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    To echo McCarthy from earlier...how much preventable brain damage is "acceptable"? I'm going with "no preventable brain damage is acceptable." Schools shouldn't be paying for an activity that smashes developing brains to mush while also trying to teach them math, science, and history.
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    Here's another concept I've been working on lately. Minnesota's recent re-branding effort was very good in terms of the color palette, logos, and wordmarks, but left a lot to be desired in regards to uniforms. This particular concept doesn't translate to a full uniform set, but rather serves best as a singular Statement or Community design. Anyways, it's themed after the Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights - that can be seen from Minnesota and many other northern territories. It also just so happens to kind of coincide with their new color palette. It's fairly simple, albeit a bit complex in terms of textures and effects, but it ties the team's geographical location to its color palette while retaining the the wordmark typeface and adopting a matching one for the numerals. Sure, it may approach the line of fashion jersey, but I think it works. Please let me know your thoughts....thanks! Minnesota Timberwolves Northern Lights Jersey
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    Disagree, certainly in the case of "Arizona Diamondbacks," which rolls off the tongue like a drunk rolls down stairs.
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    Everything about this looks like one of those "create a team" options from a Madden game. The sleeve caps, overload of gray and even the "Devil looking at you" logo scream custom Xbox team that you replace Jacksonville with.
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    New England Patriots isn't a dumb name. There's nothing wrong with trying to reach out and identify with an entire region (one that has its own customs, history, feel to it) Not everyone will agree with me but to me you don't absolutely have to play within the city limits of a city to claim you represent it. The Jets and Giants still get some grief over this.
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    I'm reminded of how people wanted the new Jets to be called the "Manitoba Falcons" as if there were some need to appeal to the entire province of Manitoba, a big empty box where like 75% of the population is in or around One Great City.
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    Did the blue outline in the wordmark get thinner in favor of the silver? Compare this to this You can barely see the silver on D-Rose, I doubt anyone would even notice it was there if it wasn't mentioned. Whereas you can DEFINITELY see the silver on Porzingis, and it seems like it's the same thickness as the blue now. If I'm not just imagining things, I'd say it's a downgrade. Yeah there was no point to the barely there outline on the adidas jersey, but the silver really shouldn't be there anyway so at least it was inobtrusive. Now the blue is barely there like the orange on the Dolphins, and there's a really noticeable difference in the weights of the blue outlines of the number and wordmark which irks me. A shame too, the Knicks were one of the few teams the Nike template upgraded
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    A lot of teams don't...Cowboys, Giants/Jets, 49ers etc. but they represent the metro area.
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    Seeing as the Cardinals don't play in Phoenix ... no. The same goes with the Patriots in that they don't play in Boston. The regional names are more appropriate.
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    Thanks for the advice, guys - I really am working your suggestions in as I go! Chicago Bears (fauxback alert):
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    I used to work for the Raiders in a small capacity but I learned that they did have two configurations for football prior to the Raiders moving to LA and ultimately coming back when Mt. Davis was built. The field ran from home plate to center field during the A's season and then 1st to 3rd once the A's were done. Season ticket holders had two different seat locations based on the the configuration to try and get them similar angles. Not entirely related, but because of the shared stadium in the 2013 season, the A's potential playoff schedule almost caused a lot of trouble for a Raiders/Chargers game early in the season. There were talks of moving the Raiders game from Sunday afternoon to be a regional Monday Night game or even switching home games with the Chargers that season but ultimately they A's schedule allowed just enough time for both games to go on as planned.
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    I've always said they could've solved all of their problems by originally naming the team the Phoenix Snakes or something similar. I get that the Arizona Diamondback rattlesnake is a thing, but its still SO clunky. They looked Cheesy when they first came out by putting Diamond over the word Backs, but they've made it SO much worse with this D Backs nonsense. I don't care how long and arduous it is to say the full name Arizona Diamondbacks or Even just Diamondbacks. It's a MILLION times better than D Backs.
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    The Wild got it right the first time
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    State names have always sounded weird to me, mainly because you have a large amount teams with their city names and only a small few that are trying to represent their state or region. They just stand out too much from the majority.
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    Playing for a state is no better or worse than playing for a city. It's all arbitrary. The team just chooses a region that they think is best for their branding. There is nothing sacred or correct about CITY NAME SPORTS TEAM.
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    Nah the home crowd would NEVER allow that jersey to be worn away from The Coliseum.
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    That red Falcons uni is pretty sweet, but ultimately a little too plain for me. Ditto for the one with the red helmet. Just a nice, clean, modern uniform. I also especially like the red on the Falcons logo.
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    For the third week in a row, Wazzu is going with the anthracite jerseys, this time with the anthracite helmets and pants as well: I don’t really have to much to say about this other than another week, another :censored:ty combo from the Cougs.
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    Thanks for the kind words! I'll keep it going and next should be Cairo Pharaos. If anybody is interested in having a signature of one of my teams I'll be happy to make one for you! Here you have some examples...
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    Mass hysteria, no, but there's more than enough information out there about the effects of playing football at every level for people to act on it, from active NFL players to the parents of young athletes.
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    I think we're so early in our understanding that we don't really know what's "fine" and what's not. Youth: No speed or power, but developing brains. College/Pro: Adults but car-crash-like impacts High school: Brains still developing but further along than youth...impacts getting more intense. I've said it before...at the "household level" the burden of proof is going to be on football. You're going to have more and more people keeping their kids away even if it is a cloud of uncertainty. Many parents will find it to not be worth the risk. That's true; though I don't know that the number that are not "perfectly fine" is totally known and reported. We still have a long, long way to go to quantify the risk. As we learn more, that word, "concussion" is going to become a smaller and smaller part of this discussion. Those following closely know that it's not really about concussions. Those are the worst hits, but it's starting to look like the accumulation of years and years of sub-concussive impacts are the real culprit. And I know I've said it before but the textbook "wrapping your arms around a guy's waist" tackles are maybe even a problem...there was one in an NFL game I was watching this weekend (Packers/Bengals? Or else the Sunday Nighter). It was shown in slow motion. The defender wrapped the guy just how they taught in Pop Warner before ESPN even existed. But the offensive player's head snapped to the point his neck looked curved...I have read that even that could be a contributor to CTE. I hope we are blowing it out of proportion. I tend to doubt it. Either way, what we really need as as full of an understanding as possible. We're not even close yet. Hopefully we get there and people (and, I guess, parents) can weigh the risks. In the meantime, my non-existent kid will be picking from a plethora of other sports.
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    Up next in the Super 12 are the Huntsville Cherokees. During the 1980s, the team was met with criticism for having a Native American name, but instead of changing it, they went a step further and offered free tuition and sporting event tickets to anyone of Native descent which created a huge fanbase that accepted the school's branding. Furthermore, rather than use an offensive stereotypical cartoon mascot, the team used a more appropriate logo.
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    Friendly reminder for the Wizards' staff design team: Every team has a single-color logo specifically for dark-on-light usage. Half of these are reversed.
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    Eventually, for sure! Green Bay Packers:
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