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    In the minority, but the new Jags logo is far better than the old one. Much better quality.
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    Bloods vs Crips! Looks great
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    I think it was a mistake for the league to let teams run amok and wear whatever they want, too many games look messy and amateurish.
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    No. The white jerseys/maize pants should ALWAYS be their primary road unis. Maybe one game a year they can wear the all white. Only Penn State, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma etc. should use the all white because they have always done it. Michigan hardly ever did it until Harbaugh took over, and IMO I am not a fan of it.
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    The Broncos are not good. I kind of expected this though. The early wins were very much by the seat of their pants. Getting shut out by the LA Football Clippers is just proof that the offense is about as bad as it was last season. A decent offense to go long with this defense sure would be something. The Super Bowl 50 team's offense wasn't particularly good, but they could be relied on to get two good drives. Last year and this year's offense just can not be relied on for even one good drive in a game.
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    I think it should be. But MLB seems to disagree.
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    Bills all blue is terrible. Thankfully, Bills are going blue over white.
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    I think it’ll be a very long time before it’s no longer the World Series...maybe a hundred years. Remember, the most popular college bowl games used to not have sponsors either, but then it changed to the Rose Bowl presented by Vizio and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. The "World Series" is one of MLB's most valuable trademarks.
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    Tearful and tragic? They beat one 100 win team and took another to a game 7. That's quite an accomplishment for a team that most people picked to hover around .500.
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    Looks like the Warriors couldn't handle Memphis' G R I T
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    Warriors lost their cool tonight. Curry started yelling at the ref because he didn't get a +1 after a drive to the hoop and got tossed. You want people to hate you, that's one way to do it. Durant said something and got sent off too. Ridiculous. Just take a loss with some class.
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    Indiana looks beautiful today. The satin finish with the two stripes and the script logo is absolute perfection.
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    Since I have them all done, I'll just start posting the rest! Tennessee (1975 Houston Oilers) @ Pittsburgh (1974) For Pittsburgh I wanted to recreate the look from their first Super Bowl win, so they're the only team with mandatory sleeves. New York Giants (1976) @ Washington (1969)
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    Seattle (1988-inspired) @ Arizona (1988) Seattle was the toughest team for me to figure out, but I'm pretty happy with the result.
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    Hello all. I am working on an “Alternative History” of the USFL, beginning in 1984 and we will see where it takes us. It is all based on the premise that a single historical change can lead to an entirely different outcome. My premise is that John Bassett, owner of the Tampa Bay Bandits and chief opposition to the move to a Fall schedule does not become ill. How could that have changed the USFL’s destiny? I will be going year by year and as teams merge, move, are added or simply change uniforms, I will post any new logos or uniforms, because that is what this board is about, but I will also try to weave in other events, particularly related to the NFL, which might also have altered history. Should be an interesting challenge to the imagination. I may get some facts wrong here and there, and I may go in some directions you don’t think are likely, but it is just a fictional story, so feel free to comment if you think things would have gone differently. 1985: With John Bassett at full strength, there is a strong counterpoint to Donald Trump and the argument that the USFL move to the Fall. Trump loses the vote. The antitrust lawsuit vs. the NFL will go ahead, but the league decides to continue with a Spring schedule. As a result the following changes occurred within the league: Both ABC and ESPN provided the league with new TV Contracts and an influx of nearly $225 million dollars with the proviso that teams remain in both Chicago and Los Angeles. The league agreed to the TV network’s terms and worked to enhance ownership groups in both cities while managing the two franchises’ day to day operations. The league also agrees to develop a more stringent salary cap to help cut down on financial losses, but through a combination of the league’s regional draft, which privileges certain teams with a pipeline to 2-3 local universities, and an exemption policy which allows 2 players per team not to count against the cap, the pace of “big name” signings slows but does not completely end. Without the shift to Fall, ownership groups in Michigan, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Washington did not opt to relocate their franchises for 1985. Due to economic struggles, and ownership interest in larger markets, it was decided that the league would contract by 2 franchises. The Oklahoma Outlaws merged with the undercapitalized San Antonio Gunslingers, to become the San Antonio Outlaws and the Pittsburgh Maulers merged with the struggling Washington Federals, bringing significant football talent to a team which had struggled to win games In its first two seasons. The 1985 Season is played with stronger attendance and ratings than anticipated, perhaps due to the continuity of the ongoing Spring season. Some franchises still struggle for attendance, particularly in Chicago and L.A., who also have weak seasons on the field, but the league is propping up both franchises and TV ratings help to make the case to potential owners for both. SEASON STANDINGS EAST *New Jersey 11-7 *Philadelphia 10-7-1 Jacksonville 8-10 Washington 7-11 SOUTH *Birmingham 12-6 *Memphis 11-7 *Tampa Bay 10-8 New Orleans 6-12 CENTRAL *Michigan 11-6-1 *Houston 10-8 San Antonio 9-9 Chicago 6-12 WEST *Denver 10-8 Oakland 8-10 Arizona 8-10 Los Angeles 6-12 PLAYOFFS: Birmingham d. Houston Michigan d. Tampa Bay Philadelphia d. New Jersey Memphis d. Denver Philadelphia d. Birmingham Michigan d. Memphis CHAMPIONSHIP: Philadelphia 28 Michigan 24 MVP: Herschell Walker (NJ) Coach of the year: Rollie Dotsch (BIR) New Team Uniforms or Identities: San Antonio Outlaws
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    There was nothing wrong with the old logo, but once you get used to the change the new logo is a huge improvement, especially when you put them side by side. The old one looks like it’s just there, the new one looks aggressive.
