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    These uniform reveal reaction videos will never stop being dumb.
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    Y'ALL. Both the Federals' and the blue/black/gold Caps/Wizards' color schemes absolutely have a connection to the city. What's an iconic symbol of the Federal Government? Green paper money! It's as Washington, D.C. as you could get. An incredible color scheme for the capital. What's an iconic symbol of the Federal Government? The Seal of the President of the United States! It's midnight blue and gold. Another incredible color scheme for the District. Also, the Nationals could get rid of the blue in their color scheme and it would be just fine. Because the flag of the District of Columbia. D.C. is obviously a good spot for a red/white/blue color scheme, but it isn't necessary. So many good options are available. Now, if you're team name is patriotic in a more flag-waving sense (76ers, Revolution, Patriots.duh) maybe red/white/blue is the best scheme.
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    I'd be pretty psyched if I showed up at work and there was like, a brand new chair waiting for me. I understand.
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    Missed this fantastic and truly remarkable pic in my original posts. Talk about serendipity. Along with those gorgeous uniforms, we have; Saints legend Danny Abramowicz, then a rookie; QB Gary Cuozzo, looking shell-shocked, hardly a surprise in those days of Saints ineptitude; Packers legends Paul Hornung (sporting a Sir Saint polo and cleats!) and Jim Taylor, both of whom signed in New Orleans, though Hornung never played due to a neck injury that forced his retirement; Taylor's helmet with the weirdly "early" w/b/w stripes (see first post on previous page) while Abramowicz and Cuozzo have the standard '67 b/w/b; and John Gilliam, who famously ran back the opening kickoff of the Saints' first regular season game for a TD. And finally, New Orleans music legend Al Hirt, in the background with his trumpet!
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    It's pretty amazing they're that jubilant about new decals on the helmet. I mean, it's 2017.
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    They're generally true emotion in real time. They're played out a little, but it's great to see kids genuinely excited for positive things.
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    I think it's absolutely asinine that the Penguins and Flyers are meeting again. It really shows the massive *censored* that Gary Bettman has for his *censored* *censored* *censored* Sidney Crosby. Anyway, I decided to come up with uniforms for this entirely unnecessary matchup, but instead of going with the goofy futuristic designs the NHL has been defecating out, I decided to go retro. What do you think?
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    It’s Adidas dude. Dumb things like this are, well... Kind of “their thing”.
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    The one about Jagr that jumped out to me was when they showed a flashback clip of him during a game and there were guys without helmets in the clip. I went and looked into it, and there was still a no-helmet player when Jagr was a 7 year NHL veteran
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    Stanford going with chrome silvers decals in the PAC-12 championship... I'm gonna be sick
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    I should've made my expansion bid character a torch-and-pitchfork salesman. Methinks they're getting a lot of business from PHL fans who want Byrdbrain to go.
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    Hey Everyone, I'm Back! I've been wanting to start a new concept series on here forever but I just haven't had the time. My schedule is starting slow down a bit so I thought i'd do a quick series for something I've never done before. Lacrosse. I love watching the NLL whenever TSN decided to air it and I've always thought that the jerseys in the league were great because they don't have as many rules or boundaries as say, the NFL. many designs in the league still look like they are out of the 90s and I hope they stay that way. Anyways, I've never really tried designing Lacrosse uniforms before but I am taking a shot at all of the current teams as well as the team from San Diego that is entering net season. Lets start with the Rochester Knighthawks
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    Hey - you know who was the only ticket in town, had an amazing fanbase, and was in a traditional hockey market? The Nova Scotia Claymores.
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    Washington's new G-League team will be the Capital City Go-Go.
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    To be fair, the actual colors of the Liberty Bell in colonial times were black, dark red/brown and gold before it aged...
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    USA got Group DNQ with Netherlands, Italy, and Chile. How does FIFA even allow such a powerful group? Aren’t the seeds supposed to prevent stuff like this?
