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    Great contrubution. Go back to asking if anyone has seen new uniforms every 5 minutes. Remind me - what exactly do you contribute to the community again? On topic - I heard that after more than 100 years of bitching about Nike and their 50 lines of jerseys for each team - icon, association, pride, city, statement, Vogue, flare, Flair (wooooo), Blue-collar, white-collar (literally - they added collars to jerseys), stress sensing (they changed colors depending on the stress level of the athlete so you could tell who was gonna choke), etc), the rights were acquired by Speedo, who has revolutionized the look of the league by outfitting players in nothing but, well, Speedos. Advertising patch over the junk, number on the ass. Home, road, alt only. (Charlotte had to get special waivers from local authorities to continue with their side panels, which had to move to the front, leaving nothing to the imagination) Embarassing moment when most of the North Korean players (they’ve basically taken over the league after anialating most of the basketball playing countries) are caught stuffing their Speedos with socks (and in one case a shoe) so they can live up to the propaganda that they all have penises the size of pythons, when in reality they’re hung like light switches.
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    Finally, a kit to answer the age old question, “Which Lisa?”
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    Not really sure where to post this, but check out this prototype Bucks sleeved jersey with the Irish rainbow side panels:
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    Here are the teams Arizona: Wow!!! I started my NFL series that I'LL TOTALLY finish!!!! Atlanta: That new logo is trash because it has red highlights! I can fix that! (On a serious note, death to piping) Baltimore: I feel like this is an even bigger F-U to the city of Cleveland Buffalo: (EDIT) I had a stupid quip here but I accidentally made the Giants uniform that everyone makes on here so I think I'm going to take the lazy route (as one does for an average NFL series) and reuse everything here for NYG Carolina: Was it too creative?? (rhetorical, it was obviously yes) Chicago: Okay but seriously though, am I getting too original in my concepts? Cincinnati: Okay but like block numbers really add to the creativity of this one Cleveland: Sooooooooooo, like, why exactly do y'all care about the "tradition" of a 20 year old team? @raysox is older than the Browns, I should be allowed to go crazy for one of these. Dallas: I'm bored at this point. Denver: Honestly, like, who needs originality? the old sets were fine, slap on their current navy and BOOM! original content! Detroit: Lmao nvm no one cares about this team (sans I assume @drdougfresh and I think @ZionEagle. Correct me if I'm wrong) Green Bay: Why exactly were they using Reebok fabrics again? That is a serious question, someone please answer. Houston: So like, the Oilers, but not. (EDIT: Never mind, it's just the Oilers) Indianapolis: Jacksonville: I'm not even lying, I genuinely hate y'all for loving double outlines and hating the new Jags logo. Kansas City: this is the second time I had to create my own brush in illustrator, i.e. I'm working too hard on this. LA Chargers: This. LA Rams: you know what's great? the ability to copy a previous set off of gridiron uniforms and passing it off as an original design. Miami: I'm missing out on some pretty iconic striping patterns in the name of consistency. I hate that. Minnesota: Joke patent pending New England: Oh? You don't like the way the 1 is serifed? You sure? Shut up and deal with it. New Orleans: should I make a Mardi Gras alt? (EDIT: Let's try this again.) NY Giants: So like my Bills concept, but not? P.S. here's an alt. NY Jets: Please help I left my phone in a friend's car Oakland: I'll make tacky vegas uniform with more gold than their hockey team. Also, I have ranked the 9 lids stores i could find in Houston, and by hat selection alone, I'd go to the willowbroook mall one by the food court or the Memorial City one by the Target. Philadelphia: tempted to use black but decided against it. Y'all are too mean to that color when it isn't the Spurs or Raiders tbh. Pittsburgh: Since the Steelers don't have block numbers, does that mean they're now copying Iowa? San Francisco: BACK AT IT AGAIN, please help I'm lonely Seattle: I want a hug and a digital giant foam middle finger. Tampa: O F C O U R S E I T S A N O R A N G E I J U S T T O L D Y O U I T W A S A N O R A N G E Tennessee: You're the only 7 i see Washington: I needed to finish. No, I'm not doing Indy
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    God hates me. And also those who come up with original ideas.
