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    I wish teams would go back to black armbands, maybe with an inscription or something. I think it's more meaningful / noticeable than a patch, and historically when you look back at old photos, you tend to notice the band more, which makes it more of a memorial.
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    I got to work on Boise State’s helmet. I was told to use the throwback script from the WAC days for homecoming, and I tried to separate us from classic Florida (orange helmet, blue script), and not make it seem out of place with the current set (which is where the chrome mask comes in to tie with the numbers and stripes). I’m pretty happy with it, given the constraints. Dont worry, this is all part of my master plan to get the bronco head on both sides of the helmet.
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    @kimball is right. You’ve asked the same question on here several times now, and multiple people, including me, have given you pretty much the same answers. We’ve shared the info that we have, and that’s not going to change. Just be patient like the rest of us instead of trolling by asking the same question over and over when you’ve already been given the answer.
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    Dude, I swear you ask this about every other page. It's not changing and you're getting the same answer. Calm down.
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    The Jaguars need to keep the number font, go with a full matte black helmet, simplify the jerseys (no sleeve caps above all), introduce teal pants, swap black and teal for home and alternate jerseys.
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    @Magic Dynasty Thanks for the response. I wanted to keep Texas traditional, but I can see why you'd want orange helmets and pants. I don't mind West Virginia's font in a vacuum, but the past font matches up with the flying WV so much better IMO. @Cardsblues02 Thanks for the kind words. The Frogs were my personal favorite of this batch. @BJ Sands That means a lot to me. A little can go a long way, but in the age of chrome and BFBS, it seems to get lost in the noise. Thank you for your comments. @itsmb8 I haven't heard of that, but since you seem to be in the loop I will take your word for it. However, I would totally disagree with that decision if it were to happen. Their current look is fine, getting rid of yellow would neuter their identity. @Danny the Sheeb I appreciate you always giving me feedback, it means a lot to me. For the Duke striping, it would probably be hard to see from the press box, but Washington had a similar look (with even thinner stripes) and I don't think it looked too bad. For Virginia's numbers, I am going to have to disagree with you because I matched the number and its outlines with the V in the logo. For Kansas my logic was that their logo and number font is already so thin, that an outline would make them look even smaller. Plus I'm a sucker for single colored numbers Virginia Tech, in my eyes, has always had a very futuristic feel to them. I went with a modern cut to their striping as a nod to their past and relationship with futuristic and unique designs. Example 1 Example 2 (one of my favorite all time uniforms) Example 3 Example 4 I am a fan of the tapering stripes because it is unique, and I feel like it plays of their logos and font well. I like the logo I used because their current logo is just so bland, the bird head in a cyclone looks a lot better (at least to me). TCU's red is just meant to give a little bit more flair to their helmets. I always loved the combination of red, black, and purple, but I feel like it doesn't suit TCU too well. So I relegated it to the two bars on the facemask. I recognize that the metallic logo for the Longhorns is not for everybody, in fact I originally had a metallic and non-metallic option on the website. However, I think the metallic logo looks amazing when the light hits it right. To each their own I guess. In regards to the adidas template, it's just the latest adidas template I have which is good I guess since their current template is complete garbage.
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    The nest two full teams are the Steelers and the Seahawks. For the Steelers, just housekeeping and a yellow version of the color rush set For the Seahawks I really stayed true to the striping of the seahawk logo and I added more green accents
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    Incorrect, sir. An Arnold Palmer is non-alcoholic. An Arnold Palmer with alcohol added is called a John Daly.
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    Oakland, working with Champion, retains a more conservative look but brings back more of their "French's Mustard" yellow. Still, on a sunny summer day in NoCal, this uni is right at home.
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    Agreed. Matte black is a disgusting treatment (looks gray, more than anything).
