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    I used @j'villejags's clean renderings of the new unis to illustrate what I think would be a better execution of the concept that they're running with (I colored in some stripes and added outlines, the rest is his work). They still aren't perfect, per se, but I'd tolerate something like this a lot more.
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    Piggybacking off of @Gupti's tweaks -- here's another variation that would bring back the aesthetic of the Fred Taylor era.
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    Design is as much, if not more about purpose than it is about aesthetics. For a flag football team that plays in a city park and doesn’t take stats, I’d agree with you that the new mockups are appropriate and more attractive. For an NFL team playing in a 60,000+ seat stadium in which announcers, spotters, and statisticians need to identify players from the press box in seconds, the old ones were certainly better.
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    I'm a little late in on this latest development... So, is the consensus that these are real? When trying to scroll through on a 5 page catch-up, it seemed somebody from the team was saying these weren't real. At any rate, if this is it, that's pretty bad. The moronic insistence on monochrome is completely expected so I'll try to ignore it (after mentioning again that it blows 110% of the time, and is beneath the dignity of an actual NFL team), but the other apparent decisions are stupid, too. Is that the font? I'm assuming it's a generic placeholder, because that's exactly what it looks like. And while the teal numbers on black will be difficult to read, the black numbers on teal will be almost impossible. It's a real shame Teal was suspended through this... he/she must be pounding his/her head on the keyboard, itching to post about five dozen one-sentence posts.
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    From what I've seen, the team representative that dismissed these had only dismissed my initial concept. And of course that initial version wasn't accurate because I was only going off of rumors about the uniforms described here. He did not dismiss the supposed leaked images that were later posted. Here's the tweet I saw about my first concept of the uniforms -- If you read the comments in this tweet, you can see the supposed leaked images were presented to him, and he hadn't responded to say those were inaccurate. I've always enjoyed making concepts leading up to an unveiling to see how close I can get to the real thing. I'll post a design, and then make some adjustments based on feedback. It's never been intended to pass as an accurate representation of anything since I don't have insider information. But I like trying to show what could be based on what has been described.
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    That's seriously A LOT of teams changing their primary to essentially just their cap logo the last several seasons. Pirates, Rockies, Marlins, Brewers, probably others... While some are actually an upgrade I don't think I like the trend of losing a full on primary logo to just repeat cap logos. Cap logos are an abbrevation of a full logo. They shouldn't really be the main logo. Looking at a cap logo alone doesn't tell you enough about the team like where they're from, what their actual nickname is, or even what sport they play. Not a good trend IMO.
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    Here ya go, Simon... The Seattle Sea Lions I went with "Sea Lions" rather than "Seals" for no other reason than "Seals" has been used before, and is currently being used by the new NLL San Diego Seals (starting next year). The Seals name would work fine though with this identity/logo. There are many ways you could approach this identity, but I initially thought that I would come up with a design that referenced the City of Seattle's flag... Using the city's colours and flat clean wave-y shapes, I came up with this... I like it, but we already have another teal team...maybe too close to the Sharks' palette... Also, I like the trident shape: it's on the A-list for basic shapes IMHO. (think Maserati)... It suggests nautical supremacy and is just a cool shape. However, it seems that the Mariners may be reclaiming the trident "M"... (it's on their spring caps according to Chris). I don't know if that would be a problem or not. I'm gonna stick with it for now. If it's an issue, the trident could be swapped out for a hockey stick. That would also work. So, I kept the trident, but looked at trying some different colour combos... ...before deciding to go with the green and yellow/gold (I threw in a little grey-green on the logos)... I went super-traditional on the unis, with a basic North-Western-style striping... So...after doing all this, Liewicke states that the new Seattle NHL uniforms will NOT be green and gold... Back to the drawing board ?...
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    Nailed it. The simple addition of gold makes them look 40 billion times better.
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    Am I taking crazy pills? The mock ups are so much better than this. The random snakes on this jersey were a horrible design and looked different on every single player. Seriously search Aaron Kampman or Tyson Alualu during that era. The look was horrendous.
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    Every fan of every team except the one I’m a customer of is arrogant and obnoxious, knows little about the sport, is probably a front running bandwagon fan, and has poor personal hygiene. Did I get it right? That’s all this is going to be.
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    He just couldn't "not post" was his issue. 83% of his posts were "I agree" or "Not long now" or something that didn't add anything to the discussion. The type of posting that will eventually annoy the majority of other posters and then he pulls the "we're bullying him" card rather than simply learning "oh, I don't have to post these little pointless comments, I can just think them".
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    That’s what I’m getting at. This shield shape (it’s called a “heater”) just means that the origin of the person (or group of people) who created that particular drawing of the achievement of arms were likely English or French and learned heraldry from studying the medieval period. It has no direct correlation or specificity to Victoria and thus is kind of a watery reference to point out in a design; it’s the lowest hanging fruit to pat yourself on the back and show that you viewed at least one image during your exhaustive research. Using the V-shaped division (this is called “pile”), on the other hand would have been a fantastic thing to utilize and point out in this context because it’s relatively rare as a heraldic element and heraldry, by nature, is meant to be as unique as possible to distinguish it from others’ arms.
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    "You know, I would have voted for Obama for a third term." Current Red Sox ownership has been in place for 15 years and no one was "haunted" enough by Tom Yawkey's well-known racism to do anything about it until they saw an opportunity for a new revenue stream or the jeopardy of an existing revenue stream. (But like I said above, my money's firmly on the former on this one.) Though the mental picture of John Henry being haunted by Yawkey is really, really funny. Imagine some ethereal vision of a ruddy-cheeked captain of industry appearing in the mist, going "ooooOOOOOooo.....Joooooooohnnnn........JOOOHHHNNNNNN.......the Irish were the REAAALLL slaaaaaaaves..."
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    I would agree, except that the nature of a primary logo has changed. In the past, primary logos were needed for things like letterhead, sleeve patches, print media, and the like. But in our interwebs age, it's more important that primary logos be adaptable for small sizes, for social media icons. Makes sense that cap logos, with their bold, clear iconography would become more prominent.
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    I don't know if this would be the right move until I could actually see it on a helmet, but maybe the 9ers would benefit from using the color shift masks USC uses. You know, the ones that are gray with a slight golden hue....
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    Nothing he's said about Austin in this entire process doesn't also apply to Columbus. him.
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    They’re clearly going for “Castelvetrano green” here.
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    aw, it's over? crap. Ah well, really fun while it lasted. I'm more than happy with how the Generals fared. Think you could make a gallery of all the uniforms?
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    Wow, that away uniform looks like something where a video game couldn't get the NFL license. These can't be the final uniforms, right? This is dumb.
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    Anyone kinda tired of the city jerseys? Even as a Heat fan who loves the Heat Vice jersey and I’m willing to throw down the $120 retail to get a Wade one, I miss the regular colors. It doesn't help that the court doesn’t match. So you got essentially 3 diffent huge color clashes on the Heat court. Besides the Heat, some of the city jerseys are just really ugly to look at.... they need to limit, them, spread them out, or simply design better jerseys.
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    I should update the number font, but here is what I have for the possible color combinations --
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