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    Nike telling the Los Angeles Lakers they can’t wear purple would be like if UnderArmour told the New York Yankees they can’t wear pinstripes until a certain date once they take over the MLB contract. It’s moronic. The Lakers are a marquee team, and they shouldn’t have to avoid wearing one of their signature looks just because Nike has a half-baked branding idea they insist on making a reality league-wide.
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    Miami is wearing their throwbacks tonight at Utah. I see them and can’t help but think how much better the throwback colors are for Miami than the current colors. Red-Orange-Black is both more visually appealing and “hotter” to me than the darker red-gold-black to me.
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    Why can't they just make the flag decal on the back larger and stop distorting the flag in the logo. I think that would look so much better.
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    Münster Blackhawks: This is the monstrousity they currently have:
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    Birmingham Hammers Owner: Hal Jobson (64) is an investment banker who grew up in Birmingham. He graduated from college at the age of 20 and moved to New York City, where he made billions in the stock market. He retired at the age of 50, and went back to Birmingham, where he headed an unsuccessful bid to bring an AFA team to the city during the 1975 expansion. A year later, bored of retirement, he moved back to the New York City area, where was once again a finalist in an unsuccessful bid for an AFA team, this time based in Northern New Jersey. As the league’s second co-founder (and by far the wealthiest individual involved in with the USFA), he wields a tremendous amount of power in the league. Stadium: Legion Field – The home stadium of the UAB Dragons. It seats 75,808 and has an Autoturf field. Notable Players: Despite Jobson’s prestige and the enormous number of professional players from the state, the team was quite unsuccessful at luring some of the bigger names. The lone exception was QB Steve Parker, who will not be able to join the team until 1989. Nevertheless, Parker will bring a strong resume – as of opening day 1988, he is the only USFA quarterback to have played in a Victory Bowl. Logo and Colors: Most people expected the Hammers to base their look on the one used by the Dixie Football League franchise of the same name in the 1940s. However, Jobson described their red and gold hammer logo as “communistic”, and instead went with a more patriotic identity. The team will wear red, white, and blue, and the logo features a red hammer swinging through a blue circle. Looking at it now, it reminds me a of the Obama logo, in that it's a blue circle with red stripes, but I think the resemblance is distant enough that I'm not bothered by it. Uniforms: The helmet features a Philadelphia Railers-like wraparound logo. The primary appears on the sleeve, above an uneven stripe pattern that is replicated on the socks. Their primary jersey is red, secondary is blue, and they make use of a white summer alternate. Here are all of the current logos, and the order in which the remaining ones will be revealed. I'll post as close to daily as possible, though with how my work schedule plays out, it will probably often be every other day.
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    Hey guys, lots of great profiles here! I'll probably close this out tomorrow and announce the winning cities on Monday. I apologize for being absent throughout the process, I've literally been just working and sleeping for the last few days. I was finally able to catch up on all the profiles today. Thanks to everyone for participating!
