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    Is there anyway the mods would consider a one week ban for anyone criticizing a team's colors based on the color of the animal they're named after?
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    Thank you guys... Surfer, it's great to hear that I "inspired" you to get better at illustrator. Good luck with it and thanks for letting me know! You might be right h, although I think that somehow, "Metropolitans" is still in the running. Thanks Bruins...I'm planning a "funky quirk" sort of thing with the alts later... I have a little more respect for the name after I read this excellent article on the Mets in the NY Times (here). It's quite the story of how the Patricks basically put together a team of hockey mercenaries and then demolished the Montreal Canadiens to be the first team in the U.S. to win the Stanley Cup..."in Seattle of all places!" Thank you B-mer...I'm thinking of using the Seahawks colours on the Totems... Hello darkp!... I agree with you on your sec logo observation. I've made a change... I hear you Zeus...I've beefed-up the waist stripe and changed the secondary. Thanks. It's a good debate guys...How many established logos wouldn't fly in today's market. Many wouldn't make it past the first sketches! The old Mets' "S" defies all modern design principles. darkp's right on this one. the "S"'s history makes it a contender in spite of its ungainliness. Okay...you guys are right... the sec doesn't match the primary. I kinda took the easy path which doesn't work so I went back to the drawing board and had another look at some "ArtDeco" elements... After reading the above-mentioned article, I figured that the nod to the "Metropolitans" was just as much an acknowledgment to the event, as it was to the team... so I created more of a "Tribute" logo, featuring the year of the historic Stanley Cup win, a couple of crossed hockey sticks, and the letters "M" and "S". I also tightened up the primary a tad... I beefed up the striping on the unis...they were looking a little too "Leaf-ish", so I put the side-arm stripes up on the shoulders... The 1920-ish vibe could be an interesting look for promotions, merch, etc.... I photo-shopped up a "Rocketeer" poster to demonstrate...
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    Updated field with texture. I'll wait until after the game to do a final update, to get color right, and figure out how the outlining stadium will look during the game. I think I may have to adjust the Eagles wordmark slightly, but we'll see.
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    So underwhelming. And, the whole white on light gray just works splendidly, no?
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    I like the white and grey leopard print, looks like the interior of a Polish mail bride's car.
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    But they already threw money down the drain for this two:
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    The Blazers’ Twitter account with another dig at the whole Raptors “North” thing:
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    "Thanks to cost cutting moves by the league office, we now only have to design 10% of the logo!"
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    I worked on a version of this years ago. Here's an updated version of that updated Pat. New England Patriots:
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    On the reveal the number and the pick ax had an awkward gap -- that's been fixed (or the reveal was wrong?). I actually like these in action more than I thought I would.
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    A couple looks at Denver’s City uniforms in action:
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    Titans Director of Broadcasting Mike Keith confirmed the logo will not change during his weekly appearance on our station. The uniform talk starts at the 17:50 mark: https://audioboom.com/posts/6633959-mike-keith-2-1-18
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    The Titans are a great example of only needing minor changes. I don't see why a complete overhaul is really necessary. If it were up to me (and it's not), I'd simply drop the stripe on the helmet, chance the facemask to white, keep the light blue as the primary color/jersey, change the shoulders on the home uniforms, and a different number font (maybe). As a Seahawks fan, I thought the changes we made the the uniforms in 2012 were too much, there was nothing wrong with the uniforms we had. Yes I'm glad that we added gray and green became a more predominate color, but I think that minor tweaking is all that Seattle really needed that time. And honestly, even though I became a fan of the team in 2002, I kinda lament the fact that we don't go back to the blue and evergreen colors. It seems, to me, that too many teams are going with darker color schemes and are not all that colorful. Look at the history of teams that did make overhaul changes and you'll notice that they went from lighter colors to darker ones: Patriots, Bills (but they have since reverted), Eagles, Seahawks, Buccaneers, Rams (circa 2000), Jaguars, Broncos, just to name off the top of my head. I liked that the Dolphins went lighter with their revamp a few years ago and that the 49ers excised their darker elements (although I'm still not a fan of a grey facemask on any helmet that isn't silver/grey). The point is that I think the Titans logo is fine, the colors are fine, they just need new uniforms that are brighter with a few subtle changes is all.
