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    In the current economy I’m just glad this guy found a new gig.
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    "Well, I guess Scott Mitchell is the perfect person to carry on my legacy." Did anybody check him for CTE?
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    This is still in the early stages, but I've put together a look for a Seattle NHL franchise based on one of the names listed as a possibility; the Seattle Sea Lions (or Sealions, SeaLions?). For the logo I'm taking inspiration from the AAU SeaWolves work I just did, I'm trying to work an "S" into the shape. and still use northwest coast tribal shapes. I've also been referencing photos of dominant male sea lions and using their distinguishing features (high forehead, prominent whiskers, thick neck/chest). This is just the first sketch, but let me know what you think of the look I have going so far.
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    The frustrating thing is that they come so close. The 2016 uniforms were as good as they are going to get in terms of design. Just replace blue with brown, and you're home free for the next 50 years.
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    Nike Basketball has posted some nice snapshots of each team’s City uniform on their Instagram story. Here’s just a few of them:
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    Reebok got really bad about that when they had the NFL deal. Key design elements would vary player to player on the same team depending on which jersey cut they were wearing. Then in the later years some players had those stretchy tshirt looking jerseys while others were wearing the old templates and there was a lot of inconsistencies. I'll give Nike credit for getting all of that squared away. Even if a guy has a tighter cut jersey his stripes aren't altered differently than a teammate in a looser fitting jersey. The Bengals uniforms still have problems, but Nike at least solved the issues Reebok was having with them. Example: These guys were on the same team at the same time. That doesn't happen with Nike anymore.
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    Ask and ye shall recieve, Cincinnati Bengals:
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    Count me as a fan as well. I hope next year's City jersey is this same style but black.
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    I respect the Patriots, but I'm just so bored with the Patriots. It's been the same story every year for a 100 years now and I'm ready for something fresh. I want to talk about Boston sports. Has a city ever had a run like this from all its teams? I can't think of one and I don't know if we'll ever see a city have a run like this ever again. It starts in Early 2002 when the Patriots beat the Rams and if you look at just the next ten years up until the Bruins completed the Grand Slam in 2011 it was absurd. 3 Super Bowl wins, 5 Super Bowl appearances, an NBA championship, another finals appearance, a Stanley Cup, ended the World Series drought and won another. What's that, 7 parades in 10 years? Now, 6 years later it's still going. It's just stupid. Since the Bruins cup win they've added 2 more Super Bowls, another World Series, another stanley cup final, and the Celtics are back to contending. The last six years alone would be phenomenal for any city. I guess what I'm saying is Bill Simmons can STFU about how bad the 90's were.
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    Apparently 10,000 supporters were consulted as part of the design process. I'm assuming that they were fans of every other club in England, rather than Leeds?
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    Please for the love of God just bring these back as alternates.
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    What made that set so much worse was that Reebok was experimenting with new fabrics that really messed up the piping and the stretch of the letters/numbers. I mean, look at this photo. Three different ways the stripes/piping is presented compared to what they were supposed to look like from their unveiling The lack of gold and the fact that the piping was already going to be inconsistent from the start (look at the linemen's piping being cut off) made this set a bad one from the beginning. Helmet was a fun part of it but it was the only redeeming element to a very bad design
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    You should really stop posting here. Seriously - take a break for a while. You've become an embarrassment to your fellow Patriots fans, and contribute nothing to any discussion. Is this a serious question??? Wentz has HOF talent, and the potential to be this generation's Manning or Brady (oh please Brady!) He probably won't be ready to start opening day due to the injury, but when he's healthy, he's the man. If he is ready for opening day, and some dumb ass team like the Vikings makes a panic offer for Foles, then Nick is gone. Obviously having depth at QB is critical in this league, but Foles can turn into a pumpkin at any time, so best case for the Eagles is he's the SB MVP and then they trade him for a nice haul.
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    Because nothing says "Revolutionary War Patriots" like red coats!
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    I think most people would be ok with the current slate of outdoor games if we got some new blood. We don’t need Chicago playing in these things every other year.
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    Just came here to post that. He also posted a behind-the-scenes look at his work with Oregon following the Broncos refresh https://www.behance.net/gallery/61222729/The-University-of-Oregon-Brand-Identity-Design-(1998)
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    They're trying to create more "historical precedent." The longer the script continues, the easier it is for some poor, misguided soul to come along 30 years in the future and justifiably say, "Vancouver having a copy/paste wordmark above their jersey crest is based on historical precedent."
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    It's just weird that they didn't incorporate the York rose somewhere in there.
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    Ok. Look. I admire the Patriots. They have had success like no one has ever seen before. I respect the out of them. That said, in my lifetime I have witnessed the Patriots go to 8 Super Bowls, winning 5. That number could grow to 6. All of my favorite teams in their total histories have combined for 3 championship appearances. They are 0-3 in those series, with a combined record of 2-12. So, congratulations on your incredible run (and I didn't even total the combined championships that I've seen from the city of Boston). But don't be total heads about it when you win. (only talking to a few of you - most Pats fans on here are completely tolerable)
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    Family business has kept me away through all that division/retired number talk. Was going to comment, but after starting and stopping, I don't have the mentality for the deep dive I had planned. Suffice to say, the weight of a division championship depends on the franchise's history, their recent fortunes, and a number of other factors that are unique to every situation. The idea that it doesn't matter for anyone is laughable. When the Rays won the pennant in 2008, they didn't hang an American League Championship banner. Opening day of 2009 they raised a League Championship banner and an American League East Champions banner because for that franchise and especially at that time even though they won the pennant that year the division championship was still important to them. As for retired numbers, the hall of fame shouldn't be a prerequisite. It should be about the person's importance to the team. Think of it as the argument that always gets brought up about the term MVP. Should the MVP be the best player in the league, or (as the name suggests) the most valuable player to their team. The hall takes in a person's worth to overall baseball, while a retired number should celebrate the person's worth to the team. YAUGH!!! His eyes are horrifying! They have falcons and hawks. They once had the Thrashers. On the bird theme someone had mentioned previously, they could have a Red Eagle. Would be a unique bird and also a reference to a figure of the local tribe, covering all bases.
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    If they just kept their arms tucked in like #30 there, it's not so bad!
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    The uniform from the neck down has grown on me. Just make the helmet all black. Easy.
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    Had the Seahawks prevailed in the 1983 AFC title game, a Seahawks/49ers Super Bowl in Super Bowl XVIII would've given us this awesome matchup, visually speaking. And the same could be said for a Jaguars/Panthers matchup in Super Bowl XXXI. Can you believe these expansion brethren were one step away from the Super Bowl during the '96 season?
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