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    Austin has become the go-to place for Basics to have their bachelorette party. If Instagram was a city it'd be Austin, Texas.
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    Tampa Bay's identity could be so much better. If they had a better balance of navy and light blue, they'd look ten times better IMO. However that is not the discussion we're having here. Nope, now we're gonna see how the Yankees treatment hits them. Rather than navy pinstripes, I went light blue, thinking that it would be more unique. Also went with light blue socks and shoes for the unique factor. Same with the away sleeve stripes, where I tried to work in some yellow. C&C welcome!
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    That’s my favorite part - a sense of humor. The Rams came into that game with a record of 4-9. The Packers were 10-3 and on their way to blowing out the Giants in the championship game. The cover artist wasn’t wrong about the final result that day. Might as well have a laugh.
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    Even if it is "unnecessary", this is a good once a year look for tOSU.
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    The blackout jerseys, while similarly unnecessary, were way cooler than this :censored:.
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    I can't envision it not being the Expos. Like the Hornets, I think the success of the franchise somewhat depends on getting the old name. So the question is whether MLB will stick with the franchise model or not. I tend to think they actually will, given the way history has tracked for so long. But it makes me nervous. The other question is whether they'd be inspired more by the pinwheel era or the more dignified later era. That also makes me nervous. I really liked the more recent uniforms but I am sure the fond Expos memories include the three-tone cap.
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    Ah, I see... So Kaepernick is solely to blame for the 49ers futility over the last few years? Interesting. This isn't about character over content. You seem to be the only one here arguing that Kaepernick is so terrible that no NFL team has any reason to sign him, even as a backup. You're completely ignoring the context of the last two years. So let's talk about content... You're right, he did lose his starting job in 2015 before having season-ending shoulder surgery. Statistically, it was the worst season he's played on a team that was already in a severe decline (not his fault that they lost a lot of talent around him between 2014-2015). He came back to training camp in 2016 and Chip Kelly eventually named Blaine Gabbert as the starter. Eventually, Gabbert was benched and Kaepernick re-took the starting job in Week 6. Here's what he did the rest of the year... 2016 Games: 12 Starts: 11 Touchdowns: 16 Interceptions: 4 INT %: 1.2 Yards: 2,241 Completion %: 59.2 Rating 90.7 Yes, he went 1-10 as a starter. It's kind of hard to win games when your defense ranks dead last in points allowed per game, your running game ranks dead last and your top two receiving weapons are Torrey Smith and Jeremy Kerley (who combined for >1,000 yards). And despite all of this, he still finished with the 6th lowest INT percentage in the entire NFL last season. But yeah, he's not good anymore right? Ryan Fitzpatrick ranked dead last among qualified QBs with a 4.2 INT% last year, and yet he still wound up getting a job with the Buccaneers. I guess it's only fair that Fitzpatrick should get an infinite amount of starting opportunities over his career, but Kaepernick should have to call it quits after a few bad games over a two-year stretch. Now let's look at Gabbert's numbers as a starter last year: 2016 Games: 6 Starts: 5 Touchdowns: 5 Interceptions: 6 Yards: 925 INT %: 3.8 Completion %: 56.9 Rating: 68.4 Kaepernick clearly put up better numbers and won the exact same amount of games (1) with the same team around him as Gabbert did in 2016. So naturally, the Cardinals signed Gabbert this offseason. Because who wouldn't want to bring in a former first round draft bust who is 9-31 as a starter to run the team in case of a Carson Palmer injury? Clearly this is not about wins and losses. Also, I like how you gloss over Kaepernick's leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl and an NFC Championship game as if that was no big deal. But as the team goes into a decline, suddenly that 3-16 record matters a lot more huh? It's pretty easy to nitpick his starting record while ignoring how terrible the 49ers roster has been since 2015. I seem to recall Kurt Warner's career was on a downward trend (got benched for Bulger) following a dominant three year stretch from 1999-2001. But you know what, that didn't stop the Giants and later the Cardinals from giving him another opportunity, and look how that turned out for AZ. I think you're in denial here. This is not about proving some political point, and