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    When are the Clippers going to bust out the LA Knights jerseys?
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    I'm getting a Terminator vibe from this.
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    How about if it's so subtle only a small handful of uni-nerds even noticed?
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    I'm so tired of the Hickory gimmick. It was cute for like a season or so. Three straight seasons (and two different jersey sets!) is too much.
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    Still a better logo and uniform than the current Clippers.
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    @SabresRule7361 Stop it. Just...just stop it. Your constant whining makes it a chore to have to read through every Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, and National Championship thread. So just stop. Stop whining. You’re creating a negative experience for many a CCSLC user. EDIT- and should you consider ignoring this, like you do with every other post that calls you out? Consider this a warning from a mod. Ignoring it will force us to consider further disciplinary actions. Thank you for your expected cooperation.
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    Yeah, I came to say that. I was at the game as well. LA fans have made their choice, and it's blue and yellow. It's not even close.
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    It's not even a throwback. They aren't even the same team!
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    EDIT: A gif of all teams: I've posted two of these already, and I've got a few more. Instead of making a new thread for each of these I'll transition to one thread for all of them. Of course, I'd love C&C for all of this. Chicago Bears Indianapolis Colts Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
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    The main argument is you can't throw around words like "championship" and "title" without the division and league modifiers. By themselves, the words imply WS wins. Division championships are great if you only win them every 10 years or aren't expected to win them. But the Dodgers have won five NL West titles in a row, so there is a declining rate of importance to them. They're expected to win the division now. The pennant was great, and was far more important than winning the West. Now the next big celebration will be a WS ring.
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    They kinda have an apprioriate REAL LIFE option from their time in the ABA. This would work and IMO be a MUCH better option than the Hickory jerseys.
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    I don't know if I'd say that Nashville's inaugural look "killed it." I don't think Nashville has ever had a great look.
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    I always felt the Bruins did a fantastic job with updating their logo and making it feel modern while keeping what makes it work. Still a spoked B. Still feels like the Bruins logo. of course it could be adjusted some more like reducing the weight of the lines around the B but it's still a great update. And it's one of those things that after the update happens, you realize how bland the one before it was. Same could be said for the Blue Jays who (finanlly) came to their senses and got themselves out of the dark era They took what worked and enhanced it. Still feels the same but it's obviously different and modernized at the same time. But with the Jays there exists the example of tweaking something too much that it loses what worked yes the jay was modernized and maintained the ball, the leaf, and the split font. But it didn't feel the same. The Rams could almost be used as an example as well with their Charging Ram logo While I personally love the 40s feel of the one on the left, the updated STL logo is an improvement as it removes unnecessary details and gives it a modern edginess that designers think people want. But is this too much of a change? Kinda. It's still a ram's head down and ready to butt horns. The 40s logo has that classy old-tymey feel to it, while the STL one definitely looks modern. So it's almost an example of both. Where it retains the feel but also departs drastically from what made the logo work
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    The first round of the AFL playoffs was definitely not without excitement. We had a huge upset and another near-upset of the 1 seed. -Boston held off the Pirates to win a shootout 38-35 on a last second field goal in the cold wind at Boston Brewing Field. Leading 35-21 heading into the fourth quarter, the Raiders looked poised to cruise on to the semifinals of the AFL playoffs, but 2 touchdown passes by Owen Kelly tied the game at 35. Boston put together enough of a drive to capitalize on a shanked Pirates punt and close out the game with a 32 yard field goal to advance. -The Seattle-Pittsburgh game was a game in name only, Seattle dominated the game, only giving up a touchdown in garbage time with the game well in hand. The Thunderbirds picked off Pittsburgh QB, Jim Ruck 3 times and the offense rolled behind QB, Cam Russell who threw for three TD's and rushed for another on the way to an American Bowl rematch against the defending champs, Boston. -The Atlanta Titans stunned the St. Louis Steamers in St. Louis. Defense was apparently optional in this matchup, seeing 13 touchdowns scored between the two teams. STL QB, DeAndre Dawson threw 6 touchdown passes and WR Lavar Johnson caught three of them. however, it wasn't enough to overcome the onslaught from the Titans, who played as perfectly as they could on offense in the franchise's first playoff game since the 2009 season. We'll see if Atlanta can hang on to the magic and keep rolling with a rookie quarterback in the semis. -The Milwaukee Chiefs flexed their muscles in the second half after going into halftime down 10-3 to the Denver Cowboys. The Chiefs scored on the opening drive of the first half and never looked back, advancing to the semifinals to play the red-hot offense of the Atlanta Titans. Anything can happen in the playoffs and please feel free to comment. Thanks for taking a look and check back next week for the semifinal results and American Bowl matchup.
