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    I goofed around with an old alternate logo concept of mine for a fantasy baseball team called the Moons. Realized it could work for the Astros and threw a pennant on his bat after the game last night.
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    I see what you're saying. Thanks for the help.
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    Congrats, Houston! Hope any Astros fans here enjoy the moment. edit: Reddit was on the ball within 90 seconds.
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    I "brandiosed" it. How's this?
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    It actually happened. I'll be damned.
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    I think it shows an obvious influence without being a direct copy. Puts it squarely in the legacy of mascot logos in MLB, which is excellent work.
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    "A tie-down strap connects the jersey to the shorts." Wow! Nike's world-class innovation strikes again!
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    I also miss the days when each Federation had their own uniform looks and you had clashes of manufacturers and styles. This crap with the IOC signing deals for entire sports really sucks the life out.
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    Astros wearing their best jersey tonight. Sorry traditionalists, but I think when the colored jersey is the teams best jersey they can wear it a few times in the playoffs, but I do think only one team should wear it. Like tonight is perfect.
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    Orange jerseys should be a no-brainer for the Knicks imo, they look great and seem to be popular with fans: Imagine how much they would pop, playing at say San Antonio or Brooklyn.
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    The Lakers are wearing their whites on the road tonight for the second time this season, this time in Portland (meaning the Blazers will again be wearing black at home): There is absolutely no excuse for this, just as there was no excuse for them wearing white in Utah last week either. It’s especially maddening because they even said they would continue to honor the Sunday whites tradition and wear them for Sunday home games:
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    Fixed that for you. Regardless, Correa just ruined proposals for the rest of us. Might as well go the humble route because there's no way any proposal is ever going to top that.
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    Kinda making this set look like an instant classic.
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    I've actually warmed up to the Astros set. I still don't like their Clip Art Star of a logo, and the current beveled mess is absolutely atrocious, but the uniforms themselves aren't terrible. Had they just used the open ended star (Still my favorite all time MLB logo) in the current colors, the set would've been just about perfect. Or, if they had even gone with something like this
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    How do the Red Sox square their love of analytics with La Russa's belief that batters should be hit with high-speed projectiles and automatically put on base for smiling?
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    Well, I was way off. Whoops! I'll say this: it seems fitting that the Astros had to clinch their title under NL rules.
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    Not a fan of the Black Alternate, I think Kelly Green would make a better Alternate. Still an excellent set for the Jets and Bengals.
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    Why's that? i'd say both of these sets are flawless. They could both be more exciting but neither have any real problems.
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    Recently, I participated in the Fuse Sessions Sport Branding Workshop with Joe Bosack. During the workshop Joe guided us through a quick history of sport branding, his professional experience and gave us some great information on how to concept and design sport identities. For the workshop, I chose to create a new an identity for a new MLS Expansion team in Nashville. The final mark was inspired by Nashville's music scene, printing/letterpress studios and the Gateway bridge. The color scheme was pulled from the neon signs that line Broadway.
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    Nah, I think that was the right choice. Maybe the last right choice this franchise made.
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    All the more reason why the team should have chosen a different name in 1999. For starters, there would be no "Cleveland Deal" rewriting the record books. Second, the team could have a creative identity that played off of the Browns' colors and uniform template while still having their own imagery (i.e., a helmet logo, a name that isn't a color/connected to the Bengals' owners). Think of it as an "evolved" version of the Browns, or a late-1990s/early-2000s take on classic football aesthetics.
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    Definitely a cleaner look imo, without the black:
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    But the 2000s set was one of their best looks.
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    Brooklyn Bantams Downtrodden doesn't even begin to cover it for the Bantams. Though they are the oldest surviving rugby club in the US, Brooklyn has managed just one Premier Rugby Championship, all the way back in 1937. The Bantams have won the USRU 7 times, but have fallen in the Schroeder Cup on 6 occasions, most recently in 1963. Though the Bantams are rarely better than middle of the pack, they still have a loyal fanbase that packs Colland Row for every match. The Row is the oldest stadium in the US, constructed in 1897 and only being renovated once since, in 1954. Since they haven't seen very high-quality product on the field, Bantams fans have turned most of their attention to cult heroes, most notably Ewan Lopez, a Brooklyn born and raised player who wore the Blue, Silver, and Orange for 16 years. Though Lopez stood just 5'3", he played with an unmatched tenacity and grit. Bantams fans fell in love, and when he retired in 2007, he was quickly added to the coaching staff, rising all the way to manager in 2013. Lopez's teams have inspired some hope for the Brooklyn faithful, as their team has steadily climbed up the table and hopes to compete for USRU East titles once again in a few seasons. The Bantams got their name in 1903, when owner Paul Willow's pet rooster Ferdinand ran onto the pitch during a game, and was nearly trampled by the players. Ferdinand survived, and many in the crowd suggested Willow give him a uniform for the next game. The club has always worn blue, silver, and a pale orange that is unlike any other in sports. The classic B logo has been around since the team's inception, and has not been changed for over a century.
