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    They're speed holes. Makes it go faster.
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    Honestly, I really don't get why it's such a huge deal to many on here if a jersey template has already been used by some other adidas team at some point. That whole "cookie cutter argument" is a tired and petty trope. As long as a design suits the club well, looks nice and makes it unique in MLS, what gives? Nobody's gonna mistake the Dynamo for Bayern Munich because they also had tonal stripes in a previous season. Just like nobody mistook them for the German NT when they both shared a chevron design. Don't get me wrong: If some trends go overboard, like all the grey and BFBS kits this year, hells yeah, let's bash that. If a design violates your receptors, romp-and-stomp it and pluck the eyes out of anyone who disagrees. But demanding manufacturers to reinvent the wheel every single time for every single kit, for every single team, for every single season, that's just asking for too much. That's not about high standards or customer first, that's just being a spoiled, entitled gnat. Go and knit your own damn artisan hippie jerseys!
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    Then we also can’t leave out local news.
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    Some Puerto Rican Muslim from Mississauga would do it and make everyone really mad.
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    49ers WR Marquise Goodwin posted this a couple days ago on Twitter. I would assume this is confirmation of white pants returning to San Francisco? https://twitter.com/flashg88dwin/status/965589669860855808
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    The fact that they're using the old Wolves logo is almost just as bad.
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    No. I don't think Gretzky's number should have been retired either. Jackie Robinson was singular.
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    the only acceptable "Row the Boat" reference on the uniform is the front bumper.. that's pretty much fair game for stuff like that in most programs, so i don't mind it... but the oar stripe is trash, the nautical star is trash, the chrome helmet is trash, the lack of yellow on the white helmet is trash, the grey uniforms are trash, the lack of any kind of consistency is trash, the fact that the sleeves are blank but they have shoulder numbers is trash, and Fleck's personal taste regarding uniforms is trash.. with this much trash, it could fill a dumpster.. throw a lit match in, and you get the dumpster fire that these uniforms are..
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    Let's put it this way. How would you feel if Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio State all had a semi truck sticker on their helmets because Urban Meyer liked to say "Keep On Truckin?" That's totally made up but shows the level of Fleck's disregard for his employer's brand. I guarantee if you redesigned the brand identity of each company you worked at so it met your personal mantra, you wouldn't last long.
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    The M crossing outside the v-neck area is really bugging me.
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    The old D has always looked way too small. This improvement was long overdue.
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    Not a bad look for the Irish.
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    Why don't they just make the entire jersey out of the number?
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    Today we have the Washington Nationals. The Nats beam with city pride as their uniforms are based on the U.S. capital's iconic D.C. flag. A pair of stripes and trio of stars adorn each sleeve and stirrup, while the team's alternate "DC" logo appears where front numbers would normally go. Big thanks to @MJD7 for inspiring this design.
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    Thanks you guys! @FightingGoldenDevil I don’t have plans for them right now in this project, but I did make a Twin Cities logo for a Summer Olympics project I did a while back! I’ll see if I can dig it up and show you! In the meantime, let’s do the bonus round! To my knowledge, Flagstaff, Arizona has never come close to a bid for the Winter Olympics, but I think they’d make for an interesting candidate if they ever went for it. Unlike literally everywhere else in Arizona, Flagstaff has full winters and is one of the snowiest cities in America with about 100 in. of snowfall a year. It also is the nearest city to the Arizona Snowbowl, one of Arizona’s premier ski areas. It would take building some venues and lots of prep work to do it, but I think if they were ever serious about it, they could potentially pull it off at some point. Maybe not in time for 2030, but some time. I put them as a bonus in the 2030 slot because I wasn’t sure when the US would likely get the Olympics again, but really wanted to do a Flagstaff concept anyways, so here we are - The “What-If” Flagstaff 2030 Olympics! The logo is a snowflake designed with homages to the Arizona state flag. The top five points are based on the rays from the top section of the flag, and the bottom five points are filled in navy blue based on the solid bottom of the flag. I went with Coolvetica for the wordmark because I thought the font looked both modern and “resort-ish”. I think of all the concepts in this series, I had the most fun making this one. But let me know what you guys think!
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    i had some “bologna skins” on my first truck, but that wasn’t on purpose. 😂living dangerously
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    Today SI posted their big piece on the Mavs’ front office. One problem... And then back when the NFL Playoffs began, we had this gem with one concept logo and three throwbacks. So, let this thread serve as a depository of all the times that newsroom interns blindly copy the first Google image hit that they run across.
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    Where exactly does the concept come in?
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    Imagine if Mario Lemieux didn't smoke like a grizzled film noir detective. The rare athlete who thrived with performance-reducing drugs.
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    Just imagine If Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky had that kind of technology available when they played
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    This is pretty spot on if you ask me. Not only does it cheapen Minnesota's brand, but now Western Michigan's brand is retroactively weakened as well. It basically feels like Fleck is using these schools as a platform to lift himself when it really should be the opposite. At best it's corny and at worst it's selling out your schools history for the gimmicks of a guy who didn’t even go .500 last year.
