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    It just sounds like you’re being overly pedantic over what AH meant by “old font.” Teams usually use the same font across their entire uniform at a single time, so when they change the font of the number on the jersey (which is the most notable spot for a font to be used) but not the tiny one on the helmet (which is barely noticeable), the trained eye would certainly read that the helmet is stuck using the “old font” while the jerseys get the “current font.” Attempting to challenge that was a confusing move and just made things weird.
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    Other than the angry mob treatment of new people who show up with “information from a source,” I think many would agree this is more or less a “get what you give” type of community.
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    Sooooo...... Any update on the Dolphins' uniforms?
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    Holy crap. You are making friends in a hurry aren't you?
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    Friendly advice, Brown1. You just joined. Your best opening move is not to start arguing with Andrew Harrington. He knows of what he speaks.
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    Well you’d be wrong. Try harder.
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    Nats have six uniforms in the rotation this year. They should try trading one for a reliever
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    ***EDITED*** Okay, I’ve decided to turn this into a thread to post my NFL concepts. Rather than have individual ones, I figured I would post them here in the thread I already have. I don’t know how many teams I’ll do and I won’t promise anything about getting all 32 done, but I know I have a few off the top of my head that I have some sort of idea for. I’ll stick to one helmet for every team, though switching out decals/facemasks is allowed, and I’ll give each team a home and road, with most getting an alternate jersey. Typically, teams will have 3 pairs of pants, in the same colors as the jerseys, but there will be cases of only one or two pairs. A lot of them will be more modern designs, but not over the top. Think Minnesota Vikings as an example. Modern but clean. Not Tampa Bay. Never go full Tampa Bay. Feedback is always appreciated, it helps me improve and gives a better product to show you guys, just make sure any criticism is constructive and provides me something to use. Thanks for looking! ***End of the Edit*** *Original Post* So, being a Denver Broncos fan, I’ve seen the team’s uniforms plenty of times over the years and, in my opinion, I’d actually consider calling them a modern classic (being the first revolutionary design and lasting 20+ years) and honestly doubt they’ll ever change, considering the three Super Bowls were won in them. But they aren’t perfect, so I decided I’d take a swing at them. It seems like the popular thing to do with Denver is to simply recolor the Elway-era to the modern navy (essentially the color-rush look), and that style heavily inspired my design as well, but I attempted a more modern twist on it by using the current helmet stripes. If that seems confusing, I apologize, but you’ll see what I mean. Colors: Same orange, but the blue is a mix of navy and royal blue, creating a dark-royal, light navy shade never used in team history Helmet: The helmet is the same as the current altered to the new blue and a change to the stripe. I kept the basis of the current stripe, but took the two outer stripes and made them white, a nod to the Elway helmet stripes. For the facemask, I decided on orange. I’m not usually a fan of same color masks and helmets and leaving it white seemed.. awkward, so I went orange. (disclaimer: the facemask is one part of the uniform I had some second thoughts about) Jerseys: Kept the current rotation: orange primary, white away, blue alternate. I took the helmet striping and applied it to the sleeves, starting at the front and tapering to the back, colored to match the Elway look. For the numbers, I kept the current font. It’s unique to Denver and, in my opinion, looks quite nice. Pants: Pants come in the same colors as the jerseys, each with the stripes starting at the top, tapering to the bottom. Combinations: The primary home would be orange jerseys with white pants and orange socks, away would be white over orange with blue socks, and the blue jersey would almost always be worn with the white pants. Even though these are the primary combos, others are allowed, though monochrome orange is the only one I’d discourage. Colored pants always have contrasting socks. Now, if you’ve made it this far, here they are:
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    Which is troubling, because the 1 and the 7, at least to me, are pretty bad as well. The only number that looks decent on its own is the zero. The 6 and 9 are strange, but they at least follow a logical design parameter and look like they were built to coordinate with each other. It pretty much goes off the rails after that. Regarding “the incident,” (speaking to everyone else), let’s just let that go. I accept that I could have handled that situation better, and I feel bad for contributing to derailing two threads. No one wants to poke that bear again.
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    One gripe I have mainly with the new helmet is that the logo looks so much better on a lighter background... What they went with? I knew something looked familiar...
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    First, there needs to a numbers on the front. Second, try slowing down on creating the concepts. This concept looks sloppy. It looks like you took the eraser tool to create the side panels. I understand it's your first time making concepts, but if you slow down, you can create great concepts!
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    so we’ve established that the orange will be slightly altered. and also the the number 2, does in fact exist
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    Oh, I've read it. Trust me, he's not the one I'm having trouble taking seriously.
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    Brown1 is a poster to watch in 2018.
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    Actually, please don’t. We’re all tired of it.
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    Did I miss a rule change requiring every CCSLC thread to become completely :censored:ing ridiculous?
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    I'd like to put this one up for consideration:
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    Oh $hit, "Playoff Rondo" has been sighted in PDX!
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    Also, the Spurs look to (finally) be somewhat embracing the fiesta colors again, as their Playoff warmup shirts feature them, and they got noted sneaker customizer Jake Danklefs to create special fiesta-themed kicks for all of the players for today’s game: http://www.nicekicks.com/dank-customs-outfits-entire-spurs-squad/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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    Your 4 is brutal. Angle where one should never be.
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    last night was the first time I saw the Magic city jerseys in action....Jesus Lord they are beautiful
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    Nah, I'm with Mac. Let it die. I was in love with the AFL, but pretty much everything since the bankruptcy has been a tarnishing embarrassment. This should have ended long before a team got fired three hours before a game at an Olive Garden, long before Vince Neil skidded on his face through two-thirds of a season. It's past parody now, and while I think there is something good and fun and national and living-wage paying that can still be done with indoor football, it is never happening as long as this four-team onanism bumbles along.
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