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    Buddy, you about to get run up outta here for this one...
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    This is only more proof that they need to get rid of color rush and just do throwback Thursdays instead
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    Except their school colors are crimson and gray, not crimson and white. And they should always feature both of their colors prominently when playing their biggest rival.
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    I like the unusual sock and sleeve stripes on those sketches. It fits with the whole 1960's athletic aesthetic standard of "innovative, yet grounded in good taste." Given the University of Washington connection, I'm surprised that the Vikings never tried metallic gold trim instead of yellow. It probably wouldn't have looked as good as the yellow, but it'd be an interesting design.
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    A couple of pages of Pooh Bear jersey posts and people being fed up with the Blackhawks. That was pretty much it. With the Pens and Flyers, we just had this same matchup earlier this year, and they've both been in their fair share of outdoor games too. But if you want the discussion then here's a starting point: The Flyers should bring back the cooperalls and I'm fed up with the Penguins
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    Hey guys, just letting you know I'm still alive. Unfortunately computer problems have kept me from finishing the playoffs for the last few days. everything seems to be working now so I was able to finish the simulation. I'm hoping to finish the write up at some point today.
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    European NBA Store got Hawks Classic swingman already on sale, but this is still the only classic jersey that hasn't unveil yet
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    Considering Favre's history on Bourbon Street, how long until he ends up having a drunken bender at EPCOT's Beers Around The World?
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    Kings just posted this on their online store calling it the "Hyperlocal" basketball. I'm betting they will use this logo on the community uniform.
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    Try trying next time, Rangers.
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    Friendly PSA for hockey (or even football) fans: Yolk Yoke
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    Obviously, as a uniform nut and complete Viking homer, this article is fascinating to me, but I thought it would also be interesting to the community at large; http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21409647/the-full-story-how-viking-uniforms-came-minnesota Check out this original sketch from 1961; " Hubenthal's original design concept called for diagonally crossed stripes on the socks, evoking the leather straps or leggings worn by real Vikings. That seems like something Nike or Under Armour might come up with nowadays, but it was unheard of back in 1961. In addition, Hubenthal's original jersey design featured gold sleeve striping with a V-shaped pattern. That design element, along with the sock concept, didn't make it to the final on-field product." What interesting to me is that road uniform design, with the UCLA stripes. The Vikings didn't start wearing that until 68. Apparently, someone kept that in the back of their head for 7 years, before giving it a go.
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    The tweaks to the buffalo and sabers are really well done. It’s such a huge improvement over the current logo. I really hope they make this the primary next year.
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    Did you just completely ignore the “with their current sets” part of my comment?
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    2000 Playoffs Appearing in the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, the Dallas Desperados really did not expect to get very far. Dallas had finished 26 points behind their opponent, the Los Angeles Wizards, and even their own fans were just happy to be there. “Realistically, this team will be lucky to win a game” said analyst Kevin Williams. After dropping the first two games in Los Angeles, the Desperados did indeed earn their first playoff win in game three thanks to a big third-period goal from Kyle Clark in front of an excited sell-out crowd. In game four, AJ Vernon was the hero in overtime when he beat Jim Cochran from a tough angle to tie the series at 2-2. Heading back home, the Wizards now felt the pressure. “We just need to stick to our game and we’ll be fine” said Adam Lawless. Cochran’s shutout in game five was exactly the response needed for LA, as the Wizards now had a chance to take the series in Dallas. Game six was a tight one, with LA severely outplaying the Desperados through two periods, but goaltender Alexei Rolonov kept turning them away. Finally, rookie Antti Pulkkinen scored on a breakaway to give Dallas the lead. Rolonov continued to shut the door as the Desperados held on to force a game seven in Los Angeles. The Wizards once again stepped up their game in game seven, as Viktor Skogg scored twice in a 4-1 LA win. Despite losing the series, the Desperados had pushed the Wizards farther than anyone had anticipated, and in the process, created a buzz throughout the city. “I think what we accomplished here was huge for this franchise” said veteran Jeff Jones. Elsewhere in