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    The images alone were using up so much space it was costing me personally an extra $2,500 every year just to keep that feature. I had to kill it.
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    I hope the Magic players all wear Galaxy Foamposites with these.
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    Naming sports teams after a group of people (particularly a historically marginalized group of people) will not, and should not, happen in 2017.
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    I'm going to go against what everyone else said about the Rox hat. I LOVE it! I really should hate that all of my teams are using the CO flag so much but I will keep eating it up as long as they keep dishing it out. As a fifth generation Coloradan who has now lived outside of the state for a year I will probably never get tired of seeing that beautiful flag on merchandise.
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    The Chargers actually look alot better in all navy at home instead of all white which looks terrible with the white helmet.And seeing they won in those colors they'll probably use this combo as their Fight for LA mantra.
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    Something that’s bothering me a little is that some of these City uniforms seem to have little to nothing do with their respective cities/regions. The Lakers have more to do with Kobe than LA itself. Is camo really the best they could think up for San Antonio when the door is wide open for a fiesta nod? Is outer space really the best they could think up for Orlando? What’s so “Denver” about Denver’s? What’s so “Boston” about the color grey? And so on. Granted, some teams took good advantage of “City” like Chicago and Miami. But most of these just seem like an excuse for an extra, mostly worthless, no rhyme-or-reason alternate. They’d have been better off if they gave each team a classic set as the league-wide fourth sets instead, OR called the “City” sets something else.
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    Is the Thanksgiving game between Cowboys and Chargers really going to be blue vs blue? That's terrible.
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    I'll try to do something I know I can do - stats. Here is the progression of points for the top 6 point getters for the first 2 events. I'll add all other events as they conclude. CHAPEEKO RUNS AWAY WITH IT THE TOP 3 IS ALL DIFFERENT FROM EVENT 1, BUT THERE ARE 3 REPEATS IN THE TOP 6 - VOTES MUCH MORE SPREAD OUT IN EVENT 2
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    AGAIN, the New York Heroes lose out in their quest for the Frosty Mug! CAN'T THEY EVEN CATCH A BREAK?!
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    Saints Updates Just fixing the colors. Titans A complete overhaul of their uniforms. Lions Just some housekeeping. Texans Some inspiration from the Oilers.
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    So my LA Kings redesign won the last competition over at HJC, so now I'm sending in another solid entry for the New York Islanders redesign competition. For this design, I modernized their main mark, and created a secondary patch that brings back their 4 stripe motif they've used to represent their 4 Stanley Cups. I fixed up their home and road uniforms a bit to look more bold, added a third "Brooklyn-ized" uniform, and a fourth uniform inspired by the city's former name of New Amsterdam. It's a fairly European look that wouldn't be out of place in Amsterdam. What are your thoughts?
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    I love that poster style. I wish Metra would do stuff like that for their lines but their aesthetic never left 1994 desktop publishing.
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    I'd be interested in something like the Belgian league myself. The description of it is strange, but I like it. That's just the way I am
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    Yeah, "Atlantic" is just a particularly unsuitable word. IIt's more adjective than noun, like when NFL Europe had teams from cities and then the "Scottish Claymores."
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    Can this contest gimmick get its own subsection?
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    Fun fact: I got the worst food poisoning of my entire life from that JR's during the absolute WORST date I've ever been on. It was still more fun than an actual Coyotes game, though!
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    @Gordie: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, that's sexy.
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    The only life to a throwback uniform is that Tom Coughlin is in the front office now. While it's possible with this guy, I don't see that being that a concrete reason or bit of evidence. Other than that, it's nothing more than a normal message board rumor. Jacksonville would be stupid to incorporate another new primary logo. 3 logos in 23 years? 2 logos in 5? If anyone with a branding mind is in the front office, that will not happen. (Of course it is Jacksonville, anything is possible with this franchise) I think you see the difference in the logos in most areas that just introduced new logos. It's pricey to buy new merchandise, especially to replace an entire wardrobe collected over the years. Are we really going to fault someone going to an LA Chargers game wearing a shirt with San Diego on the front? Excluding jerseys, I have three items with the new logo - 2 hats and a Nike shirt. I also live in central Alabama, so I'm out of the market, for what it matters. The old lawsuit logo is just a rarity in itself. Never seeing the field makes it something different, rare, and now coveted. It fits the "cool" bill of Bucco Bruce and other retro designs. I have only have one item with that logo - an old hat - and I was excited to get it. Again, having the two different real logos on the field (not at the same time, obviously) would be a bad idea. That's such a nightmare waiting. I honestly don't know if the NFL would even approve such a thing. If Jacksonville were smart, and this would be a lot of fun actually, they would do what they can legally to use the lawsuit logo and original design in a minor league-esque "What Could Have Been" game during the next anniversary season.That would get people excited about the odd history of the franchise, get a lot of people to even see the design and logo for the first time, and just be a fun game and story to tell. It wouldn't be any more obscure than another team wearing a 1920s design that didn't survive a full decade let alone the stretch from then to modern day.
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    Dallas Jackalopes The replacement of football with rugby has had the biggest effect on Dallas, who went from hosting "America's Team" to these scrubs. The Jackalopes have been around since 1973, but have managed to win exactly nothing in 44 years. The team has made the playoffs only twice, getting blown out both times, and has generally taken a place in the bottom of the standings. Dallas fans are notoriously fickle, and First Texas Bank Stadium often sits empty. The team has contemplated moving away from Big D for a while, but the team seems to have better days ahead. The Jackalopes have slowly developed a solid core of young players that, if managed correctly, could contend for the Schroeder Cup within 3 seasons. The fruits of this clever drafting have yet to appear, as Dallas is still rooted in last place of the USRU West. But as their rivals age, Dallas's key players will be entering their primes, and will look to leap back to the top of the standings. This concept is a little out of the box, but I think it's my favorite so far. I had difficulty settling on a color scheme, and experimented with light green, light blue, and even pink as a replacement for the orange. The Jackalopes are the only team in Premier Rugby to feature a logo on the socks, something they've done since the 80s.
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    Couldn't wait until Sunday huh?
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