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    Tigres de Mexico The Tigres play most of their home matches in Mexico City, but will travel the country and play in other cities to get exposure across Mexico.
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    The Titans look horrible in red. Red/navy/columbia is a trashy looking scheme that belongs only in the XFL or some other bush league. I don’t really know why they would want to emphasize red at all (other than for cheap Oilers nostalgia). The greatest amount of red that the Titans could use and still look ok would be similar to how orange was used in the last Bucs identity (as both are essentially sub-tertiary colors grandfathered in from previous brands). Regardless, I think they already use the perfect amount of red as it stands: just in the logos. For most intents and purposes, their color scheme is double blue+white, which is very clean and doesn’t need anything else to muddy it up (which the Bucs did by shoehorning in far too much orange in their last update).
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    The Lakers finally wore purple again tonight:
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    I'd say that the Titans ideal color balance goes something like: 1. Columbia 2. White 3. Navy or at least the same with navy and Columbia swapped. This right here is a pretty amazing balance (I even kind of like the red on the accessories because it isn't directly competing with the blues):
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    If only the Spurs would make a Fiesta themed alternate
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    Before I begin, I'm obviously going to whore my blog, 1985Edition.com. I write mostly about the Chicago Bears, but also my personal goings on, sometimes the very rare Cubs or Blackhawks post. So there's really not a lot to the design, but I was very pleased with how it turned out. My inspirations were to make something clean, elegant, and timeless, because my writing ability is so good and my thoughts so incredibly poignant that it deserves a look that sells it as such. Jokes aside, I loved the Wordpress theme I went with and wanted to make a look that fit the style of the page. Here's an example of how a post is laid out: The look is very clean on its own, and the font I went with, PT Serif, is easy to read, has some nice flourish to it, and I didn't want to leverage legibility for style. I wanted the design to echo the font, and to serve the layout without feeling forced. -------------- The theme allotted for a header, and the larger you make the header, the more space it takes up on the page. I wanted to make it rectangular so as to feel and fit naturally, whereas something round would look weird and unnecessarily expand that top bar. I want people to acknowledge the design and source of the writing, but I don't want it to ruin the experience by draping itself over so much of the page. I took inspiration for a design from two things: The iconic and simple LIFE magazine and National Geographic mastheads: And primarily the numbers on my family's home address. What I came up with was a marriage of those ideas, and, like I said, there's not much to it, but I was very happy with the simple look. It's legible, imperfect, and works for me. The spacing is probably a bit off, but whatever. I'll worry about that later. #professional #designer #artist #kony2012 The fonts I went with were a slightly transformed version of Engravers MT and AveFedan. Engravers is a pretty formal font, but I love the serifs, big round terminals (I think that's the typeface industry term, anyway). I mushed it together a bit to make it feel like disparate, getting some of the "air" out of the rectangular crate it's stuffed in. With the big flags and swooping serifs, I needed to compress it into something static, and I felt like it's pushed together just enough to stay legible without being too obviously cramped. AveFedan is a wonderful font that is so fluid and easy on the eyes. It makes it look like there's almost a signature on the logo, and breaks up the sharpness of the rest of the masthead. There's no font like it anywhere else on the page, so it certainly stands out. As this is a social media world, and most of these damn pages are using circular pictures, I also had to craft something simple and small to work as a twitter emblem. The rectangular masthead wasn't going to work, and none of that text is going to fit into a damned globe, so I went with this: It's kind of 'cheating' to just have '85 inside of a circle, but ... The apostrophe fits naturally and it maintains the simplicity I was going for. ------------ Anyway, thanks for reading, and if you have thoughts or criticisms, I'd love to hear them.
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    From the Nats to the 2016 champions: the Chicago Cubs. The Cubbies have one of those iconic and probably timeless looks, but I've made a couple of tweaks to every unifor except for the home which remains the same. For the road I brought back the style and wordmark used during late 50's to mid 60's. I made the biggest changes for the alts: the home is inspired by the early club uniforms, featuring embossed subtle pinstripes and the C with the standing bear props to @coco1997 for suggesting the idea), while the other alt, which could be both home and away, uses the 1931/33 wordmark.
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    I had the exact same reaction. The MS Paint mustache made him go from unknown generic white guy to Don Freakin' Mattingly. One of the most distinct looks in baseball. He's one of the few guys that can pull off a mustache like that without looking like total pedophile. It's a very short list.
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    The Spurs have never had a good alt
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    You’re not, hawkfan is. He’ll post when he can, a project like this takes an extraordinary amount of time and this thread isn’t the only thing in his life.
