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    Thanks! I'm glad you like 'em. thought about collar trim, but it seemed to be a bit much. I'm very selective about when I use collar trim. The similarity of the "C" in the "Cardinals" script to that of the 1987-90 White Sox was not lost on me. It took me a while to get the "C" to the point where it didn't look like that/didn't look like a big lowercase "e." Some cursive letters can get weird. Thanks, and no, it's not bad at all! You can join Brandon Moore in the unpopular opinion zone when it comes to not liking the Birds-on-Bat. Thank you! They're my favorite part of this endeavor, showing fun alternate histories and getting to understand the evolution of baseball aesthetics. Thanks, and thanks for helping me clean the "StL" up. That red/navy or royal striping pattern was pretty common back in the pullover/sansabelt era: ...among others. I'm surprised that striping pattern didn't stick around once sleeve stripes shrank from c. 1987-1995. Thanks! The problem with the batting bird, however, is where to put it in the main set. It can't be a jersey patch, because the chest design is so dense. Also, having ornithologically-correct (for the most part) birds paired with a cartoon bird is a bad combo. I think it would be best suited as a dugout jacket/batting practice jersey patch, like back in the day: On a side note, weight savings was the reason why Frank Lane wanted to drop the Birds-on-Bat in 1956, when all he needed to do was dump placket trim and zipper-fronts. It was a Sharks-like move for them! Thanks. Yeah, there's a bit of a discrepancy in the detail and full editions. I'm fixing the stripe width in an update. The socks are correct, as far as I know. I'll look into it. Well, it's the Padres' turn! SAN DIEGO PADRES, PT. I - Bring Back the BrownTM, but be tasteful about it. A long time ago, I wrote this: (link, because locked thread) I made a concept in that vein about a year ago (update over here), and I was pretty pleased with the results. So, my update will be minor tweaks. We've all been through the Padres merry-go-round with brown, yellow, orange, navy, sand, and powder blue (@hawk36 is no longer on the boards, after several posters ganged up on him in his "team histories belong to cities" crusade) . I've made it clear that I want something based off of the 1969-'71 uniforms (the most tasteful adaptation of brown/yellow, alongside the 1974-5 jerseys) with a flair inspired by the architecture of Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá. I decided to go all-in on the brown/yellow color scheme. The only other colors are a lighter yellow (for the logos), two tans/flesh tones for the Friar, and sand for the road uniform. The brown is a well-saturated custom shade, and the yellow is Pantone 1235 C. I was doubtful that Mission-style architecture could be the basis for the Padres' look. However, after seeing concepts done by @TheGiantsFan and @Buc, I changed my mind. I combined their ideas of a home plate logo with a top designed to mimic Mission San Diego's front fascia and a rendering of its bell tower. This combination produced a primary logo that could carry across the Mission theme. I added the yellow shades behind the bell tower, to give it a sunrise/sunset feel (something often pointed to in defense of brown/yellow). The font is a slightly modified version of the 2014 NBA All-Star Game font (an old Conrad file), as it tied in well with the sharp edges and swoopy lines of the architecture theme (and was a more refined version of the curvy serif font used by the team from 1969-'77). It also has a bit of "Gaslamp Quarter" vibe to it. I changed up the "SD" logo to reflect this change in font. The updated Swingin' Friar returns, albeit backed by the mission home plate logo, for ease of centering. I have made some slight adjustments to the 1969 uniform template. While I've kept the pants stripe and sock stripes, I've added a second sleeve stripe to homage the uniforms of the PCL Padres and removed the collar trim. The sand road uniforms were one of the few parts of the 2004-10 branding I liked, and it worked better with brown/yellow than it did with navy/white. The "Padres" script enlarges "P" and "S," while the "San Diego" script highlights "S" and "D." This arrangement maintains one of the bits I like from the current Padres brown jersey, while also drawing from their past scripts. I kept the block with serifs font (also seen on my Royals and Twins concepts), as it grounds the uniform. The Swingin' Friar is the sleeve patch. There are no Taco Bell caps in this set, as they're tacky crap. I brought in an Athletic Gold alternate, featuring the home script and the primary logo as a patch. Thanks @MJD7, for the consulting with me on the yellow jersey's colorway. The brown jersey follows the same basic template as the current navy alt, albeit in the new color scheme, with the new "SD" and Swingin' Friar sleeve patch. Now, the handling of navy. I'm open to the Padres keeping navy (while implementing a bright, well-saturated secondary color), but I'd much rather have the Friars embrace brown. Since many Padres fans prefer navy (25+ years and the PCL will do that), I decided to create navy uniforms. One is a PCL faux back that combines several PCL Padres looks. The PCL-style script is there, along with a period-correct tail. The double sleeve and placket stripes, 1954-68 cap logo, and Northwestern-striped socks (as modeled by Teddy Ballgame) all add up to make a classy vintage look that draws upon their navy/red past. The other uniform is a throwback to the 1998 home uniform, with the minor addition of the "SD" logo on the socks. These navy uniforms would hang out in the Thursday slot, to both appease the fans of navy and establish brown/yellow as the team's proper colors. The Padres have the kernel of a gorgeous, unique look within their history. Modernizing the 1969-'71 by adjusting the font and logos to connect more to the architecture of the team's namesakes, while incorporating bits of the PCL uniforms and their current set, gives the Padres something both distinctive and tasteful. If you want to Bring Back the Brown, then this is the way to go about it. C+C is appreciated, as always. For the alternate take, making the best out of navy!
