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    Totally changed the look of the logo. Would like to get everyones thoughts?
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    They got rid of their best players instead.
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    To me, the new font make it read as "Netflix presents Shoney's"
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    i never know where to put these things, mods feel free to move if necessary, but thought y’all might like looking back at some of the stuff the Dolphins did over the past year. personally, i feel like we got the whole Miami/elegance/football approach about 90% right, but am certainly proud of what we accomplished last season https://www.behance.net/gallery/61681783/2017-Miami-Dolphins-Creative
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    Wish Clipps has eliminated black from their team all together, their black jersey is awful. Should have made a red jersey. Black doesn’t need to be a Clipper color.
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    I understand where BMA and his colleagues are coming from - while there's a lot of mileage that can be traveled with the Dolphins early years, Shula, Griese, Marino, Csonka, etc., there are Dolphins fans I know who consider that history irrelevant; what's relevant is what the team is doing right now. This same sentiment exists in Cleveland: "That's great, but the team hasn't done :censored: in years." Consequently the overall branding strategy has to be more than history. Especially with NFL fans and the XFL on the way, the Dolphins brand needs to look more toward the future than the past. Nonetheless it has to mix a lot of old in with the new, which makes the process a challenge to be sure. As for the uniforms, I agree with most here that the Dolphins should go back to the 1970's with their look - without a single deviation, in fact. At least one team in Florida should look really good on the field, and at least one should present itself with a consistent, good look that spans generations. The Buccaneers took a bad identity (Bucco Bruce) and made it retro, then took an excellent, modern look and screwed it up. The Jaguars have save their original uniform set always looked horrible. But given the team's current performance and overall identity program, BMA and his colleagues are doing good work here. Very good.
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    now thats a great question! the Packers and Steelers dont have to be anything more than a consistently good team right now. currently, they're always Super Bowl threats, but what happens when that goes away? like Chicago and SF, teams that were dominant at one point (or more) in their history, kind of fade away and it shows in their attendance according to Pro Football Reference. i know, a lot of factors play into that, but much of their success depends on their team's record. so, why is it that the Cowboys could be a completely irrelevant team for 20 years, yet still be the biggest brand of the NFL? probably because they represent themselves as the very best, they stay relevant in culture by having their own tv show for cheerleaders or having one of their legends on Dancing With The Stars. . theres so many instances where they present themselves to an audience outside of football and they do it with a lot of pride. they make people either feel good about being a fan, or they imply that you should be, better than most. what SHOULD have happened to them was New England overtaking them as "America's Team" in the Cowboys span of mediocrity, but i believe it didn't happen because the Cowboys brand isn't dependent on their win/loss record. shifting to Miami, we try to build the brand to represent more than football on a similar philosophy. i think most of what we do is about innovation. we want to provide the best stadium experience in the league, and thats for everyone from the sidelines to the top of the 300 level. Hard Rock Stadium has the world's largest indoor collection of street art, local food vendors instead of chains (mostly) and we're continuing to work on travel and parking. our cheer team has undergone a tremendous "re-brand" of its own and are evolving well beyond being just "pretty girls, dancing". Dolphins Cancer Challenge (happening tomorrow) is the largest fundraiser in the NFL and gets bigger every year. certainly from a creative standpoint, our photography and video are areas we always try to show people something new in, and the "tone" in our identity certainly doesn't say "sporty football team". and community is huge for us; obviously, thats nothing new as plenty of teams/players make positive impacts on their cities, but we're just starting to kick ideas around on how to take it to the next level; i mean, if Jerry jones had invested $1B into poor neighborhoods in Texas instead of building a "football town", what could he have done? what real difference would that have made? thats something we aspire to answer and do, not for ticket sales but because we have the opportunity to. in turn, i think that might be a brand people want to be a part of. even if the team sucks.
