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    These look awesome Not this this: or this if they want to do alternates, at least make it look like this or this
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    It's just like the Canadiens' logo, if you ignore the complete lack of brand equity and the inferior design work. The original logo was about a 9/10 and this one's a 10/10. You might not immediately guess "that team must be the Senators" from looking at it (trying to step outside myself for a sec, I would probably guess their name is the Spartans), but you wouldn't do that for any number of teams whose logos we still like. I suppose the difference there is that with the Bruins or Flyers, it's more abstract, and with the Blackhawks, one would have to explain that it is a drawing of a historical figure named Black Hawk rather than a hawk that is black. Here, you can reasonably argue "factually speaking, that is clearly not a Roman senator," which I think has always been IceCap's fair-enough beef with it. It's of a kind with the Canucks, where an orca whale is decidedly not a Canuck. But I think a lot of that is overridden by how good the logo looks. If only the Sens would actually use it.
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    The future of yesterday comes to life tomorrow which is the day after today which is the future of right now but will be the yesterday of Wednesday which is the future of yesterday where today was tomorrow and thus the future of yesterday which brings us to Tuesday.
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    OSU shouldn’t wear alternates against Michigan. Just like how the Bears shouldn’t against the Packers and so on and so forth. In fact, teams wearing dopey alternates against rivals is one of my pet peeves. Oh, these uniforms don’t look pretty awesome. OSU is supposed to be above this gimmicky crap.
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    The Belleville Sens have shown that the regular white is a big improvement.
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    There's no sense in posting the link... to the source from which you got said photo? That's interesting. But hey, I'm just the guy who obtained the photo and wrote the article. What do I know?
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    Alright. We got it. Everyone prefers Ohio State to NOT wear alternates against Michigan. We're all in agreement. We don't need every single member to post it. The uniforms still look pretty awesome.
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    I’m really not a fan of Heat concepts that feature the Vice colors. None of them look right to me.
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    I love that Miami's return to prominence has coincided with their return to using the 80's uniforms. It just feels correct.
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    I think it would be cool if Veras made merch out of his AFA teams.
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    We're all ignoring what the Sens should really have done: Put the current block font on these guys, resurrect the updated 2D centurion, and there you go!
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    Here is a guess as to what I think the Rangers and Sabres will wear in the '18 Winter Classic - based off of the team hats that were recently leaked Thoughts?
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    http://frf.ro/comunicate/comunicate-frf/frf-a-lansat-prima-identitate-de-brand-din-istoria-echipei-nationale-de-fotbal-a-romaniei-id23172.html Here is the coat of arms of Romania for reference Each image represents one of the five regions of Romania.
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    So, a crazy anti-gay group is what led to the USFA? ...Wow. That's all I can say.
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    I'm more disappointed by the logo patch overlapping the pinstripe on the throwback. Woof.
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    Portland, Atlanta Welcomed as PHL Franchises Beginning in October, 2001, the cities of Portland, Oregon, and Atlanta, Georgia will be home to PHL franchises. The PHL expansion committee voted Portland, Atlanta, and Houston as the top three candidates with Portland receiving the most votes. The three cities then went to a league vote among the 28 owners where Atlanta was unanimous and Portland barely edged out Houston. "We're very excited to welcome these two great communities to our league" said commissioner Darryl Byrd. "I believe these markets have a lot to offer to the league and the game itself." Even Portland's biggest opponent, Seattle owner Kevin Emms, welcomed the new franchise to the league. "We want to give a big welcome to the city of Portland" said Emms. "We couldn't defend our territory in the boardroom so I guess now we'll just have to do it on the ice. I can't wait to see how this rivalry develops." For Atlanta, the announcement marks the end of a long road that began during the 70s, when the city seemingly did not stand a chance against the likes of Edmonton, Long Island, or Washington to get a franchise. With the PHL boldly moving more into the south during the 1990s, the dream was suddenly in reach for the city. The Eastern Conference will not be realigned, Atlanta will be inserted right into the now-four-team South Division. In the West, Denver will move back to the Central in time for 2000-01 while Portland will play in the Pacific. No team names have been settled on yet.
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    I think the Hawks-Knicks 'Red vs. Orange' was a worse. At least the Suns-Lakers 'Orange vs. Gold' was less offensive. Doesn't mean I liked it, but it wasn't as hard to follow compared to the Knicks-Hawks game.