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    The sublimated spider webs are pretty neat
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    Please repost when you have a concept to share.
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    If Hunt or Bud Adams were able to buy the Cardinals there's no AFL, if any of the other original AFL owners bought them the AFL would have still have happened. If say Ralph Wilson buys the Cardinals there's no Buffalo Bills and there's most likely an AFL team in Cincinnati or Miami a few years earlier, sorta like the NFL poaching the AFL Minneapolis franchise which caused Oakland to get an AFL team. Hunt had the vision for the league and had the deep pockets to keep the league afloat like Bud Adams with either of them out of the picture the AFL doesn't happen.
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    Yeah, this is ultimately what people should be mad about. Based on how things were laid out, the only way you were replacing Alabama is by reaching (UCF as undefeated) or picking teams with much bigger flaws than Bama's (Ohio State against Iowa and USC against Wazzu/Notre Dame). The only other team you could put there was Auburn because they did beat Bama and did win the division, but they were soundly beaten by Georgia in the rematch (and you're not risking a trilogy for the title match-up) and had three losses. Blame Wisconsin. Blame Miami. Blame Notre Dame. Be mad at the rest of college football, and be mad at Georgia. Georgia should not have lost this game, but they went and did it. Alabama and their constant -- idk what to call it, arrogant? - lack of kicker let them have another shot, and they pooped themselves.
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    Yep, if they’re gonna continue with the Hickory thing, they might as well go all out with it and use a court design like the one that’s currently in the Historic Hoosier Gym:
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    bumping for a test league sim What do you guys think of this for Miami?
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    I hope @andrewharrington doesn't mind me breaking this out into a separate topic, but I've been thinking a lot about a question he posed the other day. I'm not opposed to changes or updates in general. Those changes just need to feel like real improvements without losing essential elements of the original. My favorite baseball club brought back a classic uniform as an alternate. And again they made some changes, concessions to modernity: This is an update of the classic 1980s uniform: Couple concessions to contemporary style, though - belts over elastic waistbands, button-up instead of pullovers, added a mitt logo patch on the sleeve (that "HK" is a memorial patch, the Brewers never had a logo patch in this era). The update keeps the spirit of the original despite those changes, and I don't know any Brewers fan who is displeased with the effect. Contrast these with something like the Buffalo Sabres, who brought back their classic logo with changes. This was the original subject of our conversation, how this logo has been treated: This one just feels like a failure to me. It takes the old logo and adds pointless details without correcting any of the problems (such as the detailing on the head). The recent Winter Classic logo seems to me to be a much better update (extraneous NY aside): This has come up recently as we watch the second incarnation of the North American Soccer League implode. It has no connection to the original other than the name and an updated logo: This to me is about a perfect update of the original. Keeps the essential elements (starball, shield shape, basic letterforms), while ditching the unnecessary elements (field background) and adding something new (continental silhouette). Both leagues have a flagship club called the New York Cosmos. Again, not the same club, but repurposed intellectual property. This logo also got an update: Again, I think it's a fantastic update. Cleans it up a bit, makes it read better at distance or small size, but unmistakably the same. So what do you think? Are there any updates to your favorite teams that have hit (or missed) the mark?
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    I made a 2020 Winter Classic concept a while ago, so I figured I'd make a version for Canada's outdoor game, the NHL Heritage Classic. All Heritage Classic logos have the same flavor to them. They've got a big red leaf, the "HERITAGE Classic" script, the year, the name, and a portrait of the city in a certain style. I put the game in Toronto, and therefore emulated the style of previous logos to stylize the Toronto skyline to fit the branding. I added blue since the Leafs would be the home team, and I think it contrasts well with the red background of the leaf. Here are the jerseys. Obviously it's a game between the Leafs and Habs, because it's one of the biggest in sports. Both jerseys are kind of throwbacks but remain unique, as Toronto's jersey uses a recolored version of their logo from 1926, and a modified striping pattern from their 1927 jerseys. The Habs concept uses a logo from 1932, and sort of translates their 1944 jerseys onto the Adizero template, but adds a little bit of white striping for some modern flair. The two looks remain new enough to stay unique, but their inspiration from the past keeps them rooted in tradition. And that's that! I put in a lot of effort for this project, so I want to hear what you guys thought of it! Let me know!
