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    *Wants to play along, but genuinely likes most of the concepts
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    Man, I really love the looks of these: Seeing them on a player, my only gripe is that the plaid pattern should’ve been centered a bit better, but that’s probably something that varies between each individual uniform. But anyways, I really can’t wait to see ‘em debuted on the court on the 31st.
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    Hello all, As a fan of Harry Potter, I wish that there were more Quidditch concepts here on the boards. So here is my attempt to add some more concepts to the forum. I have created concepts for the Quidditch World Cup (QWC), which is extremely similar to the soccer World Cup. The QWC happens every four years, and according to the math of Harry Potter, 2018 is the next year for the QWC. So, I have in mind 32 different countries to create logos and Quidditch Kits for, and then to move to a professional quidditch league of some sort. We'll see where this project goes, but without further ado, I present to you all, the 2018 QWC logo. The 2018 QWC takes place in the United Kingdom, hence the blue and red . The snitch is featured because the snitch is the most important aspect of a quidditch game, not to mention the QWC trophy I designed has a snitch on it. As always, C&C appreciated! The first two team's logos and kits will be up sometime today!
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    “Kraken” makes no sense for a team located on North America’s Pacific Coast ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Is Kraken the Navy's parachute team?
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    Saying Tom Brady is “questionable” to play is like saying it’s “questionable” that the sun will rise tomorrow. “Yeah, but there’s a chance it might not happen”
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    CCSLC: W e a p p r e c i a t e o r i g i n a l i t y Me: *posts the following browns concept* CCSLC: literally perfect nothing could be better than this never mess with the most boring team in the league (Sans Raiders) or else you'll ruin it!!!!!
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    Thank you! I think I'd probably add more gold like that if I ever did a redesign. Alright so here is the first of the two LA teams, the Chargers: Logos -Logos pretty much stay the same. Navy takes more of a back seat, as I love how light blue and yellow go together. Uniforms -As most concepts seem to do, the light blue jersey becomes the primary, as it's a shame it's regulated to 2 games a year. -The number font is sort of a condensed version of the real one. -I switched to a white facemask because I feel it looks cleaner. -No color blocks around the lightning bolts, which are now more straight & angular. -The stormtrooper look is the primary away option, but the light blue pants (seen on the Color Rush) can also be worn. -I was really unsure of what to do with the navy alternate, as I wanted to keep a prominent amount of light blue & yellow. I tried going for a "Hollywood Nights" vibe, but I'm really open to suggestions for changes. -I love the Chargers real Color Rush, but this version embraces the light blue to not look like the Rams. The numbers are still yellow though, along with a yellow facemask. Now here are the Rams: Logos -The classic blue and yellow makes a return, of course. I went with Lakers' yellow as a compromise between some of the overly bright or dark shades of the Rams' past. Uniforms -The primary home is yellow, inspired by this often-referenced beauty. -I've been convinced to not really like the horns on the sleeves, so it's just the USC stripe on the sleeves, with a single solid blue stripe on the pants. -I'm not really a fan of the current number font, but I had nothing better to change it to, so I kept it. -The helmet is a dark royal, imagine a Giants-type finish. -Color Rush goes all-yellow. Hopefully I was able to make the Rams & Chargers look different from each other, I'd love to hear what everybody thinks!
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    Yeah, give me the teal Seals fauxback for an outdoor game, codify the Seals/Barons/North Stars merger/Sharks lineage, and that's about all there is to do with the Seals.
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    Internationally renowned synchronized swimming team.
