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    "I've got it! Let's go from a logo, now hear me out, to...a wordmark!" "Carl, that idea sucks ass." "But think of it, gentlemen! We only use 1 color per conference, which saves us roughly 80 cents a shirt/hat/sticker, and with those profits we can - " "- why we could gild our yachts!" "YES! Now you see, gentlemen!" "My God, Carl. Think of the quality of prostitutes and cocaine we could procure with all this new income."
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    Effective immediately, all threads on the CCSLC, with the exception of forum announcements, fantasy leagues, and pinned threads, will be archived if the last post is more than two years old. Archived threads cannot be replied to nor can they be searched but they are still visible. Threads will automatically be archived by the board software as soon as the two year mark is reached. As a result, any thread that has not met the criteria to be archived can be freely posted in by anyone. This means that we no longer have nor will enforce any policy towards the bumping of topics. DO NOT REPORT ANY THREAD TO THE MODERATOR TEAM FOR BEING POSTED IN AFTER AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME! Archived threads can be reactivated on a case-by-case basis.
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    I absolutely can't believe someone could buy and wear this...
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    Suns vs. Hornets game last night was pretty.
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    The Sharks' newest alternate logos are absolutely gorgeous. They're well designed, fierce, and simple enough for someone to draw on a sign. I think that they should be the team's full time new logos, along with redesigned jerseys that aren't so bland. (Even if the new jerseys aren't quite as light as the current ones.) So, taking up some inspiration from their inaugural jerseys, here's how I would dress the San Jose Sharks. What do you think?
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    This has Walmart clearance rack written all over it ...
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    The Seals did have some great uniforms. This S-E-A-L-S logo shouldn't work, but somehow does. This one would make a great throwback. As did this one: Although, in fairness, they did have a major clunker or two in their day.
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    I dunno, one or the other, because we know Bettman will never let them get to Chapter 11, wocka wocka
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    Does the old PCL count? Obviously two identities from there eventually did make it to the big leagues (Los Angeles Angels and San Diego Padres) but man, what I wouldn't give for the San Francisco Seals identity to have made the jump too.
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    Well it's that time of year again, where there is basketball madness in March and my Bracket Wallpaper. I was happy with the majority of last year's design, but did change a few things, including a new font. Not sure if it's an upgrade or downgrade from last year's font -which is still in use for the Regional Sites. 3/16: Round of 64 complete. 3/21: Round of 32 Bracket Available. With other adjustments, I didn't see what I felt was enough room for the First Four by itself, so I just put the matchups in their respective sections of the brackets and will just add the winners after Tuesday/Wednesday.
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    If that’s the case then why have numbers at all, as that relegates their only purpose is to differentiate jerseys for merchandising purposes? i disagree and think that a lot of people still look at the number when turning on a game (I do, if I turn on the game and there’s a guy on 2nd base and I want to know who it is, or if I’m not sure who the pitcher is) or especially when at the park and you want to see who’s warming up in the pen or if you forget who’s on 3rd after 7 straight pitching changes. Their sole purpose is for identification - if they can’t be instantly read, then they fail. Color on same color is a fail, even if I actually like it for the Angles. I’d still change it if I was elected god.
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    0/10, this isn't the 1999 uniform, so it's automatically garbage.
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    That’s a candidate for matchup of the year. Beautiful.
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    Here's my Cleveland Browns logo concept. I think a football shaped badge with stripes is about as simple and Brownsy as it gets I think it's definitely an upgrade over the defacto helmet logo. My new uniforms are much more traditional than what the Browns are currently sporting. I mean, come on, why didn't somebody stop them before they became the butt of "BROWNS running down the legs" poop jokes? I changed the orange back to the less saturated orange the Browns have worn historically. The helmet is the traditional Browns helmet, with a darker than standard gray facemask to keep in line with the Browns aesthetic, but put a modern twist on it. The jersey striping is also a traditional brashier stripe to mimic the helmet, but the bottom stripe continues to fill the lower portion of the sleeve caps. The new logo is featured as a patch on the left chest of the jersey. I wasn't really a fan of the change to orange numbers on the jerseys as it messed up the color balance of the uniform for me, so the numbers are back to traditional white and brown. The alternate uniform is a throwback to the Jim Brown era, specifically based on the 1964 NFL Championship season. The color Rush uniform is very, very orange and is the same template as the home and road jerseys, except for the dropshadow numbers. Well, thanks for having a look and, as always, C&C is always welcome, especially for the new logo.
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    Let's start the week with the Texas Rangers. The Ballpark at Arlington is roughly halfway between Dallas and Ft. Worth while being just a stone's throw away from the Jerry-Dome. So for the Rangers we went with a Cowboys theme based on their "Little Giants" uniforms which they've used for Thanksgiving games and as the base of their Color Rush uniforms. Silver and navy replace royal blue and red and a three stripe 1-2-1 pattern. The script and numbers use an outlined 3D effect based on the old Washington Senators.
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    Absolutely. The Seals had a great look.
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    Now that I think about it, in the early 90s, you could have had a whole league of clubs playing in major-league cities with MLB-caliber identities: (we're fortunate that the baseball card boom of that era gave us great visual evidence of all of these, and that the cards' photographers tended to take really boring shots of the players.)
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    Nothing new to see here, folks...
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    Honestly, for hockey I'd rather be upper bowl behind one of the nets or close to center ice than high up in one of the corners of the lower bowl. When you're at an weird angle that close to the ice vertically, you lose sight of the play in a lot of areas because of the boards so you end up watching the tron for a lot of it. I'm ALWAYS gonna prefer going to a game to watching it on TV, though.
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    What does “all the same” have to do with anything? Numbers the same color as a jersey are oftentimes very hard to read, which is the actual issue.
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    Memphis Grizzlies Had these done for a while now, but never posted bc they never seemed right.. messed around with outlines on name and #'s, but i believe this set looks best. let me know what you all think Association Icon Community Athlete Also, i am considering making edits to former concepts posted in this forum. small tweaks like the pistons font size is fairly big, amongst other minor tweaks. let me know if anyone objects and believes they should remain untouched. Thank you for viewing!
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    ^^ Looks like the new Nike Vapor Feline Blur Flash Ultimate template, right? Can one of our insiders confirm if this the new alt?
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    EXCLUSIVE LOOK AT THE NEW JERSEYS!!! It does need some teal, but gold and black are "SPOT" on and those wanting more spots won't be disappointed! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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