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    Kareem in an L.A. Dodgers jersey with Jackie Robinson's no. 42 and a Brooklyn Dodgers cap. You can't see the cap from the front; but that Brand 47 cap uses the better Dodger cap logo with the circular loops in the B.
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    I like the bottom right one on the 3rd picture the most. A hybrid lacrosse/hockey helmet seems like it would work. 2nd picture and second from the left seems like it could be almost an early prototype for the league after they transition from leather helmets. Not a fan of the retro goalie mask though (3rd picture on the left). I find the other ones you have presented would better fit, plus would be better for designs.
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    Interesting line here in this article from the Star Tribune about the Statement uniforms: "...the Statement Edition jersey will be available starting Nov. 20. They'll first be worn by NBA teams starting Nov. 25". Doesn't seem that's entirely accurate since the Thunder just announced they'll debut theirs on 11/24, but it will be interesting to see how many teams do wear them that weekend, and how many do so at home (merch $$). The Wolves themselves will play 7 home games after that date before they wear them at home for the first time on 12/16 vs. Phoenix, but they could debut them on the road prior to that.
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    Agreed...I really don't like the templating of an international tournament like the Winter Olympics. To me, it takes away from the spirit of the event, when teams just look like variations of each other. I get the economic argument of doing it this way, but I'd rather see each country design its own uniform and then let the supplier take it from there...especially when said supplier churns out this crap.
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    Welcome aboard! I was an extremely long time lurker before I joined. I know how it is. LOL.
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    Meh. I think it’s too clever by half. The H, which should dominate, doesn’t read much at all. (Now to dig up my reaction from when it was first posted years ago, see how consistent I am. )
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    Once my Reds are out of it, which is most every year for the past 40 years, I root for laundry. As a major part of that, I root for teams that forego the softball tops. This World Series, I was neutral, because I love the Dodgers uniforms (and Dodger Stadium) and didn't mind to see Houston finally get a championship. But once I saw the Astros had pulled out the Spring Training jerseys for Game 7, I was full on-board as a Dodgers fan for the night. It's unfortunate that the last two World Series have made history with the champions looking like Little Leaguers.
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    Those orange jerseys are great. Not a huge fan of them with road gray pants moreso because they look so much better with white pants but that shouldn't take away from the jersey itself.
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    The Astros should look progressive and unconventional in some way, as they traditionally have -- orange hats and socks in the '60s, big garish stripes in the '70s and '80s, metallic thread in the '90s, even the terrible 2000s uniforms were unorthodox in their color scheme and mishmash of design elements. These uniforms are far too safe for the Astros. There needs to be a lot more going on than there is. Also, the lettering on the NOBs is way too wide and looks stupid.
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    If it is, it's on the backs of the Dodgers alone. The Astros' uniforms are nothing special at all, which is especially bad because the Astros need to be special.
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    COLORADO AVALANCHE I knew this would be a hard team to change, considering the popularity of the new jerseys, so I decided to get it out of the way early. FREEZE/CLASH: I decided to go with the navy blue from the Reebok alternate jerseys. I also changed the logo and brightened the shade of burgundy, STORM: Pretty similar, different logo, silver instead of white. PRIDE: This is a combination of the old Rockies uniforms and the colorado state flag.
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    They should have worn the Tequila Sunrise uniforms to match the SI cover. That would have been badass, especially if they won. They wore them on the road for several years in the '70s.
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    Huh? The entire approach here (same design and typography re-colored for multiple teams) is the polar opposite of World Cup (unique designs and typography for each team).
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    Nothing official, although Conrad has been mentioning an article he's working on that will hopefully shed some light on that
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    Or it could be that “We The North” was, and always has been, profoundly stupid.
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    Now if they just take this uniform, maybe darken the green just a hair, with white pants and you have a winner.
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    I don't think "this is my team and they've always used this logo and it's what we're used to" is a more valid argument than "it offends an entire ethnicity of human beings."
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    Having a team maintain an existing respectful Native American logo (a la the Blackhawks or Seminoles) is one thing, but debuting a brand new Native American logo in the year 2017 would be completely counterproductive. Not every team needs a logo that related to their nickname, and that's doubly true when a team is named after Native Americans. I know the block C is criticized for being boring and/or muddled, but I think that can largely be solved by a simple outline. I've mocked up a few potential versions. Personally, I like the one on the far left - a white logo outlined in red. It'd distinguish the Indians well from the Red Sox and Cardinals, and I think it'd look pretty distinctive.
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