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    A different logo on the hat and the jersey is one thing; they often have different application methods, different scales, sometimes different color setups, etc. There’s no reason for a cap and helmet mark to be different. Same location, scale, purpose, a helmet should simply be a hard version of the cap.
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    Pudge and Ivan Rodriguez wore #7 for the Rangers.. and Anfernee and Penny Hardaway wore #1 for the Magic.
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    UAA has used the same classic, tribal art influenced, logo since 1973 (REF). As stated, the logo is classic; but I was wondering - What if UAA would update their look? What would a Seawolf look like if it were modernized? What is the basis for the Seawolves name? In Haida and Tlingit culture; a seawolf is an enormous creature that preys upon pilot and killer whales. It as four legs with fins, a head similar to a wolf, and a tail like a fish or a whale or sometimes a prehensile tail. (This is not a wolf with an eye patch ) Before becoming the Seawolves, UAA's nickname was the Sourdoughs in reference to old sailors..... good upgrade. After researching historic and contemporary Haida and Tlingit depictions of seawolves I got to drawing out what a new Seawolves logo might look like, so here is my concept logo for the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves: Newest idea: 1/15/18 1/16/18 1/17/18 C&C Apreciated
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    It's forced networking, which can be a good thing. Even if you know who you're going to hire, you may meet someone that you otherwise wouldn't have, be impressed, and either consider them for another position, or recommend them to your peers. It also gives them opportunities to go through the process which can only help prepare them for future legit opportunities. Is it necessary? Maybe, maybe not. Probably not. Is it a good thing? Yes.
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    Not sure how they're "generic" by any definition of the word. They were instantly recognizable as Jaguars uniforms, and were a design that looked good then, would look good now, and would look good 10 years from now. It's cool if you don't like it, but it was far from generic.
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    I went wild with this one! C&C Appreciated!
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    London Knights: We may or may not take issue with a pro team named the Knights, but if you ask us nicely - Foley: What's that? We can't be just the Knights? Oh well! I guess we'll have to name ourselves the Golden Knights instead! London Knights: Wait, we haven't even - Foley: GOLDEN KNIGHTS!
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    Wow, Cavs really might not make The Finals this year. ........The Conference Finals, I mean.
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    Fun topic. I noticed one of these with the 49ers recently. Brentson Buckner (DT, 1998-2000) and DeForest Buckner (DT, 2016-) both wore #99.
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    Love the snark coming from the person who was asking for a couple days in a row in the Jaguars uniform thread if there were any updates and had to be told to settle down.
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    I don't love the All-Star jersey design, but let's not pretend that Adidas didn't churn out garbage that looked far worse than that.
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    Really looking forward to that 2021 authentic, sponsored by Sesame Street, and the letter L.
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    Princeton ASC “The Tigers” Princeton, NJ League: Metropolitan Soccer Association Kits: Nike Colors: Orange and Black Sponsor: Princeton University Year Founded: 1925 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 5
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    but in all honesty, central florida, who went undefeated and beat BOTH bama and auburn, is the real national champion.
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    Hawks did a great job IMO. Old: New:
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    EDIT: A gif of all teams: I've posted two of these already, and I've got a few more. Instead of making a new thread for each of these I'll transition to one thread for all of them. Of course, I'd love C&C for all of this. Chicago Bears Indianapolis Colts Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
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    For curiosity’s sake I made a a pair or uniforms based of your pirate logo remake and thought they looked pretty solid so I’m trying to import them to 08 right now.
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    As well as many other threads on this board
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    You know, when those dads say "anything you do to her, you better be ready to do to me," you gotta think they want it a little.
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    As every great designer knows, when you need inspiration, you can't go wrong by invoking the Hatchet.
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    wat. Pau was here longer than Wilt and won double the championships. wat. ........wat?
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    Merrimack United SC “The Reds” Manchester, NH League: New England Soccer League Kits: Macron Colors: Red and Gold Sponsor: Philips Year Founded: 1935 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 5
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    As requested by @ahowe6464 here is Boston. For Boston I Knew I needed Red for the Red Sox as well as the Pats and Revolution using Red I also knew there needed to be green as the Celtics identity is essentially all green. Also the flag of New England has these colors so I felt they'd be a good fit for Boston. For the changes to each team the Patriots drop blue for green and get rid of silver to match the other teams, the Celtics add traces of red, the Bruins have the most drastic change replacing black with green and yellow with red (the shouldrs look dark but that's just the shadow its actually light like the breezers), the Sox logo remains the same only replacing blue with green on the uniform, and finally the Revolution just replace the blue for green (I know the logo is supposed to be the us flag with a soccer ball but to make this work I had to make it green). Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
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