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    Oof. Why is the wordmark outline/trim in a different color than the outline/trim for the numbers? I don't see the wordmark trim color appear anywhere else on the uniform.
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    In case you missed it here are a few shots of Sean Payton moments after the Saints kicked a field goal to take the lead with about 25 seconds left in the game; If you're not sure what he's doing, I'll tell you. He's got his back to the field, facing the Viking fans, and he's mocking them by imitating their "Skol" chant. In other words, he chose to do this over talking to his defense, checking in with his coaches... you know, preparing for the last 25 seconds of game. Keep in mind, this is the same peen who pulled out a choke sign a few weeks ago against Atlanta, not long before a last second interception lost them that game too. I'll see if I can find another picture of what he was doing a short bit later when karma stomped him in the fruit basket.
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    Houston desperately needs new uniforms
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    Charlotte is finally going with the tramsparent side panels they’ve been teasing for two score and a century.
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    Yeah, the serifs (the little fins) haven't aged very gracefully. Between them, the gradient, and the key lines there are a lot of superfluous elements to the logo that make it a poor rebrand. Ironically, the NFL logo is a great example of a well thought out and executed rebrand: Old logo (used until 2007): New Logo (2008 to Present) While I miss the old typography (such much character!), the rendering of the football is a major improvement along with reducing the number of stars. The NFL logo benefited from having a number of elements that could be refined. The NHL logo has always been very simple, and as such there really isn't much that can be refined. It's like trying to improve on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sure, you can add more elements to it, but all they really contribute is novelty...and sooner or later you just want to go back to the unadulterated original.
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    NHL logo without extra outlines:
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    I just.........don’t know what to say.
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    Hey, folks. Stumbling back to the boards for a short while as I work on another small project. I don't want to call this a rebrand but that's basically what I'm doing here. I love the Hershey Bears color scheme and even their logo set, but I feel like their jerseys are always subpar. That is besides their throwbacks and fauxback jerseys. This project will be taking their brand and making it a full classic vintage look, which I feel would suit the Bears best. For right now, I only have two teaser images up. These are basically the logos I will be working with for the concept. Still some tweaking to do, but I'm going full on 50's candy bar vintage style with this project. From the logos, jerseys, and posters, tickets, really anything. Should be a short and fun concept to work on. I hope those that follow along enjoy it as well! Obviously, would love to hear thoughts along the way, but just keep in mind, I'm not straying far away from the idea at hand which is: complete vintage Hershey Bears. So, without further adieu here are the first two teasers.
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    The old L looks like its trying to make a muscle.
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    Memphis was the first to wear the City jerseys.
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    The Patriots don't strike me as a team who give any thought to superstition. If they beat the Jags (and if I were a betting man) I'd say they'll wear blue as the home team.
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    So...perfect for the Browns? Thanks for the awesome feedback. New York Jets: combined eras, updated the J-E-T New York Giants: I've been really struggling with the Giants. I wanted to take the monogram and give it a tall building feel, looming over. This one's not done yet.
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    I've found "Coke-as-soda" to be a generational thing. Most of my students find it ridiculous. My favorite map about "where the South is" is unequivocally this map of "where kudzu grows." I think kudzu has expanded in range since this map was created, but it's pretty good. I think we can at least say: If kudzu doesn't grow there, it's not the South!
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    Washington Redskins Redtails: The main mark is inspired by American warplane insignia and the DC flag. The secondary mark is inspired by the Tuskegee Airmens' planes. And the helmet, with its very own red tail.
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    Count me as part of the minority. I loved the 49ers update.
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    I think the Carolina Panthers' jerseys are clunky and outdated. I didn't realize I was in the minority. But apparently a lot of people consider them modern classics
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