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    Hi Pot. Take a break. Consider that rebrand.
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    Love the snark coming from the person who was asking for a couple days in a row in the Jaguars uniform thread if there were any updates and had to be told to settle down.
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    Imagine the US Army telling you not to do something, and then doing it anyway. Lol.
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    UAA has used the same classic, tribal art influenced, logo since 1973 (REF). As stated, the logo is classic; but I was wondering - What if UAA would update their look? What would a Seawolf look like if it were modernized? What is the basis for the Seawolves name? In Haida and Tlingit culture; a seawolf is an enormous creature that preys upon pilot and killer whales. It as four legs with fins, a head similar to a wolf, and a tail like a fish or a whale or sometimes a prehensile tail. (This is not a wolf with an eye patch ) Before becoming the Seawolves, UAA's nickname was the Sourdoughs in reference to old sailors..... good upgrade. After researching historic and contemporary Haida and Tlingit depictions of seawolves I got to drawing out what a new Seawolves logo might look like, so here is my concept logo for the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves: Newest idea: 1/15/18 1/16/18 1/17/18 C&C Apreciated
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    Now I'm not going to be able to unsee this.
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    So Gary Bettman killed WCW? G-d ing damnit!
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    London Knights: We may or may not take issue with a pro team named the Knights, but if you ask us nicely - Foley: What's that? We can't be just the Knights? Oh well! I guess we'll have to name ourselves the Golden Knights instead! London Knights: Wait, we haven't even - Foley: GOLDEN KNIGHTS!
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    Brothers J D Drew and Stephen Drew both wore #7 for the Red Sox.
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    They were obviously Flirting With Disaster when they designed the mascot costume.
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    Really looking forward to that 2021 authentic, sponsored by Sesame Street, and the letter L.
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    Any tiny graphic improvements the Braves made were undone by larger (and bad) stylistic changes like the all-navy road caps, getting rid of the vertical arches, the superfluous cream alternate, various other colored alternates, and whatever is going on with the finish of that batting helmet. I'd deal with a few idiosyncrasies in the shape of the "A" in "Atlanta" if it means the Braves look exactly as they did when their games were on TBS and they won the division every year.
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    On April 21, 2001 at the conclusion of the first of that American staple we call "The Big Game at the End", as we watched the Xtreme lift that big X over their heads, we thought that the XFL would be taken away from us forever. But apparently, there are rumblings that the X Football League might be fixin' to make a comeback! Now if that's true, which I hope it is, first of all I'll be tuning in for sure, and second of all they're gonna have to tone down the 2001 more than a few notches. Especially with NFL ratings in steep decline this season, this is the perfect time for Vince McMahon to swoop in and create the Anti-NFL, or the Xtra-Fun League, if you will. But image is everything. And safety, safety's probably in there somewhere too. We'll see. So I want to get way out ahead of the rumors and set up what I think would be a fitting return for the XFL 18 years later. I'm not gonna quibble over the actual rulebook, I'll let them figure that out, but I do know what I'd like to see design wise. Here are my design rules: 1. There are no rules! Actually, there are a few. They're right here. 2. No white allowed. Off-white is allowed in small doses, as well as silver, but stark white is not allowed on Logos, Uniforms, or Merchandise of any kind. 3. Helmets are a canvas. No more small, tame, rinky-dink helmet logos. Helmets should be loud and expressive of a team's design, serving as the centerpiece of their uniform. 4. 3 logos per team, no more and no less. They are as follows; Insignia: main logo, Proxy: secondary, Character: letter logo 5. 3 uniforms per team, no more and no less. They are as follows; Base: worn at home, Clash: worn on the road, Army: outside the box third jersey worn at home. 6. Unique NOBs are still allowed, but have to be approved before being applied to jersey. So there you have 'em, my official design rules for the XFL! I'll be following these closely for all eight teams (more on teams ahead). The New Official Logos of the XFL The original XFL logo was rushed and horrible, so I wanted to make a logo that would completely change people's view of the league. Modernized, but as no nonsense as always. This was my creative process, pardon the roughness. Early thoughts were that I'd like to include a lightning bolt in the X or make the X from negative space, but I ended up choosing something closest to the lowest logo on the center left because I liked the unique shape and inclusion of a football. After some retooling, I ended up with a result I'm really happy with that includes an Insignia, Proxy, and Character logo for the league. The Insignia uses a combo football/shield shape with half of the X made by stitches; football or otherwise. Teams Here's the thing, I don't know the teams yet. I know the cities, but I don't know the teams. The reason being this is going to be a step-by-step project so I'll be including my entire process, part of which is choosing the names of all 8 teams. I'd love to hear any names you can come up with as well! Here are the eight locations: Boston (new) Chicago Detroit (new) Las Vegas California New York St. Louis (new) Texas (new) So there it is, The new XFL! What do you think of the idea, setup, and first trio of logos? Your feedback is incredibly important to me, so don't hold back with the C&C! Thanks guys, and stay tuned for Boston!
