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    The Lakers finally wore purple again tonight:
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    The Spurs have never had a good alt
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    You’re not, hawkfan is. He’ll post when he can, a project like this takes an extraordinary amount of time and this thread isn’t the only thing in his life.
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    If I had a dollar every time I saw a better logo for the OKC Thunder on these boards, I'd have enough to buy the team and move them back to Seattle...
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    I'm still pissed they never paired that orange helmet with the white or orange jerseys. What a dumb idea it was pairing that with the black jersey.
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    Just bring back the orange caps and helmets!
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    It was really disappointing as a Spurs fan to have Nike come in promising 4 uniforms and seeing the alts as the already well established grey and camo based alts. I'd love to see an alt based on the Gervin era unis with the huge San Antonio wordmark in black outlined in white.
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    Like it was mentioned on a BASS episode, the whole Xtreme phase is a product of the mid-to-late 90s/early 2000s, no further than that. But there's more than one reason I don't see the second go-round working, just like it flopped the first time. I don't think we need yet another Football League. The NFL cannot be competed against. For NFL alternatives, we already have College football, which consists of over 100 teams, countless games every Saturday, we have the CFL, and we might still have the Arena Football League, if they air their games on TV somewhere. In Canada, we also have U Sports Football, the Laval Rouge et Or games are aired here, maybe they're aired elsewhere too. Did I leave one out? The wrestling community already justifiably complains about WWE airing too much wrestling with 3-hour long, thrown together shows that drag too much. Do we really need more Football and watch Vince make the same mistake he's making now, as he enters buisness into another sport??
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    I think perhaps Mickey, George, Joe, Yogi, and others had a hand in that..
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    The Archers feature Trent Richardson at running back and have a green and gold color scheme.
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    They almost have to. The two colors blend horribly due to both of them being so bright. That's a big reason why (outside of simply not using enough orange) many have a hard time seeing any orange on the field. The throwback shades are exactly what they should be using.
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    Born slightly before 1980. Matte helmets suck in some cases, work in others. Glossy helmets suck in some cases, work in others. Satin helmets suck in some cases, work in others. Only a sith deals in absolutes. In general, I'm not a fan of matte, but I can't deny that there are a few that work (at least in NCAA.) I don't like it at all with the Vikings (if that's even considered matte) and I think it would suck with the Jaguars. While I'm more of a fan of shiny materials and helmets, considering the flat material that Nike is using for the uniforms, I wouldn't mind seeing an Eagles concept with a matte helmet. I think their jerseys, more so than most other teams, look awkwardly flat considering the shine on the helmet.
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    They got rid of their best players instead.
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    That animated picture doesn't do Chase Elliott's Mountain Dew scheme justice.
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    All I want is the Jets to be actually green again
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    Cincinnati Royals Borrowed from my FC Cincinnati concept to create the look for the Cincinnati AVA team. Named after the Royals of the NBA.
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    If so, maybe the orange trim can be a little bit more vibrant. So it can be seen. Still prefer the faux-back alts.
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    Today's design is the Orioles. Everyone knows the Maryland flag but the Baltimore flag is interesting in its own right. The vertical stripes are offset on a diagonal which creates a slash. For the Orioles we took that concept, translated it into Oriole colors and used to house the diagonal "Baltimore" script that has been on the road uniforms for a few years. The sleeves stay white as a way of adding some non-striped negative space. The sleeve patch is the crest from the center of the flag and the cap uses the captial "B" from the jersey.
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    Scranton City SC “The Locomotives” Scranton, PA League: Pennsylvania Soccer League Kits: Lotto Colors: Black and White Sponsor: Dunder-Mifflin Year Founded: 1945 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 2
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    Lakers are playing at home tonight in yellow against Phoenix, who is in purple. It's very reassuring to see everyone dressed the proper way.
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    Thanks for all of the positive comments to start this off. I'm going to go back and do an update for Portland eventually but in the meantime, here is the next team. San Antonio Spurs Obviously, I had to go with the fiesta colors for this one. It uses a pinstripe design with all of the fiesta colors from the logo. Black i also used as a dominant color in the logo and numbers. There is also a pattern on the shorts which comes from their 90s alternate logo. The colored jersey is something way out of the ordinary for the spurs but I have always wanted to try something with these colors and i'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
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