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    No love for Boston? Well let's move on then. In honor of game 2 tonight, here's the inferior Pennsylvanian team, the Flyers. From here on out I think I'll just keep going with playoff teams unless I get any requests.
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    Here is another Attempt at a classic style Buc's uniform with modern styling. I have had tons of ideas and this is the first time in a while I've been able to sit down and actually do something with em. Home Away
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    First off the 1s and 7s then the :censored:load of unnecessary outlines...
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    I hear they're changing their colors to Aqua and Orange.
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    I'd like to put this one up for consideration:
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    According to: https://dolphinswire.usatoday.com/2018/04/02/report-dolphins-will-reveal-new-uniform-changes-on-april-19/ "The changes will be to the jerseys, pants and helmets, though the team’s logo isn’t expected to undergo a drastic change." Getting rid of navy could encompass this entire change. This could be like what Detroit did, getting rid of their black, but they got a complete redesign. A better example would be when the Knicks got rid of the Black in their uniforms. The Knicks didn't change their logo or their uniforms, they just swapped black for grey. My guess is that the Dolphins are going to adopt Grey as their first secondary color. Grey has been Nike's new black for the last 5 years or so. Also, Dolphins ARE grey, so it would make a lot of sense in that regard as well.
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    I'm excited for the uniform unveiling obviously, but the construction/design nerd in me is hoping for Shipyards and Lot J news as well!
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    True. They let it go too long and now they’re stuck (though I still maintain that a vast majority of fans wouldn’t care if the team renamed itself). Every minute, there are dozens of babies born who will one day wonder where the hell Golden State is (or why a college team was the best in the NBA for the better part of a decade).
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    Disclaimer: this is a guess and I have no factual information They’re probably gonna drop the dark blue and replace those elements with orange, and drop the colors to the throwback colors on the modern template. I do really like their uniforms currently. I may be in the minority there though, not sure
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    I don't mind Golden State much any more. They are who they are and I don't think you're going to confuse anyone after their current success since 2015. But, I will say this ... this missed the opportunity to go with the Oakland Warriors back in the late 90s when they moved back into the renovated Coliseum. They should have made that change, especially then. Then no one would have thought twice about a change back to the San Francisco Warriors when they finally make the move back across the bay.
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    The value would probably increase if the franchise had a real live city name attached to it.
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    At long last I decided to do New York. First up we have the red white and blue side of town. With the Giants, Rangers, Yankees and Red Bulls using red white and blue it was an easy choice, I decided on navy blue to keep the Yankees history, and red. As far as changes the Giants just darken their blue. The Nets replace black with navy and add red stripes. The Rangers just darken their red and blue. The Yankees are mostly unchanged, slightly more red is used now however (like batters gloves and such). The Red Bulls drop yellow, darken their blue and make their look more balanced. The other side of NYC reps the cities official colors of blue range and white. With all the teams here besides the Jets already using a version of this it was an easy pick. As far as changes go the Jets had the biggest change by far replacing their iconic green and white for their new colors, the helmet stripes are alternating to look like the city flag. The Knicks drop silver. Isles remain the same, so do the Mets. NYCFC drops their lighter blue and makes orange and white more present. Let me know what you think CC is appreciated!
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    Let's move right along and go with the Leafs' current opponent...
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    While I quite like your new basketball, I'm not sure why you got rid of the windows. They're a cool nod to New York's buildings.
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    True, but that's only after about 24 hours after we all get through bitchin' to nauseam about a misplaced swoosh or pointless added secondary color.
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    This may be unpopular, but I think this logo is strong enough to be a primary.
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    My next biggest beef is the Calgary Stampeders. For years they were known as the Red and White. Hell they even have a club called that in the stadium end zone. Too bad they got caught up in the black trend some time in the late 90's and have been stuck with some form of it ever since. They actually look more like they should be called the Red Blacks. My fixes include removing all black except for the horse logo outline and returning to classic striping. The "outlaw" number font adds a modern update and adding red pants adds some home and away options.
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    It is when your franchise value is approaching $3B. No regrets here.
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    Several of them have absolutely nothing that indicates the team aside from the colors.
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    Now that it's just an exhibition, just make host team's league the home team. Let NL be host this year. I don't want to see "home team / road park" go on, that's for sure.
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    Next up is Columbus, this was hard because I couldn't use the red white and blue of the Jackets nor the black and yellow of the Crew so I had to kind of compromise. The Blue Jackets of course need blue so I decided on the Crews black ad yellow along with the Blue Jackets lighter blue from their alternate jerseys. I tried to keep parts of both teams identities and i think it cam out fairy well. As far as changes, the Jackets lighten their blue, replace red with yellow, and add black. The Crew simply add blue to their logo and the cuffs and collar on their kit. I know this one will be one that's a little more "out there" but I feel like it is the best compromise for these teams while having a color scheme not used by another team. two teams already have some form of red white and blue, Pittsburgh is black and yellow, 2 teams use a form of blue and yellow and Detroit has Ohio State Red and Silver (Plus the Jackets need blue for their name) So I think that black blue and yellow is the way to go. Let mew know what you think, CC is appreciated!
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