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    Ideally, we would stop living in the past and accept that the Oilers aren’t around anymore.
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    So I think I'm going to post random sports-related things I'll do in my spare time to this topic, because I mean I don't want to flood the board with topics but I want to at least put out what I've done. Speaking of original content, I did a thing inspired by (and some logos ripped from) @Silent Wind of Doom and his Sports signature topic and I made a playoff bracket from it yeet I apologize for those with 4k monitors, as I'm sure this hell with 100% magnification Did you laugh or did you lose? Comment below and make sure to SMASH that like button for more random stuff I do in the future
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    I expect lots of happiness and absolutely no complaining at all to occur in this thread today.
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    The Baltimore Royals overhauled their look prior to the 1989 draft. The design had been in the works for a few years, and the team had initially planned to launch the rebrand so that it would coincide with the opening of their new stadium. However, that can keeps getting kicked down the road, so they made the move now. Old logos: New Logos: The Royals haven't changed their look for a very long time. With the exception of a minor change to the secondary in 1969 (replacing the R with a B to commemorate their move to Baltimore), they have used the same identity since 1964. They have retained their purple and gold color scheme, but the purple is now lighter to help distance them from their black and gold-wearing rivals from Washington; and the gold (which matches the flag of Maryland) is richer and less yellow. The primary is a heraldic lion head, and is meant to look fiercer and more dynamic than the old one, with its lazy grin. The Crowned B secondary got a complete overhaul to match the new wordmark, which plays into the same medieval royal theme as the primary. The font is medieval scribish by St Rachan Typeworks. Old Uniform: New Uniform: The uniforms underwent a significant change. The most iconic feature of Baltimore's previous look was the sleeves that didn't match the rest of the jersey. With several USFA teams borrowing this idea, the Royals have abandoned it, and instead placed the lion logo on the sleeve. They will continue to use the secondary on the helmet, which will switch from purple to gold. The most unique feature is the move away from traditional block numbers to the same font used in their wordmark. The Maryland state flag was added to the chest as an afterthought. It is meant to convey the team's commitment to remaining in the state, despite the fact that the team has struggled to reach a deal for a new stadium. A note on the helmet stripes: I've been watching old Super Bowls, and have realized that I've been displaying them as being waaaaaaaaaaay too narrow. Much like adding numbers to helmets and foreshortening the TV numbers, this isn't something that's worth redoing every team over, so I won't be doing that, but expect to see wider and more spaced out helmet stripes in the future.
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    Did anyone else let out an audible groan when the headlight during the MLK commercial signaled it was actually about a car?
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    Can’t say the same. I hope NE is on offense and there’s a fumble, and everyone is fighting for the ball, only for the Patriots to start pointing that they’ve recovered, and Gronkowski emerges with what he thinks is the ball and runs into the end zone for a TD. He then spikes the ball, only to realize that it was actually Tom Brady’s decapetated head (things got out of hand in the pile.) while everyone is in shock and is vomiting at the sight of a headless quarterback and a spiked head, Brandon Graham picks up the real ball and runs it in for the go ahead (and eventual winning) score. They cart brady’s Corpse off the field, and in the post game interview, all Belichick says is that he “has an upper body injury” and should be fine. Someone steals Brady’s head and has it bronzed. It sells for millions - to some rich Eagles fan, who commissions a statue of an eagles player holding the head (which is actually Brady’s head) triumphantly in the air. Now, I’ve seen the script and obviously that’s not happening... unless...
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    If the Patriots win, it's a bad Super Bowl.
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    Brady going out for a pass would have been a great time for him to be decapitated.
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    So, after almost 8 months, I'm able to continue with the series! Time to finish the NLE, time for the Nats. I wanted to change the Nationals' style, but keeping their current scripts and logos. The home uniform is inspired by the Senators uniform, but with red pinstripes instead of navy ones, based on the American flag, and bringing back the "Nationals" wordmark. The road uni remains almost the same, but gibing more importance to the white colour. While for the alts, I used the button-less tops, featuring the "DC" and "Washington" scripts.
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    Is this during the one designated play where a team gets to use a silverback gorilla? You didn't make it very clear.
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    The only people who care about the one helmet rule are on this forum. And the NFL isn't going to open themselves up to legal issues just to appease some nerds on the inner webs.
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    We can also live in a world where the Jazz play in Utah, where they don't allow music.
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    Nah. If we can live in a world where the Lakers are in Los Angeles? The Oilers can play in Tennessee.
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    Thank you for the nice words. I was thinking the league logo would be ever-changing and never sticking to one set scheme. Like how MLB changes theirs depending on which team it appears. Here's the second team, the New Orleans Night Owls. The Night Owls were inspired by the Atlanta Hawks of the 90's and the Baltimore Ravens. They dress in black for 90% of their games, but occasionally will run up against another team in black who forces them to wear dark purple.
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    FOX better upgrade theirs too. It's the absolute worst. Complete and total lack of imagination. It's lazy. Looks like what you would find on your local regional sports broadcast of a division III or high school game. "Hey, Bob. You know those two lines your 4-year-old daughter drew with her crayons last week? Yeah.... let's send that to the graphics department and use it for ALL our sports ball telecasts in 2017."
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    Couple looks at the Pacers’ City uniforms in action:
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    I don't care what he's watching on his phone. I'm sure he's better than our last owner and I'm willing to wait and see what he does with my team because we need a fresh start even if it needs a fire sale to get on the right track. But you're not a Marlins fan so what's it matter to you? Don't like what Jeter is doing? Then don't watch. I'll be watching.
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    That's the kind of hit they'll show footage of in 100 years when full-contact football is extinct to illustrate why it went extinct.
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    Besides all the 2000's ABA logos, I nominate
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    You're probably right, but the rights to the Oilers' identity and records rests with the Titans (they even break out the throwbacks every now and then). So if anyone's going to bring the Oilers back? I rather it be the Titans and not the Texans.
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    You didn't make the players' names out of triangles. I would suggest slowing down and feeling less pressure to complete the entire league in your thread.
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