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    Now they just need to remove football from Thursdays completely.
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    As somebody who cares about aesthetics, and cares about the sport, I’m thrilled to see this go.
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    I made a version of this last year but found myself unsatisfied with what I'd done. Here's an update. Enjoy! Open in a new tab to see in full.
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    I'm sure most of you are aware of the reputation that Comic Sans has in the design community, but for those who are unaware, it's regarded as one of the worst, most amateur fonts you can use. I'm sure less of you are aware of its usage in memes and s**tposting, often being used ironically to create humor by intentionally using it to mock it. With my combined interest in both of those, I one day had the bright idea of redesigning NHL logos that make use of text or a letterform, but use Comic Sans. Let's start out with a bang.
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    I know that brand loyalty is generally frowned upon, but Adidas' on field product looks worse than Nike or Under Armor every single time. The fit is bad, but the material is the worse. Pair that with skewed design elements and it's just a cheap look.
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    This off season I am going to focus my design hobby on getting better at jersey swaps and while they aren't necessarily designs, I feel this is still a solid place to post. First Up: Tyrann Mathieu to the Texans - Typically I struggle with the facemask/Helmet area but really took time on this one and feel like I nailed it down into the realm of reality. Feedback is welcomed and wanted!
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    NFL yes.... But I've grown accustomed to Thursday Night MACtion on ESPN2
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    Time for Throwback Thursday's!
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    To be completely honest, some good designs have come from the color rush. I just hated how the entire uniform HAD to be the same color, i.e. Atlanta had a good red jersey, but the red pants RUINED the look.
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    Our long national nightmare is over. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2769835-thursday-night-football-color-rush-alternate-uniforms-reportedly-going-away Say goodbye to Color Rush uniforms on Thursday nights this coming fall. Bill Wanger of Fox Sports said Tuesday the NFL plans to scrap the alternate uniforms it used during Thursday Night Football telecasts beginning with the 2018 season, per Jason Barrett of Barrett Sports Media. However, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reported the Color Rush uniforms won't be going away completely. They just "might not be exclusive to Thursday nights anymore," sources told him. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise to anyone. In December, the NFL said it was allowing teams to have "more flexibility" with their Thursday night uniforms, per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, which effectively ended the Color Rush push. The polarizing Color Rush uniforms began rolling out in 2015. Some fans delighted in the alternate offerings, while others were put off by the bright colors. In one notable mishap, a Color Rush game between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills proved to be a mess for those with red-green colorblindness. That should no longer be an issue now that Fox is taking over Thursday games.
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    The number set reminds me a lot of a slightly modified version of the Jaguars number set. I like the idea of basing the set around the 8, like the 2 and the 3 are. The 1, 4,5,6,7,9 all look out of place IMO. The concept set I've been working on tries to remedy this by basing the whole set around the 8, which I feel looks "Greek" or "Chiseled". I've never really created my own number set from scratch and really don't have that much knowledge of fonts so this is all my opinion on what would look good. Andrewharrington brought up a few good points about my redesign and from other comments I'm seeing that with creating a font or number set less can be more. I agree that straight up block numbers would look good on any design but if every team had block numbers it would be boring IMO. As pointed out custom fonts can look good, but there is a fine line between to much and not enough. I'm finding that as this concept evolves I'm lessening the custom elements to not distract so much from the shape of the numbers themselves and making the custom elements more uniform between the numerals. I know this isn't a concept thread but I might as well finish what I started. Here is my last attempt at fixing this number set. IMO this is as far as I'm going to take it and like the way it turned out. Changes made: Thickened the weight and based the all the numbers off the 8. Decreased the size of the points on the ends and moved them to the center of the stroke and tried to match them to the shape made by the points in the 8. Got rid of the "Tennessee" inspired points on the right side of the numbers. Moved the center point of the middle bars on the 5,6,9 (while asymmetrical it makes them look less blocky and more like their respective numerals). For aesthetic purposes the thin middle lines are there to give it a beveled look without going full bevel (Could be used without though). Top set is their current set, the rest are my changes. What it might look like on the jersey. And here is one more idea using the same shape end points as the actual numbers. Anyways I'll let you guys get back to discussing these monstrosities of uniforms. I like the ideas behind the uniform but I feel most of it it was poorly executed. With some tweaking the whole uniform redesign could have been something way better.
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    Much like Mark McGwire in front of Congress, Nike won't be here to talk about the past.
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    I found a pic of all the draft hats together
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    Might be biased since I am a Die Hard Ravens fan but... "The Baltimore Ravens" has to be one of the coolest team names in all of sports. I love all the work they have done to the teams headquarters to give it a nice gothic theme-
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    I know, right? I keep thinking about blood clots too.
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    The Jaguars need gold to look great. Simply teal and black is too cold and dated looking to me. Outside of that, I really hope that the "distinctive" part of that tweet really shows through in the uniforms. That will be the key. Most Jaguars fans clearly want something more reserved, I just hope that they don't take it too far like those leaks may lead us to believe.
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    Me, too. However, at least it was confined to games I largely didn't care about. With the various parts of the Color Rush uniforms still out there, my concern is we'll see them mixed into rotations in bad ways. Yup... witness the people who wistfully bring up baseball's TATC monstrosities. Whereas I want to see the Rams in yellow at least 8 times a year.
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    First one that comes to mind -- I mean, c'mmon folks... these mismatched abominations; And the hat? Hang on I'm gonna be sick... Thankfully, back to...
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    You could say the upgrade was pretty gaudy but at least the Bengals finally had a look they could call their own.
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