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    I went wild with this one! C&C Appreciated!
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    Boston - Rebellion, Revolt Chicago - Stockyarders, Wind Detroit - Machine Los Angeles - Mastodons, Sabercats New York - Bulldogs, Skyline St. Louis - Explorers, Gatekeepers Texas - Armadillos, Javelinas, Lone Stars, Tornado, Wranglers Vegas - Bighorn(s), Gamblers, Neon
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    Hmmm...hard to come up with names that don't fall back in to the same hole as XFL 1.0. Chicago...Crusaders? I dunno, just trying to think of something other than Enforcers. Texas...Rattlesnakes? I dunno about LA having a team now that the Rams and Chargers are trying to share the market, well, mainly the Rams trying to be the big brother over there. - Hollywood Blockbusters? - Hollywood Superstars? - Hollywood Moguls? - LA Avengers (I know, I know, old Arena league team name, but I still like that one). New York...Gargoyles? I dunno. Maybe the uniforms can have an Art Deco approach?
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    Not counting the leaping jaguar ones that were never worn, I can think of 5: - Original set with block font - Original set with new font and teal road numbers - Original set with new font black road numbers - Modern upgrade with piping and teal fleck black helmets (amazing helmets) - Current set
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    This is exactly how I feel. Las Vegas Knights should have been their name from the start. So maybe a lawsuit would be a blessing in disguise. I don't see how any team can claim ownership of "Knights". It would be like the University of Miami suing the Carolina Hurricanes.
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    People were also VERY confident that the Rams were getting new uniforms before their move. And VERY confident that the Broncos would after the Super Bowl.
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    I don't love the All-Star jersey design, but let's not pretend that Adidas didn't churn out garbage that looked far worse than that.
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    http://news.sportslogos.net/2018/01/10/army-officially-opposes-vegas-golden-knights-trademark/ This league is stupid and deserves all of this.
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    I had to dig deep for this one... Believe it or not, Rickey Henderson was not the first Henderson to wear #24 for the A's. This guy did it first while Rickey was playing for the Yankees:
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    Pudge and Ivan Rodriguez wore #7 for the Rangers.. and Anfernee and Penny Hardaway wore #1 for the Magic.
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    Detroit: Engine, Motor, Mustangs, Burn (skid marks) Drive maybe something not car related? Like Lakers or something Boston: Bruisers is a good name I like that, maybe gunners or something related to the revolutionary war Texas: Patroits, rampage, hurricanes, I mean so much works for Texas you can really go in any direction St. Louis Archers? I don’t have that many ideas. Excited for whats in store!
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    I like the cream, it’s very unique and in my opinion, underused. Indiana and Illinois were both well executed.
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    As well as many other threads on this board
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    ...and won a solitary World Series. Winning the division every year for over a decade and failing to net more than one championship shouldn't be celebrated, it should be considered embarrassing for both the team and their division. It should put them in the same boat as the St. Louis Blues of the '80s-'00s. While there have been visual downgrades (e.g., road hat), it's not like the original was all that untouchable. The Braves looked far better in their late Boston/early Milwaukee days, with contrast-colored tomahawks and the Northwestern stripes on the socks. Put the "A" on the headwear, replace the black tomahawk with a navy one, and add the "Atlanta" script.
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    this is a very interesting question, and for me it begs another question before i can give an answer: what is the intent? if the intent is to be true to a past uniform and apply an old design to a modern uniform template, i would like it to be as accurate as possible. misses on details can destroy that nostalgia and emotional resonance, at least for me. but, especially in football, old decorations like stripes don't work any more for modern templates — old sleeve stripes were a solution to a different problem which proposes new problems today; the Steelers jerseys will never again look like they did in the 70's. but if the intent is to take an old design and do something new with it, it has to be different enough from the original that it doesn't look like a knock-off. if you're too close to the old, its kind of like "what's the point? why didn't they just go all the way with the old design?". this is a very tricky direction to get right but the Blue Jays are probably the prime example of this.
