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    There were no major design changes during the 1988 AFA offseason, however four teams did adopt the relatively new, shorter-sleeved jersey. Cleveland, Houston, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis will all make the change. This is the first time that a cold-weather team has made the move. Before I post the new jerseys, I want to comment on a couple things that I've done differently. Displaying the TV numbers has been a challenge on a 2D template. If I make them the appropriate size, they sometimes interfere with other elements of the uniform. This is particularly a problem when they are located on the shoulder, and they get in the way of the NOB, which has resulted in me displaying NOB's in a font that is far too small. To solve this problem, I will, from this point forward, scale TV numbers to 2/3 of their original size on the horizontal axis to create a foreshortening effect. So, if the sleeve or shoulder numbers look odd from this point forward - that is why. I also wanted to note that Pittburgh's black is much lighter than the previous design. This does not reflect a change by the team, just a change in how I'm displaying them. I've found that when looking at my designs on screens with low brightness levels, dark colors all turn black and blend into the outline of the template. By lightening the shade that I use to represent black uniforms, this effect isn't so bad. It looks a bit odd when viewed with brightness on high, but that seems like a price worth paying - "that looks kind of weird/washed out" is better than "I can't see anything/this is just a black blob." Here are the new uniforms. None of them made any changes at all, other than the shorter sleeves, but if you want to compare it to their old look, clicking the team name will take you there. Cleveland Ghosts Houston Hurricanes Pittsburgh Miners St. Louis Aces
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    "Championship" without a modifier implies the big one at the end. Referring to winning the AL West twice as "two championships" is kind of a bad-faith argument, even if the accomplishment is nothing to sneeze at.
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    They will. It’s only a matter of time (and if they continue to win). It’s a shame the Rams didn’t win last night, because the crowd was ready to explode at any moment. The whole stadium was ready give the Rams everything we had. Never been apart of something like that before. It was incredible. And even around the city in general, leading up to the game, LA was ready to really support the Rams. It sucks the we’re such front runner fans as a sports city, but it is what it is. As a side note: the overwhelming color of choice among Rams fans yesterday at the Coliseum were royal and yellow. Easily 75-80% of those in attendance had either the royal and yellow throwback jerseys or merchandise.
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    Can he play defense?
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    The problem with their old look wasn't necessarily that it was bad, rather that it was no longer unique. It used to be every brand in the yogurt aisle looked like Yoplait, then Chobani came along. Because of their dominance in the category, you look at the yogurt shelf and everything looks like Chobani. Other brands, and especially private label brands, mimicked them. This change allows them to stand out again. The off-white color and softer word mark take them from a cold, modern feeling brand to something much more natural and nostalgic, which feels much more aligned with who they want to be. Props to them for breaking out of the expected.
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    Teal needs a rebrand. Maybe switch to Black for a few months, then go back to Teal. If, of course, you can go back from Black, which I've heard you can never do.
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    OK, Here are my thoughts on Wild Card Weekend: Titans-Chiefs- Tennessee is incredibly lucky. Forget the Mariota TD deflection pass, the Chiefs going full Chief. How they somehow managed to beat out the Ravens/Chargers (teams with positive point differentials) with a NEGATIVE point differential. Seriously, I can't think of anything about the TItans to be excited about. Mariota is basically Jon Kitna with a good PR staff, Derrick Henry apparently only runs well in the 4th quarter. And MIKE. MULARKEY. Worst coach to ever win a playoff game IMO. I cannot believe the football gods did this AGAIN to the Chiefs and yet decided 'Hey, let's smile on Mike Mularkey and a painfully average team.' Mariota is stuck with him again. At halftime, he was gone. Now, he staved off the execution of unemployment. We all lose here. Falcons-Rams- Frustrating. The Rams were a joy to watch all season, the Falcons were joyless and not fun to watch all season. SO OF COURSE the football gods reward the team that quite frankly looked sluggish most of the year. The Falcons quite frankly can't keep relying on a geezer kicker and a no-name defense. They still keep winning in spite of Matt Ryan. Bills-Jaguars- Jags defense is better. Their coach went for it on 4th down. Buffalo's kicked a FG. How much you think Buffalo wishes tiebreakers had sent them to Arrowhead? I still think Buffalo is better than the Tennessee Luckboxes. Panthers-Saints: Seriously, how much do you think Carolina wishes they were playing the Rams? If the Buccaneeers don't hit that late TD in week 17, the Panthers are playing at the LA Coliseum instead of the Superdome. Titans-Patriots.... oh god. This is the type of game where you just wish they went back to the old days and the Saturday divisional playoff games were at 12/3:30. This is a waste of a primetime timeslots. Patriots Saturday night divisional primetime games are especially lopsided. Falcons..... after all the talk about NFC UNPREDICTABILITY and PARITY and WIDE OPEN CONFERENCE, I think Atlanta winning again would quite frankly be a letdown. The last thing I want to see is a SB rematch? A worse Falcons team with SARK against the Pats again? No thanks. Then again, given how this has been an NFL season that has been so wracked with turmoil and injuries and officiating BS, perhaps a SB rematch might be what this mostly joyless season truly deserves.