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    I wouldn't call it knee-jerk. PJ Fleck's uniform touches are glaring and don't simply fade out of your cognizance as you become inundated with them. I would call reactions to things like the Lions wordmarks in their sleeve stripes knee-jerk. That's because while they are kind of weird and could be done without, I really don't think about them when I'm watching the Lions play and can judge the uniform as a whole without paying much mind to them. Fleck's dumb oar crap, though? I can't not see the Gophs now (or any Fleck-led team from the past) and ignore the fact that their once-decent uniforms have been degraded useless tributes to Fleck's own hubris. No other coach acts like this. He ignores common sense principles of sports branding in favor of his crummy self-promotion of his shmuck slogan and that is unacceptable. Why should anyone who is uninitiated have to look at any of these uniforms for the first time and wonder "Why do these teams that have absolutely zero nautical ties in their school's identities have oars pasted all over them?" I can't believe that these schools let him get away with this and that Nike has to bow to him like this. It doesn't help that these uniforms and all of their combinations have turned out, against all odds, to be just as boring to look at as they are gaudy. And what's with them mixing athletic gold elements with metallic gold ones and somehow having the nerve to play it off in their press material like they are the same shade? What a farce of sports design.
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    Twins have Matte batting helmets with raised logos
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    Up next, the Blue Jays. From @Paul Lucas: Ô Canada!!! That was the idea behind this concept for “Canada’s Team.” Actually, it’s pretty much the Toronto city flag. This design features a zippered front and the ‘Toronto’ script reminiscent of the 1952 Toronto Maple Leafs road uniform, thanks to @Discrimihater.
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    The NFL? The second league that adopted and abandoned the “draft” ASG format before the NBA adopted it? As far as the NHL goes? Granted, the NHL is run by idiots and/or criminals, but the NBA is getting far more credit as a “fun” league than it deserves. And no, I’m not talking about the “should we celebrate benign and fun brands or not?” discussion. I just don’t see how a league playing to see who gets to lose 4 games to 1 to the Warriors in the Finals is particularly compelling. It’s a damn shame that no one’s paying attention to the NHL. If they did then might see a competitive and compelling league, at least as far as the on-ice product goes. And hey. I don’t like the fact that I came into the NBA thread to rain on everyone’s parade, but when everyone collectively forgets that the NHL did a thing people are tripping over themselves to praise the NBA for? And when the NBA fans react to this fact being pointed out with “lol hockey sucks”? Well that makes me feel a bit better re: the parade raining.
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    You should see Elway embracing the latest dance trends!
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    I didn't realize that's what that was. I thought you were basing it on a guayabera.
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    I absolutely loved what New Era started in Minnesota at the 2014 MLB All Star Game by designing special All Star caps that honored the host team. The potential was set up for new caps every year on All Star night to tell a different story about a host team's uniform history or local culture, while also allowing the game a rare chance to have some fun and get creative with their usually sacrosanct brands -- not to mention increasing merchandise sales in the process. Unfortunately, that was a trend that only lasted two seasons. So in an effort to show what could have been, each season I take it upon myself to continue what New Era once started and design my own city-centric concept caps for the MLB All Star Game. For the 2018 ASG in Washington D.C., I dipped into the city's baseball past to help inspire the cap design, while also taking cues from that time period and D.C.'s world-famous cherry blossoms to create a campaign that celebrates the nation's capital as well as the national pastime. To view the entire cap collection along with additional merchandise, plus a look inside the design process and inspiration, visit my website.
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    I'd take that bet. I think they're going to go green and gold. No team in the NHL wears it since Dallas rebranded, it fits Seattle well, and it ties into the Sonics identity since they most likely will be sharing Key Arena with them in the future. Also, it's bad branding to wear the same colours as your immediate rival up the road.
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    "We're connecting them all together...no, literally. Like we just threw all the uniforms in a blender and this popped out. It's the fabric version of a KFC Bowl." If only Minnesota had some pre-existing, unique phrase they could have used instead of "Row the Boat." Something that really conveyed that Ski-U-Mah feeling, you know?
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    That's beautiful. Instantly one of the best sets in the league when worn as color rush with white socks/gloves/cleats. Works perfectly with the new sleeve stripe layout, too. Problem is, the league will make them wear red/white socks, which will kind of ruin it. It'll be okay but look college-ish. While nice, they really didn't need it. It's like the Packers wearing white pants...it looks great here and there, but it's not them. So, as a Color Rush - I approve. As a standard away set? I'm sticking with the Gold pants.
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    Holy crap....never thought I'd see the day somebody made a much more out-there version of one of my concepts usually it's the other way around.
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    Great point. Progress is overrated. How dare people try to make garments more comfortable or better performing.
