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    Guys, listen. They’re going to have teal and black as colors. You may not believe me now, but you’ll feel like a fool in the future. If they show some behind the scenes of the design process you’ll even see that more than one idea was actually considered. Wild, huh?
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    What I don't understand is why people are always using these college templates for NFL concepts.
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    Just give it a rest. You've had plenty of opportunities to prove you have insider knowledge and haven't done so.
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    It wouldn't be such a fight if he'd just switch the entire set back over to the kelly green.
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    GREEN BAY PACKERS So, this concept has been sitting on my mind for a very long time. I knew as soon as I had my blank template in front of me what I wanted, and there wasn't any second guessing. It's different. This concept also opens up a new stipulation for my series: T.V. numbers are not completely required on jerseys. I think in the age of having monitors in press boxes we really don't need T.V. numbers at all. I wanted to give the Packers something modern without removing the simplicity of their brand, so I used a minimalist mindset that allowed in some elements of their older designs like the circle-numerals and the yokes. The PACKERS script is deliberately sewed into the jersey on a patch, giving a sense of an actual label as a head nod to the moniker "Packers." No alternates for Green Bay -- with this much of a step in a different direction, I felt none were needed to make a splash. Next up: Atlanta Falcons
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    They're all the same. A lot of people couldn't wait for Nike to take over, then were all anti-Nike and couldn't wait for a new supplier. UA gets it, they do the same exact crap that Nike does. At the end of the game, it's pretty dumb to blame Nike, since the team owners are the one falling for their dumb marketing speak, and making the decisions. They aren't even obligated to use Nike's design team (I'm pretty sure.) NBA is a different story - Nike has a lot more pull there, and that league and its teams aren't very protective of their brands.
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    To be honest, I'd prefer both those changes to having either the Cardinals or the Colts switching out of gray. I forgot possibly the greatest gray mask of all;
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    Hate on the Seahawks look all you want, comparing it to that old Bills uniform doesn't add up. The Patriots are a classic example of a dated uniform that remains because of franchise success. The Seahawks have a polarizing look, but it isn't crappy/lazy/inconsistent design.
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    Not sure why part of Riding Elvis’ coat is red, but at least he’s more patriotic than Pat Patriot. They even kinda used the Patriots font. Still an upgrade from the idiotic 87ers brand.
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    The new numbers would be an upgrade. However, the hate for the old numbers is far too strong... Number sets worse than the Titans’ old/current ones: Bucs Jags Dolphins Eagles Ravens Browns Chargers Cardinals Broncos ...and you could also make a case against Steelers, Lions, Vikings, Bengals, and Seahawks as well.
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    Brewers but only because they're suffering an identity crisis right now. Either stick with this... or go all in on this. Not in between.
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    ...Perhaps my phrasing was a bit confusing, but that’s what I said in my post.
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    Nah, gotta have the burgundy over gold. They go so well together. The white pants are boring.
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    That Packers concept really is a thing.
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    Good. The orange alternate is great and so much better than the 1940s high school alternate they’ve worn for the last couple years.
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    It's hard to overstate what an upgrade that number font would be. Titans would go from possibly the worst number font in the NFL (Bucs maybe have the edge) to one of the very best.
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    Hey, some topics pop up again every now and then because of popularity. Even the best comedians tell the same jokes...
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    I wonder in which year they'll get the Jets green right.
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    Question for the mods - can you merge the two topics, or does SL.Net usurp long-running threads?
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    And I, naturally, would disagree with all that. The old "no gray in the uniform, then no gray mask" bit is the usual reasoning, but it just doesn't move me. Continuity for it's own sake is not my religion. As long as we're throwing out opinions sure to annoy people (is there a thread for that? Hmmm...), I'd put the Chiefs, Bears, and (right after returning the block numbers) the Steelers into gray masks too!
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    Not unless the NFL changes its rules they won't.
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    You do realize this is the first step on the path that will lead us to the wet dream of so many people on these forums? Thanks @Htown1141, you have beautifully portrayed the twisted minds of the “Bring Back the Oilers” crowd. P.S. The Texans with white helmets and red primary jerseys is a good look to me.
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    I really like the name, like 100x better than the 87ers.
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