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    Cubs fan speaking, being a fan of the "we're the team whose place is just plain fun to go" team will make everyone hate your ass so fast.
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    That's an interesting take. As a Minnesotan I never thought about how we don't really have a city identity. This probably is the best way to do it without saying "f*** it, I'll just do the state". Really well executed. The only thing I would change is the buttons to either red or light blue
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    Be careful what you ask for; it might just end up looking like the original OKC road uniform.
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    Hey everyone, I'm happy to be a part of this series, coming to you today with the Minnesota Twins. With this being a City Edition Series, that naturally sets up a predicament for the Twin Cities of Minnesota. To reflect this sort of contrast between the two cities, I split the jersey into two different colors, with the red representing Minneapolis, and the navy representing St. Paul. The logos come from Minnie and Paul’s jerseys in the Twins’ famous logo. The light blue running through both sides represents the Mississippi River, and how it ultimately unites the two very different cities as they support one team. Thanks for following!
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    Let's make a list of the "official" finishes, with definitions and examples. I'm getting these categories from 1) sporting goods helmet order form, and 2) adding satin in since that seems to be rather esoteric. 1. Flat/Matte - according to Riddell "Sometimes referred to as "flat," a matte helmet color is a paint finish with an added dulling agent to reduce shine and luster" 2. Satin - (need better definition) - less dull than matte, shows some light reflection, but not glossy. 3. Standard (I'm assuming this is what we would define as semi-gloss?) (I really thought there was a less-glossy finish than this, but I can't find evidence of it) - need good definition 4. Metallic - has metal flakes in the paint to enhance shine and reflection 5. HGI Hydroskin - all kinds of wacky finishes / designs applied by HGI http://hydrographicsinc.com/hydroskin/ 6. Chrome - self explanatory.
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    i think the spurs uniforms took the biggest hit with the move to nike. the numbers on their uniforms are SO small. vs
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    If I had a dollar every time I saw a better logo for the OKC Thunder on these boards, I'd have enough to buy the team and move them back to Seattle...
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    I'm still pissed they never paired that orange helmet with the white or orange jerseys. What a dumb idea it was pairing that with the black jersey.
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    Just bring back the orange caps and helmets!
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    This Jazz vs Blazers city vs city is the GOAT NBA uni matchup.
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    Then why not keep the sash for the first two seasons? That just doesn’t make any sense. Edit: because, in point of fact, we didn’t know that at the time. When the 2017 jerseys were unveiled, the club was teasing a fully-custom design for 2018. https://www.twincities.com/2017/02/17/minnesota-united-unveils-its-new-mls-kits/ So what happened? If they couldn’t come up with a wing design, and I’m not sure they couldn’t, Minnesota should have stuck with their sash. Two non-wing primary kits? That’s not on Adidas, it’s on the club.
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    I heard boos at the event. A lot of fans are saying they won't buy a kit without a wing on it. I hate it and the rest of Minnesota hates it. :censored: addidas we want our powder blue and our :censored:ing wings. The stands are going to look like a blob of Gray and it's going to be :censored:ing :censored:
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    Jeez, a guy can’t take two steps around here without accidentally instigating a Cleve-jacking, can he?
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    I mean, they literally became more than their product, with the soccer teams and arguably Stratos. If the Dolphins were the ones that started Uber or Miami Dolphins frozen dinners or something, then you'd have my attention. No offense, but I think all the things you're talking about are just moving the Dolphins towards being a good football team. Not something that transcends sports IMO.
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    That Cavs mascot second from the right is perfect. He should have a curly mustache though. Hell - all human-based mascots need mustaches. HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. AAAAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! So many things wrong with this. 1) Cleveland is NOT known world wide! LeBron has obviously brought a ton of recognition, but my experience as a frequent world traveler is that people know LeBron, but not Cleveland or the Cavs. If not for sports, it wouldn't be known outside of the US at all. 2) Everyone knows that "famed" DJ? Who? Seriously - who? Whoever wrote that should get a job with Nike immediately. That's better than 99% of the garbage they try to sell as "inspiration" for stupid jersey elements... like the Browns contrast stitching that represents something about something that's unique to Cleveland.
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    It is though. Vince will end up competing with them for talent.
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    At this point I have no faith in this organization making any smart decisions, off or on the ice, so who knows? With that being said, if they were already planning on making the switch to the =O= for next year (which it seems like they are), I'm sure they would have had to submit the changes to the league by now.
