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    For those without Madden, this is what that looks like.
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    I’ve seen you claim clear falsehoods (“no one in the 80s wore diagonal stripes/had triangle shoulder yokes!”). I don’t say this to claim you’re deliberately trying to lie because I don’t think you’re doing that. I think you’re passionate about what you like, and in your haste you tried to upsell how “fresh” the Panthers’ innagural set was. You forgot about some earlier 80s looks, and then you tried to backpeddle without admitting you goofed. I say this to echo what andrewharrington and ColeJ have each said. Stop approaching every. G-ddamned. Thread. Looking. For. A. Fight. Stop assuming everyone who likes the Sabres in royal and gold or the Senators’ Heritage logo is out to personally wage war against what you like. I mean come on, man. This was a Panthers discussion and when enough people said they didn’t agree with you on that team’s look? You brought the Sabres and Sens’ retro looks into it, spewing barely restrained contempt at anyone who dared like both those retro looks along with the current Panthers set. Or how an unrelated discussion about the Blackhawks’ throwback logos turned into you chiding andrewharrington for not liking a known con-artist’s Sabres concept from over ten years ago? Good G-d man. Just stop. Stop making every discussion a confrontation. I mean it. Long time forum members know I had a habit of doing that before. I still get drawn into that habit now and then, but you know why I make a conscious effort to keep it in check? It’s exhausting and it alienates everyone. So take it from someone who’s been there. No one’s your “uniform enemy” here. Here’s a not-really secret. I like the Panthers’ innagural set. I like the logos, the colours work. It’s a good looking uniform. That said? I also like what they wear now. You seem to think it’s a “one or the other” thing and it’s not. Both looks work. It doesn’t lessen my opinion of one to say the other looks good. To ColeJ’s bigger point? It’s not like the Panthers said “we’re dropping the Edge look, it’s either this new design or the innagural set.” In all likelihood? The innagural set was never considered. From day one they knew what they wanted and worked with Reebok/Adidas accordingly. And what they wanted wasn’t the innagural look. So why bother trying to make this “current look vs innagural look” when that was never a choice the team was making?
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    I really do hope that the current Ram head survives the rebrand. It's a great rendering, it hasn't aged, and, selfishly, I don't want my jacket to be outdated.
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    The Celtics just need to leave the parquet pattern on the floor where it belongs and make their City edition the original St. Pats Day uniforms: And then if Nike’s insists on changing the City editions every year, go with something based on the old warmups:
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    Even though the AFL never aired on CBS, Wouldn't it be fun if they went with a throwback-style broadcast to go along with this game?
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    That’s the difference in the Jazz, for example, having a creative director (Ben Barnes) who’s quite passionate about sports design (and a veteran of these message boards). I guarantee you not every team has a person like that in charge of their brand, if they have even someone in that role.
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    Just adding an example of what I meant...
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    I'm just saying it's a reason, not that it's the mic drop or anything. The real mic drop would be how awesome that shade of blue is and the fact that nobody else in the league uses anything even remotely close.
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    2505 Season Season Recap The 2505 season was arguably the wildest season in its young history, as there were three teams racing toward the two Galactic Series spots right down to the last few days. For most of the season, the Mars Warriors were hovering around third place until the home stretch of the season, where they skyrocketed past the Earth Astronauts and the Mercury Mets to the regular season title. All three teams were separated by just two games. Over the final 60 games, the Warriors went 43-17 and 7-3 in the last 10 games to sneak past the Astronauts. Both the Astronauts and Mets had a strong first half at around 20 games above .500, but had a mediocre second half where they were barely over .500. Warriors third baseman Peter Dierauer, who won the batting title by hitting at a clip of .383, led the team to their first regular season title. Outfielder Miguel Medrano also had an outstanding season, batting .356, 32 homers, and drove in 133 runs, all in top three of the league. The Astronauts’ outfielder Luke Tasler set career highs with 40 homers, 135 RBIs, and slugging .635 while serving as the cleanup hitter. As a team, the Astronauts led the league with 209 homers. Their starting pitching struggled a little, as their starter ERA didn’t finish in the top half of the league. The Mets were hurt immensely by the loss of their star outfielder Xie-li Shui, who got injured with a ruptured tendon in his finger. He had 32 homers and 105 RBIs at the time when he left in his 114th game of the season. There’s a reason why he was a five-time MVP. There were rumors swirling around the solar system that several higher-ups in the Luna Apollos and Ceres Belters front offices may be on their way out due to their unchanged positions in the standings the last few years. The Venus Sparrows’ rebuilding