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    Just now seeing the new Washington G-League team name, but imagine this; when they play Memphis' team it will be Hustle vs Go-Go.
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    Somebody should come up with a place to catalog Sports Logos on the Net. I bet they'd be a kajillionaire. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/059vdba8xygvqj6shc0h65zxt/Houston_Astros/2000/Stadium_Logo
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    Dallas Desperados and Atlanta Threshers stand out to me, and a little bit of Choppers and Avalanche. New Orleans and Coyotes, both completely stupid relocations that ruined both franchises. Probably a lot more when it comes to the original teams, but those three are pretty obvious
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    I am very surprised that the "City" uniforms haven't dropped yet...
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    The '90s ended. That's about it.
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    @soflo_sports This is one of the most underrated concept threads on the board IMO. Time and time again you deliver with flawless logos and kits. Each kit is better than the last. I have followed this from a far for a while, checking it out but not commenting. You deserve loads of credit. I think the break maybe took some eyes off the thread, but you have done a great job. Once again, everything looks fabulous. Keep it up! I look forward to the next installment.
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    This is what conversion therapy is for.
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    Heat should go back to this logo:
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    Yeah, to be honest, I was kinda relieved that the Frost won just because I didn't want history to start with a three-peat. The Expansion Council will be starting up soon, but I realized I should probably make sure enough people are interested before I jump into it (I figure most of you probably will be, but it never hurts to make sure). Like or reply to this post if you would like to participate. Yes, that name was in fact Matsuѕhita. That's really annoying, and I'm going to see if using "small roman numeral one" instead of "latin small letter i" (or some other substitute if I can find a better one) will subvert the censor there. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Croatia's away may be kit of the tournament.
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    Why don't they just relocate Vegas now and save themselves the trouble in 7 years. Also- if anyone had to move east, wouldn't Nashville be the logical choice?
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    As many here know, I've always much preferred the Saints' original shade of gold over the near-beige they wear now. I've thought about a '67 jersey for years now and finally pulled the trigger. The original gold shows well in this pic of Gary Cuozzo, former Packers RB Jim Taylor, and Coach Tom Fears (HOF WR for the Rams) from their first training camp. Note that the helmets don't even have the full striping yet. The company I went with, Tailgating Jerseys, did a pretty sweet job of replicating that look. I chose #23, originally worn in NO by former Bears DB Dave "Weasel" Whitsell from 1967-69. He was supposedly washed up when he went to the Saints at age 31. Well, not quite yet as it turns out; he became the Saints' first All-Pro in '67 after intercepting 10 passes (remember, that was a 14-game season), a Saints record that still stands today. Here's a gif of a couple of his steals. The second play has a good look at the jersey I was shooting for. My numbers are a little off, but that's my fault, as I approved them before noticing that only the black '67 jersey had the extra-wide number outlines. But the colors are good, the material is heavy, the construction is very solid, and all in all, for $129 shipped I'm very happy with it. I chose #23 in Whitsell's honor and for the long line of exceptional Saints who have worn it, from bruising FBs Lorenzo Neal and Buford Jordan to the absolutely legendary and underrated Pierre Thomas to rising star Marshon Lattimore. The new game-day gear debuted in Week 11 and instantly earned a starting role when the Saints rallied to beat Washington. Alas, it fell to 1-1 with last week's debacle in LA. We'll see how it's mojo does down the stretch.
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    Yeah, the original "T" has always bugged the heck out of me.
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    I dunno. There could be a lot of good (or at least interesting) combos created.
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    You missed the best part; a raccoon playing... golf? The eyes on their new cap logo glow in the dark.
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    They would be. It wouldn't be a horrible choice, as they'd actually save money on travel, overall. Still, with most hockey games being played at 7, local time, the bulk of their away games suddenly being at 6 pm is less than ideal. Could it work, if it had to? Sure, but a central time zone team in the eastern conference isn't a great fit.
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    I don't get it. They're still just Nike uniforms. Why the hell should anybody care if they swap out the usual swoosh for a different logo? Good Lord, people can get themselves excited over the stupidest stuff.
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    If the dolphins go back to the old look who wants to see them with an aqua face mask? That’s probably why there wearing throwbacks the last two home games cause there going back to that look
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    Kind of dumb reasoning to attribute a loss to. Based on that logic, Seattle should focus on their play instead of uniforms because they've lost 4 games this season, which is more than Philly.
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    I love when lurkers are such long-time lurkers they know that other long-time lurkers who have stopped lurking refer to themselves as long-time lurkers
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    Here's the one the company sent me when it was finished. I goofed and ordered a size too big, and as noted previously, the shape of the numbers and the outlines aren't quite right, but I've accepted that no one other than me and CCSLC members will notice or care so I'm very happy with it. I've looked at a LOT of number fonts without finding an exact match to their '67-'68 numbers. It's block, but elongated, more narrow and tall that standard block. Back numbers on on mine are closer. Colors are a better match than it appears in this comparison, I think because of the light in the company pic. My '67 jersey Real '67 jersey
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    Interesting take. My question would be are exclusivity and accessibility truly opposites? Can’t you position your brand as “exclusive” to outsiders but “accessible” to those inside it... basically, just be hipster-culture answer for racing. From the outside at least, it’s a niche form of racing (at least here in the USA), that the initial bar to become invested in F1 is much higher than its racing competitors. However, once that initial bar is cleared, those customers should feel included, welcomed, and given access. That feels like a solid strategy.
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