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    As I've noted elsewhere, my choices for new USFL markets in this round of expansion would be New England and Seattle, with the franchises branded as the New England Knights (Purple Silver Black) and Seattle Steelheads (Olive Silver Red). As for team identities in the other potential expansion markets, I'd suggest... Kansas City Cavalry (Dark Blue Sky Blue Dark Yellow) or Kansas City Stampede (Sky Blue Bronze Black) Miami Mantas (Black Slate Blue Silver) or Miami Morays (Blue Neon Lime Sky Blue) New York Centaurs (Black Gold Purple) or New York Gargoyles (Black Pewter Deep Red) Orlando Dragons (Deep Green Neon Lime Bronze) or Orlando Juice (Orange Blue Neon Lime )
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    With proper context, "championship" can mean any type of recognized championship - division, league, whatever. Sans context, "championship" means the biggest one, so for baseball that's the WS. If you're on a specific team's message board, then they know what you mean by "championship." If you're addressing a certain fanbase, then they know what you mean. Other than that, the modifier is helpful, not because it isn't a championship, it's that colloquially "champion" means the champion, not a champion.
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    You're right. I do complain too much. I'm just not a fan of seeing the same teams win too much. That's on me. I'm gonna take a hiatus from posting on the Sports in General section of this board for a while.
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    As @WSU151 indicated, the scarsity isn't there anymore. Granted, if a team wins one after not having won in a while, such as the Mets in 2006 (first one since 1988) and 2015 (first one since 2006), then fans will be excited. But it becomes routine for some teams, like the Dodgers. By comparison, in the four-divison days, every single divisional title was special. @Jungle Jim mentioned the Reds-Dodgers battles in the old N.L. West. The Reds won a lot of them; but these were never routine. I am sure that he can tell you that each one was a hard-fought title, a real championship. It just cannot be that significant any more, as evidenced by the N.L. Central in 2001, when (if I may remind you) the Astros and Cardinals tied, but no playoff was played because both teams were in the playoffs anyway. Not always -- as that wise old sage Buck Martinez has demonstrated. Mock him if you want; but what he said in his address (that the 1985 Jays were Toronto's "first championship team") was entirely uncontroversial. Until this thread, I would not have dreamt that anyone could take issue with that simple statement of fact. When @Whitesox572 reports the hugeness of the 1983 White Sox' divisional championship, people need to listen to that. The wait since 1959 was over. And those people who were whooping it up for the 1984 Cubs (including Chuck Thompson and Harry Caray) were very clear that they were celebrating a championship, the team's first since 1945. (Not a World Championship, but still a championship. Words have meanings.) Furthermore, please realise that neither the Sox fans nor the Cub fans were referring to World Series wins when they were talking about the teams' previous championships. So, depending on the context, it is possible to use the terms "title" and "championship" to mean something other than winning the World Series -- sometimes it means a pennant, and sometimes it means a divisonal title. Stepping back for moment, let's remember that the argument started over the value of the 1982 and 1986 divisional titles to the legacy of Gene Mauch as an Angels manager after I asserted that those titles made him worthy of having his number retired. I hope that we can agree that Mauch's two divisional titles from the four-division period mean far more than, let's say, Don Mattingly's three divisional titles in the current period. This fall in value of the divisional title is simply a function of the ballooning of the playoff field from four to ten teams.
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    I imagined worse... It's basically a 3D rendering of the metallic patches. If it was flat it would look a lot better.
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    Check this out: Not bad, but the MNF one was wrong. It should have been "What if Monday Night Football didn't start on ABC?". From what I understand, CBS and NBC turned it down, and a fourth network (Hughes Network or something) would have televised it if ABC passed. If Roone Arledge, Howard Cosell, and Don Meredith weren't a part of this project, it would have been a flop, in my opinion.
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    Yeah. Maybe you could do a Pacers version of the jersey? Keep the colors but at least you're representing your actual team name. But I agree, one season maybe. Any more is kind of embarassing
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    It is exciting. The question is whether it's the best way to decide a game. Is it too much like a shootout in soccer (a terrible way to decide a championship, but what are you going to do with a sport that does not score every hour)? It's not as bad as a shootout; there is actual football being played. The main thing it has going for it is that it's essentially fair. The coin flip is not really that important. I happen to like it better than the NFL's format (at least the original NFL OT) for that reason, but I think I'm in the minority. I think the main reason people prefer the NFL OT is that special teams remains in the game. I personally can live with OT not having special teams. I think a secondary reason is that the fairness actually bothers people. I've seen it likened to "everyone gets a trophy" (which is preposterous) but mainly people like to say "lose the coin flip? Stop 'em!" For that reason I think most fans actually prefer the original NFL OT where a first-possession FG can win it. I think the current system takes away some of the unfairness and I can live with it, though gun to my head, I think I prefer college. Whenever this debate occurs, I like to acknowledge that baseball and basketball have much easier fixes (as does hockey; though it's not practical for regular-season games). In football, it's almost impossible to balance equity with "playing the full game." College has chosen equity and that's fine with me. The NFL's new OT has mitigated the inequity some, so that's good.