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    It's a combination of things. It's not just the merch boom. It's MTV and ESPN mostly in the 90s, and other media outlets in the 00s/10s. Don't discount all the music videos with people (I guess mostly hip hop / rap guys) wearing Yankees gear, and how much of an influence that had in other communities where being "western" is cool. Also with ESPN, logos / graphics are everywhere, and the teams with the larger followings (Yankees, Cowboys) are going to have their name / logo / brand plastered all over the place, and have interviews with their players with the star in the background. That also had a huge influence. That can certainly happen again, but another confluence of on-field success, merch boom (or new merch choices), media boom, and pop-culture boom needs to happen. Also in the Yankees case, being from New York helps. Dallas, while not known much outside of the states, had the advantage of establishing itself (or being appointed) as "america's team". That means something in some parts of the world, even if not much here.
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    If you do the Rays, how about something like this: The two crossed match sticks could double as baseball bats.
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    It was really disappointing as a Spurs fan to have Nike come in promising 4 uniforms and seeing the alts as the already well established grey and camo based alts. I'd love to see an alt based on the Gervin era unis with the huge San Antonio wordmark in black outlined in white.
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    Like it was mentioned on a BASS episode, the whole Xtreme phase is a product of the mid-to-late 90s/early 2000s, no further than that. But there's more than one reason I don't see the second go-round working, just like it flopped the first time. I don't think we need yet another Football League. The NFL cannot be competed against. For NFL alternatives, we already have College football, which consists of over 100 teams, countless games every Saturday, we have the CFL, and we might still have the Arena Football League, if they air their games on TV somewhere. In Canada, we also have U Sports Football, the Laval Rouge et Or games are aired here, maybe they're aired elsewhere too. Did I leave one out? The wrestling community already justifiably complains about WWE airing too much wrestling with 3-hour long, thrown together shows that drag too much. Do we really need more Football and watch Vince make the same mistake he's making now, as he enters buisness into another sport??
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    I think perhaps Mickey, George, Joe, Yogi, and others had a hand in that..
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    The Archers feature Trent Richardson at running back and have a green and gold color scheme.
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    They almost have to. The two colors blend horribly due to both of them being so bright. That's a big reason why (outside of simply not using enough orange) many have a hard time seeing any orange on the field. The throwback shades are exactly what they should be using.
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    Born slightly before 1980. Matte helmets suck in some cases, work in others. Glossy helmets suck in some cases, work in others. Satin helmets suck in some cases, work in others. Only a sith deals in absolutes. In general, I'm not a fan of matte, but I can't deny that there are a few that work (at least in NCAA.) I don't like it at all with the Vikings (if that's even considered matte) and I think it would suck with the Jaguars. While I'm more of a fan of shiny materials and helmets, considering the flat material that Nike is using for the uniforms, I wouldn't mind seeing an Eagles concept with a matte helmet. I think their jerseys, more so than most other teams, look awkwardly flat considering the shine on the helmet.
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    They got rid of their best players instead.
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    That animated picture doesn't do Chase Elliott's Mountain Dew scheme justice.
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    All I want is the Jets to be actually green again
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    Cincinnati Royals Borrowed from my FC Cincinnati concept to create the look for the Cincinnati AVA team. Named after the Royals of the NBA.
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    If so, maybe the orange trim can be a little bit more vibrant. So it can be seen. Still prefer the faux-back alts.
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    Today's design is the Orioles. Everyone knows the Maryland flag but the Baltimore flag is interesting in its own right. The vertical stripes are offset on a diagonal which creates a slash. For the Orioles we took that concept, translated it into Oriole colors and used to house the diagonal "Baltimore" script that has been on the road uniforms for a few years. The sleeves stay white as a way of adding some non-striped negative space. The sleeve patch is the crest from the center of the flag and the cap uses the captial "B" from the jersey.
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    Scranton City SC “The Locomotives” Scranton, PA League: Pennsylvania Soccer League Kits: Lotto Colors: Black and White Sponsor: Dunder-Mifflin Year Founded: 1945 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 2
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    Lakers are playing at home tonight in yellow against Phoenix, who is in purple. It's very reassuring to see everyone dressed the proper way.
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    Thanks for all of the positive comments to start this off. I'm going to go back and do an update for Portland eventually but in the meantime, here is the next team. San Antonio Spurs Obviously, I had to go with the fiesta colors for this one. It uses a pinstripe design with all of the fiesta colors from the logo. Black i also used as a dominant color in the logo and numbers. There is also a pattern on the shorts which comes from their 90s alternate logo. The colored jersey is something way out of the ordinary for the spurs but I have always wanted to try something with these colors and i'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
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