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    43rd Victory Bowl (Arlington, TX) Throughout the first half, predictions of a shootout seemed wildly misplaced. The Gladiators harassed St. Louis QB Danny Buckingham relentlessly from the opening snap, sacking him four times in the first 30 minutes, while the Aces did an excellent job of keeping Detroit RB Johnny Dewitt contained. The Gladiators kicked a field goal on the game’s opening drive, and the resulting 3-0 lead held until the Aces tied it up with three points of their own with 50 seconds remaining in the first quarter. Detroit jumped back in front 7 minutes later, when Buckingham scrambled into his own end zone to avoid the blitzing LOLB John Schneider, only to be levelled by LE John Shoffner for a safety. The play seemed to ignite the Gladiators. They got the ball back on the safety punt, and scored 3 minutes later on a pass from John Lewis to WR Ray Carroll. The Aces responded by pushing deep into Gladiator territory, but the drive ended when a heavily-pressured Buckingham rushed a throw to WR Rickie Solorzano, only to have it picked off by CB Ron Pryce at the Detroit 13. Lewis and the offense retook the field and ran an effective two-minute drill, which set up a 33-yard field goal, putting their halftime lead at 15-3. St. Louis got the ball first in the third, and made the most of it, taking only two plays and 29 seconds to find the end zone as Morgan Slade burned the defense for an 82 yard touchdown reception. However, they were unable to convert that score into momentum, and the two teams traded punts over the next ten minutes. Finally, with five and a half minutes remaining in the third, Detroit made a play that gave them command of the game. Buckingham fired a pass to Solorzano across the middle, but for the second time of the day, Pryce got there first, jumping the route at the St. Louis 36, and taking it all the way back to the 3 before being taken down. The tackle would only serve to delay the touchdown by seven seconds. On first down, Lewis hit Dewitt on a screen pass and he walked into the end zone. Five minutes later, Lewis threw his third touchdown pass of the day, this one to WR Frank Jones (shutting down the prediction that the Detroit receiving corps couldn’t matchup up with the St. Louis secondary). As the fourth quarter began, the Gladiators held a commanding 29-10 lead. The Aces finally managed to push into Detroit territory with about 5 minutes to play, but, facing a 4th and 7 from the 21, ended up kicking a field goal. The Gladiators responded with a drive that concluded with Dewitt crashing into the end zone from a yard out – and ran the clock down to 2:22 in the process. Despite trailing by at least 3 touchdowns, the Aces never stopped fighting, continuing to press even when a comeback was no longer practically possible. Finally, with 48 seconds to play, Buckingham was sacked on 4th and 3. The Gladiators bench was so ecstatic that Lewis was unable to get 11 guys to line up for a kneel down in time to avoid a delay of game penalty, but the five lost yards would make no difference. The Gladiators had won 36-13, and were Victory Bowl champions for the first time since 1964.
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    Green Whalers >>>>>>>> Navy Whalers. By a LOT. The logo should never have been encased in that silver box. It works best when the negative space flows into the rest of the jersey. > > Also, Kevin Dineen > you.
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    I can't wait for the pregame ceremony where Jesus descends to midfield and lays his healing hands upon Tom Brady.
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    Congrats to USA Today on their new television network. Way to pivot to video.
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    No, that would be terrible, when no other Super Bowl has featured it before. Team color primary jersey vs White primary jersey Is the only way to go. Otherwise it looks cheap, and too little league
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    Y'all think I'm playing but this is literally the standard Ravens concept on here.
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    Also, the Thunder wore blue arm sleeves today for the first time this season (at least this is the first time I’ve seen them do it): Hopefully they start wearing the blue sleeves with their Statement uniforms since the white arm sleeves clash terribly with them. And frankly I wouldn’t even mind if they wore the blue sleeves with their white uniforms as a way to add a bit more visual interest to one of the most boring uniforms in the league.
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    As a entitled Millennial, I must apologize. I know this not expected of my generation, but I was wrong. For my ignorance, I will punish myself by not getting my daily Unicorn Frappucino with 4 pumps of vanilla and extra whip. I will also put down my cellphone for a continuous 7 minutes and not check my Snaps, Insta, Twitter, Vine, or other app that I use as my only source of interaction with other humans for an entire hour. (insert string of sad emojis).
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    You CANNOT forget those absolutely wonderful non forced jaguar spots on Jacksonville's uniforms. Not tacky at all. Forget the logo and "JAGS" patch. The spots really notifies everyone that the team is in fact, named the Jaguars. Spots everywhere. For the greater good.
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    In Europe, Real Madrid is directly involved with those teams. Real Madrid is actually a sports club, not just a soccer club. Most major clubs, with the exception of England, operate multiple sports programs to include handball, floor hockey, field hockey and even baseball in some areas.
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    Bottom line, this league looks illegitimate as hell as when an expansion team is one of the best in the league in large part because rich white guys are slaves to the marketing for one specific city, not to mention far more generous expansion draft terms than any team has ever gotten.
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    I could not agree more. My biggest issue with Kraken is less about geography (we are talking about a fictitious creature after all) as it just sounds bad. I won't pretend for a second to know anything about actual linguistics, but when you say the word Seattle all the sound is from the front of the mouth. Meanwhile Kraken comes form the back of the mouth. I realize this probably sounds silly, but I find the combination of the two very jarring. A name like Seattle Crabs is almost as bad but it benefits from not having the second hard K. Meanwhile compare it to how a name like Seattle Seals or Seattle Totems feels. Seals feels almost velvety...slipping off the tongue, while Totems is very playful, creating a beautiful staccato with the repeating Ts. Krakens could work as a team name, but it would need to be something like the Oakland Krakens or (my personal favorite) the Reykjavik Krakens which manages to sound good and is regionally/culturally relevant.
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    Yeah, "Seattle Seals" would be cool if not for the Oakland Seals being one of the most miserable organizations in NHL history. They traded the Guy Lafleur draft pick for like a Costco-sized box of coffee grounds, unbelievable it was the 1970s NHL, perfectly believable I've had "Evergreens" rattling around in my head for years so obviously I'm partial to that.
