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    And why not a little bit of toothy fun: Adding the original concept to this post since we've started a new page.
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    Y'all can get your first ALT IN THE SERIES You want tradition? HERE YA GO I WANNA DIE
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    It took a lot of interesting circumstances to get Winnipeg back. If they had just requested an expansion team, they never would have gotten it. If they had tried to buy back the Coyotes, they wouldn't have gotten it. They needed a spectacular group of idiots sabotaging their own asset with as much contempt for the NHL as possible while also having an investor who could put the league in a great deal of pain if he wanted to. The NHL got checkmated, that's all it was.
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    Legitimate opinion: those Giants jerseys are PERFECT. What they have now is so boring and plain. Less serious: TAN PANTS?? What is this, Harvard?
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    My best guess would be the orange being altered. Both in shade and prominence. That would make sense with the logo, helmet, jersey and pants being altered, while also "not being shocking to fans".
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    The current Eagles helmet wings are the best helmet wings the team has ever had
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    Astro West Hollywood Established: 1996 Joined CALPROSOL: 1996 Championships: (0) Home Grounds: Gilmore Stadium Kit manufacturer: Adidas Kit Sponsor: Nottingham Hotels Go Go Astro WeHo! That's how supporters cheer on this expansion franchise. Astro West Hollywood bring lots of rowdy, entertaining fans to their games, but not a whole lot of quality play. Since their formation in '96, coinciding with CALPROSOL's expansion after the '94 World Cup, Astro WeHo has done a whole lot of nothing. They've beating their Sunset Bowl rivals Sporting Santa Monica exactly once in their history. To compensate for their lack of on-field production, Astro have come up with a unique marketing tactic - no true crest colors. Each year their home kits are white with a navy sash, but the accent colors in the crest and kit change. For '15-'16, this accent is a bright pink that fades to reddish-orange. The crest itself features deco-style neon script and faint spotlights, emulating the nightlife of West Hollywood. The Astro name was chosen as attempt to piggyback off of Hollywood's (and West Hollywood's) reputation for celebrity activity. The '15-'16 third kits were designed and released by Adidas in June 2015. But after the landmark SCOTUS ruling on Obergefell v. Kasich, the kits were redesigned with new crest patches and collars. This change came to the delight of fans and citizens, as the City of West Hollywood prides itself on being a leader in advocating for LGBTQ rights.
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    Next up, a team that had an amazing color scheme and then rebranded and took on a very unique color scheme, and then updated and added a bunch of other unnecessary colors. The Bucs look is pretty great, but they went from jagged early '00s to way too refined for a team named for pirates. I've tried to meet the two in the middle, reduce the number of colors, and bring back a bit of that creamsicle. Also, why 3 swords in the logo? Looking forward to your C&C @raysox. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
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    My thoughts exactly.. Widening the orange portion of the striping pattern by about 50% would significantly increase its visual prominence, and adjusting the saturation a bit (not too much) would help as well..
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    HAHAHAHAHA...I can't stop laughing. Good one.
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    The day is finally here. Today is the day that the two newest expansion teams, one located on Earth and the other on Mars, unveiled their cap logos. They will be called the People’s Union of Asia (PUA) Emperors and the Valles Marineris Canyons. The Emperors will play in the Honshu Dome on the largest island in Tokyo, Japan. The Canyons will play at Valley Stadium in Bradbury, Mars, which sits on the rim of Valles Marineris, one of the largest canyons in the solar system. “While our goal was to expand the league to the outer system, these locations weren’t ready for us,” The Commissioner said. “However, these two locations on Earth and Mars were ready for their own team, and it was the right time to expand the league, so we awarded them two new expansion teams.” Below are the cap logos that the expansion teams will be donning on their primary home caps. Now with 14 teams in the league, the league will have a small realignment. The two separate leagues – or “conferences” – will remain the same, but with seven teams each. The original six teams – Mercury, Venus (AL), Earth, Luna, Mars, and Ceres – will remain in the Astro League, with Jupiter moving from the Cosmo League to become the seventh team in the AL. The PUA and Valles Marineris will join the Cosmo League – with Venus (CL), Mendez, Kennedy, Ganymede, and Titan – as the sixth and seventh team. Here’s the proposed league layout: “The reason why we switched the [Jupiter] Kings over to the Astro League is because we wanted to divide up the SLB as evenly as we could,” The Commissioner explained. In short, since there were two Jupiter teams in the Cosmo League, one of them needed to move so each of the major locations in