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    1997 USFL Season The USFL’s 15th season found the league in a period of growth and change. This would be the first season on the shortened 14 week schedule, with the season beginning 3 weeks later in the Spring, and the first of two expansion years with the addition of the Boston Beacons and Charlotte Hounds to the roster of franchises. There would be some growing pains as longstanding franchises worked to remain exciting to their fans while new franchises, somewhat lacking in player depth, would struggle to find wins on the field. But, all things considered, the league was on a very strong standing, with solid TV packages, strengthening sponsorship and investor buy-in and a growing collaboration rather than rivalry with the NFL. Examples of this collaboration were seen in the stadium agreements which began with Los Angeles and now spread to new 3-part deals (USFL, NFL and local municipalities) leading to the construction of new shared football-specific stadiums in Charlotte, St. Louis, Houston, Washington and Tampa. Other cities saw significant funds put into stadium refurbishment, including agreements put in place in Portland, Baltimore and Memphis. The latter had at one point seemed unlikely, but the Showboats were able to engage a growing football program at U. of Memphis and the two, together, were able to lobby the local government to assist with enhancements to the Liberty Bowl. The same positive cooperation was either not possible or not proving fruitful in several other locations, again particularly problematic where there was no NFL presence to help share costs. Birmingham was not receiving positive feedback from the cash-strapped state or city governments and Oakland’s negotiations with the city of Oakland and the directors of the Oakland-Alameda stadium had completely fallen through. For the 1997 season the Invaders opted out of their lease in the dual-purpose stadium, opting for a temporary fix by playing their season at Cal-Berkeley’s Memorial Stadium. The venue, while a local option which kept the team more or less in the Oakland area, was also not ideal due to a lack of parking and significant limitations on alcohol sales at and around the stadium. It was becoming clear that the league would have to step in to try to salvage the Oakland franchise or opt for relocation. Player movement in 1997 was highlighted by the expansion draft which saw several big names move across the league to Charlotte and Boston. While the Beacons worked furiously to try to bring former BC idol Doug Flutie back to Boston, the Generals were in no mood to lose their franchise QB, and so the Beacons settled for recent BC grad, QB Glenn Foley. They also brought in BC alums Stephen Boyd (LB), Pete Kendall (G), Tim Morabito (NT), and signed veteran TE Mark Chmura away from the Green Bay Packers. Outside of the BC connection, the biggest name headed to the Beacons was WR Bert Emmanuel, the Gambler’s slot receiver. Charlotte went less for local players, although they did bring in former NC State DB Dewayne Washington. Duke alum Dave Brown (QB), and South Carolina’s Matt Campbell (G) and Gerald Dixon (LB). The Hounds signed longtime Denver backup QB Tommy Maddox to helm the team, surrounding him with other USFL contributors such as RB Sherman Williams, TE Lovell Pinkney and DE Shawn King. But, by far, the biggest signing for the Hounds was Eagle’s RB Ricky Waters. The longtime 49’er and short-lived Eagle provided Carolina with a solid option to keep pressure off of Maddox and the fledgling team’s offense saved them from at least 2 losses as their defense still had a way to go. In other expansion news, seeing some of the chaos which occurred when Boston and Charlotte held “Name the Team” contests, chaos which included a local Boston radio station’s call-in campaign to name the team the Boston Chowderheads, which nearly won the contest, the San Jose and Atlanta franchises opted to provide only 2 choices to the public and have a more structured vote. Even with this there was an issue in San Jose, where within the ownership group, which included both Japanese and American investors, it took a face-to-face meeting for the American owners to dissuade the lead Japanese investor, Kansai Inc. CEO Takaaki Sakurai, that “Carp” would not work for an American football team. The lifelong Hiroshima Carp baseball fan finally ceded, but the Japanese flavor would be present in the two team name options: Dragons and Samurai. In Atlanta there were no such dramatics. The franchise owners quickly decided to play on a warrior motif, looking to ancient Greece and Rome for inspiration. Fans would vote between the Atlanta Titans and the Atlanta Spartans. The 1997 USFL draft saw a good number of top prospects sign with the league. Chief among them were South