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    Halftime of the Chicago All Lives Matterers @ San Diego Anthem Respecters, Vince on a headset in his dining room yelling at the truck, "GOD DAMN IT, I want more ASS SHOTS! . . . What do you mean, of the women or the men? BOTH! I want all the ass you can give me, pal! Give the people those NICE, TONED ASSES! Hlah, hlah, hlah! Mmmmm." gonna be great for all parties involved.
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    There was a reference to "Dickensian whaling" that I missed the first time through but then laughed my ass off at. The time period's not wrong, but if only there had been another famous author we could better associate with whaling! If only!
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    I’m seriously considering a concept series where teams’ colors are “fixed” to be more accurate to their IRL mascots. SPOILER: There will be a lot more brown teams than only the Browns now.
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    After having played through one full summer in mostly dark uniforms, several USFA teams opted to change up their looks in an effort to make their players more comfortable. The result is that a league that explicitly discouraged the use of white on uniforms in 1988 would make heavy use of it in 1989. The only team to undergo a full rebrand was the San Jose Spiders. Having an identity that utilized only black and white made it difficult for them to avoid dark jerseys, so they switched things up, adding a light blue to the color scheme. The football at the center of the logo was also enlarged, as as to be more visible when used on the uniform. The old logo and uniforms can be seen here. The new uniforms are wild, even by the standards of the USFA. They're the first professional football uniforms to utilize gradients (they were inspired by the 1990s Atlanta Hawks unis, though they bear a strong, albeit coincidental, resemblance to the Chicago Frost of @ItDoesntMatter's National Dashball League). The expand the old spider web motif to the helmet, and the stripe on the pants is meant to look like a spider hanging from a strand. Though the uniforms are met with mixed reviews, the socks are extremely popular and sell better than any other merchandise offered by the team. Most of the other changes were minor, with a switch to white pants being the most common modification. In fact, that was the entirety of the changes made by the Brooklyn Privateers and Utah Pioneers. The defending champion Louisville Brawlers did the same, and also changed their helmet color from black to white; while the Carolina Cyborgs switched to white with their primary (red) jersey and added a white alternate, but kept their dark blue pants with the grey secondary jersey. The most substantial change outside of San Jose came in Oklahoma City. In the USFA's first season, the Reapers had worn as little white as possible. However, after a year of playing in the brutal OKC summer, they reversed course. The switched to white helmets and pants for all of their uniforms, and significantly altered the details of the uniform. They now have a unique helmet stripe that is as wide as the bumper with a significant amount space between the stripes. The pattern on the socks and pants changed, and outlines were added to all text and numbers. Probably the most significant change was that he skull sleeve stripe was better integrated into the uniforms, which will provide a more intimidating look (honestly, this is probably too modern, but I like it too much not to use it - the white jersey is probably my favorite that I've ever done).
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    Well that's disappointing. I feel like they're botching their kit identity big time here with randomness. They go from an iconic to wing to a blue sash (which I'm fine with, it was a good look and given the short turn around time I thought turned out well) to now 2 tone vertical stripes? Ugh. I hope it turns out well but this is disappointing to hear. Feels like the look is all over the map especially since nowhere in their marketing is a 2 tone vertical stripe used.
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    You posted that same dumb "Jags aren't teal" argument a week ago. It's a horrible argument. 85% of teams with an animal as a logo violates this "rule".