the solar system would have one team in each league. The Kings volunteered to move to the Astro League. “It’s a huge honor to play in the Astro League, to be part of the Original Six,” the Kings’ owner said. “We couldn’t turn down this opportunity, and we are definitely up to the challenge.” The league also wanted to create as many “natural interleague” rivalries as they could. For example, there’s the Sparrows-Reign rivalry, Apollos-Rockets, and now the Kings-Giants along with the Astronauts-Emperors and Warriors-Canyons. The schedule will remain the same at 162 games. As of now, there are two potential plans for the scheduling format: (1) a team will play 13 games – 6/7 homes, 6/7 roads – against the other six teams within its own league for a total of 78 games. They will also play 12 interleague games – 6 homes, 6 aways – against the seven teams from the other league for a total of 84 games. (2) a team will play 20 games – 10 homes, 10 roads – against the other six teams within its own league for a total of 120 games. They will also play six interleague games – 3 homes, 3 aways – against the seven teams from the other league for a total of 42 games. “Ever since interleague play started, there have been some awesome rivalries developing, such as the Reign and Sparrows, Apollos and Rockets, and oddly enough, the Mets and the Scorpions,” The Commissioner added. “With the new natural rivalries, the fan bases will be going crazy during these interleague series on Earth and Mars, and now in the Jupiter System.” The postseason will remain the same at six teams, which is just below half of the league. The leagues winners will clinch a home-field advantage in the best-of-seven League Championship Series (LCS). The no. 2 and 3 teams in each league will face each other in a one-game Wild Card game for the right to face the division winners in the LCS. Then the winners of each LCS will face each other in the famous best-of-seven Galactic Series. “Even with the expansion of the league, we didn’t want to dilute the postseason too much. I hate the concept of over half of the league making the postseason,” The Commissioner remarked. “The regular season games should count for something.” League official have said that they expect the Cosmo League may be a little top-heavy with the two new expansion teams to prey on, while the Astro League will become more competitive with the addition of the Kings. In the next few days, the two teams will be unveiling their full logo and uniform sets. The 2523 SLB Expansion Draft will take place in the coming weeks in Tokyo, Japan on Earth at the Honshu Dome.
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    Man, the Timbers’ new away kit pairs so well with the carried-over primaries: Really a beautiful set all around, although I continue to be slightly bothered by the mismatched MLS badges on the home kit (and to a lesser extent the monochrome MLS badges on the new away kit). And as an aside, kudos to the Timbers for using the crest from the 2016/17 Rose City red secondaries on the new black and red (technically “Dark Grey” and “Unity Pink”) keeper kit colorway: Keeps some of the Rose City red flavor alive, even though this particular keeper kit colorway will probably only be used in about 1/4 of their games. Still, it’s a nice little extra touch on their part, and hopefully this’ll be their first choice keeper kit this season.
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    I hope so. It's a really high caliber team typeface, and it fits pretty seamlessly with the current suite of logos, which is tough to do.
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    If there was ever a kit to do a fuzzy flock texture on the crest... *Facepalm* The official wordmark was built so the Ts are only angled when they nest into the As. That memo must have gotten lost in the circular file.
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    K E RN I N G I S IM P O R T AN T.
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    Flying Elvis is a far better logo than Pat Patriot. It's sleek and clean, while Pat's far too detailed to effectively work as a football logo. I have the same issue with the pre-1996 Eagles logo.
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    Another (after Rising Stars) uniforms, which are better than Regular ASG ones IMO:
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    I’m going to miss the little “pick Is in” chime.
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    Corpus Christi Hooks going as the "Blue Ghosts" on June 21 in honor of the USS Lexington. https://twitter.com/cchooks/status/964229811932684288
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    We’ve got one in progress.
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    Alright, Hettinger seems to have switched focus the the Ravens, and is making awesome progress. So I'll go ahead and post the next club: Arizona Cardinals: And the flag inspired helmet:
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    I'm back with the next team, Calgary Alberta. the first Canadian city in this thread goes with the classic Flames colors of red and yellow. No more black in their color as that would be the same as Atlanta. The Stampeders just swap black with yellow and retool their logo. The Flames essentially go back to their original logo in Calgary by dropping the black and replace all black with red or yellow on their uniform wherever it fit best. Feel free to leave suggestions for future cities you'd like to see. Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
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