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    Sorry for the late post, but... I love these. The two-tone red is very unique and I do think it is better than a red/gold color scheme. Nice work.
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    Assuming the Disney purchase of 20th Century Fox is a done deal, it would be nice to have localized editions of Sports Center on most of the former Baby Foxes. Or perhaps the regional channels that carry MLB teams can integrate the Baseball Tonight music, and maybe bring back the National Hockey Night theme for NHL broadcasts.
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    It's the one true way, sorry
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    God I miss those uniforms, logo too. What a great set. It's a shame 2 of the best looks of all time in the Whalers and Oilers are no more
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    I found the perfect uniform for the Titans to adopt, minus the logo....
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    Big Bingo right here. It’s wild how often people on these boards assume that the general public or even the people in the business itself care about or covet sporting aesthetics as much as they do or in the same fashion as they do. There are some folks here who will throw around statements such as “EVERYBODY wants this!” and “It’s a no-brainer!” when really all they are referring is their own aesthetical preferences and, often, nostalgia. It cannot be stated enough that our obsession is kind of strange (I don’t think I could ever bring myself to show it around even my closest colleagues). The people who truly care enough are all right smack here.
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    Again, a player can wear a different helmet every game if the choice to do so is voluntary. The goal is to minimize *unnecessary* situations in which a player is *forced* to wear a different helmet. Moving to a new team qualifies as a necessary situation. A damaged helmet qualifies as a necessary situation.
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    Well, we're still waiting for the Saints overhaul that somebody was on here swearing about years ago, and of course, Dallas' chrome helmets.
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    I think the Titans should embrace the light blue without copying the Oilers look. I think too much red would kill the overall look.
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    Chiefs/Jags, paint the damn endzones!!!!!!!! It's the playoffs, for crikes sake.
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    I think the point trying to be made is we understand your eagerness, because we're all eager to know. But, you'll know when we know or we'll know when you know and eventually we'll know here. The annoyance though comes when you ask the same question every 2-3 pages. Obviously things haven't changed if you haven't heard or seen anything. Patience young grasshopper.
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    Interesting concept to your ideas, but I like it! Nice job on Lyon and Betis. Who thought you could make a nice looking design based off of underwear and socks!
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    MAINE I saw few Maine football uniform concepts that were heavily influenced by their hockey uniforms, and this will add to that collection. However, this version doesn't have contrasting shoulder yoke, so that the design would suit to a Nike template. By the way, I love the design of their New Balance uniforms, but I decided on going with the hockey route. I also brought back the Maine script logo, which suits better than the primary logo or the "M".
