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    The League has a surprising amount of orange, so I've done away with it for this logo. In place of orange is a much more Miami Vice color scheme. I've combined elements of a few different Miami logos. Not a lot going on here, simplicity was my goal. Miami Dolphins:
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    Supreme. You know them as the hybebeast company that makes sleds, shirts, money guns, shoes, jackets, wallets, crowbars, punching gloves, baseball bats, air horns, incense sticks, locks, towels, tools, harmonicas, stickers, and wayy more. They've cultivated a market that will fork over $100 for a plastic sled, $50 for a t-shirt, and stand on line for 3 days to buy a crowbar with their name on it. Some of their stuff is cool, but 100% of it is overpriced. Anyways, I decided to merge that identity with my love for hockey jerseys, and here's the result. A jersey that fits right in with the Supreme Identity. Simplistic to the point where it's almost boring, with a few odd touches that make it "special" for some reason. And because it's the way hypebeast culture is, this would be called "Supreme x Adidas x DT Concepts" for whatever reason. Now give me $500 for it.
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    Anyone who cares about R&B/rock knows who Alan Freed is.
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    I would have taken that, hot pink or orange sun, over Toothpaste Dolphin.
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    I wouldn't expect most international citizens to know much, if anything, about Cleveland, but I'd certainly say the presence of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is one of the main reasons people visit Cleveland and is probably its most well-known landmark, which is what the second part of the sentence gets to. In the history of Rock & Roll music, Alan Freed is one of the first non-artist names in the timeline. He literally coined the term and was one of the first DJs to promote the mixing of genres on a single format, which birthed an integration of styles that became modern Rock & Roll. The Moondog Coronation Ball was probably the most famous Rock & Roll concert of all time until the Woodstock Festival. Anyway, as long as the people from Cleveland are familiar with this, then nothing else really matters. It's an in-house mascot who only makes appearances at games and local restaurants/events. There's no need for anyone else to be familiar with it.
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    I think the Nike run in the NBA has been a disaster so far. This whole “Teams can wear whatever they want” experiment is terrible. Then there’s the Lakers who aren’t even wearing their classic purple jerseys. That’s like the Yankees not wearing pinstripes for the majority of the season.
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    This thinking only works if you think the other sports don't exist outside the Olympics. Those "athletes you don't see everyday" are doing it year in, year out, and the people that follow those sports know it. So actually having top pros in the Olympics in hockey or basketball is consistent with what you see in every other sport. But yeah, treat Allyson Felix, a legend in American track and highly decorated speed skater Shani Davis like novelty acts..
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    Regarding the font I am of the same mind you are. They not only use the font on the Twitter but also throughout their website, on most all the media releases, and throughout stadium signage and it's part of the graphics package for the scoreboard and stuff. I really, really hope it stays.
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    Yes, moustaches are fine things. For men who cannot grow beards. ?
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    The future set may not be the best ones they've ever worn, but if they wear a teal jersey and have a regular helmet, it will probably be good enough IMO.
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    RichO - “Pictures posted by recruits are at least 99% not new uniforms.” aawagner001 - “Let me show you the 1 percent.”
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    I think "matte" is overused to simply mean "not glossy" when there are, like you say, varying degrees of glossiness. It's better to think of it like paint: Flat is a better term than matte. This shows no real highlights, just a smooth gradient from the shadow to the lit areas. Satin shows definite highlights, but they are softened, like the Utah image you posted. Molded colors are fairly glossy, particularly when new. You can see pretty crisp highlights in these, like semi-gloss or even gloss paint. Gloss finishes are like a typical car clear coat. When you look into it, it's got crisp highlights and a defined reflection, but in the tone of the helmet color. Chrome is like a mirror, obviously, but can be tinted to take the tone of a certain color. Darker blacks and whiter whites in these reflections. There are older helmet models that were clear shells with the graphics and color applied internally. It's been decades since those have been used, though.
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    No - those WERE fashion jerseys, not alternate jerseys. Definitely not interchangeable words in this case.
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    I'd say that the Titans ideal color balance goes something like: 1. Columbia 2. White 3. Navy or at least the same with navy and Columbia swapped. This right here is a pretty amazing balance (I even kind of like the red on the accessories because it isn't directly competing with the blues):
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    I had the exact same reaction. The MS Paint mustache made him go from unknown generic white guy to Don Freakin' Mattingly. One of the most distinct looks in baseball. He's one of the few guys that can pull off a mustache like that without looking like total pedophile. It's a very short list.
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    I was born in 1987. Matte helmets suck.
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    Yeah - BEARD is literally the natural state. Mustache is a vain alteration to nature’s design. Of course so is being clean shaven, but whatever. Just busting balls. Tom Selleck and John Oats FTW.
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    I agree being 100% sports team, especially 16 regular season game seasons you're not going grow brand reach. All the major prestige brands have crossed over into other categories successfully which gives them their cache.
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    You're right that Mattingly needs the mustache in order to be recognisable. But you're wrong to suggest that it's a short list of men who look good in a mustache. Having a mustache is the natural state for a man. While everyone's mustache cannot be as beautiful as mine, almost every man looks better with a mustache.
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    From Maryland to Florida, time for the Magic City. At first, I didn’t know how to approach Miami. My initial idea was to use the Vice theme, but since the Heats already went for that path, I wanted to try something different. In the end, I went for a design inspired by the Art Deco District, using beige as main colour, and pastel hues of teal and pink. Also, I decided to add a subtle striped pattern based on the same architectural style.
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    You’re not, hawkfan is. He’ll post when he can, a project like this takes an extraordinary amount of time and this thread isn’t the only thing in his life.
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    Born slightly before 1980. Matte helmets suck in some cases, work in others. Glossy helmets suck in some cases, work in others. Satin helmets suck in some cases, work in others. Only a sith deals in absolutes. In general, I'm not a fan of matte, but I can't deny that there are a few that work (at least in NCAA.) I don't like it at all with the Vikings (if that's even considered matte) and I think it would suck with the Jaguars. While I'm more of a fan of shiny materials and helmets, considering the flat material that Nike is using for the uniforms, I wouldn't mind seeing an Eagles concept with a matte helmet. I think their jerseys, more so than most other teams, look awkwardly flat considering the shine on the helmet.
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