It's a bit odd seeing the white gloves/helmet w/ the home gear, but I'm all for it. Be different. You're a new franchise, you're allowed.
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    Devils - Absolute garbage Boston's socks - Garbage Blue Jackets' socks - Garbage Nashville's road look - Absolute garbage Avalanche - Beautiful Vegas' road look - Actually pretty damned good
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    Boston's sock being virtually identical to Pittsburgh's is so irritating. Both teams have their socks completely wrong, though. Boston's should be yellow. However, i think they should have flipped the black and white in the previous yellow socks, which would have created a bit more consistency with the arm striping (having it always go black-white-black when inside of yellow, if that makes sense). Pittsburgh's should be identical to their arm striping on the dark uniform, with the yellow extending down to the bottom of the sock.
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    Boston is a huge downgrade. No other way to describe it. Yellow socks were there thing. Now they just look like the pens when it comes to socks and numbers
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    Colorado in home burgundy vs. Vegas road whites is beautiful. 2 of my favorite new unis going head to head
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    This should be the board's official tagline. And it should be said with pride.
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    Matte helmets looked glorious this season. All teams should just go ahead and make the switch for '18.
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    I guess these are more "benefits"... https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/study-shows-playing-football-before-age-12-can-lead-to-mood-and-behavior-issues/2017/09/18/1b3ebc1c-9cac-11e7-8ea1-ed975285475e_story.html?utm_term=.f78985d4446a
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    Alternate court is much better than regular. Another (After GSW) photo of swingman jersey:
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    Here's the alternate court the Sixers will use. According to this article, it's also when they'll wear their City Edition jerseys. http://www.nba.com/sixers/sixers-unveil-spirit-76-campaign-promo-calendar I wonder what elements will be shared between the two, if any
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    Given the thickness of the white hem stripe, they could emulate that on the socks and I think the greater contrast between it and the thin red stripe would make the socks look much better.
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    Needs to see the same fate as the Fisherman and Buffaslug uniforms. The sooner the better.
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    You get what kind of site this is, right? The "insignificant" stuff is kinda what we do around here. Anyway, I don't believe that stating my opinion on something is the same thing as "complaining."
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    Unpopular opinion alert: I don't mind the Devils' new look at all (except for those red gloves, those need to go bye-bye) I really like the updated number font for Columbus. My only issue with their home set is the collar treatment...looks sort of unfinished. Looks fine on the road, though.
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    Sweet this uniform is coming back after not appearing from last year. And with a fixed collar!
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    Hopefully this thread isn't dead The defending champs gave me more of a challenge than I had previously thought. In trying to keep each team unique, I struggled with doing that for the Pens. But in the end I think I came up with something that works. So I worked mostly off my simplified version of their uniforms I made for my last NHL concept series. I kept the colored upper sleeves and used a skinnied down version of the home hem stripes as the basis for the chest stripes. Also, because its the first logo I hand drew and turned in for a grade, plus I think it's a good logo, Robo-Penguin makes an appearance on the shoulders. C&C welcome for Chicago and Pittsburgh. Washington will be up soon and then we can get started on the alternates and special event uniforms
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    Thanks! It was a fun little exercise to make the most out of it. Thanks! The reason the "W" looked so different was that it was a recreation of Todd Radom's planned "W" insignia. I've always wanted to put that logo out there in a high-res format, and this was the perfect opportunity. Still, I have mocked up a cap with the "W" from the "Washington" script: I don't like it nearly as much as the Radom "W." The "DC" is a better choice in both applications. Thanks! I used that NOB font in my update, with adjustments to the Agency numbers to get that square serif look. I meant for it to be white since only the Giants wore creme uniforms full-time back then. Still, I mocked up a creme version: The white does look better, to me. It's update time! Cincinnati Reds: I adopted @the admiral's idea for a slab-serif road script, MJD7's idea to use the custom number font, and a better recreation of the navy/red logo from this Todd Radom tweet. Florida Flamingos: I added a keyline to the Flamingo, per @MJD7's suggestion. I also mocked up the logo sheet with the Midnight Green and Light Teal replacing Black and Marlin Blue, again per MJD7's request. Montréal Voyageurs: I added knobs to the paddle bottoms on the tertiary, per @coco1997's request. They now look a lot less like spoons. Philadelphia Phillies: Pitching Billy Pen is now the primary logo and the sleeve patch on the alternates. The creme uniform is now white, a suggestion made by @KittSmith_95. I also added some new colored bits to the primary uniforms' shoes. Philadelphia Phillies Alternate Take: I lightened the gold shade and added contrast-colored stars. Pittsburgh Pirates Alternate Take: I inverted the NOB colors, per @the admiral's suggestion. It helps a lot with legibility. Washington Nationals: I deleted the gold outline and sock logo on the creme uniform, at @coco1997's request. I've also added front numbers and red cleats to the home alternate, based on the suggestions of @MJD7 and coco1997. Washington Nationals Alternate Take: I've implemented @the admiral's NOB font, and adjusted the Agency numbers to match. I also corrected the logo sheet error. I hope you guys like the updates! And now, the NL West preview! Feel free to speculate away! Up next, the defending champs, the Chicago Cubs!
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