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    Nice to see the Blazers and Lakers both wearing the proper uniforms for tonight’s rivalry matchup: Games between these two are generally really nice and classic looking, but the first two matchups between them this season featured the Lakers inexplicably wearing white on the road and purple at home (and the Blazers wore black at home in the first game), so it’s nice to finally see the classic matchup again down in Staples tonight.
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    Good. Shouldn't be any gold.
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    We've all seen some sort of flaming spartan helmet concept for the Titans, but why would a powerful titan even need a helmet? Let those flaming locks and curly beard fly free. Tennessee Titans:
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    I'm guessing you're a new member because you couldn't be more wrong if you said 2+2=47 (except for Carolina.) Also, none of those teams have anything to do with this thread, so why would people be posting about them? This thread is for Jacksonville, and like all threads, Cleveland.
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    I wish we had the same level of leaks for the Titans as we do for the Jags. I still have a hunch they are going to be truly bizarre.
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    I'm officially sick of the Heat's City Uniforms ...
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    I made an update concept of an old favorite logo. I thought it was too much things going on in the old version. so i cleaned it up. i took the font on the crown and used it as a main font for the logo
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    Share. Your. Supposed. Evidence. With. A. Mod. You've already had a mod volunteer to look at your evidence.
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    After Jim's announcement yesterday, seems like the perfect thing to make during a snowstorm in Buffalo
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    The yellow version on the blue and black uniforms immediately becomes one of the more egregious ad patches in the league:
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    Clippers are the next NBA team with an ad patch so now there's 10 teams left without an ad on their uniform. This one is particularly awful due to it being an ad for a dating app. What's next? Are the Phoenix Suns going to team up with MySpace in a resurgence campaign? http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/22664672/la-clippers-sign-jersey-patch-deal-dating-app-bumble
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    Tell us more about the gold helmets and UCLA stripes that you promised were going to happen.
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    Why? I'm not advocating for Seattle to be a purple team but I don't think it would be the end of the world either.
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    I have a flag from the Whiskey Rebellion up in my classroom. Kids are always intrigued by it primarily because A.) they know it looks American but they have no idea what it stands for and B.) it's a pretty cool design.
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    Member has been suspended for abusive behavior, belligerence towards the moderator team, and report button abuse.
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    ^ that should be posted in the 2017-18 thread since it's taking effect for this season's uniforms.
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    That's a Nike template image and so far nobody within the Jaguars camp has denied the leak and the post got removed on the Jaguars subreddit too so the suspicion is that the leak is real. Nobody is going to believe you after the stuff you've said so give it rest. If that pic isn't real then so be it, but I'm inclined to believe this more than you telling me the Raiders are putting gold on their uniforms.
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    What bothers me here is the inconsistency of the number placement on the right two jerseys. Why is it lower on the red alternate and higher on the blue alternate? Both are using chest logos of the same size and placement, so that just seems like a poor decision. Use one style or the other, not both.
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    Im excited if denver can update these. 90s nostalgia maybe, but these look really good present day
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    I'm sorry but these really look fake. The presentation looks homemade and the design is worse than any dozen designs off the board.
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    That's not what I was discussing. Gothamite brought up the thing about small size applications, which is fine and which I agreed with. All I've been saying is that I don't think cap logos should be the primary logos, even though they are better in many applications and can definitely be used more frequently than primary logos. So a cap logo is better for use on social media and other platforms where it will be seen at a smaller scale? I 100% agree with that. But that doesn't mean a cap logo should be the primary logo, in my opinion. Who says the logo used on smaller platforms must be the primary logo? I see the Marlins Instagram every single day and all of spring training they've been using their spring training cap logo, not their primary logo.
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