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    Nike telling the Los Angeles Lakers they can’t wear purple would be like if UnderArmour told the New York Yankees they can’t wear pinstripes until a certain date once they take over the MLB contract. It’s moronic. The Lakers are a marquee team, and they shouldn’t have to avoid wearing one of their signature looks just because Nike has a half-baked branding idea they insist on making a reality league-wide.
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    Cool. Guys - a mod just said that rules don't need to be respected! Let's go nuts.
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    I've totally lost track of this thread, so please forgive me if this was brought up for some reason. I just want to take a moment to bitch about the Grizzlies not using the split numbers of old. In particular I'm bringing it up because their G-League affiliate, the Hustle have them! Old Grizzlies numbers Modern day styled numbers
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    Sigh. I give up on trying to understand 'Nike Speak' HOME. AWAY. SECONDARY. STUPID FOURTH JERSEY. Is that better?
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    I can actually explain this one...the USS Alabama was a WWII ship, decommissioned after the war, has been docked at Mobile Bay since the '60s, and since then has been converted as a museum--its a big attraction down there in Mobile (where the Univ. of South Alabama is, for those not in the know). That said, well...
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    Love the originality of that caps set. Wish people here were a bit more open to a new idea every now and again. It's not perfect but I could totally see something like that being an iconic hockey jersey after a while. I like the meaning behind the 13 stripes, but it is a bit much, would be interesting to see if there were just 1 stripe above the wordmark, and one below... (I'm picturing a run DMC vibe) Definitely dig where it's coming from though.
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    So they look more like the AFC's other Florida team?
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    That's too bad - I would've loved to see this one make a comeback:
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    Why hasn't this continued? It is a very cool concept.
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    I love the idea, but it looks very Denver Nuggets-ish. I think different shades of blue or purple would be more Jazzy? But, I love the template and idea! LOVE!
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    Boy oh boy am I ready for this trend to die.
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    Maybe when they play UCLA in a Pac-12 matchup ????
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    The informed mock-up @Conrad. provided for Utah's upcoming fourth uniform is polarizing to say the least. While it introduces a never-before-seen design style to the NBA, it seemingly does so at the cost of ignoring the team's entire identity and brand. I personally think I'll like the uniform when it's officially unveiled, but it could also very well be terrible -- either the first time we see it or when we look back on it years from now. It isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a fun and interesting concept regardless. The sunset theme lends itself well to the inclusion of the Tequila Sunrise pattern, but yellow-orange-red transition is more suggestive of plain fire rather than a full sunset to me. The black side panels feel like oddly forced borders, while the white wordmarks on the yellow background lack contrast. Also, nothing about the entire design - from color to arrangement - feels reminiscent of Utah nor the Jazz. The Tequila Sunrise pattern is retained in a slightly condensed space, still invoking the sunset theme while also creating the silhouette of Utah's mountains. The colors have been altered to somewhat coincide with this random picture of a Utah sunset I found on Google Images, while the black base is a coincidental nod to the Jazz being BFBS pioneers in the NBA during the late '90s. The mountains come directly from their logo - which also appeared on their home and away jerseys in the mid- to late-'90s - and the wordmark and numeral typeface comes from their recent green alternate jerseys. I want to include some non-sensicle jargon about how the white wordmarks and numerals are representative of snow in the mountainous regions of Utah, but to be completely truthful I just thought it looked best and didn't compete with the Tequila Sunrise pattern. Anyways, I'm just kind of rambling at this point, so here's my concept....please let me know your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions. Thanks! Utah Jazz City Edition Jerseys
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    Lonzo's been in the league for a month. Give the kid a minute.
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    Sure am. Someone in a different thread tried to argue that football "represents" war, simply because of terminology used in both - trenches, bomb, gridiron - and I couldn't stop laughing that someone truly believed that.
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    I'm kind of dreading/scared of the UA takeover. Baseball has been immune it seems from the multiple manufacturer changes. When those changes happen in other leagues the new manufacturer wants to make a big splash, IE Reebok EDGE in hockey and Nike's toilet bowl collars in football. I'm concerned that UA will want to come in and make a statement and make changes that aren't needed. I'm sure certain teams won't have a problem like the Yankees since other traditional team in other sports didn't do something drastic. Doesn't scare me any less. I've also always enjoyed Majestic products. Shirts and jerseys seem to fit well and last long. When Nike took over in the NFL a lot of regular shirts became athletic fit which were uncomfortable for me not being that build. I'm hoping UA doesn't make sweeping changes like to the shirseys (t-shirt jerseys) because they fit really well now. I don't buy as many MLB jerseys as I do with other sports, but being a person who's on this site we care about what they look like usually even if we don't wear them.
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    Pretty much a definite on that one. The name is fine, as is the trident. The issue I have with the logo is the fact the seal looks nothing like a seal.
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    Little something I've just started on.
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    Assuming I'm right in what's going to happen, he made a little over $2.1 million for playing in three NHL games.
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    Speaking of Vegas, the Vadim Shipachyov affair is a delight. Comes over at age 30 to make $4.5 million a year, can't make the team out of camp, refuses to report to the AHL, plays three games, gets sent down and refuses to report to Rosemont again, and is now suspended without pay. He's going back to Russia to make his millions tax-free against lower-quality competition and to play in the Olympics. McPhee got swindled hard.
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    Let's bring them on! As I posted a couple a days ago, I've changed Marlins' colour scheme a bit, giving more importance to the Teal. The home uniform is inspired by the Florida Marlins designs, using just the "M" as script, like in the 2003/07 home alt uniform. For the road and alts I've placed the orange, white and teal to make the piping look like the Miami flag. While the road and alts uniform remain the same, I decided to use an edited version of the current BP logo for the caps and the home uni. Also, I decided to make a #42 from scratch.
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    Moving on to Boston! The Red Sox look is so iconic that there's not much to change. I decided to bring back the navy baselayer, the double sleeve and pants pipping, and the classic sock designing, as well as the predominantly navy wordmark for the road uniform.
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    Let's start with the O's! Under Armour is a Baltimore-based company, and they are proud to show it, as we can see in some of the Maryland Terrapins uniforms. That's why I decided to change the traditional pipping on the sleeves and pants, for a design inspired by the Baltimore flag. The home, road and home alt uniforms remain the same, introducing the Baltimore wordmark for road alt, dropping the cap with the O's script. I also decided to reintroduce the swinging bird as sleeve patch.
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