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    New colors for the Chargers: dark slate blue, more yellow volt.
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    Put a coffe cup in his hand, and that’s the most Seattle picture ever
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    Hawks did a great job IMO. Old: New:
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    I know this isn't a common answer but is Don Baylor a Rockie to anyone else like he is to me? I know of all his accomplishments as a player, and I'm not trying to shove them aside but, as a Marlins fan since 1993, even though I was exposed to some baseball before that, Baylor was the manager of the other expansion team Rockies and that's always been what I think about first when I hear his name. I'd imagine you'd have to literally be someone who got into baseball in 1993 to feel this way, or at least someone who was a 90's Rockies fan first before knowing any other baseball.
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    Boston Brawlers? Or were they the F11 team? Texas - Renegades, Vigilantes, Posse Saint Louis Stampede
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    Foley: I want it to be the Black Knights. Because Army! West Point: We have a problem with that. Foley & McPhee: We're the Vegas Golden Knights. Because Army. We even invited the parachute team to our big name reveal! U.S. Army: We have a problem with that, too. VGK legal representation: Hold on, this has nothing to do with the Army!
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    You get bonus points for having almost identical photos. Nice job.
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    No. It doesn't matter how many losses they have. The team that wins the tournament, filled by teams who met the pre-determined and agreed upon requirements to be invited, deserves to be national champion.
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    Champion has never meant "best". It means winner of that season. That's an important distinction. If we're just interested in finding the "best" team then we could skip all the brain-damaging football and just hand the trophy to Alabama every August. If the top team loses to the 15th best team then good for the 15th best team for showing up and shame on the top team who shouldn't be national champion and isn't the best team if they couldn't beat the 15th best team. Who cares about the feelings of a team that should win 9 out of 10 times if they don't win when the game is actually contested?
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    I've got a few Dolphins. Reggie and Xavien Howard. #25. Both cornerbacks. Ricky and Damien Williams. #34. Both running backs.
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    The Spurs would have a great and classic silver uniform if Nike would make these instead of the logo and the number that IMO is a mess. This is how Nike created it the first time (circa 2004) and did it right. Not that hard to go back to it if they put their mindset to it.
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    Perhaps, but it definitely wasn't stated that way.. The way it was stated was completely incorrect, since you can't beat a team you don't play.. If the triangle theory applies, then Bama beat Auburn 3 times by beating Clemson, LSU, and Georgia..
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    Crap. I'll fix that in this post. I totally forgot. I had the idea for the home base shape, but seeing as how baseball isn't played at the host venue, it seemed unrealistic. I fixed the color, because you're right, and I fixed the fonts too. The Colorado 'C' was a good idea, but after putting in the ECHL (Now AHL) logo in its place, you're totally right. All good points. So anyways, here's the fixed logo. And here's the new team, with updated colors on the same jersey. I went for the Wild because the Avs and them have a rivalry, and it'd be a good way to get these two teems off on the right (maybe wrong) foot. What do you think about the update?
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    but in all honesty, central florida, who went undefeated and beat BOTH bama and auburn, is the real national champion.
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    As every great designer knows, when you need inspiration, you can't go wrong by invoking the Hatchet.
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    Reliving a foolish mistake I made on these boards last year- Rasheed and Ben Wallace #30 for the Bullets.
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    I always felt the Bruins did a fantastic job with updating their logo and making it feel modern while keeping what makes it work. Still a spoked B. Still feels like the Bruins logo. of course it could be adjusted some more like reducing the weight of the lines around the B but it's still a great update. And it's one of those things that after the update happens, you realize how bland the one before it was. Same could be said for the Blue Jays who (finanlly) came to their senses and got themselves out of the dark era They took what worked and enhanced it. Still feels the same but it's obviously different and modernized at the same time. But with the Jays there exists the example of tweaking something too much that it loses what worked yes the jay was modernized and maintained the ball, the leaf, and the split font. But it didn't feel the same. The Rams could almost be used as an example as well with their Charging Ram logo While I personally love the 40s feel of the one on the left, the updated STL logo is an improvement as it removes unnecessary details and gives it a modern edginess that designers think people want. But is this too much of a change? Kinda. It's still a ram's head down and ready to butt horns. The 40s logo has that classy old-tymey feel to it, while the STL one definitely looks modern. So it's almost an example of both. Where it retains the feel but also departs drastically from what made the logo work
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