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    Wrong. They're THE Ohio f---ing State.
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    If you swap out the vintage white for regular white? I'll take the Heritage look.
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    @Raymie, I love that concept. I used that idea in combination with @ChicagoOakland's suggestion (though it wasn't really possible to get a good V at the back while still having the hammer far enough forward on the side - the angles just don't work). That all of you for the feedback. I think I prefer a blue helmet to a white one in the abstract, but this is much better for the spirit of the USFA. The California Atoms should be posted shortly.
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    Thanks a lot for the kind words and input! I didn't see the Denver Nuggets' colors at all during my process, but ever since you've pointed it out it's been hard to unsee it. And aside from the colors, it's also a lot more similar to the Nuggets' rainbow skyline jerseys than I realized! Anyways, I experimented with the color palette to avoid the Denver Nuggets comparison while also reintroducing Utah's beloved purple and better highlighting the mountain shading. I admittedly see a Phoenix Suns jersey now given the colors, but I think the sunset effect looks a lot smoother with the shades of purple creating less contrast than the shades of blue. Please let me know your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions on the updated version -- thanks! Utah Jazz City Edition Jerseys
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    Münster Blackhawks: This is the monstrousity they currently have:
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    All links work here! Also, all teams look great. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see what you do with Cincy. Do we vote on expansion?
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    I was expecting that answer... but hoping anything we could link from the official website could be acceptable. But I will say that you have set rules, they are clear, and they are fair! Thanks for running the Logolympiads!!!
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    Can there be a FIFA NIT? You've got a good enough field for it.
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    Here's yet another black alternate I've been working with recently -- one for the Toronto Raptors inspired by a mock-up by @the_Raptors_king over on the Sports Logos board. While I was admittedly raised at least in part by Drake's music, and I don't mind the OVO-themed alternates they previously donned for Drake Night, I don't think this is the uniform for that. It just feels like they're forcing the color palette onto an entirely independent design. Also, simply using "NORTH" as the wordmark is questionable at best. However, I do like the uniqueness of the full chevron, though it feels wildly inconsistent with it being just a singular chevron. Everyone seems determined to bring back the purple, but I don't think the color palette is Toronto's biggest issue in terms of branding -- their colors are fine, but their entire identity is dull and boring. The typeface is generic, the raptor motif is underutilized, and their uniforms mostly feel as though they could belong to any number of teams. I think most visuals incorporating the raptor can look tacky, though, so I'll give them a pass on that....but they still desperately need more character and originality. I've reintroduced their standard color palette, embraced the double chevrons along with the full team name, and incorporated a heavily sterilized version of the 'WE THE NORTH' typeface. It certainly makes for a unique design -- almost as if an entire jersey's design was inspired by the side panels of their Vince Carter-era away jerseys. It's intended to embrace the team's visual history while also acknowledging their city's fan base. Hopefully it isn't too busy and/or cluttered. Please let me know your thoughts -- any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Toronto Raptors City Edition Jerseys
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    I'm still disappointed about the stripes being so thick
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    The Patriots uniforms are top 5 in the NFL and the best "modern" uniform in sports. Excellentt logo Great, unique numbers Simple, good-looking striping Great color scheme (Silver-Blue-Silver home and Silver-White-Blue away) The details are spot-on (facemask, collar, etc.) IMO they are the definition of a modern classic and hopefully they remain the Patriots primary uniforms forever.
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    It’s a throwback, and that’s how it was on the original, so...
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    No they don’t. At least not for Ohio State.
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    I'm in total agreement. There are three teams who should be embracing non-traditional striping: the Sens (in this) Arizona (bring back the original striping design) and Carolina (forget muting it, embrace the flag striping, and throw it on both sets). Throw the updated 2D logo on the front, and the O on the shoulder and you have a great look.
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    >Initial Reaction "Wow, these uniforms are really cool looking." >See They're Ohio State Uniforms >Sees They're For Michigan Game "These uniforms freakin suck." UM-tOSU should always always alwayssssss be traditional uniforms, maybe even color on color, but none of this stuff^^^
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    Yeah I have 3 teams that have oversized logos and it was just coincidence that the first 2 teams had oversize logos. Thanks for the reminder though.