the Western Conference, the Kansas City Twisters had to overcome an early deficit against the Seattle Grey Wolves, but Brett Delaney turned in one of the most dominating performances ever in a playoff series, scoring 12 points in seven games as the Twisters outlasted Seattle in seven games, while Minnesota spoiled Milwaukee’s return to the post-season in six games, and Chicago defeated California in five to end the Nuggets’ time at the Golden State Coliseum. In the Eastern Conference, the New York Civics were a confident team entering their first-round matchup against Detroit, a team making their first playoff appearance since 1992. But the Mustangs quickly shattered that confidence with two big wins at Broadway House to take an unexpected 2-0 series lead. Back in Detroit, the Civics scored early in game three, only to give up three fast goals early in the third period as the Mustangs won the game 3-1 to take a chokehold on the series. “We didn’t expect to be in this position” said captain Aaron Duplacy. “No team has ever come back from 3-0 before but that doesn’t mean we can’t be the first one.” In game four, Duplacy backed up his words with a two-goal performance in a 2-1 New York victory to salvage the series. The Civics were still alive and had a chance to extend it to six when game five went to overtime. Through two extra periods in game five, goaltenders Jason Wyley and Jeff Pelton turned the contest into a goaltending duel. Early in the third overtime, Andrei Alexeev finally ended the marathon when he knocked in a rebound to complete the upset for Detroit. It was the first playoff series victory for the Mustangs since 1989. In other Eastern Conference action, Washington took six games to eliminate Carolina, Philadelphia upset Toronto in five games, while the defending champion Royale took out Pittsburgh in five games. After defeating the Racers in five games, The Redshirts moved on to face the Vincent Ducharme and the defending champion Montreal Royale. Powered by Brendan Carnes’ two goals, the Redshirts stunned the Royale in game one with a 3-2 victory. The Royale bounced back, however, taking games two and three before the Redshirts tied the series with a 4-3 overtime win in game four. The Royale suffered a devastating loss in game four, as Ducharme suffered a knee injury on a hit from Alex Leblanc. Though it was a clean hit, Montreal still hinted that they would go after Leblanc. Game five went into overtime once again, with Jared Baxter proving to be the hero for Philadelphia, giving them a 3-2 series lead and a chance to complete the upset at home in game six. With his team facing elimination in game six, Ducharme attempted to return to the lineup, but only played seven minutes before having to call it a night. Baxter, Leblanc, Jeff Waters, and Jonathan Stafford all scored while Ben Kerrigan made 49 saves in a 4-1 Philadelphia win to send the Redshirts to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the Washington Generals after the Generals defeated the Detroit Mustangs in six games. In the west, the Kansas City Twisters faced their Midwest rivals, the first-place Chicago Shamrocks. Kansas City went right to work, jumping to a 3-1 series lead after the first four games. With their season on the line in game five, Chicago made a change in net, swapping out Dan Pilford for rookie Jake Likens. Likens played admirably in goal but the Shamrocks once again could not come up with enough offence. The Twisters won 3-1 to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Lumberjacks faced the Los Angeles Wizards. Viktor Skogg suffered an concussion early in game one and the Wizards managed only four goals all series, as the Lumberjacks headed to the West final for the fourth time in five years. The Western Conference Finals would be a showdown for the ages, as the Kansas City Twisters met the Minnesota Lumberjacks. Minnesota, the favorites to win the series, took the first two games at home with Jason Crowley continuing his career year with four goals in the two games. In Kansas City, the Twisters also took advantage of home ice, winning game three in overtime, then taking game four in a 5-0 blowout. In game five, Brett Delaney was at it again for the Twisters, scoring a hat-trick while Jason Lind made 38 saves as the Twisters found themselves just one win from the Lewis Cup Finals. With their backs against the wall for game six, the Lumberjacks once again leaned on their captain. Crowley scored twice as Minnesota forced a game seven at home. Game seven was a classic. Lind and Christian Grayson both made save after save as the game remained scoreless after three periods. Late in the third, Jeremy Kitchen took a penalty, giving Minnesota a powerplay. Lind was forced to make nine big saves including a nearly impossible glove save on Brendan Marlo as the Twisters killed the penalty. The game went to double overtime, where Dave Mack, likely playing in his final PHL season, finally ended the game for Kansas City, sending them to the Lewis Cup Finals for the second time in franchise history. The Twisters would face the Washington Generals, who ended Philadelphia’s magical run in six games. Jake Borman was spectacular in net, while star forwards Igor Zharkov and Rob Wentzel carried the offence. It would be Washington’s second time in the Championship round in three years. “I think this team has grown up a lot and I think we’ll be ready for it this time” said Wentzel.
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    Since they're smartypants college boys, maybe they could be the Hannibal Lectors.