Carolina RB Duce Staley (Boston, in trade of picks with Charlotte), Florida State LB Peter Boulware (Tampa), Alabama LB Dwayne Rudd (Birmingham), UVa LB Jamie Sharper (Washington) and Ivy Leaguer, Columbia’s Marcellus Wiley (NJ), but by far the biggest hype was for Arizona State QB Jake Plummer, who would stay in Tempe with the Arizona Wranglers. In the week after his signing the Wranglers sold more than 8,000 new season tickets to Sun Devil faithful. The 1997 Season was a largely predictable one, with the two expansion teams struggling in their new homes (Northeast and Southeast Divisions), the perennial powers of the late 90’s, the Breakers, Bandits, Stars and Express, playing true to form. The only real surprise was the rise from the ashes of the Chicago Machine, now with a healthy Jeff George. In the playoffs the Michigan Panthers made a Cinderella run, knocking off Philly in the Vet and then New Orleans in the Superdome to make it back to the USFL Championship for the first time since their 1991 championship. On the other side of the bracket, Los Angeles made full advantage of their home field advantage, knocking off Denver and Tampa Bay to return to the USFL Championship since their last title back in 1989. Steve Young lived up to his MVP form, but Jim Harbaugh and the Panthers were able to hang with the Express. The Panthers tied the game at 24 with 4:17 left and their defense held Los Angeles, forcing the first championship overtime game in the league. Los Angeles won the toss and ended the game in 5 plays, including a 27 yard Young scramble to bring the Express well into field goal range. A Jason Hanson kick from the 22 yard line ended the game and brought Steve Young and the Express their second title. 1997 USFL Final Standings NORTHEAST *PHL 10-4 *BALT 7-7 *WSH 7-7 NJ 5-9 BOS 3-13 SOUTHEAST *TBY 9-5 BIRM 7-7 JAX 6-8 MEM 5-9 CHA 4-10 CENTRAL *CHI 9-5 *MICH 9-5 STL 6-8 COL 5-9 SOUTHWEST * NOR 11-3 * DEN 8-6 SAN 6-8 HOU 4-10 WEST *LA 11-3 *OAK 9-5 POR 7-7 ARZ 6-8 1997 USFL Playoffs Wildcard Round Washington (10) d. Oakland (7) Denver (8) d. Baltimore (9) Divisional Round New Orleans (1) d. Washington (10) Los Angeles (2) d. Denver (8) Michigan (6) d. Philadelphia (3) Tampa Bay (4) d. Chicago (5) Semifinal Round Michigan (6) d. New Orleans (1) Los Angeles (2) d. Tampa Bay (4) 1997 USFL Championship Los Angeles 27 Michigan 24 (OT) 1997 USFL Award Winners USFL MVP: Steve Young, QB, Los Angeles USFL Coach of the Year: Sam Wyche, Chicago USFL Rookie of the Year: Peter Boulware, DE, Tampa 1997 USFL Relocation, Expansion and Uniform/Logo redesign 1) Boston Beacons begin play. Colors are Navy, Storm Blue and Athletic Gold. 2) Charlotte Hounds begin play. Their colors are Black, Teal and Orange. 3) San Jose and Atlanta franchises announce “Pick the Name” contests with each city offering 2 choices to fans.
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    Just reading an article on how the Eagles Sam Bradford trade was the best in franchise history. As a result of the trade, PHL got: 1st round pick (Derrick Barnett, who has shown lots of potential) 4th round pick (traded for Jay Ajayi) Relief for the draft picks traded to get Carson Wentz The ability to start Wentz on day one and let him develop right away. MIN got... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL WHO IN THE WORLD DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING LOLOOLOLOLOL
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    Cool. Guys - a mod just said that rules don't need to be respected! Let's go nuts.
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    They're celebrating the history of Ottawa hockey. No one with half a brain cell thinks it's the same Ottawa Senators. I hate when teams monkey around with history, this is just honoring an old team with a one off jersey. The whole event is a celebration of the league's 100 years.
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    That was a good game. Michigan St/Ohio State was good; Rutgers/Penn State was good; Arkansas/LSU, Notre Dame/Miami,Florida/South Carolina were good-looking games as well.
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    Lakers are on the road and the home team (Bucks) are wearing white, so we get to complain. Yellow vs white continues to be the absolute worst. EDIT: Did the shot clock backboard lights turn yellow this season? Or am I seeing things?
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    If you view the sports world through a Boston lens, there's a lot you can't see. Lonzo is a garbage shooter. But he's doing everything else very, very well and his teammates clearly like him way more than they did D'Lo. Lonzo will be fine.
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    So the Invaders survived their exile from the Coliseum by...invading Memorial Stadium.