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    So much better now that the jersey has the full collar again.
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    Sunday's game. Ohhhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaah.
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    Please, Kobe is retired now, no need to drag him into this
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    I've been looking at a lot of Saints uni pics in doing some research on having a throwback jersey made and it struck me that they've gone through an astounding number of design changes. Most variations are fairly minor (i.e., likely unnoticed by people who don't read boards like this) but damn there are a lot of them. Here's the journey; unless noted otherwise, the opposite color jersey was identical in style to the one pictured. 1967-68 - Thinner numbers, outlined; 5 sleeve stripes that all touch; blk/wht/blk stripes on helmet/pants. Side note: this is hands down the most beautiful uni the Saints ever wore. 1967 - Some players, most notably Jim Taylor, had wider numbers on the same jersey template (note #54 with thin numbers) Except when he didn't... (Note also the cage facemask, where Taylor always wore a 2-bar. But no one else wore #31 during that era, so it's him.) Now it gets really Twilight Zone-ish, and we may never know the reasons behind some of this stuff other than that the expansion Saints were a very disorganized outfit. Jim Taylor only played for the Saints in 1967 and part of the preseason in 1968. Here's a pic of him in a 1967 home game vs. the Eagles with the wider jersey numbers and wht/blk/wht helmet stripes that no one else on the team wore until the third game of the next season. This pic is from the game at Philly two weeks later, in November 1967 (note sideline spectators in overcoats). Taylor is again wearing the wht/blk/wht helmet stripes that the rest of the team didn't wear until the 3rd game of the 1968 regular season. Some opponents had weirdness going on too. Notice anything about the end zone? (Screenshot from video of the Saints' victory at Washington on 12/17/67.) Moving on to 1968, here's the team now wearing the wht/blk/wht stripes they had for the last 12 games. Well, almost the whole team (note right tackle's pants stripes). 1969 brought the infamous black helmet, gorgeous but worn only the preseason because no one in the Saints' front office thought it necessary to inform the NFL of the change. Good grief. Note also the new jersey with plain white numbers and 5 separate stripes of different widths. Pants stripes are back to blk/wht/blk. From a joint practice with the Chargers; previous jerseys now being worn for practice. Later in '69, these beauties arrived - gold numbers, outlined, with separated stripes of uniform width (there were 5 stripes but Kilmer cut his sleeves off). Even later in '69, the awesome NFL 50th season patch was added, as seen here on the road jersey (Abramowicz also cut his sleeves). To be continued...I'm already exhausted after covering just three seasons. :-O
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    Same. The white pants look damn good though. Much better look than the navy pants.
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    The Avs look BETTER, but need more blue on the road jersey.
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    I've been waiting since 2000 for the Patriots to wear their gray pants with the white jerseys. Never thought they'd use white pants before trying the grays.
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    Any of you who like the abysmal look they are currently trotting out every Sunday I advise you to look up on YouTube the 1996 game against the broncos and tell me that isn’t an absolutely gorgeous looking football game. The original look should have gone down as a classic.
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    The shoulders of the new jerseys look absolutely terrible. Who thought this was OK?
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    We got a full new page and it is ABSOLUTELY nothing new but ramble jargon on the size of a hole and the weak ass Blazers "update".. Man you guys sure know how to get me worked up for nothing. Ps. The ref unis are nice and Wizards warmups is are cold blooded!!
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    WVU is going in one of my personal favorite looks, Gold/White/Gold, for their game at TCU.
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    Member has been banned.
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    Neither of you are in pizza.
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    And I'm sure it's no coincidence the new pattern on his toga spells out "LC" for Little Caesar's.
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    Yes! Romo mocked Nantz for his Patriots homerism after a shot of the Kraft suite. Bless you, Tony!
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    This Louisville-NC State game is a disaster uniformwise. Chrome and metallic will never look good on a uniform. I'll give Oregon a pass for the first time they broke out the chrome helmets during the Rose Bowl. Every other time has been a desperate attempt at cheap imitation. NC State, look in the mirror: you look like a joke. Louisville, yours are no good too but I guess we're used to em. Give me Alabama vs Auburn a thousand times over this garbage.
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    Those colors are significant to the southwest in general. They work if applied right:
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    I agree with you on this. The shape made it look a logo on a souvenir sweatshirt from the beach.
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    He's a truly awful person for bringing light to racial injustice. He should've raped multiple women behind a guarded door instead. Then he'd still have a job.
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    From a distance, the Nuggets' navy jerseys (especially the side panels) look pretty much the same as the Grizzlies'. Probably one of the worst changes this year.
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    The Vegas Golden Knights' uniforms are the best they've ever worn during their team history.
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