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    Of all possible pictures, why would you post Kobe in a Knicks uni?
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    It literally took me fifteen seconds to find these:
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    They look washed out in game action but look great in a photo shoot and/or photoshopped? Does that sound like a really strong argument to you? When you Google image search "knicks orange jersey", the Kobe photoshop doesn't even come up, so apparently you wanted to find that picture, rather than it being random.
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    I mean, how hard was this?
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    Thank you guys... Surfer, it's great to hear that I "inspired" you to get better at illustrator. Good luck with it and thanks for letting me know! You might be right h, although I think that somehow, "Metropolitans" is still in the running. Thanks Bruins...I'm planning a "funky quirk" sort of thing with the alts later... I have a little more respect for the name after I read this excellent article on the Mets in the NY Times (here). It's quite the story of how the Patricks basically put together a team of hockey mercenaries and then demolished the Montreal Canadiens to be the first team in the U.S. to win the Stanley Cup..."in Seattle of all places!" Thank you B-mer...I'm thinking of using the Seahawks colours on the Totems... Hello darkp!... I agree with you on your sec logo observation. I've made a change... I hear you Zeus...I've beefed-up the waist stripe and changed the secondary. Thanks. It's a good debate guys...How many established logos wouldn't fly in today's market. Many wouldn't make it past the first sketches! The old Mets' "S" defies all modern design principles. darkp's right on this one. the "S"'s history makes it a contender in spite of its ungainliness. Okay...you guys are right... the sec doesn't match the primary. I kinda took the easy path which doesn't work so I went back to the drawing board and had another look at some "ArtDeco" elements... After reading the above-mentioned article, I figured that the nod to the "Metropolitans" was just as much an acknowledgment to the event, as it was to the team... so I created more of a "Tribute" logo, featuring the year of the historic Stanley Cup win, a couple of crossed hockey sticks, and the letters "M" and "S". I also tightened up the primary a tad... I beefed up the striping on the unis...they were looking a little too "Leaf-ish", so I put the side-arm stripes up on the shoulders... The 1920-ish vibe could be an interesting look for promotions, merch, etc.... I photo-shopped up a "Rocketeer" poster to demonstrate...
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    The Battle of Seattle "I love the smell of potential expansion in the morning". The rumour of Expansion is great for the creative juices. It offers up a new entity; a clean slate; a blank canvas. I'm gonna putter around with 9 different concepts. I'll explore the logos, uniforms, mascots, promotions and merchandise for each one. Some of the stuff, you'll have seen before in previous threads, but there'll be a ton of new material. It'll be a long one, so get comfortable, and let the "Battle of Seattle" begin... First up...The Seattle Metropolitans...
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    Dugout jackets come to mind - in the 1990s teams started introducing the next season’s jackets in the playoffs.
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    Because this is the internet — that’s just what we do.
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    A Reddit claim turned out to be bull ? Say it isn’t so.
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    So, for the camp who keeps saying that they should go back to something like an "Oilers-inspired look with modern influence," this is more or less what you're looking for, no?
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    Is there anyway the mods would consider a one week ban for anyone criticizing a team's colors based on the color of the animal they're named after?
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    Here we go guys, a new thread that is a follow up to my NHL 90s series last summer. This time we are doing basketball. The NBA in the 90s was a wild time for designs. Teams like the Raptors, Hawks, Bucks, and Grizzlies are the teas that stand out to me but there were many other fantastic and crazy designs. I plan to make a concept for every team in the league with designs similar to the ones I just mentioned. I plan to do all defunct teams that were around in the 90s as well as teams that are around now but weren't in the 90s. Without further ado, lets start this off with two concepts. Golden State Warriors. Golden State had some wild jerseys with bold lightning bolts on them n the 90s. I decided to take this to the max and use the bolts as a full jersey and shorts design. Also present is a gradient in the numbers and the road jersey being a red to orange gradient. Definitely out there but I really like how they turned out. Second up is the Portland Trailblazers Portland has always stayed with their sash design and while I do really like it, I wanted to try something implementing their logo. I made it the main design aspect with the lines extending much farther than usual and eve on to the back of the jersey. I could have seen something like this being a reality in the 90s. So there's the kickoff for this new series. I am extremely excited to be doing this and I'm hoping you all enjoy it as much as the NHL series.
