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    This board teaches you that monochrome isn't preferred for football unis; it's mandatory for basketball.
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    Introducing the New England SeaDevils. In 2013 they will play 3 home games (plus a preseason) in Hartford at UConn's stadium and 4 home games at BC's Alumni Stadium.
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    Introducing the Seattle Orca, who will play their home games at U-Dub's Husky Stadium.
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    Commitment to Excellence and Contractually Obligated 700 Club Telecasts
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    If green doesn't work with the Orca logo then the Orca logo doesn't work with the color scheme. The navy and white logo on top of a royal and green jersey has always looked like a cheap beer league screen printing job to me.
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    *Wants to play along, but genuinely likes most of the concepts
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    I’ve never been down on the Jags uniforms. In fact I quite like them. I wish they would wear the teal more, but I digress. It’s that damn helmet though. Kills it all. Make that thing all black and you won’t hear a peep out of me. But they won’t, so they could potentially win their 1st title in their worst look like the Cavs did. The Cavs are gonna have a throwback night in 30 years for that thing. That’s a shame. Also, go Jags. Get the Patriots out of here. Signed, everyone.
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    Unalloyed nonsense. That "certificate" business was pure theatre, a sleight-of-hand designed to combat the threat of litigation. The original intent had been to operate as the Baltimore Browns, in keeping with the practice of the Cardinals, Rams, Colts, Raiders, Dodgers, baseball Giants, Braves, A's; in other words: the way the vast majority of moves had been handled. This was the plan until the Clevelanders pulled their Special Snowflake act, which led to the NFL's contriving a new approach so as to appease the braying horde (thereby defiling the record books and establish a toxic precedent). No new name can alter the reality that the original Browns' franchise is in Baltimore now, and that the current team is a newly-created entity that dates to 1999. The NFL gets to count its statistics any way it likes. But it does not get to alter the objective facts of history.
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    While I don't agree with that sentiment (that the Browns should dump their name), I get the reasoning. The expansion Browns (1999-present) have largely been failures, with only one playoff appearance and only one win in the past two calendar years. It's merely asking for the team to act like the crummy expansion franchise that they are, and not like the continuation of the team that's now the Ravens.
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    I honestly would have preferred the Jaguars getting blown out from the start instead of teasing us with false hope.
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    True. You could also include some Canadian towns in the teal area.
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    Probably due to league rules we don't know about, and likely about maintaining a strong brand.
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    When you do Washington, you need to do multiple different versions because we can't decide what we want as the name. Redskins? RedHawks? Redtails? The world may never know.
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    The game isn’t over. And for the sake of this forum and your sanity, I’m glad the Patriots aren’t blowing them out.
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    So back to regular numbers for the Chargers? This probably does work better.
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    A subtle green addition could work, like adding some detail to the eye. Anything more than that would be too much. I don't mind the orca, but losing the script would improve their uniforms tremendously. Pick one or the other, not both.
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    That's because the logo doesn't work already. For real though I'm 99% sure they put the 'VANCOUVER' script there to sell more jerseys during the Olympics. Same reason they copy pasted the orca instead of going full circle back to the stick in rink. I know they say they're paying tribute to the WHL days but it should be 'CANUCKS' in script if that were true.
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    What a piece of trash Tom Izzo is. He has all this time to think about the horrors perpetrated at his school and he says "I hope they convicted the right person". Hey jagoff it's 100% clear Larry deserves to spend life in prison. The question is, who else from your school should join him. How about don't open your mouth at all if that's the kind of ignorance you are going to spew.
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    By definition, Army can't have a BFBS uniform. It's one of their school colors. The set looks great, though.
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    A couple of older fields... 1995 Philadelphia Eagles (Includes wild card playoffs against Detroit) 1996 Denver Broncos 1996 Denver Broncos Divisional Playoffs
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    CCSLC: W e a p p r e c i a t e o r i g i n a l i t y Me: *posts the following browns concept* CCSLC: literally perfect nothing could be better than this never mess with the most boring team in the league (Sans Raiders) or else you'll ruin it!!!!!
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    That scream at the end of the video is absolutely cringe-inducing.
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    Lol looks like NFL already decided the Super Bowl
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    Well, here's the problem. This mentions 6 different teams... there's never been a year with significant changes to that many uniforms... it's unprecedented. On top of that, these claims seem to me to fall into 4 categories; Believable (Titans, Jags, Dolphins), somewhat believable (the Broncos color rush is popular, but I'd be surprised to see them just go to it, as is), somewhat unbelievable (the Raiders just don't change... and the year before they move? Doubtful), and, if what we think we know about NFL rules is true, completely unbelievable (Browns). Also, our own BrandMooreArt could confirm that Dolphin thing. But most of all... only one post? Come in here with a drop the mic bomb, and then don't follow up? Questionable.
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