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    Those purple chrome UDub helmets... not a fan to say the least.
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    The first team that comes to mind is the Blue Jays:
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    The Vegas Golden Knights' uniforms are the best they've ever worn during their team history.
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    This is also why Tom Cruise only makes movies with other short people.
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    And I'm sure it's no coincidence the new pattern on his toga spells out "LC" for Little Caesar's.
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    I think the Raptors are at an all-time low, honestly. Their brand has gotten progressively more bland and lifeless for years now. I think they peaked with the Vinsanity-era Raps uniforms that were modern but still had flavor. Now they're just another minimalist team with red and black. Not interesting whatsoever.
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    (Unpopular opinion???) Oregon looks like hot garbage.
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    Regardless of the shade of blue, the helmet and the jersey need to match. The mismatching is a relic of the past, but not a charming one, just as there's nothing charming or attractive about what the Cowboys do.
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    In Soviet Russia, pizza is in YOU.
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    I feel like this is a good time to point out that you were defending Penn f***ing State.
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    Cleaning up the pinstripes for the 2015 season was one of the best moves in Mets uniform history. I think this is the best the franchise has ever looked.
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    This may be unpopular around these boards, but I say the Detroit Lions look better today than they did under Millen or Lewand/Mayhew.
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    I was pondering this question recently . . . Which teams are wearing the best uniforms they've ever worn? I'm a fan of classic uniforms, but I'm a bigger fan of high quality design. I'd hope that when new uniforms get released they're accomplishing the goal of improving on what they had before, but so often I find myself thinking "downgrade" or "just go back to ______". What teams are currently wearing uniforms that are actually superior to all their previous iterations? I've had a very hard time coming up with any candidates outside of a handful obvious classics, so I'm going to go with a fairly odd one. The Milwaukee Bucks. They've had some pretty garish unis in their history and while their new look took me a little while to get used to, I think they're the best they've ever had. Professional and clean, but also original.
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    I mean, if you put the stripes on the sleeves of the jersey and on the pants, I wouldn't mind seeing Nebraska wear these full time. The numbers really do look like the mesh from the glory days.
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    They do look good. And very black and yellow...
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    Wisconsin going crazy tonight at Nebraska. White face masks!
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    Any of you who like the abysmal look they are currently trotting out every Sunday I advise you to look up on YouTube the 1996 game against the broncos and tell me that isn’t an absolutely gorgeous looking football game. The original look should have gone down as a classic.
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    It was definitely inspired by them. Perhaps it's a bit close. Up next to finish off the Michigan Division, we have the UPU Falcons. They have a classic look but bring out throwbacks against their rivals, Muskegon State.
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    A real professional logo and uniform set, but I think it might take too much from the Pelicans.
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    The Wild got it right the first time
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    Seahawks? Falcons!? I should probably just stop reading this thread.
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    whatever dude, those pants are great! what else you got?
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