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    I disagree with this. If the new ownership group does what many suspect and go for a rebuild, but are transparent about it, I think they’ll be ok. The Marlins are saddled with debts and trading away Stanton now can be pitched as an attempt to get the team on solid financial footing so that they can sign and keep players in the future. Pair that with the last two champs achieving success with a tank to champs model and I think Jeter & Co. can be successful with fan support. I like the the teal look but I don’t see it coming back.
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    Seahawks look great, I would just suggest flipping the silver and blue on the road striping to be a bit more consistent in regards to the palate.
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    And Wade also doesn't seeem like a fan So just talking technical issues and not even how the new template looks, we've got jerseys ripping left and right, the glue sticking the numbers showing through, and jerseys getting soaked by sweat. When even the normal non-uni obsessed fans start noticing problems with jerseys and team color shade changes, you know you've royally :censored:ed up
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    Wow, from the front at least, that's a fairly decent uniform.
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    I'm almost finished with the guidelines and the expansion bids. Basically there will be guidelines listed first, then information on each bid including the prospective owner, arena plans, city population, etc. as well as pros and cons for each bid. I'm hoping to have it up by tomorrow and then we can start the voting.
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    About a minute into this video of highlights from the Giants-Jets game from 1974... https://youtu.be/9ztLV-JpReI ...Jet coach Charlie Winner is shown wearing a cap with an NYJ logo in the style of the Mets or the baseball Giants. I had not seen that logo before. What's more, the cap does not appear to be green; it looks black. So this is a very strange situation.
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    Not sure where to put this, but the Bears posted on Instagram a very neat Photoshop of Walter Payton and Jordan Howard walking together. It’s cool to see two eras of practically the same uniform next to each other. Not that it’s news, but it shows how timeless the Bears’ uniforms are.
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    The whole duct tape uniform numbers/stripes can die any day now.
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    Michigan retains its colors and logo, but takes on a new NIKE design (which might be familiar to some other "Panther" fans).
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    The Blazers said on Twitter earlier that they’ll debut their Statement uniforms on the 30th of this month: And speaking of the Blazers, they’re wearing white at home tonight for just the second time this season, this time against the Grizzlies.
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    The Sacramento Condors, who will play their home games at Hughes Stadium. Their navy blue and reddish purple colors are drawn from the wine business. The San Diego Dreadnoughts, who will play at Balboa Stadium. Their colors are Navy Blue and Grey. C&C Welcome.
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    And the fact that we haven't had a Lightning Stadium Series game back in the Thunderdome yet is inexcusable.
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    In that case, the top of the J wouldn't need to look like a Y.
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    The PCDL uniform unveiling has begun... First the Vancouver Ravens... The logo on the left will be the team's first crest, and the logo on the right will likely be used later on barring relocation. Stuart Lewis, the team's inaugural head coach, brings the black and white colors from his former stomping grounds of VFL side Collingwood. Second, the Oakland Squirrels. The Squirrels will play at Oaks Park in Emeryville. Should the PCL Oaks leave town, expect the Squirrels to keep Oaks Park for themselves. C&C Welcome.
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    Just from their initial press release on the new uniforms, it sounds like Nike wanted to start off the partnership by creating a new template that’d be exclusive to the NBA. In that process, they claimed that they had players test early versions and give them specific feedback on what to change and improve, and they also brought up the research they conducted with 3-D body maps, etc. Basically I think the jist of it is that they wanted to have a template exclusive to the NBA, at least at first, and they wanted to show off the technical side of things and the research that was conducted in the process. That’s kind of Nike’s calling card with whatever they do, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Now obviously it’s kind of backfiring for them from a performance perspective, but their reasoning for coming up with the new template is pretty clear, at least to me.
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    To be fair, Conrad did say that the exact colors on the Jazztros jerseys were not confirmed--side panels and armhole trim included. I doubt that it's purple, but there's a small chance that it's different from the mockup.