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    Alright I'm gonna go ahead and post the next two teams: one that just missed the playoffs, and one that just snuck in... First up being the Ravens! Logos -Much like in @bkknight95's series, I don't really understand why the Ravens use gold. It really goes against the whole Edgar Allan Poe, dreary, dark vibe. So I also decided to replace it with red, to make a more menacing set and also have a unique color scheme. The only time gold is really used beyond the secondary logo is for the Color Rush, where it is used to embrace Maryland's flag. Uniforms -The Ravens uniforms are pretty simple, so I wasn't sure what I could incorporate design-wise for them. My idea was to do a subliminal form of the Baltimore flag pattern, using alternating colors to make the sleeves and pants shimmer sort of like raven feathers. -In that same sense, the black helmet also has the effect the old Jaguars helmet had of a teal shimmer, but with purple instead. This is pretty much impossible to render in Paint haha, but I did the best I could. -Although I normally don't like monochrome, for some reason I think it really works for the Ravens, both home and away. Obviously they can switch it up at times (maybe wearing black pants occasionally home & away) but I would keep them mostly in monochrome. It seems sharp and fierce, which I think fits the Ravens. -The Color Rush unabashedly takes pride in the famous Maryland flag, embracing the gold and red and incorporating the flag into the sleeve stripes and pants. Now here are the Buffalo Bills! Logos -The Bills most recent redesign went back to a more traditional look, which is something I can't object to. The only change you'll really see is that all of the single-colored elements of the set (i.e. no outlines) will be colored red, to emulate the Bills "streak" in the primary logo and add a little boldness. Uniforms -Overall all I could do with the Bills set is to focus on striping consistency, I made the center stripe on everything red and then worked from there. -The helmet stripe grows towards the back much like the primary logo. -The Color Rush embraces the red. I almost made the facemask red too, but left it blue just to balance it out a little bit. Let me know what you guys think!
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    My list of things a new XFL-UFL League could do to be more attractive: TEAMS & LEAGUE 1) Play in the Spring. April through June gives you 10 week season and 2 weeks of playoffs (assuming an 8 team league) 2) Play in non-nfl cities with at most one team between mlb/nba/nhl to contend with. Cities like these seem a good option: Portland, Louisville, Omaha, Columbus, Raleigh, Orlando, Sacramento, San Diego, San Antonio. Tulsa, Memphis, Birmingham, Boise. 3) Don't let McMahon set the mood. Keep the hyper-masculine "Hitmen", "Maniax" crap away from the league, opting for a tone that stays on the safe side of "XTREME!!!!". 4) Be honest about D-league nature of the league, in the way contracts are written, players are promoted, etc. 5) Keep from the XFL the "winner gets paid more" motivation. 6) Give teams at least 6 weeks of camp/scrimmage before the season starts. Poor play by teams with no cohesiveness killed the XFL on opening night. 7) Get legitimate coaches who understand their role to develop talent and build teams with fluid rosters after each season. Guarantee them at least 3 years to build without fear of firing. 8) Keep ticket prices low. 9) Whenever possible play in MLS or smaller college stadiums in the 20-35k range. Avoid putting teams in huge stadiums where the stands will look empty. Avoid baseball stadiums too, the seating is always horrible. RULES 1) Eliminate all kickoffs. Home team gets the ball at the 25 to start 1st half, road team 2nd half. After a TD other team gets the ball at their 25, after a FG at their 30 (to incentivize TD's over FG's) Cointosses are pointless, why not just have a regular rule about who gets the ball when (like soccer, baseball) and then the kickoff can be eliminated (high injury rate) 2) Eliminate the kneel down play. Make it a penalty to run a play that does not intend to gain yardage (except the spike to stop the clock). Force teams to play until the end, giving the defense a chance for a miracle last second play. 3) Use some college rules, particularly for Pass Interference and possession/down (touch the ground you are down, one foot in bounds is a catch.) 4) Tighten up fumble and completion rules so they are obvious. 5) replace "cross the plain" with a rugby style "ball must be touched to the ground within the endzone" rule. 6) Allow for more contact between DB and WR/TE, just no grabbing, holding or tackling before the catch. 7) Eliminate the "go for the hit" tackling that so many players, especially Safeties, seem to attempt. Require that all hits be an attempt to tackle, to wrap up and bring to the ground, not to hit as hard as you can to force a fumble. Too many injuries come from defensive players trying to clock a receiver instead of trying to wrap them up. Just a few ideas I would implement in an upstart league.
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