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    Being from Seattle I would be thorougly dissapointed if they went with Kraken. It would be Golden Knights all over again.
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    This is hilarious. When I was in my early days of making hand-drawn concepts without a template because I was too lazy to get one, I did pretty much this (well, would have if I hadn't stopped at the Redskins because I couldn't think of anything for them and didn't want to break up my perfect division-based structure) EDIT: You also need to give the Browns/Dolphins/Rams carbon copies of their previous uniforms, and then everyone would praise thy holy name.
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    Finally, I can be bothered to put up the Playoffs! These will only be a short writeup, much the same as the Finals have been previously. 2012 AHBA Southern Conference Finals Only two games were won away from home in the Queens 7 game win over the Raiders, showing that both teams could hold home court extremely well. This series was unexpectedly long, with many counting out the Raiders early. Aside from Games 1, 2 & 5, the weren't that many close games, making the series much more intense. Great efforts from various Queens throughout the series, including Gaudenzia Dironi's playoff record 13 assists in game 7 pushed the Queens over the line, and into the Finals. 2012 AHBA Northern Conference Finals The Northern Conference Finals were Hikaru's to lose, and they pulled out a 4 - 1 series win over Chibihasa. Chibihasa looked over matched throughout the series, considering their lack of Playoff/Finals experience. As usual, Suzuka Gibbons was incredible, but none of her team seemed to step up when needed. The team still seemed lost even during their Game 4 win, where Gibbons dropped 33 points, 3 of which came with just 2 seconds to go. Hikaru were just too good for the Lightning's defence, earning themselves their 3rd straight Northern Conference title. 2012 AHBA Finals And after the second seven game series of the Playoffs, the Rondelle Queens have won the 2012 AHBA Championship. For the 3rd year straight, the Heat have made the Finals and lost to their Southern Conference foe. The series seemed close no matter the score on the scoreboard at the end of the game, considering that after Game 4, the series was tied 2 - 2, with two home games left for the Queens, The Heat were once again just one game away from winning after Game 5 but were unable to match the Queens 4th quarter run in Game 7, which ultimately led to them falling at the final hurdle. The Queens win their first AHBA Championship, after winning 2 of the last 3 games by very slim margins. Finals MVP (and Season MVP) Yumemi Koyama was a big part of those wins, after holding Sanako Shinohara to just 13 points over the last 3 games. The rest of the team also pitched in, with the Dual O5's Natasha Barber and Emma Suga putting up big numbers in both points and rebounds. Other News: Press Release: AHBA Commissioner Karen Raito & AHBA Deputy Commissioner Freya Faulkner "Congratulations to the Rondelle Queens for winning the AHBA Championship. A congratulations should also be given to the Hikaru Heat, who, after reaching this years finals, have made 3 straight Finals appearances." "It was an amazing series to watch, and I know that Karen and I, and all of you are excited to see if the Queens can defend their title next season!" "After the Heat's 3rd straight finals loss, many question how many of the 3 time Northern Conference Champion's players are going to stay through free agency. Captain Abby Mitchell isn't so sure herself, after being asked at the press conference after Game 7: "I wouldn't be too surprised to see some of our girls go. With the amount of money they could get elsewhere, I can see the allure of leaving. But I want to keep as much of this team together as possible. We have unfinished buisness." With the many rumours swirling around, the Heat will likely not be the only team looking different next season." - Burning Bright, a Heat HB Nation Blog, December 3, 2012 "According to sources close to SB, there will be a few uniform and logo changes next season, with the Asuka Magic receiving a new Alt 2, the Rondelle Queens unveiling new logos, updated home, away and alternate uniforms, as well as the obligatory Championship alt, the Rondelle Lions receiving an updated home, away and alternate, as well as the Honnaro Flight, who will be getting updated away and alt 1 uniforms." hoopballlogos.net.ac, December 15, 2012 That is all for now, next up will be the offseason, and possibly the 2013 AHBA Draft...but that's a bit later on...
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    Go away. Joel Embiid is one of the best things to ever happen to the NBA. He’s thoroughly entertaining. And the fact you used total points/rebounds in an attempt to discredit Embiid’s selection is hilarious. Not every player plays the same number of games so statistics using the total number of something, are irrelevant. Embiid is 13th in PPG, and 6th in RPG, FYI. He deserves to be there.
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    Between the PSU and gymnastic scandals, I think the below is the most important thing I've heard anyone high-profile say. https://deadspin.com/aly-raisman-is-ready-to-burn-it-all-down-1822234455 Aly Raisman, Olympic medalist had plenty to say to her abuser, but she is also very aware of the enablers that helped make her abuse possible. I hope she somehow is able to find a way to help influence some kind of change is the culture of enabling. It's unfortunate that none of the PSU victims had her level of notoriety. But a cursory glancing of the stories about this show that even headlines about Raisman relate to what she said to Nasser. Yeah, Nasser is scum, but that's low-hanging fruit. For real change to occur, her remarks about the organization are what need to be taken to heart.