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    You're gonna bite my head off for this, but I think the retro stuff gets Miami right more than the modern stuff does, both in uniforms and creative. I hate the Dolphins' uniforms. I think the team on the field looks terrible. It's easy to overlook them because they're in the Roll Over For The Patriots Division but for all but two games a year they look terrible. So it's a testament to your abilities as a designer that you can do such good product around a team that looks as bad as the Dolphins do. All the social media art with Steelfish or a typeface that looks like Steelfish is very sleek and modern and clean, the execution is perfect, but it's missing some Dolphins je ne sais quoi. They're the oldest sports team in Florida and I like when aesthetics reflect that as international and modern as Miami has become, the Dolphins remain a product of a point in time. I also like South Florida's crummy pastel houses and dated strip malls, so maybe that's just a problem I have. Frankly, I blame the 1972 team for my belief that the team should be preserved in kitschy amber.
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    The Falcons are overdue for a fresh look. In my opinion, their old look wasn't a bad one, but Arthur Blank wanted to forge a new winning identity, so I get why the brand was changed. It's unfortunate that such a classic and strong logo had to fall victim to association to decades of losing. My idea is to go back to the old branding, but not all the way. I kept the current forward tilt of the current logo, as well as the aggressive bird's eye and overall feel to the classic logo. I did some styling to the wing feathers for a more aerodynamic look, and updated the bird's head and beak to look more like a bird of prey than the old, docile head of the classic logo. I may play around with helmet/uniform concepts along this line, so stay tuned! Here are the old and current logos for reference:
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    In my opinion it’s stunning. Simply stunning.
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    I actually visited the team boutique at Stade Saputo today and asked about a new kit and they said the Impact are not getting one this year. The one Adidas proposed was apparently "so ugly they rejected it", so nothing will be different in Montreal this year.
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    Not only does Shoney's still exist, but Big Poppa Pump turned into Colonial Sanders to buy one:
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    For the last several months I have been improving and moving my content to WordPress. The following is the link I to my website. I will continue to use this website as well, but it will be focused on logo development. https://unba892079070.wordpress.com/
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    Hot Stove in Milwaukee is alive and well, dfwable hit it on the head. Thanks to this generation, which in many cases here is our generation of MLB General Managers aren't going to overpay talent. This is the anti Scott Boras class of GM. The same agent that has represented guys like one of my faves Prince Fielder, and others. The days of free wheeling, kiss stealing, woooooo, sorry wrong thread.... Is Over. The GM's today are the same that grew up like us who are looking for actual bang for their buck. The free agent to be can't break the bank or the future anymore. David Stearns has one more move up his sleeve, but is closely guarding it. Starting with Sabremetrics, the economics of the game started changing, and now it's caught up. Agents don't have the power anymore, the teams do.
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    The Senators are expecting to change their jerseys next season, but now that Tom Anselmi is out as president and C.E.O., does anyone think it gets pushed back? His main duty with the Sens was probably getting the new building since that's where he's had a lot of experience, but he seem to be the one behind the push to the O logo.
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    All I want is the Jets to be actually green again
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    Who else here just Googled je ne sais quoi?
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    I'll sound like a broken record, but I don't care!! The Eagles need to go to an updated version of the Cunningham era jerseys. Clean, simple and Kelly green is vastly superior to that midnight green blandness!!
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    Today's design is the Orioles. Everyone knows the Maryland flag but the Baltimore flag is interesting in its own right. The vertical stripes are offset on a diagonal which creates a slash. For the Orioles we took that concept, translated it into Oriole colors and used to house the diagonal "Baltimore" script that has been on the road uniforms for a few years. The sleeves stay white as a way of adding some non-striped negative space. The sleeve patch is the crest from the center of the flag and the cap uses the captial "B" from the jersey.
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    These are really good so far. I like the apple-themed uni for the Mets. P.S. - Can the O's be next?
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    Yeah, but it's not a stylistic alteration to the year-to-year design of the uniform. It's just taking a time-sensitive addition off. Keeping the All-Star Game patch on after the game is like leaving your Christmas tree up in April.
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    A 2-fer! Josh & Juwan Howard wearing #5 for the Dallas Mavericks... ....and for the Washington Wizards
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