nobody is playing the race card. FiveThirtyEight did an analysis of this back in August: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/colin-kaepernick-is-not-supposed-to-be-unemployed/ So what? The real issue is why has he only receive a single workout since opting out in March? There were plenty of teams that were in the market for a backup during the offseason and plenty more since the start of the season. The fact that the Packers won't even entertain the thought of inviting him in for a workout and would rather stick with two backups with zero starting experience is stupid. Same goes for the other teams who would rather stick with terrible backups (Raiders, Titans, Rams, Bears, Bills, Ravens, Jets, etc.) Haha, conspiracy theory. I'm pretty sure most people in this thread believe Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL and feel that he's better than 90% of the current backups in the league. I think you're doing everything you can to come up with reasons why teams are better off not signing him. I'm not sure that's an argument you can win unless you bring up the so-called "off-field issues" that you feel Kaepernick would bring to the table. It's not like we're talking about Johnny Manziel here. I can't help it if you don't see through the NFL's hypocrisy on this issue. Greg Hardy, Ray Rice (before the tape was leaked), Michael Vick, etc. all received second opportunities despite heavy media scrutiny. It's pretty obvious what this is really about. If a convicted dog killer can sign with a team (who had no immediate need for a QB) just months after being released from prison, then surely Kaepernick should be give the same opportunity yes? Now if you seriously believe guys like Matt Schaub, Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Cassel, Ryan Mallet, Scott Tolzien, E.J. Manuel, Tom Savage, Mike Glennon, Brandon Weeden, Mark Sanchez, Kevin Hogan, Brock Osweiller, etc. are all better QBs than Kaepernick, you're delusional. If you can't think of a single NFL team that could utilize his talents as a backup or as a spot-starter, you're delusional. And spare me this notion that front offices always knows whats best because "It's what they get paid to do!!!!!!!" If that were true, the Browns wouldn't be on their 1,000th starting QB since 1999. You seem to think that all these teams have "figured out" Kaepernick's game and that's why he's still unsigned, even though statistically he's still better than all of the jabronis I listed above over the last two years. Stop lying to yourself. I'm done arguing. You're certainly entitled to your opinions, no matter how outrageous some of them may be. I believe @Rockstar Matt was able to sum up everything I've said much more concisely a few weeks ago:
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    Both unis are good, I just wish they used their gold helmets more and their silver helmets like once or twice a season. Everything else is fine.
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    Shutting this competition the hell down. You won't believe who won this week. Week 6 winner: Hbgoo! The ing goober won the competition this week! You've gotta be fricken' joking me. Week 6 loser(s): A few of us. Tracy, ZapRowsDower, and Beast3. This was a rough week for picking games. Week 7 schedule: Kansas City vs. Oakland New Orleans vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. LA Rams Baltimore vs. Minnesota Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. Chicago Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. Miami Tennessee vs. Cleveland Dallas vs. San Francisco Denver vs. LA Chargers Seattle vs. NY Giants Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Atlanta vs. New England Washington vs. Philadelphia
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    The Canucks should never change their colours or striping configuration ever again. They should either commit to the Orca & Script or replace it with the modernized Stick N' Rink. If they chose the latter, they could justify replacing 'Agency' with a Bloc Font.
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    I maintain that that's the best jersey they've ever worn, and should be their road right now. Te home version would need to be tweaked, but I don't care if the home doesn't match 1 for 1, nobody cares about that for the Habs, Rangers, Wild, Stars, Blackhawks etc.
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    Btw, the Canucks should just go to the rink and stick full time. I was a defender of the Orca for a long time but now I just think they should embrace history and ignore creative convergence. It's amazing what ends up happening if you stay with a logo over time. That logo could be a classic IF they aren't so indecisive about their look. Heck, Colorado basically want to use the C logo and Philadelpha's logo isn't much more intricate. Just be the team with the rink and stick logo and keep it simple. The 40th anniversary jersey is testament to how good it can look.