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    2001 Off-Season 2001 Entry Draft The 2001 draft featured the most Canadian players selected in the first round in over 20 years. 19 out of 30 players selected in the first round were Canucks, while the United States provided only four first rounders including the first overall pick, Jake Wilson. Goaltender Martin Barker of the Prairie League’s Lethbridge Tornados went second to the Denver Bulls, while Jayson Clarke, a skilled winger from Manitoba became the first pick in Atlanta Copperheads history. Portland made their first-ever pick Jyrki Rainimak from Tampere, Finland, selecting him sixth. Other interesting picks included Brandon Sweetwater, the first full-blooded Native American to be drafted into the league, he went 14th to the Carolina Raiders, while defenseman Corey Clark became only the second Prince Edward Island native to be drafted when Chicago took him at 24th. 1. Quebec – Jake Wilson, F, USA 2. Denver – Martin Barker, G, CAN 3. Atlanta – Jayson Clarke, F, CAN 4. Edmonton – Ilya Rusakivich, F, RUS 5. Boston – Chris Haines, F, CAN 6. Portland – Jyrki Rainimak, F, FIN 7. Calgary – Matthew Potter, D, GB 8. St. Louis – Blake Bennett, F, CAN 9. Winnipeg – Corey Watts, F, CAN 10. New Orleans – Trevor Shaw, D, CAN 11. Long Island – Daniel Hedlund, D, SWE 12. Cleveland – Owen Langley, F, CAN 13. Milwaukee – Alyn Marleau, F, CAN 14. Carolina – Brandon Sweetwater, F, USA 15. Vancouver – Trey Sawler, F, CAN 16. Oakland – Evan Butler, D, USA 17. Los Angeles – Matt Stover, G, CAN 18. Toronto – Trent Cameron, G, CAN 19. Detroit – Matt Hopkins, F, USA 20. Pittsburgh – Adam Briggs, D, CAN 21. Miami – Henrik Lindblom, F, SWE 22. Dallas – Ben Burgess, D, CAN 23. New York – Matt Kennedy, F, CAN 24. Chicago – Corey Clark, D, CAN 25. Montreal – Ryan Kent, F, CAN 26. Denver (From Washington) – Sergei Mikhailov, F, RUS 27. Philadelphia – Sean Nowakowski, F, CAN 28. Seattle – Luke Roy, F, CAN 29. Minnesota – Jesse Hollis, D, CAN 30. Kansas City – Jaromir Rezek, D, CZE Notable Retirements: Vincent Ducharme, F, MTL, 1986-2001 Though his career was cut short, Vincent Ducharme had plenty of time to establish himself as one of the greatest players in PHL history. With 1644 points, Ducharme ranks seventh all-time in points and captained the Montreal Royale to three Lewis Cups during the 1990s, even scoring the winner in 1991. Towards the end of the 1990s, Ducharme began to suffer from knee injuries, which eventually forced him to miss the entire 2000-01 regular season. He would return for the playoffs, where his final great moment would be scoring the winner to send the Royale to the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals. After losing to the Philadelphia Redshirts, Ducharme retired after 15 seasons. Craig Bush, F, BOS, SEA, 1980-2001 One of the most popular players in Bulldogs’ history, Craig Bush played a total of 18 years in Boston, serving as their captain for twelve seasons. In 1993, Bush led a powerhouse Bulldogs team to their first Lewis Cup in 21 years, taking home playoff MVP honours in the process. The ‘Dogs endured some lean years in the late 1990s, and Bush eventually signed with Seattle, where he played two seasons before returning to Boston for his final season. Alexei Yolkin, F, TOR, DEN, 1991-2001 After over a decade starring with the Soviet National Team, Alexei Yolkin finally made his PHL debut in January, 1992 with the Toronto Racers, just weeks after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Yolkin lit up the Toronto offense, scoring over a goal per game in the second half of the 1991-92 season. Unfortunately for the Racers, Yolkin’s prime in the PHL was brief, as his play declined in the late 90s. He was dealt to the Denver Bulls in 1999 where he played his final two years. Yolkin will now head home to Russia to begin a new career as a coach. Jeff Waters, F, PHI, 1979-2001 Few players waited as long as Jeff Waters with the same franchise to hoist the Lewis Cup. Waters made his debut in 1979 and played more than two decades in Philadelphia, eventually serving as their captain. The Redshirts’ legendary drought continued on as Philly lost a heartbreaker in the 1989 finals. The late 90s brought some difficult years for the team and Waters had opportunities to leave and join a contender. But Waters, a family man and devout Christian, opted to stay in Philadelphia to keep his focus on his family and faith. It would pay off in the end as the Redshirts quickly rose back to the top and claimed their first-ever Lewis Cup in Waters’ final game. Notable Trades Carolina trades D Jean-Francois Belanger to Seattle in exchange for D Nick Spears. Seattle replenishes their Defensive depth after