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    Let's not veer off into politics...
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    Thank you so much! I appreciate it. I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this series up before all the Super Bowl festivities, starting off with the Tennessee Titans! Logos -With the Titans likely coming out with a uniform redesign in the coming months, it would be interesting to possibly revisit this design afterwards. For now I dropped the fire logo in place of the Greek shield which has been seen on these Concepts boards and the Titans new mascot. I also embraced the wordmarks seen in their social media graphics. Uniforms -This set is very much inspired by @upperV03, so credit goes to him. Like with the wordmarks, I updated the font to be more bold & modern. -The shoulder stripe is a very unique element for the Titans, so I wanted to keep the idea but update it with a more Oilers-like stripe. -I wanted to keep a white helmet for the Titans, but I really like the way the navy alternate looks being light-blue heavy. -Color Rush drops navy and gives fans the Oilers type look they've been looking for. And now, to wrap it up, the Washington football team... Logos -Yes, I changed the name to Redhawks... it's been argued about plenty on these boards but personally I think the name is long overdue to change. -Logowise, I don't really mind the current primary, but I switched to Washington's "R" logo to better accomodate with the name. The wordmarks are also changed only in name. Uniforms -This set was heavily inspired by @BrandMooreArt's version of Washington, especially with the wampum helmet logo which is just genius. -Striping consistency is the name of the game in this one, with the sleeve cuffs, pants, and socks all matching with every combo. -The number font now matches the wordmark. -The Color Rush goes all-burgundy, but also embraces the old gold because that's a look I enjoy seeing on occasion. And that'll do it! Thanks to anyone who followed a long and commented, it really helps me to be able to share with you guys and communicate on how to improve designs. I know I had to go sort of fast through this one, but I wanted to get everything in before the Super Bowl, which I somehow did. If anyone wants to share some comments on some of their favorite teams or what they thought of the series overall, that would be cool! Otherwise, I think I'm gonna be taking a break from designing for a bit, but I'll see you all around!
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    Yeah how hard would it be to make parchment colored tights?
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    If only teams played 82 games in a photo studio without bright lighting, amirite? Then all the photos would be perfect. The lighting in the video you posted isn't great. It's all based on shadowing.
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    https://www.thedailygopher.com/2018/2/2/16966036/super-bowl-radio-row-pj-fleck-minnesota-football-uniforms P.J. Fleck said in a recent Facebook Live interview that Minnesota will be getting new uniforms in "a few weeks", and that “just like anything we do, they’re probably going to upset some people.” #ChromeAlert
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    There's a reason it only lasted 5 years (1996-97 until 2000-01.)
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    No it isn't, the Pistons have been a red, white, and blue team dating back to their days in Fort Wayne all the way back in 1941. The teal was an embarrassment for a historical franchise.
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    So the current status is that its weighted below by color usage 1- navy 2- columbia 3 - red ...and best case scenario in 2018 would be: 1-columbia 2-red 3-navy
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    The Seattle Metropolitans The "Metropolitans" were Seattle's team in the old Pacific Coast Hockey Association (1915-1924). They were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup, when they defeated the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey Association in 1917. As the "Mets", they could just re-work their funky old 1917 unis... ...which would be cool, but let's try something different. I found a font by Josep Kelava of Australia called "Metropolis". It's a 1920-ish, Art Deco style that suggests skyscrapers... I reworked the "M" to make it a bit more Seattle-specific, and for the secondary, I designed a different version of the old "S" with the cascading S-E-A-T-T-L-E letters. As for colours...I'm a sucker for crisp and clean, one-colour-plus-white palettes. In the NHL we have red and white (Detroit), and blue and white (Toronto, Tampa), so why not a green and white entry. The "two-line" logo is reflected in the striping on the uniforms...
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    How hard was: Color White Alternate Classic/Throwback City ?
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