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    These things are great. I have two comments: 1. I love how the 49ers program uses a shotgun since this was the season when the Niners took the league by storm with the original shotgun formation (or was at least the first full season, since it was introduced late in the 1960 season). 2. The Packers program looks it was designed as a Packers home program. It doesn't make sense for Rams to be butchered by the Packers.
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    Let's all just breathe. Relativity proves these jersey to be pretty good. Depending on what they do with the pants and helmet, it could be an interesting look.
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    I prefer the original logo because it's more sports logo while the current logo is more illustration. The original gets the same message across while using fewer lines. Plus it had that cool full body jaguar for the sleeves. Both them and the Bengals should bring their full bodied secondary logos back.
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    Bingo. You pick your battles. We've seen times when an owner feels he needs to buck the NFL, and we will again. But nobody's going to do it over something as inconsequential as uniforms. As I said, this makes sense. But that bit about the fines coming out of the office workers' salaries was pretty silly.
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    I wouldn't mind if they just went to 16 team AL and NL with no divisions, a single table schedule, and then the top 5 teams in each league make the playoffs. It'd be the most fair. I tried to do 8 divisions of 4 and it resulted in the Marlins making the playoffs in my NL East alignment and we can't have that. 8 divisions of 4 would suck worse for baseball than it would for the NFL. Here's how the NL would look this year: 1. Dodgers 2. Nationals 3. Diamondbacks 4. Cubs 5. Rockies --------------------- 6. Brewers 7. Cardinals 8. Marlins 9. Pirates 10. Braves 11. Padres 12. Mets 13. Reds 14. Phillies 15. Giants 16. Expos
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    I'd see them modernizing the old style like the Jays did, with their catcher wearing the pinwheel helmet like Mauer wears for the Twins.
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    With the talk of Jacksonville possibly re-vamping their uniforms next season, I'm renewing this concept series to show an idea I had for the Jaguars. Their current set is one of the worst in the NFL, but it has does have a few redeeming qualities. The number font, for example, is a solid modern font and one that I think fits the Jaguars well; I kept it in the concept, as I hope they will on their new uniforms. Their current set also has a pretty good color balance between teal, gold, and black that I wanted to maintain. That's about where the positives end; the current helmets are by far the worst in NFL history and the jerseys are overly busy but have needlessly plain, contrasting shoulder caps. For the helmet, I went back to a solid black helmet, shiny with Teal AND Gold flakes. Not sure how they'd pull it off, but I'm sure HGI could make it look amazing. Anything is better than half-black and half-gold. Teal returns as the primary jersey (with white numbers!); black is regelated back to alternate status. Each jersey sleeve features a consistent teal-white-gold-black stripe design; the goal here was for it to look modern enough while keeping a good color balance and not becoming too busy. The pants all feature a similar teal-white-gold-black stripe, ending at an angle at the top with the shield logo above it. ' The above combos are all that the Jaguars really need; teal, white, and black jerseys and black and white pants. However, in case they want to mix it up more, which in 2017 they probably will, I mocked up a few extra looks including gold jerseys, gold pants, and teal pants. I actually liked the gold jerseys they wore last season; the all-gold look as a whole was awful, but I think that the gold jerseys would work with black or white pants, and the gold pants might even work with teal, white, or black jerseys. Teal pants really only work with the white jersey; the all-teal look would likely be a Color Rush candidate.
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    Expecting Cal to go blue/blue/gold or break out the blue/blue/blue combo
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    Ew. Why. At least put some scarlet on there. Also What?? Stop letting Instagram concept designers into the industry! These are garbage..
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    I was thinking a little more about this on my drive into work today. Besides for the fact that, with all the expansion teams coming in, there should be plenty of money for him to upgrade the stadium or build a new one what about these factors; I'm not sure how long the stadium sponsorship with Mapfre goes for but there must be a fee to break that, right? I do know that the Crew agreed to rent the land from the city until 2020 (or maybe it was 2022? I forget the year) Regardless, breaking that lease will cost money too. While I won't pretend to know what the costs would be how on earth does moving the team make any sense economically? Plus, isn't Austin (and I don't pretend to know anything about Austin) a very similar city in the fact that it's a university town that has a huge football following? Aren't they similar in population size too? Last I checked the minor league soccer teams didn't have much success in Austin either. This all sounds like I'm dumping on Austin and I don't mean to, I'm sure it's a nice city but I just am failing to see any advantage. /end rant
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    Miami (1972) @ Baltimore (1972 Cleveland Browns) For Baltimore, I decided to make a fauxback based on the team's actual history.
