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    With time, I have come to appreciate the genuine timelessness of this logo and have yet to see a concept that doesn't ruin its delicately super-efficient design:
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    Hello! Im just posting this concept for the NBA. I honestly think the NBA should expand to 32 teams. Feel free to comment!
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    The Cavs should've packaged the gray City uniforms along with the outgoing players in the deadline deal.
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    Personally I think the Rams are sporting their best logo that they've ever had, (compared to their generic helmet logos and that weirdly-detailed 50-60s Ram head) although some fans dislike it due to its association with St. Louis. Their current logo still managed to look timeless and modern after 18 years...
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    I thought these would grow on me, but they aren't. They look like the end result of walking into one of those "custom airbrushed tshirts" stores in the mall and saying, "Make me look like a Power Ranger."
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    Canucks: I don't even want to open that can of worms, but not what they're using now.
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    I think Pat Patriot is a terrible logo.
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    I just want the Eagles to add silver back to their uniforms.
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    Hi all! Aside from keeping my fictional sport HoopBall running and interesting, I do occasionally have some ideas for other concepts, and this is where I will show them. I recently came across RG3's Nike NBA Template, and decided to make a concept that the Nets/Nike could use as a City alternate. I remember reading here that one set of jerseys would change each season, so why not pick up something that has already been done and looked great IMO. I personally loved the Nets "Brooklyn Blue" Dodgers alternates during the Adidas era, and considering that both the Nets alts this season are black/grey, the colourway deserves to make a comeback to break up all the dark colours. The colourway makes sense as a City alt, considering the original jerseys were meant as a homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Along with the colours, I used a monochrome ABA Nets style side striping. The Nets use a version of it on their Statement set currently, so this concept would fit well alongside. The rest of it speaks for itself really. C&C is welcomed. Up next there's a tweak I'd like to make to the Cavs' City jersey, whenever I get to it.
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    I absolutely loved what New Era started in Minnesota at the 2014 MLB All Star Game by designing special All Star caps that honored the host team. The potential was set up for new caps every year on All Star night to tell a different story about a host team's uniform history or local culture, while also allowing the game a rare chance to have some fun and get creative with their usually sacrosanct brands -- not to mention increasing merchandise sales in the process. Unfortunately, that was a trend that only lasted two seasons. So in an effort to show what could have been, each season I take it upon myself to continue what New Era once started and design my own city-centric concept caps for the MLB All Star Game. For the 2018 ASG in Washington D.C., I dipped into the city's baseball past to help inspire the cap design, while also taking cues from that time period and D.C.'s world-famous cherry blossoms to create a campaign that celebrates the nation's capital as well as the national pastime. To view the entire cap collection along with additional merchandise, plus a look inside the design process and inspiration, visit my website.
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    As a Lions fan, I thought they low-contrast gray numbers were going to be an issue when they were first unveiled. But after watching a season's worth of games, I don't think they are. Yes, they're lower contrast, but now that everybody watches games on large hi-def TVs, it was never really a problem figuring out who was who. Numbers don't need to be enormous high-contrast block numbers any more. I'm a uniform traditionalist, and I think the uniforms are pretty sweet.
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    Indeed. I’m usually a huge proponent of whimsy. But I’ll admit that there’s a fine line between “whimsical” and “profoundly stupid”, and they’ve jumped way, way over it.
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    I actually prefer this over anything else they’ve ever had. I also love the simplicity of this.
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    Kinda mixed on the new logo, it looks like something you would see on a t-shirt from Hot Topic
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    Next up is the Padres. The color scheme is taken from the classic '70s-'80s Padres. The script is a reworking of the script of the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego which is adjacent to Petco Park and one of the big entertainment centers of the city. The sleeve patch is the "All-American City" shield that once emblazoned the helmets of the Chargers.
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    I hate when I put in (just kidding) and people take it out. The NBA does lean hard into social justice issues. If that's not your thing I can see how it could be exhausting.
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    Minnesota AD: “One of our trucks broke down and all our players have in their bags are pants.” Purdue AD: “We got some weird alternate gear from a few years back you can wear.” Minnesota took just as many unforunate liberties with their school colors as ASU or any other middle tier Power 5 school.
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    Now that the new Sacramento Republic has officially unveiled their jerseys, I can finally show everyone what I’ve been up to the last week. Just a bit of background, I've worked for the club for several years now, and I recently got the opportunity to make all of the club’s jerseys both for the players as well as for retail. I've been working my butt off getting these ready, and have heat pressed several hundred in the past few days. With that being said, here they are! It’s so cool knowing that every time I see the team take the field for a match, or see a fan walk around wearing one of of these, that I’ll have had a hand in creating it. Here's a link to some more pictures Also, here's a few looks at the process I went through to create these. I'll try to get a few more pictures up close in the next several days. The sleeves have a watermarked/sublimated star pattern (our beveled star from the logo) which I wasn't too crazy about at first, but have warmed up to since I started this project. I also think the white trim really helps the whole home look pop. I absolutely LOVE the road jersey, too. The hoops are a little generic when it comes to soccer, but it's a great look that harkens back to Republic's original road kit, which was white with tan hoops. The funniest thing to me is looking at the photoshoot pictures and cringing at the little mistakes I made with some of these jerseys (sponsor look not quite straight, crest too far over to one side, wrong sized sponsor patch on a few of them, ect), and knowing that most people, even those on here, will never even notice.
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    The juxtaposition of a modern font and traditional uniform compliment each other well. The font isn't too modern like the Jags font to clash with the jersey. I do wish, however, that the numerals weren't italicized and also weren't a standard font. It's Futura Condensed Medium Italic plain and simple. That's an okay place to start, but customize it a little bit and make it your own. I think the Georgia Bulldogs are a great example of that. They took something like Bebas and made it their own without going over the top.
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    Great point. Progress is overrated. How dare people try to make garments more comfortable or better performing.
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    The Tennessee Oilers! They should still be the Oilers today.
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    Here's what NHL teams should hang banners for: Stanley Cups Presidents Trophy Conference championship (from playoffs) Regular season Division championship Retired numbers
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