plans were taking longer than they though, as they finished last once again. Binya Omoto did lead the league in stolen bases with 54. Galactic Series VI There seems to be a thing for repeat Galactic Series winners. The Mars Warriors defended their 2504 title by winning this year’s Galactic Series four games to one over the Earth Astronauts. In Ares City on Mars, the Warriors took the first game behind Dan Askeland’s clutch two-out, two-run double. The Astronauts rebounded in Game 2 where they scored two runs in the top of the ninth inning to tie the series. Moving to Houston, Texas on Earth, Mars essentially became road Warriors (sorry for the terrible pun) and won three straight games to clinch the title. In Game 3, the game lasted 17 innings until Jon McShan and Mark Kantola hit key sacrifice flies in the 17th inning. The Warriors also have a thing for big innings, as they scored eight runs in the 1st inning in Game 4 and seven runs in the fourth inning in Game 5. Warriors reliever Alex Hart pitched four scoreless innings to pick up the save to clinch the series. The series MVP was the Warriors’ rookie first baseman, Josh McBride, who is just 19 years old. He slashed a line of .370/.393/.630 and led the team with 10 hits. Awards Reliever of the Year RP Jerrod Pickens, Mercury Rookie of the Year 1B Josh McBride, Mars Manager of the Year MG John Arvizo, Mars Pitcher of the Year SP Jeremy Winters, Ceres Most Valuable Player OF Luke Tasler, Earth The MVP was down between Tasler and Miguel Medrano of the Warriors, in the closest MVP vote in history of SLB. Tasler batted .339 with 188 hits, 38 doubles, 3 triples, 40 homers and 135 RBIs, while collecting a WAR of 6.8. Medrano batted .356 with 204 hits, 50 doubles, 4 triples, 32 homers, and 133 RBIs, while getting a WAR of 6.2. Tasler had quite plenty of 1st and 2nd places votes, whereas Medrano actually had more 1st place votes. He had just 1-2 too many 3rd place votes to pull him down a little bit. All-Solar Team C. Matt Bradbury, Venus 1B. Dylan Nulph, Mars 2B. Ryan Peterson, Mercury 3B. Jonny Furman, Earth SS. Zack Dobson, Earth OF. Jim Jackson, Luna OF. Luke Tasler, Earth OF. Miguel Medrano, Mars UT. Josh McBride, Mars SP. Jeremy Winters, Ceres SP. Ricardo Medina, Mars RP. Jerrod Pickens, Mercury RoughRiders99’s Notes/Disclaimer Due to popular demand, I've included three uniforms set for the most successful teams of SLB so far, the Earth Astronauts, Mercury Mets and the Warriors! As I mentioned in the original post of this thread, I'm basing a lot of the logos and uniforms set on already established teams. You can view the original stuff in the links below. In an upcoming post, I'll be doing a recap of the 2506 season and post the Luna, Venus, and Ceres uniform sets as well. In the post after that, I'll be starting the expansion talks! Thanks for reading and your support! Uniforms based on the Houston Astros Uniforms based on the Pittsburgh Pirates Uniforms based on the Arkansas Razorbacks
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    I thought Kathy Giess was next in line for the Raiders.
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    I've been experimenting with a few things to improve this set: 1) re-injecting red into the color palette 2) switching to a truer shade of gold 3) introducing a new wordmark and numerals script So far, I'm liking the results. The color palette actually reminds me of the Allen Iverson-era Sixers, though obviously without as much white and no blue nor silver entirely. The original typeface doesn't quite feel cut out for a basketball jersey the more I look at it, but this particular script has enough character to belong. It actually comes from the city's official tourism site if I'm not mistaken. I laid out color schemes for the remaining Association, Icon, and City Edition jerseys, and I may still tweak the side panels a bit, but barring any significant changes here's the updated template with which I plan to move forward... New Orleans Pelicans Statement Edition Jersey Is this a step in the right direction in terms of color, typeface, etc.? Please let me know your thoughts....thanks!
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    I'm back again folks! And I dare say, I'm fairly proud of this next team revamp I'm going to show you. Say hello to the Northmen! I figured the name sounded more interesting than the Yetis. Just a little update, once I finish this project (hopefully ) I'm planning to release a completed formatted package for download of all the logos that will automatically replace the old ones if you have any of the Madden 04-08 games (for PC). This package will include premade endzones, helmets, slivers, main logo, and midfield files. All you have to do is put the files in the correct locations, and the old logo sets will be replaced with the new ones. Let me know if you're interested in having it when I'm done!
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    Well maybe they don't think it's cursed because the first game was against the Seahawks which is a fine loss and this week the Rams are resting so they actually might be trying to lose so that's why they could still wear throwbacks during the wild card round
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    You would think they would ditch the navy pants especially since they have been losing while wearing them.But what do I know.Just a uniform junkie.
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    These will go fast...to the incinerator.
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    The first team from the East East Conference is Swan Wharf from Hackney Wick.
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    Man boobs AND tire treads. Adidas makin' money moves.
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