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    Exactly. It’s objectively bad for the lettering style to be so similar, but slightly different, and as you stated, the N and R are a bit awkward at the moment. The new monogram looks great, though. Players generally enjoy the fit, so I’m not sure what you mean by “bad” here. While I didn’t enjoy the past two iterations of the patterning, the material itself is glorious in hand; springy, yet sturdy and substantial. Have you ever felt it? Lastly, while the distortion leaves much to be desired on film numbers, proper twill numbers look fine.
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    It's weird how both the hat and the jersey now look like cheap, bootleg, knock offs.... so bad and a double fail which is actually hard to do...
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    So obvious... why didn't anybody think of that sooner?
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    That would be a false statement.
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    Yeah, the mix of round and sharp corners just doesn't look right at all. This is an easy fix too.
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    Logo remaining the same but the orange is becoming darker.
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    Classic example of “too clever for its own good.” Not enough people walk around in a full Christ the Redeemer pose.
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    I’m still in shock as to how much the Tigers downgraded this past offseason. The enlarged “D” on the cap looks like a really bad knockoff and the cap “D” on the chest looks so awful. To me, they went from best look in the majors to...well, really not. Congrats on being the new best looking team in baseball, Toronto!
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    Recently mildly triggered by the Lincoln Saltdogs headscratcher of a logo change, whose spiffy new dog enjoys maniacally staring into my soul, I got to wondering what some of the worst brand changes ever have been. And watching the Sox play the lowly Marlins I was reminded of this now infamous downgrade: What are some of your (least) favorites?
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    When I first started watching sports in the late 70's, I was confused why Seattle would play Washington, shouldn't they be friends (I was around 7 or 8 at the time). Someone had to explain to me that Washington had nothing to do with the state and was a separate city and I had been there before (which made it more embarrassing to me).
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    "Just as the fin on the mighty dolphin helps to navigate the animal through the depths of the ocean, the fins on the new numbers represent the Dolphins navigating their way to the top of the NFL." - Nike
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    Where to begin... The biggest eyesore to me is the weird mix of rounded corners and squared corners. Just so random... it seems to be one of those examples of a design being created just because you can.
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    Oversight on the part of Google not to have the theme song to Sanford & Son start playing when I opened that link
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    FROM THIS: TO THIS: (The gold numbers/NOB aren't working is all I mean.)
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    I've ranted about this enough already. Not even a Stanley Cup win could magically erase my frustrations at this rebrand.
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    When Adidas took over the CFL uniforms in 2016, they hit home runs with a few, most notably the Toronto Argonauts and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Unfortunately there were a few real duds like Montreal and Calgary. One thing I really dislike is that so many teams use the same template with the arm striping (BC, Calgary, Sask, Ottawa) and side panels (Calgary, Sask, Ottawa). When will this idiotic trend go away! My first submission is Montreal. Right now they possibly have the worst uniform design of all time, especially combined with a really bad cartoon logo. My fix here is pretty simple: new logo with clean design based on their glory days in the 70's. To me this seems like a real easy fix.
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    I disagree with that. Most brand marketers would tell you that applying geography to a name can suppress brand value and marketability especially from a global perspective. Golden State Warriors is almost a nickname unto itself. When the Raiders got into their long running spat with Oakland they basically scrubbed the city name from their merchandise which I think was a smart move as their brand is not bound to geography. I also think Moreno should market his team as The Angels but the stadium lease may still preclude him from that. While the Yankees and the Cowboys have a national footprint, they each derive 100% of their brand image from the cities that they belong to. The Raiders are a different story. They are a unique case, the only team whose brand image is truly untethered to any geographical location. They could set up in Oakland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Antonio, or any other city, and their brand would be undiminshed. This is not true for the New York Yankees or Dallas Cowboys. The Warriors' identity has become very strong over the past few years. But they are not in the category of the Yankees and the Cowboys. They're not even in the category of the Lakers and the Celtics, which are permanent fixtures in the consciousness of the nation. The Warriors are in the category of the Cavaliers and the Thunder: brands which formerly meant nothing nationally but which are now at their height, and which will surely fall again when the teams' period of dominance ends. The last-place Lakers are still the Lakers; they still occupy a spot in people's awareness. By contrast, a last-place Warriors team would be invisible, and would be no more significant than the Nets. And the idea that the Angels should drop all geographical references is bonkers. They have no nationally recognised identity; their sole asset is to be tied to Los Angeles — which is why their owner wanted to exchange the name of Anaheim, a city known for one tourist attraction, for the name of Los Angeles, one of the world's greatest cities.
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    But the Yankees don't transcend New York! People buy Yankee hats because they say "NY" on them! The fact that they're from New York underpins their marketing success as much as anything. What you're arguing for with "The Angels" is a team that belongs to everyone and no one and only by necessity of the laws of physics plays its home games in a discrete location. That's not how we do sports here and it never will be.
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    You know, given their histories, a Wolves-Bobcats Victory Bowl would make for a pretty cool story...
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    My next biggest beef is the Calgary Stampeders. For years they were known as the Red and White. Hell they even have a club called that in the stadium end zone. Too bad they got caught up in the black trend some time in the late 90's and have been stuck with some form of it ever since. They actually look more like they should be called the Red Blacks. My fixes include removing all black except for the horse logo outline and returning to classic striping. The "outlaw" number font adds a modern update and adding red pants adds some home and away options.
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    Up next: Minnesota If the mothership is to be trusted, and why shouldn't it be, then the Twins have a lot of uniforms. Too many uniforms for my liking. Also I am not a fan of the gold they use. Yes it separates them from all the other R/W/B teams but I just don't think that gold fits them. As I was designing these, I came across the powder blue era Twins, and that's when I got the idea to use double blue again. Plus in my head it makes sense because they play in Minnesota which is the Land of A Lot of Lakes and blue = water. Thats as close to NikeSpeak as I want to get . Hats - Hats, hats, hats. There's a lot of hats. The main hat is the navy/navy with the TC logo, and so is the matching helmet. The alternate hat is navy/red with the resurrected M-swoosh logo on the front. Matching helmet as well. BP hats are red/navy with TC logo and white front panel with the M logo. I'm not sure if I'd let those into the normal rotation. Jerseys - So I don't like the Twins in pinstripes. That's just me. I don't think it fits them. I like the new non-pinned home jersey and used those as the base. I borrowed the striping from the powder blue era and made them a little bigger. State outline with the two players is on the right sleeve on all jerseys. Drop shadowed numbers and scripts on all jerseys. Pants - White and powder blue pants. I considered a navy blue set, but it didn't fit so they hit the scrap heap. Triple stripe down the side of the pants. Socks have the jersey stripe on them. C&C welcome!
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