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    When you have a concept to post, post it. Also - no polls allowed in the concepts section.
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    I am the same way. I hate seeing white being worn by the visiting team.
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    Neither team deserved to win that game. I was sitting here rooting for a tie. And how is this the same Titans team that put up 35+ on both Jacksonville and Seattle?? At this point the AFC South is Houston's to lose...
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    Holy :censored: the Browns might win this game.
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    I don't care who has always done it and who hasn't. U of M looks better in white pants.
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    Yeah, i am ok with the home team wearing white, but if the home one is color i prefer the away to be color as well.
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    A lot of really nice looking matchups yesterday. Here’s some of the ones I wanted to highlight: Penn State/Michigan grabbed the top spot for me, but the others weren’t far behind. As a Ducks fan, I found myself really enjoying the look of UCLA/Oregon, even if the result wasn’t to my liking.
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    And I'm going to give them to ya!
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    Congratulations on existing while the Texas Rangers incessantly bitched about their TV schedule!
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    White face masks would have really pulled the look together
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    Alcs game 7 Marwin Gonzalez is missing the orange trim on the inside of the letter R on Astros. It's driving me crazy. It's one of those "now I can't unsee it" things. Sorry I can't post a pic at the moment, I posted hoping someone can put one in here.
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    I'm an Indians fan, and I regretted not getting a World Series hoodie last year. After the Dodgers clinched, I joked I was 5% less disappointed by the Tribe's early flameout because this year's hoodie (which uses that same "WS" design) is so awful. I have no idea why MLB would try to get "WS" over as a thing with its merchandise. You hear ALCS/NLCS regularly, and the division series acronym eventually caught on. No one will ever see "WS" and think "World Series."
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    It's because you've been visiting porn sites.
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    I think I would agree that the new one is more expressive, or maybe emotive is the better word, but I don’t think that equates to being less static. The new one is the epitome of static to me. It’s just a lone head, sitting there, with no indication of motion at all. It might as well be taxidermy. The old one had a natural vanishing point to its shape and supported that with the whiskers kind of doubling as motion lines, along with the tapering head and jaw.
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    We came one batter away last night from a Peacock vs. Bird AB, I’m still disappointed.
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    Playing up or down to their competition's level is a trademark of the Tomlin Steelers.
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    Clippers need a baby blue alternate.