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    I really like the look of these color-on-color games involving the Statement jerseys. I think the accessories being a secondary color helps the look and makes it feel a little less like NBA Color Rush. The biggest thing I'd change is some of the jerseys' front designs -- off the top of my head, especially the Clippers and Spurs.
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    Once again, two color on color games last night. In LA, the Clippers debuted their black Statement uniforms against the gold-clad Jazz: And in Portland, the Blazers debuted their red Statement uniforms against the black-clad Bucks: Even though my Blazers lost, I found myself really enjoying how the Statement uniforms looked on the court. The red and black looked really sharp, as did the five tonal stripes on the sash, and even though there was a slight legibility issue with the names and numbers, it wasn’t as big a deal as I had initially expected. I was a bit dissapointed they didn’t go with the matching red and black socks, however.
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    It could be worse, they could’ve decided to pair the white jerseys with the BFBS helmets and/or pants. Still really stupid, though.
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    The Lady Liberty set would work well if we had a 4 jersey rule in the NHL if they ever wanted to bring it back. (MY idea for a 4 jersey NHL: 62 games in the regular home/road sets, 20 games in which you wear your Home Alternate & your Road Alt for 10 games apiece. Seems like a fair schedule & an extra jersey = more sales) It's by no means a perfect set of jerseys, but the look isn't all bad. The logo is really nice & I like the addition of silver.
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    "Act like these new helmets are paychecks."
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    I hear Columbus Crew is due for a new shirt sponsor next year.
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    I loved this logo. It looks like a logo for an event you would watch on ESPN 8 or something like that. The placing was well deserved in a group of very good logos.
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    They looked like a desperate attempt to be modern in 1997. They looked dated almost immediately afterward.
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    Dangit man, how can Morgo always be so wrong about everything?!! He's a decent poster and all... but goddamn! The Rangers' existing jerseys (although they get the blue somewhat wrong) are in the upper echelons of NHL uniforms. Why mess with that? That 90's Rangers look is awful and it should be mothballed forever much like current New Englad Patriots uniform that it so closely resembles. I liked it as a kid, but its time has come & gone. Very few teams should have more than 2 jerseys, and the Rangers certainly shouldn't be one of them.
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    There's no dislike button so I have to express my disdain with words. I don't like this. Anything other than white pants with the Titans' current home jerseys is no good.
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    This logo was the worst thing to come out of an otherwise great alternative set. I loved the Liberty logo and would welcome a return as an alternative.
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    Yeah, you would. Personally, I love it when the Chicago Bears look as silly as possible.
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    Forget how the Sound are the buttfumble of the PHL, what genius thought New Orleans was ever going to be a viable hockey market? Oh wait! Darryl Byrd! Why You'd Have To Be Absolutely Bat$#!+ To Put Hockey in New Orleans: 1. The climate is far too warm and it almost never snows much less gets cold enough to skate on ponds. 2. New Orleans itself is a big enough city (~490,000 people in 1995 when the Sound moved) but there were only 1.3 million people living in the metropolitan area at that time. 3. The Sound would not have been the only ticket in town. The ONLY way this move could've possibly worked would be if the Sound were the first (or only) pro team in New Orleans. This was not the case apparently. 4. And finally, NHL tickets are usually the most expensive tickets on the market in sports. I don't think the PHL would be any different now or in 1995. And New Orleans has always had widespread poverty. The Sound were already dead before they left Halifax.
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    It reeks of the 2000s. Metallic chrome surfaces, slanted fonts, sharper edges, 3D'ing parts of the logo for the sake of 3D'ing stuff. I can't forget this one either. Spoiler tagged, in case you want to keep it blocked from your memory. But you can click if you want...
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    Got my first medal with this one, placing third. Kind of ironic since I was more confident about some of my other entries at first - plus I honestly thought there were a lot of great entries (some that I'm shocked didn't medal). Guess it's just a difference in taste. I'd tried multiple Peace Tower logos in the past (including a Peace Tower/maple leaf logo), but for some reason I'd never put 2 and 2 together and used the peace tower as part of the maple leaf. It finally clicked when I was doing sketches for this one, so I'm happy that this one worked out better. I may end up re-using it for a later concept series. After that, all it took was finding the right fonts and picking between some slightly different color schemes.