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    I would even add that both Nike and adidas are focused on the World Cup and major partners in this cycle. This is why you're seeing templates show up elsewhere. In years past even MLS clubs were getting decently unique kits. Looking to 2019, I think you'll notice this trend of more unique looks based on what I've seen from adidas's design positioning for next cycle.
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    There’s only so many ways to do a horizontal stripe, I don’t see much of a problem with Houston’s kit. While the Bayern stripe has the same proportions the color placement is very different. the Bayern stripe has two different colors and the darkest color is in the middle while the Dynamo is tonal decreasing in brightness as it rises. Different collars, different sleeve trim, different adidas stripe placement, really the only sticking point is that it’s a horizontal stripe made out of five colors with the middle stripe as the largest. The 90’s patterns is a different matter, as is Nike using darker raglan sleeves and the same collar for damn near every team, not to mention the third kits which are all the same
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    I am: out on PJ Fleck. What a joke. It's the University of Minnesota. This is their campus. Bricks and an old bridge. This is their logo, clearly best rendered without an outline. Two gorgeous colors, no need for white. No need for yellow lettering on white!!!! I would love for PJ Fleck to try and bring this somewhere else and have them just say no. Have it become a story. It's embarrassing.
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    Like the product on the floor (super teams) the NBA uniforms are a joke. It's all about money, the hell with all tradition, and even common sense. Very disappointed coming from Nike, an american brand. And then they claim stuff like pride, heritage and tradition, when in fact they sh** all over it
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    I disagree, the old D is classic.
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    One of two things: He's working on the XFL night and day to create an amazing clash of the near-titans below the NFL. Whoever wins, fans of football win. The authors are human beings like you and me with their own schedules. Either way, sit back and enjoy the plot as it comes.
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    This is like part discount redskins, part bad CCSLC concept design, and part 14 year old using the fill tool and posting it to instagram. Holy high hell what a joke.
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    My white '67 isn't lonely anymore. Went full old school with long sleeves on this one. It's hard to find good color shots of the black '67s but it seems to compare pretty favorably in terms of the gold.
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    Yeah B-mer...I'm happy with the latest version...I'll have the away uni up soon. Thanks. I appreciate that, 30...The C&C's been great and helps me in the development. Seattle Evergreens ...A bit of a late-comer to the Battle. I wasn't fussy on the name to start, but it's kinda grown on me. It'll probably get shortened to "'Greens", as in "GO Greens GO"...but that's OK. The primary is fairly straight-forward. I thought I'd have a bit o' fun in the secondaries with a couple of cartoon characters..."Twig-With-A-Twig" and "SQUIRREL!" (maybe potential mascots). SQUIRREL!'s tail forms an "S"... I know...yet another green uniform...but ya gotta go green with "Evergreens". Colours are silver, white and shades of green. I thought that "Evergreens" would also suit a plaid-style look, but I used a different pattern than i used with the "Sawbucks". The idea was to have 3 brighter lines on the arms to tie in with the logo's letter "E"...
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    If the Dolphins really insist that they don't want to go with the throwbacks.
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    Yeah, they're dropping teal for black. Sorry dude. I wonder if they're adding a helmet to the dolphin and shoulder stripes to the jersey to make them more like the beloved throwbacks.
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    Thank you guys... Surfer, it's great to hear that I "inspired" you to get better at illustrator. Good luck with it and thanks for letting me know! You might be right h, although I think that somehow, "Metropolitans" is still in the running. Thanks Bruins...I'm planning a "funky quirk" sort of thing with the alts later... I have a little more respect for the name after I read this excellent article on the Mets in the NY Times (here). It's quite the story of how the Patricks basically put together a team of hockey mercenaries and then demolished the Montreal Canadiens to be the first team in the U.S. to win the Stanley Cup..."in Seattle of all places!" Thank you B-mer...I'm thinking of using the Seahawks colours on the Totems... Hello darkp!... I agree with you on your sec logo observation. I've made a change... I hear you Zeus...I've beefed-up the waist stripe and changed the secondary. Thanks. It's a good debate guys...How many established logos wouldn't fly in today's market. Many wouldn't make it past the first sketches! The old Mets' "S" defies all modern design principles. darkp's right on this one. the "S"'s history makes it a contender in spite of its ungainliness. Okay...you guys are right... the sec doesn't match the primary. I kinda took the easy path which doesn't work so I went back to the drawing board and had another look at some "ArtDeco" elements... After reading the above-mentioned article, I figured that the nod to the "Metropolitans" was just as much an acknowledgment to the event, as it was to the team... so I created more of a "Tribute" logo, featuring the year of the historic Stanley Cup win, a couple of crossed hockey sticks, and the letters "M" and "S". I also tightened up the primary a tad... I beefed up the striping on the unis...they were looking a little too "Leaf-ish", so I put the side-arm stripes up on the shoulders... The 1920-ish vibe could be an interesting look for promotions, merch, etc.... I photo-shopped up a "Rocketeer" poster to demonstrate...
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