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    Hi all. As I looked at the Beacons logo it just kept coming off as too busy, too much going on. I tried to incorporate the Orlando Thunder clouds because I really loved that logo, but it was all too much. So, here is a modified Beacons logo & helmet concept. A little simpler, but still with the light beam wrapping to the back of the helmet.
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    I've totally lost track of this thread, so please forgive me if this was brought up for some reason. I just want to take a moment to bitch about the Grizzlies not using the split numbers of old. In particular I'm bringing it up because their G-League affiliate, the Hustle have them! Old Grizzlies numbers Modern day styled numbers
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    Sigh. I give up on trying to understand 'Nike Speak' HOME. AWAY. SECONDARY. STUPID FOURTH JERSEY. Is that better?
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    Al Golden brought in talent, but he (as well as Randy Shannon) was over their skill level in terms of coaching ability and motivation. Mark Richt has never looked so relaxed on the sideline...ever.
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    I like whatever has organically evolved the best. East v West for NBA/NHL, American National for baseball/NFL. If i were to start a league, I would use the soccer model of best team at the end of the regular season.
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    Next up, we have the redundant St Kilda Saints. The Saints are the perennial losers of the AFL, winning just 1 premiership in their 117 seasons in the AFL. Their jumpers feature and red, white, and black tricolour, which I put in the yokes as yoke stripes. The arm stripes consist of two tricolour stripes, and the hem is based on their clash from this year. C&C welcome. Next up: Free Kick Hawthorn.
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    American vs National. East vs. West gets to be a bit scheduling disaster in a best of 7.
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    My god, the level of ignorance is insane. Lonzo is 3rd in the league for rebounds/game by a guard. Lonzo is 7th in assists/game by a guard. Lonzo is 3rd in blocks/game by a guard. Lonzo is 28th in steals/game by a guard. *Please note that this among ALL guards (the 1, the 2 and the point forwards like Simmons), regardless of experience. Literally Lonzo’s been among the best in in the NBA in every category other than scoring. Only his shooting is atrocious. Everything else has been great.
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    pffffthahaha Anyway, Samurai and Spartans.
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    Keeping black numbers on the teal jerseys would be a horrible mistake.. Black helmet and black pants was always a solid look.. Colored jerseys need white numbers though (or gold or silver)
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    Don't remind me of how good they looked before they became the Titans...
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    I can actually explain this one...the USS Alabama was a WWII ship, decommissioned after the war, has been docked at Mobile Bay since the '60s, and since then has been converted as a museum--its a big attraction down there in Mobile (where the Univ. of South Alabama is, for those not in the know). That said, well...
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    Love the originality of that caps set. Wish people here were a bit more open to a new idea every now and again. It's not perfect but I could totally see something like that being an iconic hockey jersey after a while. I like the meaning behind the 13 stripes, but it is a bit much, would be interesting to see if there were just 1 stripe above the wordmark, and one below... (I'm picturing a run DMC vibe) Definitely dig where it's coming from though.
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    So they look more like the AFC's other Florida team?
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    That's too bad - I would've loved to see this one make a comeback:
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    Why hasn't this continued? It is a very cool concept.
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    I love the idea, but it looks very Denver Nuggets-ish. I think different shades of blue or purple would be more Jazzy? But, I love the template and idea! LOVE!
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    Boy oh boy am I ready for this trend to die.