losing Jason Driscoll to the Expansion Draft by adding all-star blueliner Belanger, while the Raiders bring some youth to their blueline in Spears. Denver trades F Oleg Markov to Long Island in exchange for F Justin Pratt. The Bulls launch a full-on rebuild, sending their star forward Markov to the Concordes for Pratt, the Canadian Junior MVP in 2000-01. Denver trades F Kaino Rippola, G Nathan Bowman to Washington in exchange for 1st round draft pick. Denver’s tank job continues as veteran Rippola and goaltender Bowman are sent to the generals for Washington’s first pick in the draft. Key Free Agents Resignings: Scott Drayton signs new 5-year deal with Kansas City worth $12 Million/year. Igor Nokavich signs new 7-year deal with Boston worth $8 Million/year. Kyle Mathis signs new 6-year deal with Edmonton worth $5 Million/year. Darren Reid signs new 5-year deal with New Orleans worth $5 Million/year. Shawn Marchinski signs new 3-year deal with Dallas worth $3.5 Million/year. UFAs: D Kevin Hoyle (OAK) signs 6-year deal with New York worth $11 Million/year. The first in a summer of huge moves around the league, Hoyle leaves the Nuggets for Broadway after 15 seasons in the Bay area. F Aaron Duplacy (NYC) signs 5-year deal with Montreal worth $10 Million/year. Less than two hours after signing the biggest free agent on the market, the Civics lose their captain, as Duplacy heads to Montreal to replace the lost offense from Ducharme’s retirement. G Jake Borman (WSH) signs 3-year deal with Toronto worth $5 Million/year. One of the game’s top goaltenders heads to Toronto to replace the departing Tom Branson. G Tom Branson (TOR) signs 5-year deal with Chicago worth $5 Million/year. Branson leaves the struggling Racers to pursue a championship with the Shamrocks. D Teppo Sikkanen (DEN) signs 1-year deal with Chicago worth $3 Million/year. Chicago continues to load up, signing the former Cooper Award winner to a one-year deal. Sikkanen has said this could be his final season. F Trevor Ramsey (EDM) signs 2-year deal with Boston worth $2 Million/year. The 38-year-old Ramsey will likely finish his career in Boston. News The summer of 2001 kicked off with big news, when Darryl Byrd announced that for the first time in PHL history, two teams would play outside in a football stadium. The Chicago Shamrocks would face the Toronto Racers at Madison Field in Chicago on Boxing Day in an event called the Holiday Classic. “This event will go down in history as one of the greatest events of all time” Byrd. When asked if the event would become an annual tradition, Byrd replied “I hope so.” There were a few notable coaching changes during the summer of 2001. The Boston Bulldogs fired both GM Bob Canton and Head Coach Gery Shantz, replacing them with former Bulldogs defenseman Bruce McKinnon as GM, and successful major junior coach Maxime St-Beaudoin as Head Coach. St-Beaudoin, one of the youngest coaches in PHL history at just 35, had led the Maritime League’s Moncton Narwals to the National Championship game in 1999-00, and also served on the PHL expansion committee. It would not take long for Shantz to find a new coaching job, just a day after being let go by Boston, Shantz was hired by the expansion Atlanta Copperheads, who had apparently been waiting for his dismissal. “We had a feeling Boston would be making a change so we just decided to wait and see what would happen” said Copperheads GM Paul Needham. The Portland Cascades also found their first coach when the Edmonton Northern Lights decided to part ways with Rick Camford. Edmonton then hired former Nuggets winger Rod Skelton as their new bench boss. History was also made in New York, where defenseman Lamar Jackson became the first black player to be named captain of a PHL club. With the departure of Aaron Duplacy, Civics management resisted naming new acquisition Kevin Hoyle the captain, instead giving the honour to Jackson, who had been a key part of the team since 1988. “It’s a huge honour to be able to lead this team” said Jackson. “I can’t wait to get going, it’s going to be a good year.” The optimistic Civics would also be opening their new training facility in Jersey City at the start of training camp on September 11th. “We’ve had that date circled on our calendar all summer” said head coach Bruce Irvine. “We can’t wait to get started.”
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    Lions are neither Honolulu blue nor silver, Bears are neither navy nor orange, etc.
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    Kinda went a different route with this next iteration as I was hitting roadblocks with the other. Thanks for all the feedback so far. Keep it coming!
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