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    Their current gold pants look like khaki Dockers. Maybe they can all get some cornflower blue dress shirts to go along with it. Incidentally, Colorado leads the nation in all-time 5th Down conversions.
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    The Dubs' "Champions" emblazoned warm-up hoodies were pitch perfect in their obnoxiousness. :-) I assume they were a one-off for tonight's ring ceremony, but I'd love it if they went full heel and just wore those all season.
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    I don't think there's any question Kaep is right about the collusion (although I will admit I was skeptical at first, see a previous post I made). The problem, as others have stated, is proving it. It's not what you know, it's what you can prove.
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    Another jersey has ripped. This is honestly pathetic nike.
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    You're gonna do a bunch of number puzzles?
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    And I seem to recall reading that MLB itself owns the marks for defunct clubs via the Cooperstown Collection. Either way, the Expos identity should be readily available.
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    Well, if they decide to adopt a fall-to-spring schedule, then they're a different kind of doomed that has nothing to do with franchise valuation.
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    Honestly, I'd rather see a new Montreal franchise build more off of the old Montreal Royals look than the old Expos look. They'd need a different name, of course (hell, they could even keep the name Expos in this case, but it wouldn't really fit. I don't think you can really bring back the Expos unless your goal is to strictly suck at the nostalgia of the old team. The new team wouldn't have any link to Expo 67, and that would be a weird reach if you ask me), and probably even different primary color (red, or maroon, perhaps), but that'd probably be a better starting point than some of the weirdness the old Expos put out.
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    I think this thing's rigged. I've run it 20 times and keep getting the same combination.
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    Say no more. Don't know how I missed that
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    They should've done things the other way around and changed the sleeve/gen striping to match the socks. The thicker outlines would be a big improvement.
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    Not a fan of the thinner blue/thicker green stripes on the Canucks socks. I get it matches the hemstripes better but I thought the colours were balanced better before when they matched the striping on the pants.
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    Are supporter's scarves strong enough to support the weight of a full grown, resisting, adult male when hung from a tree? Asking for a friend.
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    Not bad, but I feel like it could use red more than just the O at the base of the collar
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    Alright, I’ve got some catching up to do, but: -San Francisco is really nice. I wouldn’t change a thing. -Cleveland looks great. I have a feeling by the end they’ll be one of the teams I’d most like to see this for in real life. -Although I prefered the first option for Texas, the second is nice too. The home uniform is solid either way. -For Tampa, I would suggest maybe making the cap light blue to match as well. I would follow @coco1997‘s recommendation of adding sock stripes too. Also, the numbers look a little plain for the Rays being one color. I know they do that in real life, but I’d maybe try infusing some light blue there. These are all great so far, I’m loving how the it is going!
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    Template can be found here:
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    I almost think they should bring back the helmets and pants from that game.
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    I agree 100%. They're gonna have the target on their backs anyways. Embrace being the champs and say bring it on
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    Yep, those are sweet. The Rams have a long tradition of strong graphics. These 1961 game programs have some of the best design the sport has ever seen. And, of course, my personal favorite: Good to see the Rams are reclaiming their tradition of strong graphics game.
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    best Celtics alt imo. Much better than anything with black
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    Not likely. Countless threads devolve into pizza arguments.
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    It apparently took eons (not counting that ugly shade Ole Miss and the Broncos used to use), but the Giants found a way...no reason the Rams couldn't use whatever be paint job NYG uses if their overhaul goes royal/gold.
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    You can't wear white helmets with a dark jersey. There's literally a screenshot of the gray helmet in this page people..:
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