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    Maybe when they play UCLA in a Pac-12 matchup 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
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    The informed mock-up @Conrad. provided for Utah's upcoming fourth uniform is polarizing to say the least. While it introduces a never-before-seen design style to the NBA, it seemingly does so at the cost of ignoring the team's entire identity and brand. I personally think I'll like the uniform when it's officially unveiled, but it could also very well be terrible -- either the first time we see it or when we look back on it years from now. It isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a fun and interesting concept regardless. The sunset theme lends itself well to the inclusion of the Tequila Sunrise pattern, but yellow-orange-red transition is more suggestive of plain fire rather than a full sunset to me. The black side panels feel like oddly forced borders, while the white wordmarks on the yellow background lack contrast. Also, nothing about the entire design - from color to arrangement - feels reminiscent of Utah nor the Jazz. The Tequila Sunrise pattern is retained in a slightly condensed space, still invoking the sunset theme while also creating the silhouette of Utah's mountains. The colors have been altered to somewhat coincide with this random picture of a Utah sunset I found on Google Images, while the black base is a coincidental nod to the Jazz being BFBS pioneers in the NBA during the late '90s. The mountains come directly from their logo - which also appeared on their home and away jerseys in the mid- to late-'90s - and the wordmark and numeral typeface comes from their recent green alternate jerseys. I want to include some non-sensicle jargon about how the white wordmarks and numerals are representative of snow in the mountainous regions of Utah, but to be completely truthful I just thought it looked best and didn't compete with the Tequila Sunrise pattern. Anyways, I'm just kind of rambling at this point, so here's my concept....please let me know your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions. Thanks! Utah Jazz City Edition Jerseys
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    Lonzo's been in the league for a month. Give the kid a minute.
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    Sure am. Someone in a different thread tried to argue that football "represents" war, simply because of terminology used in both - trenches, bomb, gridiron - and I couldn't stop laughing that someone truly believed that.
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    I'm kind of dreading/scared of the UA takeover. Baseball has been immune it seems from the multiple manufacturer changes. When those changes happen in other leagues the new manufacturer wants to make a big splash, IE Reebok EDGE in hockey and Nike's toilet bowl collars in football. I'm concerned that UA will want to come in and make a statement and make changes that aren't needed. I'm sure certain teams won't have a problem like the Yankees since other traditional team in other sports didn't do something drastic. Doesn't scare me any less. I've also always enjoyed Majestic products. Shirts and jerseys seem to fit well and last long. When Nike took over in the NFL a lot of regular shirts became athletic fit which were uncomfortable for me not being that build. I'm hoping UA doesn't make sweeping changes like to the shirseys (t-shirt jerseys) because they fit really well now. I don't buy as many MLB jerseys as I do with other sports, but being a person who's on this site we care about what they look like usually even if we don't wear them.
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    Pretty much a definite on that one. The name is fine, as is the trident. The issue I have with the logo is the fact the seal looks nothing like a seal.
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    Little something I've just started on.
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    Assuming I'm right in what's going to happen, he made a little over $2.1 million for playing in three NHL games.
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    Speaking of Vegas, the Vadim Shipachyov affair is a delight. Comes over at age 30 to make $4.5 million a year, can't make the team out of camp, refuses to report to the AHL, plays three games, gets sent down and refuses to report to Rosemont again, and is now suspended without pay. He's going back to Russia to make his millions tax-free against lower-quality competition and to play in the Olympics. McPhee got swindled hard.
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    Let's bring them on! As I posted a couple a days ago, I've changed Marlins' colour scheme a bit, giving more importance to the Teal. The home uniform is inspired by the Florida Marlins designs, using just the "M" as script, like in the 2003/07 home alt uniform. For the road and alts I've placed the orange, white and teal to make the piping look like the Miami flag. While the road and alts uniform remain the same, I decided to use an edited version of the current BP logo for the caps and the home uni. Also, I decided to make a #42 from scratch.
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    Moving on to Boston! The Red Sox look is so iconic that there's not much to change. I decided to bring back the navy baselayer, the double sleeve and pants pipping, and the classic sock designing, as well as the predominantly navy wordmark for the road uniform.
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    Let's start with the O's! Under Armour is a Baltimore-based company, and they are proud to show it, as we can see in some of the Maryland Terrapins uniforms. That's why I decided to change the traditional pipping on the sleeves and pants, for a design inspired by the Baltimore flag. The home, road and home alt uniforms remain the same, introducing the Baltimore wordmark for road alt, dropping the cap with the O's script. I also decided to reintroduce the swinging bird as sleeve patch.
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