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    Some additional observations from my tracking: If you're looking for traditional uni-matchups, your best bet is to watch a game early in the work week. Teams have gone traditional 75% of games on Monday (15 total), 73% on Tuesday (16) and 71% on Wednesday (27). Avoid Friday, only 43% of games (16) have had the home team in white and road in dark. The Celtics (5-0), Bulls (1-4), and Rockets (4-1) have all played five color vs. color games so far. The Cavs, Nuggets, Warriors, Bucks, Timberwolves, Knicks, Suns, Trailblazers, and Kings have not played any color vs. color games. There are only three uniforms that are undefeated: Lakers throwback (1-0) 76ers white (2-0) and Kings white (2-0).
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    So, let me get this straight: Each team has four jerseys, The Icon, the Association, The Leaders, and The Legends. Right? Ridiculous. How about "home," "away," and "alternate" and call it a day.
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    California Atoms Owner: The Walt Disney Company is the only corporate owner in the USFA or AFA. Gaining control of a franchise was the brainchild of CEO Neal Rose (37), who had pursued a strategy of diversification and expansion during his time in control of the company. This is @NeoPrankster’s 1980 expansion council character. Stadium: Anaheim Field – a baseball stadium that is home to the California Stars. Built in 1982, it seats 68,550 for football and has a natural grass playing surface. Sharing the stadium with a baseball team during baseball season means that the dirt from the diamond will be exposed virtually all season. Notable Players: The Atoms biggest signing was Texas Stallions DT Ron Brown. Like many of his teammates, he was seeking higher pay in the USFA, and as a UCLA graduate California had the first crack at signing him. Unfortunately, much like Steve Parker in Birmingham, Brown is still under contract with the Stallions through 1988, and will not be able to play this year. Logo and Colors: The team’s logos and colors were taken from the Disney movie Gus, in which a struggling professional football team signs a Yugoslavian mule as a kicker. The Atoms are one of only two teams in the league to have white and one other color in their color scheme. Uniforms: The uniforms were also taken from Gus, and are perhaps the most unusual in the league, thanks to the lightning pattern around the numbers of the jersey front and back. They will wear red as their primary and white as their secondary (though realistically speaking, by late spring this will be reversed). And here is where the league stands now. I suspect that most of you probably noticed, but this grid is arranged by division. Brooklyn, Buffalo, Indiana, and Louisville are in the Eastern Division; Birmingham, Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee are in the Central; and California, Oklahoma, San Jose, and Utah are in the West.
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    Thanks! I don't hate the Bombers with all my heart, but I dislike them more than some other teams. Do you hate them more than Collingwood? Also, being a Blues fan right now must be tough. Next up are the Hawthorn Hawks, who had a three-peat from 2013-15. The Hawks have a bold colour scheme of Brown and Gold, so I tried to make it bold and classic, like their logo. The pattern consists of three stripes from their jumper (No, Adidas did not sponsor this concept) The away features a brown yoke, even though I don't think they should exist, I added reverse-coloured nameplates to both jerseys as a throwback to these jumpers worn several times throughout the club's history. C&C welcome. Next up: The Premiership's a cakewalk.
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    Teams change logos all the time. It's a matter of branding. Not a lack of confidence in the team's abilities. Well that's just incorrect. The original Senators were around for 52 years. 51 of those years in Ottawa. How? I'm really not seeing it at all. If you want to prefer the Centurion to the =O=? Cool. The team choosing to downplay one over the other doesn't seem like an admission of anything, however. It's either a matter of personal aesthetic preference on the part of management or said management has data that suggests that the =O= is more popular among the fanbase than the Centurion. Either way it's branding. Nothing more or less.
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    This is a perfectly good look for Ottawa and better than the =O=
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    People can want to embrace the heritage look without pretending the new Senators are the old Senators. Nor do I see embracing the =O= as a sign that they're admitting that the current team will never win anything. That's honestly preposterous.
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    I don’t know what Martellus Bennett’s correct uniform is but it sure as hell isn’t this one.
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    Here's another route. Used the B from the Baltimore script in place of the O's. C&C welcome!
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    Since we're talking CFL, here's Gizmo Williams on the Eagles (sorta)
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