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    Wait, does not everyone recognize that this is supposed to look like the old mini-electric football game players from the 60's/70's? It's supposed to be rough. Sheesh... kids today.
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    The Browns I have a hard one buying. They only switched in 2015, so they 5 year role is still in effect. I also have a hard time believing the Browns are going to a white helmet.
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    its true. there won't be a "One Florida" decal on the helmets in 2018.
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    So this was an idea I had almost a year ago, but didn't have the ability to really see it through. Wanted to revisit the project. I have a lot of concepts in my mind, but have only done two states so far. Will likely add to this thread as I progress. Would love feedback/suggestions! Thanks
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    Ooh, this is gonna be fun. I’ll definitely be following this.
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    It's common for a franchise in Europe to operate sports clubs in multiple sports. Real Madrid has a well known basketball club. So does Barça and Bayern Munich for that matter. But it's important to remember that those are byproducts of the time and culture in which those clubs were founded. American sporting franchises just weren't founded with the same pretenses in mind.
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    God the Father, God the Son, and God the QB.
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    Seals and Whales I would say are no go due to them being names (or similar) to now defunct teams. I would give Whales an exemption if it meant the Canucks would then change their logo, but they had a great opportunity to ditch the Orca with the Reebok makeover and didn't, so that's probably never going to happen. Sockeyes could work. Ties in with the Pacific Northwest and the Pike Market isn't too far away from where they will be playing. Too bad that can't go with Salmon Kings. Renegades if they want to go against the grain and have colours that would probably be completely different from the teams already in the city. I see black, red, and orange. Kraken would be great if they are able to get Liam Neeson to record a video dressed up as Zeus and yell out "Release The Kraken" just before the team takes to the ice.
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    Sea Devils and Guardians..like NOW
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    The final bid to be presented began the week as an underdog, with both the Generals and Stars working hard to keep a second NY franchise from becoming a reality. And yet, by the end of the weekend, with Fred Wilpon taking the lead, the NY Guardians bid had seemingly taken the league by surprise, presenting both a sound economic model, strong stadium options at Citifield, and an identity which many owners swooned over. The black, silver and liberty green (a faded copper green) clad Guardians would bost top notch facilities, and one of the deeper ownership groups in the league. It would appear that the Generals in particular were right to be nervous about this bid. The identity presented at the league meetings included a black helmet with green, silver and dark grey striping and a strong "guardian" logo featuring an ancient warrior hlding a sword in a position of calm preparation and vigilance. Like an art deco statue or a stone sentinel, the guardian was a symbol of strength, confidence and power. The color scheme was one which was both unique within the league (which lacked a true black & silver team such as the NFL Raiders) and had a very strong urban, NY feel to it.
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    MOD EDIT: Immaterial to the discussion.
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    You make the logos. You show them. Pretty simple.
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    Involving old timers or "living legends" might be risky, since they don't want someone walking out for a halftime ceremony then completely forget where he is and then wet himself because his brain is mush, or someone have a seizure, or try to make out with Suzy Kolber. Actually, maybe they should - watching the old players take cognitive tests during halftime of the Super Bowl would be more entertaining than any concert they could possibly put out there.
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    Interested to see if the current Super Bowl logo format is followed, what color Atlanta chooses. Red would be an obvious favorite but I don’t Atlanta wants anymore reminders of Super Bowl LI. I hope we see Peach instead.
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    Some great finds -- but i will be the Debbie Downer that notes that that EJ Manuel jersey is a knockoff
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    Not really sure where to post this, but check out this prototype Bucks sleeved jersey with the Irish rainbow side panels:
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    Not trying to be rude here, but don't tell someone to do their concepts on a computer. As long as they've put time and effort into them, Hand-drawn concepts can look as good as ones made digitally. I would love to see more hand-drawn concepts on the boards. As for C&C, I'm not an expert on baseball design, but these unis look great. I especially like the cap with the four suits. Good work!
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    If the new logo is cruise ship-esque (whatever that means) what does that make the shrivelered up, old looking logo from the ‘60s? I don’t get shriveled up at all. I get old, sure. Grungy? Sure. That’s fine though. It has a very “old time Florida roadside attraction” vibe, which I think works for them. There sure is. That reason’s called “the 90s,” and a lot of bad reasoning reigned supreme at the time
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    Remember the 1956 Cardinals' plan to use their "StL" crest on the road uniforms? Well, now we have color pictures of some of the prototypes! Yeah, getting cold feet was a good idea.
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