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    Now this is just stupid, there’s no excuse for the Raptors wearing white tonight in LA:
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    Hey folks! So this will be my first series here in about six months. I haven't been creating concepts as much during the summer, but now that hockey's back, I figured it was time to continue. This series is focused on the 2023-24 NHL season, the year after Adidas' jersey contract expires. With Adidas not willing to extend their contract, Nike becomes the official NHL uniform supplier. Along with the switch, the NHL decides to lose the traditional home/away jerseys and replace them with a new system that mimics the NBA's new 4-jersey system. Each team will now have four jerseys to choose from for each game: FREEZE: The team's white jersey. CLASH: The team's colored jersey that closely resembles the FREEZE uniform. STORM: This will be the team's alternate jersey, using a dark color, and completely lacking white. PRIDE: This jersey can be any color. It reflects both the history of the city and of the team itself. The home team will choose the jersey they want to wear, and the away team will select one that doesn't closely match that of the home team. With that in mind, here is the first team! **************** CALGARY FLAMES FREEZE/CLASH: These uniforms bear a striping pattern similar to their alternate jersey from 2013-16 seasons, while the logo remains the same. The number font is also changed. ALTERNATE: The striping is similar to Calgary's early uniforms. For the first time since 2006, the team will have a black jersey. PRIDE: The overall design is based of of the WHA Calgary Cowboys' uniform, though it doesn't match completely. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Leave it below!
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    And paired versus the classic looking Avs in maroon/burgundy/sedona red (whatever the correct name is), it's such a beautiful non-O6 matchup...
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    Plenty of teams have shoulder logos pointing in opposite directions. I don't see what the issue is.
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    The Bucks already use a version of the Mecca court but in current colors. As great as the Mecca court is, it's not something I would like to see on a permanent basis now. The reality is that court was a jumbled mess of colors that didn't fit the uniforms the team was playing in.
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    Really? Like, for real? You can't see the issue with what he said? He didn't even say the analogy right! (It is asylum, not prison.) Let me break it down: 1. African-Americans, both in the NFL and real life, get called thugs and criminals all the time with no justification. 2. The owners were talking about players, those who protest and those who do not, this whole meeting. 3. Through this analogy, these players are considered criminals to these owner's prisons. Essentially saying that these players should have no power and that their opinions and thoughts have no value. If you say something to make an entire team almost walk out of practice, maybe it's time to consider if what you said was really the best thing to say, and also how you can avoid making yourself look foolish like this again.
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    There have been a lot of great white helmets that don't have white facemasks. A lot of white/white helmets look like generic practice helmets. A few teams that wear white helmets and look great with non-white facemasks: Air Force Auburn Colorado Duke NC State Nebraska Penn State SMU South Carolina Stanford TCU Wyoming
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    I still have my home team wear white jerseys in the NHL games.
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    Do you make the same criticism of the Blackhawks?
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    The expansion Vegas Golden Knights are 8-1 to start their first season. The expansion Washington Capitals won 8 games in their 80-game first season (74-75).
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    Yes, this isn't the KHL, our letters read left-to-right.
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    It happened AGAIN!? Damn, Nike.....
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    I wish the NHL would go back to white being the primary home jerseys. I think the home teams should be in white more often than not across every sport
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    For me colour-vs.-colour is worse. While I don't like it when the wrong team is in white, at least the spectacle of the matchup still looks good. But a colour-vs.-colour matchup is unwatchable. Chelsea have a white away kit this season. When I saw it in action, I remembered how long it took me after I started watching the Premier League to be able to be comfortable with matches involving two teams in coloured uniforms. I wish every team had a white kit.
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    Not trying to start anything. You're the one who's always on edge. And, if anything you're the instigator of most of the drama you're involved in on here. I was referring to the game last night. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough with my comment. I was agreeing with you. The rainbow jersey was worn WITH the Robert Indiana court. The jersey they wore last night was not. I too would love a return of the Irish rainbow jerseys.
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    Two dark colors just dont work well together. If any kind of blue should go with brown, it should be sky blue.
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    I worked up a design for the competition over at HJC. I brought back "forum blue" and gold for a modern design. They also alternates based loosely on times in the club's history. What do you think?
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    Suspended this week, Marshawn went back home to Oakland Tech. http://m.sfgate.com/sports/article/Report-Raiders-Marshawn-Lynch-practicing-with-12310817.php
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    I agree with the critiques that the Portland logo looks too modern for a 1988 team. So, I have simplified it. Maybe the newer version will reappear in the future if the Grizzlies survive into the 2000's. Here is the modified Portland look.
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    this: beats this: Thicker white lines look better IMO. Even if there is a thin blue line in the middle, that's not a problem to me.
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    I can't envision it not being the Expos. Like the Hornets, I think the success of the franchise somewhat depends on getting the old name. So the question is whether MLB will stick with the franchise model or not. I tend to think they actually will, given the way history has tracked for so long. But it makes me nervous. The other question is whether they'd be inspired more by the pinwheel era or the more dignified later era. That also makes me nervous. I really liked the more recent uniforms but I am sure the fond Expos memories include the three-tone cap.
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