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    Double posting because I just whipped up this idea for how they could make their color rush jersey a full-time look. This is a perfect look, IMHO. Also, kind of weird to believe that they're playing against the same team in both of those pics.
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    The worst part of this picture is the poorly Photoshopped football with the upside-down Nike swoosh.. That's taking the marketing a bit too far imo
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    I'd like to see this jersey for Celtics again (might be with retro wordmark):
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    NCAA Football is like DeviantArt for sports.
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    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that's so dumb
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    Dusty Baker sat with his thumb up his ass while Mark Prior melted down but pulls Max Scherzer at the slightest sign of pressure. They don't average out in the end, pal.
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    We've surpassed science fiction in uniform nonsense, but we're still just sitting around on Earth not fighting space bugs.
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    That's the stupidest :censored:ing thing I've ever seen.
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    I saw the Florida uniforms & thought it was one of those over the top concepts that someone put together in Photoshop, not an actual uniform.
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    SAN DIEGO PADRES, PT. II Addendum - Surf Dawgin' It I've experimented with brown and light blue for the Padres, and it has its supporters. @DustDevil61 made an intriguing suggestion in the "Rehabilitated Uniforms" thread: Well, my alternate take provided the perfect template to try this idea out. So, I did a little color swapping, added a few bits to the primary logo, and added the 1998 pinstripes as an alternate! It was a fun bonus experiment to throw in, and a way to demonstrate how brown/yellow can be "beachy" as well. C+C is appreciated. Up next, my hometown team, the San Francisco Giants!
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    I actually think that these would look even better on a modern template with TV numbers on the shoulders and the Northwestern stripe on the sleeve cap. Or just use those pants with the color rush jersey, which is actually also perfect in it's own right.
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    Yeesh. I think this is one of those threads that might best have been left to die.
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    Re: West Virginia...I may be on an island with this, I really enjoyed (& still prefer) their previous look, from the Pat White/Steve Slation/Noel Devine/Owen "The Headbanger" Schmitt days: I always found it interesting how the colored panels (stripes??) subtly resembled a "W" up in the chest area--and if one really wants to go there, a "V" on each shoulder. I liked the numbers...WV just made them work. As for Arizona, [to me] it's clear what they need to do... Leave it be and never fool with it again.
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    Last year I saw a post on Uni-Watch bringing up the idea of replacing the NFL Color Rash with Throwback Thursdays. The only issue with it is that the one-helmet rule kind of threw a wrench in some of the throwbacks, making it unfortunately unrealistic. For this, I set myself 2 basic rules: Must use the same helmets as usual Throwbacks should be roughly from the same time period for each game (~10 years or so) For a few teams I ended up making fauxback uniforms, one of which is right here-- So with that I have week 1 - Kansas City (1963) @ New England (1960) I have the rest of the teams planned out, and hopefully the combos will work!
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    If they are going to do something wild like this they should have gone all out and continued the pattern onto the pants, not to say that would be a good look but at least it executes the concept better. Black pants would also be better than the plain grey/green pants.
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    To reach back to the Washington purple chrome helmet if I may - It may not have been the greatest look, but I do appreciate that Washington actually kept it a secret. I feel like we don't have many surprises on gameday anymore. No more wearing one uniform, changing after warmups, and surprising everyone. No more Maryland original flag uniform ordeals. Everyone tries to capitalize on the uniforms by gaining a ton of social media attention by announcing it a day or two early. Which makes plenty of sense. I, for one, just appreciate the surprise. Design wise, I didn't think the chrome shell looked awful. Just wish the W decal was visible.
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    Maybe... But I'm focused on that stupid purple dot next to REDBOX....
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    At first glance of the middle ( d & b ) I get this reaction:
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    His mama was a horse.
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    Thats by far our superior uniform combo.
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    The red numbers work fine when the road uniform is worn as designed with blue pants and red socks.
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    Through the first two games of the NHL season, I find myself really liking the Vegas Golden Knights. Even the name. I thought it was stupid at first, but I like "Vegas" and I like "Golden Knights." It gives the team a unique and flashy identity. Perfect for the city.
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    It's time. The Redskins should drop the gold pants, just like they did in the 1970s.
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