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    Lions/Vikings is a really nice looking game, and the Lions look spectacular. I love seeing these throwbacks back for Thanksgiving, it just looks right.
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    NBA: our season doesn't matter because only two teams are good NHL: our season doesn't matter because only two teams are bad
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    The AFL has a long history of playing on Thanksgiving. From 1946-1948, the Championship Game was played on Thanksgiving. Later as more teams were added to the league, the season went on longer and the thanksgiving game became a traditional matchup between the Chicago Lions and Milwaukee Chiefs. In 1990, the game began rotating yearly, so every team had a chance to have host a Thanksgiving Classic. The 2017 edition features the original Turked Day game matchup between Milwaukee and Chicago. This season, Milwaukee comes into the game with a 10-1 record and a prolific offense led by their All-Pro QB. The defense has been more than serviceable as well. Chicago opened the season with a pitiful 0-3 record but has won six of their last seven games to bring their record to a respectable 6-4. No matter what the records are coming into the matchup, the game between the Lions and Chiefs is always a good game.
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    Get the paper, scissors and glue ready kids, today we're gonna make a Rangers jersey!
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    This logo on the ball has flipped colors. It also has their current wordmark in those colors. I wonder if we will see that in some capacity on the uniform.
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    Chicago just got an old-school hip-hop station. They play "Lose Yourself" and "Yeah." I wanted to die.
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    Ah, the Blackhawks’ sweater isn’t that bad. 😉
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    Would like to see the Lakers go back to using the Whites on Sundays now that they can wear purple again, the whites are great but they really pop when we don't see them that often.
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    There. Is. Still. No. Jaguars. News. It’s fine if we talk about other things if that’s where the conversation goes.
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    Alright everyone. Getting ready to unveil the Dallas identity. I have it all set, so no name the team contest here (Mark Cuban picks the name). I am willing to hold a "guess the identity" contest over the next couple of days. Here are my hints to help guide your guesses: 1. The name does play on a major cultural influence in the area. 2. The name does not use an "old West" theme because of the conflict with the Cowboys, Houston Gamblers and San Antonio Outlaws. 3. The name does not reflect a local industry such as oil or cattle. So, what did Mark Cuban go with to both link with local culture, attract an audience that is perhaps distinct from the Cowboy fanbase, and provide an identity distinct from those of the 2 other USFL Texas franchises? (And Happy Thanksgiving everyone!)
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    Up next are my other favourite team, the Fremantle Dockers. The Dockers were established in 1994, and wore these monstrosities until 2010. Their current jumpers are purple and white, with three chevrons. Since there's already one team using chevrons as stripes, and one using three stripes, I made a compromise for this one, using the chevrons on the arms and three stripes on the hem. The away uses the same pattern and coloring as the home, creating a coloured upper shoulder area. C&C welcome. Next up: Join in the chorus.
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    I think they screwed it up by going with grey helmets and pants. Red/white/red would look worlds better and would flow better with the jersey.
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    I disagree. The pants stripes were clearly not designed to be worn with the same color jersey. When the white pants were worn with the purple jerseys and vice versa, the side panels from the jerseys seamlessly transitioned into the pants stripes. When worn monochrome, the stripes effectively had a random cutout in the middle.
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    Fascinating story. As another Viking fan, I'm not sure how interested the rest of us will be, but I thought this was really interesting and I knew none of it. It's really amazing that this one link to this history hung on the designer's wall for decades while the rest of the world had no idea. I'm glad the daughter ended up sharing it with the Vikings. Almost nobody had any idea that the University of Washington inspired the colors. And that the horns may (there seems to be no confirmation either way) have been inspired by a Rams fan.
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    Good lord those RBK Vikings jerseys were a mess.
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    Full uniform. I can't believe how good these look. This needs to be their new full time set.
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    "Take the field" Really?
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    I disagree. It IS a good matchup. Different strokes for different folks.
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    Lakers are in white on the road against Sacramento, who is in purple. It's the exact opposite of what it should be.
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    This means that three of four NFC North teams (Bears, Packers, and now Vikings) had their colors chosen on the basis of a college-connection at the outset of the franchise. Bears - Illinois (Halas) Packers - Notre Dame (Lambeau) Vikings - Washington (Rose)
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    New Sacramento RiverCats alternate cap. Considering I work directly with the SRFC Tower Bridge Battalion, I kind of have to get this.
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    Yes, I've been really busy with My new job (front office with the Kalamazoo Wings), so I haven't had much time.
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