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    I wanted to take another look at my Vikings concept and landed on getting rid of the outdated mustache and going towards the ever-so-trendy beard.
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    Yeah, a Chiefs/Vikings match up would look good either way but THIS would be awesome...
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    The Ducks are way too high. While Anaheim's color scheme was unique, the hem stripes should've been straight across... not diagonal. I hated how unbalanced it made the entire uniform look. The logo was also a product of it's time.
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    While I understand why the igloo elephant is polarizing, I disagree that it's an awful logo when it captures the geometric, language-neutral design of Trudeau-era Quebec (see also: Expos, NFB). It's not unfair to say the Nordiques were a product of their time, inasmuch as they're sadly not here in our time.
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    Yeah, it can't be stressed enough that even the general public is annoyed by the Rams' uniform decisions. They don't need to know the why and how of it, just that it's bad and that it shouldn't be this hard to look like the Rams. I don't think a botched uniform has had this kind of mainstream penetration before.
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    Every Winnipeg Jets uniform aside from the current set (which is quite nice) sucks.
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    Shows how much the steel industry has weakened in the past 60 years - that logo was recognizable by most Americans back when the Steelers logo was created in the 60's. I'm glad the Steelers are keeping it in the public conscious though.
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    It’s got a pointed top (the only letter with that characteristic), it was intentionally left open at the bottom, and it’s interlocked with another letter. I think there are some construction issues with that part, but I saw it as an ACFC monogram without question. The A and C at the corners are just support to make it read more like a card. Personally, I’d have probably gone for a solid spade in the center with the FC knocked out to avoid confusing the read, but I’d bet they used a monogram in the center to have an icon that can be used outside the card. A valid question: why is the A/spade purple and the C black. I think it should have been the other way around given that the spade is always black in an American deck of cards.
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    This somehow gets lost/ignored around here. The Rams have had multiple opportunities to change to the classic colors, and could change any year they want going forward; they've had this uniform set forever. The only reason they continue to look bad is because they want their moment of glory in their now-delayed new stadium.
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    Looks like I stumbled upon the produce section of the boards. How enlightening. Great concept btw, right choice in colors. The Ducks jersey is working for me especially.
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    No, the fans need to complain to the team for making the change knowing full well that the league rules would prevent them from looking good. I feel like this gets said too much around here, but I can't believe someone from the team green lighted that look. Someone needs to lose a job for this, unless the owner personally signed-off on it.
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    Speaking of complaining, Boston sports fans citing the fcuking Ideal Gas Law to exonerate Brady from Deflategate forever has to be the most Boston sports complaint of all time. That couldn't have been anyone anywhere else! It was the Eldritch Abomination child of Car Talk and WEEI, without a doubt one of the most infuriating events in the history of North American sports.
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    @Dan O'Mac @B-Rich Sorry I accidentally mixed up the names of the fruits... didn't realize it was that big of a problem
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    I just had as close to authentic Chicago style pizza as you’ll find in Tampa. I have nothing to add, but I just wanted to say it’s delicious.
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    The yellow would look terrible, and would be 3 distinctly different uniform pieces worn at the same time. Terrible. Last years whites are history. They will more than likely be in white over white, their home unifor of this season.
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    By that logic, though, Nike would have made Christmas jerseys.
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    The Canadiens should have beat out the Blackhawks for the top spot, but I can deal with the Blackhawks winning it. It’s the next one after the Habs’ set, in my opinion. The Golden Knights have a great look but they don’t belong in a discussion about the greatest NHL uniforms of all time. Sorry.
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    I know this won't exactly fly with some of the board vets, but I'll throw this in as my personal perfect matchup: I really don't like the Jags current unis at all, but seeing them in a Super Bowl would be a masterpiece to my eyes in any case. If they were miraculously allowed to bend the rules and wear teal, ohhhh baby! Bright colors look good for the Super Bowl, imo. I've personally always been partial to the 90's glory that is the teal and purple color scheme. Can't say particularly why, but I just can't get enough of it. Putting the Jags in any ideal matchup scenario is pretty controversial and I understand how a lot of folks would want to avoid this for general aesthetic reasons, but that won't keep me from keeping my fingers crossed.
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    I like sports uniforms. So I enjoy seeing more of them. Are some terrible? Yep. Are some off-brand? Yep. But how boring would these boards be if everyone was like the Yankees and Canadiens? What the hell would people with this interest talk about? Give me more alternates. Give me throwbacks and fauxbacks. Give me crazy designs and weird concepts and experiments. GIVE ME MORE UNIFORMS TO LOVE AND HATE AND ARGUE ABOUT BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT'S FUN ABOUT LIKING SPORTS UNIFORMS.
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    Combined it reads as Minneapolis, Minnesota. Oddly cool.
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    I happen to like the one-helmet rule. It's a "first line of defense" against CFB-style craziness.
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    Oh, vastly superior. Red has never been a good base color for the Red Sox. Undershirts, hats, jerseys, jackets, they all look bad in red.
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