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    In an alternate timeline where the National Football League never came to fruition, the American Football League (creative, I know) became the premier professional football league in the United States. Founded after World War II, in 1946, the AFL was formed from the remnants of the Midwest Professional Football League and the Eastern Football Association. Spearheaded by the Chicago Lions owner, Rupert T. Anderson, the AFL originally consisted of eight teams spread throughout the Midwest and Eastern seaboard and added two more teams, to bring the league to 10 members in 1948. Initially, the AFL struggled, but in 1950, attendance began to pick up as football fans realized that the AFL was playing quality football and the League took off, going on to expand 9 more times until 2002, when it reached its current state of 32 teams. Unlike the NFL, in our reality, the AFL does not have conferences. Instead, the league consists of 8 divisions: East, West, North, South, Pacific, Great Lakes, Atlantic, and Central. Each division has four member teams, which allows the 16 game schedule to break down like this: 6 division games (2 against each team) 4 games vs another division (yearly rotation) 6 games vs one team in remaining divisions (yearly rotation) The playoffs are an 8 team tournament consisting of division winners, culminating in the American Bowl (once again, very creative). Playoff teams are seeded 1-8 based on overall record, head-to-head, and playoff points (sum of opponents wins), as a tiebreaker. Now that I have gotten through some basic background of the league, let's move on to the meat of the project, the teams themselves. As far as uniform standards go, the rules are very similar to the NFL. One alternate or throwback uniform is allowed to be worn one time during the course of the regular season, but never in the post season. No manufacturer's mark is allowed on the uniform either, but the league does have a single uniform supplier, Apex Athletics, this Alternate Universe's equivalent to Nike or Adidas. The first division that I'll be presenting is the Great Lakes Division, home to three of the oldest teams in the American Football League. The Chicago Lions are one of the Charter members of the AFL and have been one of the most historically successful teams in the league. Having fallen upon hard times in recent years, the one bright spot in recent memory for Lions fans has been Randall Walker, perennial All-Pro running back and future Hall of Famer. The uniforms are a classic design in classic colors and have remained essentially unchanged for over 50 years, aside from an update to the logo in 2007. The Lions don't wear an alternate uniform and wear only one pair of pants. Another Charter member of the AFL, The Detroit Panthers derive their team logo and colors from the automotive industry. The Panthers sport a rather traditional uniform with simple striping and no embellishment. The Milwaukee Chiefs wear black and orange and are represented by a Native American Indian chief on their helmet and a drum logo on the sleeves. the uniform features a consistent, traditional striping pattern across all elements and colors. The alternate uniform is a throwback to the uniforms the team wore in its early years with legendary Head Coach, Chip Hansen. Todd Wolters is the Chiefs' star veteran quarterback who lead the team to American Bowl Championships in 2009 and 2011. The Minnesota Bruins are the youngest of the teams in the Great Lakes Division, being established in 1977. The team recently removed its northwester stripe from the sleeves and added their iconic bear paw logo to the sleeves. Mark Denton is the Bruins star Middle Linebacker, one of the more popular players in the league, known for his mullet haircut and extensive use of eye-black. Well, Tha'ts it for the Great Lakes Division. Thanks for taking a look and I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say. Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
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    As long as the colors don’t clash, I don’t care if NBA teams move away from white vs. color. The NBA seemed to stop enforcing that rule many seasons back, might as well just drop it entirely.
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    Ditto. American League camaraderie, 'mate. There's really no shame in losing to a really good team. Peeved about blowing a 3-2 series lead, of course, but the Astros themselves I have no problem with.
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    The idea of a Yankees Dodgers World Series is downright depressing to me. My least favorite team vs the soulless corporate entity with a million titles. There's really no winner for me in that. That's also happened before, what? Eleven times? No thank you. But an Astros Dodgers World Series? That sounds absolutely AWESOME. It's still my least favorite sports team, but at least it's two long suffering fan bases and two young, deserving teams. It's also a new matchup that could start a great cross league rivalry. This matchup is VERY exciting to me. Three more outs, Houston. GO GO ASTROS.
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    Matt, we know you're a Laker Stan, but the last few days should've alerted you not to be such a homer.
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    It's way too bright. They look like knock-offs.
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    The Pats and their fanbase are officially worse than the Cowboys and their fans. I NEVER thought that was possible, but, congrats! You won that title, too!
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    So Charlotte just put out their uniform schedule here. One thing worth note is that the undergarments are officially part of the uniform, and aren't attached to one particular set. If you check the teal set, for example, there are games with matching teal tights, but also games with white tights, but it doesn't look like the switching happens until December.
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    My problem with the Spurs' jerseys are twofold ... 1) The wordmark doesn't match the numbers. 2) The numbers on the front are MUCH smaller than the last jerseys and just look bad. The jerseys would look much better with a matching number. Though, I saw no problem with their last jerseys.
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    I can. The signing of Weeden over Kap (and not even giving Kap a workout, by the way), especially considering Tennessee runs a system utilizing a mobile quarterback (which was something you'd never describe Weeden as) is just further proof Kap is being blackballed because of his protests and not because of his talent. It's honestly disgusting.
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    The Browns and Jags could be changing as soon as they're able. Good job, Nike!
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