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    Those purple chrome UDub helmets... not a fan to say the least.
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    The first team that comes to mind is the Blue Jays:
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    The Vegas Golden Knights' uniforms are the best they've ever worn during their team history.
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    Jacksonville...in first? Jacksonville...IS...in first...
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    Love this clash of eras. Rams went from the worst dressed team last week to one of the best this week.
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    For already-pinstriped teams, I'd actually take it in a slightly different direction - keep the pinstripes on their home uniform (since that is the Yankee hallmark), but use a chest logo rather than a wordmark. So, for the Phillies, use the cap logo "P" on the left breast, rather than the Phillies wordmark across the chest. Under this logic, three teams already have uniforms that are almost fully "Yankee-fied" - the Yankees (of course), the Cubs, and the White Sox (minus the front numbers). Though with the Cubs, if you truly want to go "Full Yankee," just put the "C" cap logo on the chest, rather than the full Cubs logo. Of course, this would create the jarring image of a Mets home jersey with their interlocking NY on the chest, which for us Yankee fans is probably worth the price of admission alone.
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    This is also why Tom Cruise only makes movies with other short people.
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    And I'm sure it's no coincidence the new pattern on his toga spells out "LC" for Little Caesar's.
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    I think the Raptors are at an all-time low, honestly. Their brand has gotten progressively more bland and lifeless for years now. I think they peaked with the Vinsanity-era Raps uniforms that were modern but still had flavor. Now they're just another minimalist team with red and black. Not interesting whatsoever.
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    Just wanted to share a new template I created intended to display a uniform of any sort. Below are two finished examples, one with soccer, and another with football equipment. Message me to get a hold of a blank template with no watermark. It is saved as a png. file and I personally used paint.net. Nothing special just hoping it may spark someone's interest. Enjoy! I am accepting feedback to adjust as well.
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    The first answer that comes to my head is the White Sox. I love the '80s pullover too, but their look now is so classic that it'd be a crime to move away from it. The cap logo is instantly recognizable and I'm a sucker for grayscale teams. I'll go as far to say they're a top 5 look in MLB and would instantly shoot up to the top 3 if they actually wore white socks.
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    Big Ben has thrown 5, count them, FIVE interceptions today.
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    Say no more. Don't know how I missed that
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    Obviously. They’re going to be either 3-0 or 2-1 soon enough
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    (Unpopular opinion???) Oregon looks like hot garbage.
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    Regardless of the shade of blue, the helmet and the jersey need to match. The mismatching is a relic of the past, but not a charming one, just as there's nothing charming or attractive about what the Cowboys do.
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    In Soviet Russia, pizza is in YOU.
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    I feel like this is a good time to point out that you were defending Penn f***ing State.
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    Cleaning up the pinstripes for the 2015 season was one of the best moves in Mets uniform history. I think this is the best the franchise has ever looked.
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    This may be unpopular around these boards, but I say the Detroit Lions look better today than they did under Millen or Lewand/Mayhew.
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    So my local NBL the Brisbane Bullets team had a design a t-shirt competition and I decided to submit an entry. The four finalist designs were announced yesterday and my design entry is 1 of them and is the main image on their splash screen for the voting on their Facebook page. The voting closes in approximately 22.5 hours from when this is posted. Competitions rules and prize http://www.vision6.com.au/em/forms/subscribe.php?db=418362&s=148847&a=64557&k=348c8b5 Voting link: http://www.vision6.com.au/em/forms/subscribe.php?db=419689&s=149704&a=64557&k=4071f63 My Design Entry Other Designs Concepts
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    I have the nauseating feeling that we just witnessed the start of another fluke Red Sox title run. Hope I'm wrong.
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    "Did we say the Jets would go 0-16? We meant the Giants."
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    As much as I'd love to hate this in principle. This is a beautiful matchup, or at the least a beautiful picture.
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    HAHAHAHA James Brown just called the Chargers the Clippers on CBS. Nobody blames you, man.
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    I was pondering this question recently . . . Which teams are wearing the best uniforms they've ever worn? I'm a fan of classic uniforms, but I'm a bigger fan of high quality design. I'd hope that when new uniforms get released they're accomplishing the goal of improving on what they had before, but so often I find myself thinking "downgrade" or "just go back to ______". What teams are currently wearing uniforms that are actually superior to all their previous iterations? I've had a very hard time coming up with any candidates outside of a handful obvious classics, so I'm going to go with a fairly odd one. The Milwaukee Bucks. They've had some pretty garish unis in their history and while their new look took me a little while to get used to, I think they're the best they've ever had. Professional and clean, but also original.
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    I think you're doing it wrong.
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    I disagree, I think it looks like trash with the chrome finish and those decals, even in an office space. If they had to have a purple helmet, they should’ve gone with a satin finish, a la the Vikings: And, as previously mentioned, the decals should’ve been white with a gold outline or vice versa.
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    I had thought of going this route, but I thought it wasn't "enough", because it would result in just rehashing a current away uniform: So here's the first of the new options, which results in a more closely Yankee'd uniform. Or option 2, which results in a lot more pinstripes!
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    How better would it be if the bug looked like this. (Without the stats graphic)
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    TT and KU was a nice looking game. Not a bad look for KU, about the only thing they have going for them.
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    chrome helmets look best in day games.
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    I truly thought chrome fad was fading...
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    Not a favorite, but better than black...
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    You usually don't see the name Gus just on a jersey -- that's weird.
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    The black is just too dark to reasonably contrast with all the purple.
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    I mean, if you put the stripes on the sleeves of the jersey and on the pants, I wouldn't mind seeing Nebraska wear these full time. The numbers really do look like the mesh from the glory days.
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    They do look good. And very black and yellow...
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    Wisconsin going crazy tonight at Nebraska. White face masks!
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    Any of you who like the abysmal look they are currently trotting out every Sunday I advise you to look up on YouTube the 1996 game against the broncos and tell me that isn’t an absolutely gorgeous looking football game. The original look should have gone down as a classic.
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    It was definitely inspired by them. Perhaps it's a bit close. Up next to finish off the Michigan Division, we have the UPU Falcons. They have a classic look but bring out throwbacks against their rivals, Muskegon State.
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    A real professional logo and uniform set, but I think it might take too much from the Pelicans.
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    The Wild got it right the first time
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    Seahawks? Falcons!? I should probably just stop reading this thread.
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    whatever dude, those pants are great! what else you got?
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