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    Where does, “snaps of some dudes puttin’ vinyls up on the windas” rank in terms of the weirdest ways a uniform has been officially leaked? Like, how disappointed is the person who suggested, “I got it. We won’t put them up for sale until *the following week* so the stores don’t leak the design!
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    "They didn't try" is a too-common critique of simple designs. As though simple designs don't actually involve any time, research, experimentation, drafting, or review process. It's ironic, because "they didn't try" is itself a very easy and lazy critique.
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    Quoting rather than simply liking. This is exactly right. Also, had t never existed, that Fred taylor unit could have been unveiled tonight and would have been universally praised, and nobody would have said “looks like it was designed in the 90s”. That’s a classic.
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    man, count it as unpopular opinion? these unis are damn good! Raider-esque and anti-Pro Combat that many Nike/NFL unis have been. the number font is great, works on all 3 colors and each jersey/pants combo works without being mismatched due to stripes or some other kind of out of place element. ignoring the logo, i give them an A
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    Didn’t want to be the one that leaked it, but now that it’s out.... Had this since February. Only change was the number colors going to white on the dark jerseys.
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    not a jags fan just a uniform fan like i suspect most of us on here...seen this mock on reddit...would it have killed them to just use these?
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    Poor Jags. They were all excited for this reveal and their neighbor in Miami just blew them out of the water
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    If you need “20th century style,” look no further than the glossy finish. Look, glossy finishes aren’t “boring” just because they’ve been used for so long. They are THE football helmet, and they look the part damn well. I feel as though this age of pushing out these fire emoji-evoking matte and chrome domes for Instagram likes and Twitter clout has distracted from the fact that a glossy finish with a little bit of metallic fleck in it is truly a timeless finish that just looks just stunning with the sun reflecting off of it. The Jaguars all-black kids exemplify this, exuding class with the gold and black logo that marries perfectly to the shiny surface. It isn’t plain at all, which it may seem to you simply because we’ve seen it for so long. Matte black lids (which I assume you’re referring to when you mention “so many better options”)? They just look cheesey and undignified to me, like a toy version of real football equipment (which I suppose makes sense because all of the kids are rocking them in college ball). Not to mention that matte black just flat out looks grey to me in the sunlight. Personally, it doesn’t look dynamic to me at all and I don’t think it’ll last. Keep it. Tommy’s got the right call here.
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    We goin' to the Super Bowl and we gonna win that bitch!
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    You joined this site yesterday and managed to be a dick in less than 10 posts. Congrats.
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    Amazing. Dolphins now have one of the best looks in the league
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    I’d say this is more than the “most fans wouldn’t even notice” that we were told. While it’s technicallh a small change, it has a major impact. I think even the most uni-apathetic dolphins fans would notice that something changed.
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    Absolutely. Nothing is off-limits. Your tie is ugly too.
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    All in all I think these are pretty good. I'd like to see a contrasting outline on the numbers but I think it works ok as is. Somehow I get the feeling that if they slapped the "stalking Jaguar" logo on the sleeve nobody would be complaining at all.
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    I know this isn't a new idea but, the previous set with an all black helmet woulda been fine. Hell, the previous set with an all gold helmet woulda been fine
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    Dang, I can’t even believe that these got leaked three whole years ago and no one said a thing...
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    They need to wear teal pants with the black and white jerseys, and then black or white with the teal. There's a disturbing lack of teal in every uniform element besides the teal jersey and pants - kinda makes you wonder why they stressed "TEAL!!!" if four of their new combos will have zero teal.
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