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    The devolution of the Stamps from a red and silver team that used a bit of black to a red and black team is truly sad.
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    1. Likely not until the 2001 off-season. The names and possibly wordmarks and colors will be ready this off-season, maybe the logo for one team, but I doubt I'll be able to finish them in time for 2000. The next post will be the newly relocated Oakland Nuggets new logo and uniform, and it's a pretty drastic change. That should be up by the end of this week. 2. Dallas may never change their logo, unless there's enough demand for it. Denver on the other hand will be one of a handful of teams to go retro by the late 2000s. The plan is for the Bulls to switch back to red and green and bring back a more modern version of the 70s and 80s logo. This will probably not happen for about a decade or so though. GM Doug Kelly is probably on borrowed time at this point. He has made some very questionable moves that have gotten this franchise in a very bad spot, most notably trading a first rounder for goaltender Ron Buckner, who retired two years later and never really did much in Denver. I think it would be cool to do some game covers, I just haven't found a way to work it into the story. Maybe I could create a page on the blog to include something like that. I might also be able to work the licensing into off-season news or something. we'll see what happens. That is the plan but it will take some time. Entering the 2000s, the navy Bulls are very much on trend right now, but the retro trend is coming. You will eventually see the Bulls back in red and green as well as some other familiar looks. New Orleans will almost certainly move at some point, but it won't happen as easily as you might think. The Sound could be the PHL's answer to the real-life Coyotes. Darryl Byrd is a stubborn man and is determined to make "his" markets work. The question will really be how long are the owners willing to put up with Byrd. A new commissioner would more than likely allow the Sound to leave for a stronger hockey market.
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    This is fantastic. My only critique is that you should make the ball white, like in the inspiration logo, or put laces on it. It gets really lost, in all the surrounding maroon.
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    TNN/Spike was great when they played the reruns of American Gladiators when i was in college in the early 2000s
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    Probably not since the only new information that we've got came from a single tweet about the teal jerseys vs. Seattle from some guy. Again, no one is going to be withholding or sitting on any information. People on this website will jump through hoops in their attempts to synthesize rumors and speculation about upcoming uniforms. If it isn't here, then it isn't anywhere.
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    Every Washington team does not have to use red, white, and blue.
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    For those who aren't aware, I'm dating a Coyotes fan. The awkward size and shape of their current logo actually keeps her from wearing her jersey, due to how it plays out on her short, buxom frame. Anyways, we were having a conversation about getting her one of the new jerseys, and she actually wants the Fanatics one, not Adidas. Her primary reasoning is that the more pliable logo will be more comfortable for her. Saving 50 buck is just a bonus. The conversation highlighted how much of a jersey snob both these boards and r/hockeyjerseys has turned me into. Yes, there actually is a market for the Fanatics jerseys. I just really wish it hadn't come at the expense of true authentics.
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    While I don't like the Bucks black jerseys that much, it was good to see a few guys wearing green accessories with that set. Made everything look much more balanced.
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    That's probably going to look really good. Maybe it becomes their new navy uniform? I tried it out on Madden.
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    Thanks for the input. I used a dark navy but I'll try something lighter for the background. I was trying to make it a bit different from nd or navy. I do have the initials on one logo. I will upload it as part of my revisions.
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    It's not just the NYR but the ugly modern lettering of it, plus the silver and the horribly updated primary logo. It never really worked for the Rangers.
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    AGREED. Those belong back in the 1990s. They finally have the look in the right direction. By going back to that, it is a MAJOR step backward
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    Fix the sleeveless part too. Just make it a black jersey. The Rockies' alternate black jersey in 1993 was a thousand times better than what they wear now.
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    I think Colorado has one of the best jerseys in MLB But they also have the worst!
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    A Minor League team went with the more appropriate name? What sorcery is this? Glad to hear the Mariners name coming back. Excited to see what they will come up with for their logo
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