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    No, it wasn't. That's a story which was created decades later. But I bet you knew that.
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    Redskins and N***** grew out of different climates. If there were as few African Americans as there are American Indians, to the point where they're almost treated like they're extinct or unicorns or mythological, and if we'd spent the past 100 years normalizing the use of the N word for a sports team's name then there'd probably be a sports team called the N******. The only example I can think of is Africentric High School in Columbus, Ohio is called the Nubians and they used to have a large Africa decal on their football helmets. That's cool because they're celebrating their own heritage. If my high school in mayonnaise-white Dublin, Ohio were called the Nubians? Not cool at all.
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    I'd argue that goes back to who is choosing the name and whether it's appropriation discussion. If the high school of Native American Indian people is fine with using Redskins for themselves then I guess I can't argue, though there's been evidence posted in this thread that those names do some actual harm so one example of an anecdote traded with another backed up with some research into the issue. Now, the Washington Redskins are not a high school of Native Americans. The name was chosen by a famous racist and they appropriated the name for a team that was famously all-white. Also there are a lot of Native Americans who do want the NFL team to change regardless of that one high school. I don't see the high school and the NFL team as being in the same situation when they were both named with very different intentions by different people.
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    ...for anybody wondering where Soundofthrowingpennies went after he got booted off here...
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    You know what? I am all in on this now.
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    My dad is a lifelong Indians fans (and also a lifelong Reds fan. He's weird.) and he says "good riddance". He also thinks they should rename the team the "Mayflies" and is 100% serious. My stance has always been that it's better to air on the side of caution and listen to the offended parties because they feel the most when they see the logo. My opinion in the matter isn't important, though I happen to agree with them. Also :censored: like this http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/redfaceoff.jpg you really want to be on the same side with the dude in makeup? That's a weird hill to die on. I shall now address some talking points: "It's not a racist logo!" The people portrayed by the logo say it's racist. I'm going to take their word for it. "BUT MY FRIEND IS NATIVE AMERICAN AND HE LIKES THE LOGO!" slash "BUT I'M NATIVE AMERICAN AND I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE LOGO" I'm also not offended by everything that I probably should be as a person in my position, but I am capable of empathy and I can understand why some people might take umbrage with certain issues. If people also of Native American heritage don't like the logo then he/you should try to understand why. The pain for some of not seeing the logo on a major league team pales in comparison to the pain that some Native Americans feel when they do see the logo on a major league team. You really can't go wrong when you air on the side of decency. "It's just a logo. Get over it." You get over it. It's just a logo. Hmm. funny how that works both ways. "LOL THE FIGHTING IRISH LOGO OFFENDS ME I'M IRISH LMFAO mSMDH SJW CUCKS" Buddy, if you can't tell the difference between someone naming something after themselves versus someone appropriating another culture (WITH A RACIST CARTOON LOGO) then you're not equipped to participate in this discussion. The reason they should've just done this 20 years ago is because by now it wouldn't be an issue. People will move on and the team will figure out a way to carve out a brand that doesn't rely on a racist cartoon. They might lose a fan or two, but it likely won't move the needle at all and will end up being a net positive in the end.
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    Are you honestly suggesting that the world moves forward and evolves in ways that are subtle and nuanced and that all changers in our vernacular are not just the will of a PC agenda?
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    Long overdue. I think one reason logos like this have survived so long over other caricatures like Sambo, is that Native Americans are so marginalized in society that you can spend your whole life without seeing one or hearing from any of them. They have historically been brutalized and to this day are still pushed to the very edge of society and taken advantage of time and again by the US government, you can't claim to 'honor' them with sports teams while largely ignoring their very existence.
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    Again, if that’s that’s how they want to represent their own culture, I don’t think anyone has a problem with it. A line of rich white men (from George Preston Marshall to Dan Snyder) representing, owning a trademark for, and monetarily profiting from a culture or cultures that are not theirs is most definitely not the same situation. A name that is not a slur, like Indians or Braves, may or may not be tolerable depending on who you ask, but it’s still kind of silly to hang onto when there are other options that are perfectly appropriate. The party line is that these teams are honoring their namesakes. If you insist on using another human culture as the focal point of your brand, then you should be prepared to donate the profits from the use of that cultural imagery to better that culture; to actually honor them.
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    Again, I think that's largely due to the First Nations having been removed from our society. Few of us interact with them on a regular basis, so the slurs don't seem as "real" to us. I for one have been wondering if I should be typing the word. I'm certainly not comfortable with it.
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    Here's another one: "But the studies show that Native Americans aren't offended by it, in fact they like it!" Show them this American Psychological Association study, which says that they negatively impact the mental health of marginalized peoples. Here's a basic summary from the article. That's kind of damning, I'd say.
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    Yeah, this. If derogatory names and racist caricatures don't seem to sting, that's because the government was so successful at removing the First Nations from places where most of us would interact with them on a daily basis. Wasn't all that long ago when gay slurs were considered relatively harmless, since so many gay people were closeted. People didn't have any idea that so many of their friends, colleagues and family members were affected by the slurs. The more who came out, and consequently the more the average person knew that s/he knew, the less okay those names became.
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    If they give up the TM then anyone can make wahoo gear and people will buy it either as a protest or just because they like it. Keeping the TM may not be about making lots of $ off of throwback gear, it may just be about keeping it away from others.
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    Yes, they could, for instance, complain that all their favorite racist logos are being taken away. Damn complainers.
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    I doubt it, as Chief Black Hawk is portrayed in a dignified manner, not as a caraciture.
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    Quick little concept here, with the NBA All Star Game approaching soon. The jerseys that were unveiled (or leaked, not really sure where we stand on that) were plain awful. I decided to whip up a quick concept using gold and silver as the main colors, and here's what I came up with. On the back collar is the NBA logo with "L" and "A" on either side, and on the chest is a star with the number of ASG the player has been selected to. I had originally tried to put the number of stars somewhere on the jersey, but with guys who have a lot of games under their belt (LeBron and his 14) it's hard to fit that many stars on a jersey in a good looking way. Anyways, here it is.
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    If you're going to post stuff from Instagram, please post it so that it automatically embeds. From your IG home page, click on the post you want to share, then open the menu in the bottom right corner of the box that pops up and click on Go To Post. Copy that URL into the reply box here on the boards and it should automatically embed. (Basically the URL you posted minus the ? and everything after.) Also, I'm curious as to why you're posting photos of your computer screen. I understand you might not want your designs stolen, but it's hard to see the details and be able to give good feedback with this medium. Personally, I like some context with concepts, too. Rather than just post an image (or a link to an image), post it and tell us a little bit about why you made some of the choices you made. Do you have a particular affinity for the Washington Bullets identity? Are you trying to stay true to their previous logos or adding your own twists? Why go with the colours you went with? Why go with the fonts you went with? Things like this will help you get more and better feedback.
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    Would you say that the n-word is pretty tame if some African-Americans use it?
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    I was gonna say... One reason I’m so opposed to Wahoo as a logo is because I did the “how would I like it if....?” experiment. I can’t claim to speak for Natives and what they may deem offensive or not, but I can certainly imagine what it would be like if there were a team named “the Jews” with a Jewish version of Wahoo as the logo. I wouldn’t like that at all.
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    The Seahawks change from royal blue/silver to that ungodly shade of monochrome blue was pretty drastic.
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    The Bucs going from creamsicle to pewter is the only example I can think of.
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    If Cleveland ever re-adopts the Spiders nickname...
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    That's because Lucky the Leprechaun is a Leprechaun. Leprechauns are not real, unlike Native Americans. So the comparison breaks down pretty quickly.
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