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    The jumping cat logo always makes me feel like I should be wearing 3D glasses. It's not a bad logo, but I didn't think it needed an update and an inclusion in the new set. Could've been left in the past. They're currently using it on the helmets. Also they need to do a second take on those nubs that are supposed to be his back feet.
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    (This is the slowest offseason ever.) What is this idea that division titles mean squat now? I was at Shea when the Mets clinched the East in 2006 and that was the closest to a World Series celebration I’ve ever been to. People were going nuts. Even my grandmother started giving people high-5’s. Then in 2015, some fans traveled all the way to Cincy just to see them clinch. To say division championships aren’t a big deal today as it was back then is such an over exaggeration.
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    Similar to Ohio State’s inclusion in the first playoff, Alabama’s victory only ensured the committee made the right decision. I know, nobody likes Alabama, and nobody wants to see them win, but they were one of the four best teams, and their performances in the playoff have justified their inclusion. The committee got it right.
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    t's just hard for me to think that a team that LOST their last game of the year in an SEC West all or nothing game got the benefit of the doubt.The committee essentially rewarded them for LOSING the Iron Bowl.Bama has officially become more insufferable than Duke basketball.
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    So sick of Bama. Just go on and give them next years #1 seed in the CFP, and then crown them 2019 ESPN football champions as well. They got the benefit of not playing in SEC title game #1, so they had an extra week that Clemson didn’t have and it showed. And then played practically NO offense til middle of the 3rd quarter in the SEC/ESPN championship game #2 against a team that decided to go super conservative and predictable the 2nd half. The CFP committee the last 2 years has disappointed me thoroughly. Basically saying that a Conference championship doesn’t mean much, and regular season losses doesn’t matter to certain schools.
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    AJ Styles possibly hates football, right now.
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    Y’all pray for Hedley.
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    Maybe Georgia as a state should just take a break from sports.
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    Mets really doesn't work at any level between the majors and Rookie/Instructional/Short-Season A. Good old metropolitan Binghamton.
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    Would Lamar Hunt still have formed the AFL had one of the other Foolish Club guys (Howsam, Wilson, Adams, etc) bought the Chicago Cardinals?
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    Kind of on topic - NDSU's seal is only to be used on official documents from the office of the President but when designing the green helmets NDSU used the stalk of wheat from the seal unaltered as the center stripe.
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    RHODE ISLAND I actually like the Rams' double blue color scheme, even though there are other two double blue teams in CAA football. This concept set was partially based from the soon-to-be old set of the LA Rams. I added a light blue helmet (also with horns) to pair with light blue pants. Both helmets have white-accented horns.
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    Seems like a good time to point out that the Sabres never won a Stanley Cup in their inaugural look either. That being said, I wouldn't say the uniform was devoid of success. Same thing goes with the Panthers though in their case that success is graded on a bell curve. I'm tired of people saying that a Western or Eastern conference championship is "accomplishing nothing." I know it's not the trophy everyone is after but if it means nothing, why award a trophy in the first place?
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    The funereal vibe of that shirt is a little on-the-nose.
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    Sorry about that little wait there, definitely not dead Pittsburgh Ironworks SC “The Steel Men” Pittsburgh, PA League: Pennsylvania Soccer League Kits: Adidas Colors: Black and Gold Sponsor: PNC Year Founded: 1934 USSL Titles: 2 League Finish: 1
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    In the case of the Sabres, I would say the tweaks are a necessity. The logo has definitely accrued goodwill and emotional resonance but it's extremely doubtful it'd hold up as a new mark for an expansion team today if left untouched. The WC version is a huge improvement over the frankly dated original but I think they could have improved things further, especially on the sword handles which inexplicably look better on the "lets outline everything in silver" version. Maybe it's just the new materials talking but the Brewers alternate is also a massive improvement over the original. If anything it goes to show that nothing is truly untouchable. If you can retain the original feel while adding aesthetic improvements, I say go for it.
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    Does Stacey on the Aces change from 53 to 54 every game or something?
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