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    Attendance was already lowest in the NL even with Stanton chasing 60 homers. We can't exactly get worse than the bottom. The thought that the fan base will not recover from a Stanton trade is a myth. If you're gonna trade him might as well do it now. Do whatever it takes to build a consistent winner and when that happens the fans will come out no matter how much they complain now. The people in this city love to say they hate the unsuccessful teams but as soon as the team has success everyone has their shirts and bumper stickers and acts like a die hard fan. It's the way this ridiculous city is for sports. They've done it for the Marlins in the past, they've done it for the Heat in recent years, and they'll do it again for any team in the future when success comes.
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    Speculation. Jeter hasn't said a thing about uniforms. It's easy for everyone to say Jeter just wants to make a clone of the Yankees down here. The goal is success, Yankee-like or not.
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    Someone in the Concepts section did a really good looking concept with the old-school sleeve stripes acting as the new sleeve caps. I'm not totally down with the sleeve caps but it sure was a better look than all-black. Man, the teal jerseys look really cool - when they are paired with the black numbers, the black pants look like they belong. When they did teal tops and black pants on the classic set, it never looked quite right as it did with the white pants - maybe changing the number color is the solution if that moves to a more permanent look. I would love if they kept on with the teal this season (it now represents a win) but I know that cannot happen. I do really hope they keep the number font, and I don't mind the shield. Honestly short of the helmet, and them not being able to decide what shade of gold they want (the gold on the helmet vs. the plastic-esque gold around the collar vs. the nasty mustard gold on the Color Rash and some of the merch), the set is pretty good if they switch the primary colored set around. For the helmet, I would like to see a return to gloss but considering they did the two-tone this last time, would it surprise you if they hydro-dipped the new one or something?
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    I agree with Chromatic's suggestion and I would add changing the sock color that goes with the blue pants to avoid the leotard look.
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    Nothing publicly yet. Jeter has been very cloudy with his words to the media about the future of the team both on the field, off the field, and as far as things like uniforms as well. From what I've seen so far, I believe they'll worry first about starting the process to fix the on field product and will then look towards less crucial things like uniforms down the line, maybe after a season or two. As for whether it'll be just tweaks or a full rebrand is up in the air now. New ownership did say that when it came to things like uniforms "everyone has an opinion" which tells me their early observation is that some want a full change, some want minor changes, and some want no changes and that it'll take time to pick a direction as a group.
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    Probably too soon. I would re-brand when the new organization is really ready to field "their" team. The Marlins are being gutted right now and may not be good for a season or two as Jeter builds the team he wants. I'm sure when UA takes over they'll have some extensive talks about a re-brand.
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    How long until the Cavs actually give a damn other than LeBron?
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    The good part of Sunday’s set was the teal, but it’s still not the best combo. White pants, though? Then we’re talking. Oh, and white numbers too.
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    In honor of the champs, right team wrong uniform: Jose Altuve: Dallas Keuchel:
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    Not sure how the mods feel about us promoting our own wares so if this is over the line feel free to remove https://cottonbureau.com/products/out-of-this-world-champs My Astros championship logo is now a shirt on Cotton Bureau
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    The Lions just need silver socks with the blue pants like they had in 1998.
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    And never wear those MPLS throwbacks again.
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    True, and to me those are just minor changes. Major changes would be complete rebranding by a team. Like if the Brewers went full navy and golf BiG, or the Pads going brown and gold.
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    Yeah, you're not the only one. He's weird.
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    That might be a logo that they could bring back in some capacity. It's a sweet logo.
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    Michael DiRocco (Jags beat writer from ESPN) saying he's heard the helmet will be all one color during a reddit AMA
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    I still think that the Browns should always be brown-heavy (i.e. brown numbers instead of orange on the away), but this is a great cleanup.
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    I disagree. This is the one rare time a Color Rush uniform looks as good as the regular uniform.
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    I know the Panthers' look is fairly popular around here, but I've always been bugged by the various inconsistencies in the striping and such. I made this with the thought that I'd keep the helmet untouched, and design the rest of the uniform to go with it.
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